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Lemuen is an NPC in Arknights. She is first mentioned in Code of Brawl and appears as a supporting character in Guide Ahead and Hortus de Escapismo.


Lemuen is a member of the Seventh Tribunal of the Lateran Curia and the sister of Lemuel (better known as Exusiai). But despite being siblings, Lemuen was actually adopted by Exusiai's parents long before latter's birth.[1] Nevertheless, she is kind to her younger sister and grew up together with her and her friend Mostima. Upon graduation, she and Mostima joined the Pontifica Cohors where they worked as escorts. Despite her tender look and nature, Lemuen is actually a more cold-blooded person, especially when the situation is not favorable or when she gets annoyed.[2][3] She was particularly more ruthless in the past, even gaining the monicker of "Lemuen the Silent".[4]

The "fallen" Mostima carrying an injured Lemuen after the tragedy in Kazdel

However, a tragedy in Kazdel changed her fate. In the year 1091, Lemuen, Mostima, Fiammetta, and their leader Andoain were sent by the Lateran Church to annihilate a band of Sarkaz bandits that frequently raided Lateran merchants. During the mission, the team bumped into an ancient underground Kazdelian ruin. But upon discovering the ruin's relics, the "Black Lock" and the "White Key," and its secret, Lemuen was immediately kidnapped and hurt by Andoain, who wished to use the relics' power to reform Laterano, while Fiammetta was absent due to a false signal from the enemies. In order to save Lemuen, Mostima was forced to fire on her leader. By the end of the incident, Lemuen was hospitalized and fell into a coma for around five years, only waking to learn that Mostima had become a "fallen" Sankta due to her action and Exusiai had left the country to search for the missing Mostima.[5]

Since her recovery, Lemuen has been spending time in therapy, and she is now able to walk for a while without using a wheelchair. While she has left the Pontifica due to her injury, her physical strength and marksman skills remain excellent to a point that she could use her rifle even in a wheelchair. As a matter of fact, she even won the wheelchair rapid-firing contest that the hospital organized last year, although the doctors would later ban her from participating.[6][7] In the meantime, she remains in contact with Exusiai in Lungmen via mails.


Guide Ahead

Hortus de Escapismo