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Dolly is an NPC in Arknights. He is the deuteragonist of So Long, Adele.


One of the Beast Lords who had existed since time immemorial, Dolly, titled the "Sovereign of Sheep", is associated with volcanoes which he enjoys the most and had an extreme — in human standards — hobby of "lava surfing" where Dolly rides across molten lava of an erupting volcano in a rock, as if surfing through the ocean's waves. Dolly saw the Terrans as inferior but respects them out of interest nonetheless, and has a worldview and mindset which made him best described as an "eternal child" who have fun playing with others to alleviate his boredom, including with his Beast Kins called Little Black Sheep whom each is made in the image of people Dolly had met throughout his existence, although Dolly is nevertheless a relatively mature and wise figure.

At one point Dolly had a run-in with the Signori dei Lupi of Siracusa who used to "play" with him in a cat-and-mouse game before they started their own "great game" which prompts the Sovereign of Sheep to seek fun elsewhere, including in Leithanien where he got to partake in the country's rising musical culture but eventually lost his interest.[1] He also met with the fellow Beast Lord Emperor at some point, who sees him and his Little Black Sheep as troublemakers despite sharing the same interest in music.[2][3] Later Dolly meets with Katia & Magna Naumann, a couple of Leithanian volcanologists who wished to conquer every volcano in Terra, which garnered the Sovereign of Sheep's interest and befriended them. Although Dolly was aware of the Naumanns' demise, he find it less important than remembering the lyrics of his favorite song, yet still he watches over the Naumanns' child, Adele, out of his respect toward them.

Dolly appears as a floating black-skinned sheep with pink wool so thick that it obscures his limbs most of the time and wearing a crown in his head. Although mostly benign, Dolly is a tough foe when forced into combat, as his wool renders him resistant to incoming damage but can be worn down by using geothermal energy that he also makes use of to fight back by creating harmful clouds of steam, unleashing waves of fire, and triggering steam explosions across the battlefield.


So Long, Adele

Dolly's extreme "hobby" of surfing across lava, here with his Little Black Sheep when the New Siesta volcano is about to erupt