Mostima: Atop the Skyscrapers

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Operator Record
Atop the Skyscrapers
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Not all wishes have an outcome.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Mostima to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Mostima.
Lungmen Back Alley
Lungmen Rooftop
Exusiai is making deliveries in her own special way, as usual. What she doesn't know is that on a rooftop not far away, someone is watching her.
<Background 1>
Exusiai Aha, how many are you? Five, no, six, huh? I'm in a hurry, so just take me all at once!
In the alleys of Lungmen, Exusiai is making deliveries in her own special way, as usual.
What she doesn't know is that on a rooftop not far away, someone is watching her.
<Background 2>
Mostima Tsk tsk, El is playful as ever, and her marksmanship continues to improve.
You think so too, right? Watching her makes me miss my gun.
Get Rhodes Island to make a gun-staff? Perish the thought... If Lemuen saw, she'd make fun of me.
Besides, wouldn't that look like I'm pining for the past?
Hm? I'm not that sentimental.
But it's not like I've forgotten either.
Times change, and so do people. I thought you'd know that better than anyone.
...That's true. You perceive things different from we do, huh.
I do think about it sometimes. What does change feel like when you count time by the century?
Can you find meaning in a subtle feeling at all?
I mean, you know it doesn't matter to me anyway.
[Yith appears.]
Yith Oh, so it was you, Mostima.
Mostima Yith?
Yith G'day.
Mostima Does Emperor need me for something?
Yith Not really. There hasn't been anything major lately. I was just passing by when I felt a familiar aura.
And that's... Exusiai over there? I see, I see, just another day of work.
Mostima That's right. Also took the chance to take this little fella out for some fresh air and a little chat.
Yith Ah, sounds like a good time. I'm jealous.
Mostima What about you?
Yith Same as always. No rest for the wicked.
Mostima You work too hard.
Yith Oh, please. It's what I was made for.
Mostima By the way, since you're here, I'd like to ask you a favor.
Yith Let's hear it.
Mostima I've got a nasty complainer here lately. Might be something wrong with the lock. I was hoping you'd take a look for me.
Yith Ah, I thought the lock was looking a bit worn down when you gave it to me for safekeeping last Sauin. Wouldn't surprise me if there were some minor problems.
Pass it over then, I'll take care of it.
Your other one's fine?
Mostima Sure, it's in the lock. The other one's just the key. Won't give me any issues.
Mostima pats the gray staff at her waist, then draws the brown staff out and hands it to Yith.
Yith Old friend, we meet again.
...Huh, looks like it's in a bad mood indeed, and doesn't want to talk to me.
Mostima It happens.
Yith Speaking of which, Mostima, I've never asked you this before, but I'm curious – where did you get this lock and key?
Mostima It was somewhere around Kazdel before it came into my hands.
Yith Near Kazdel, huh... That explains a lot.
Can't say I expected that.
Mostima If you want more details, I mean, I could tell you the whole story. But I don't really feel like it.
Yith The whole story... Are you talking about the Liberi girl?
Mostima Yeah, you've met?
Yith Just once, last Sauin.
Mostima Pain in the ass, isn't she?
Yith Yea...
"Bang!" Suddenly, a crossbow bolt penetrates into the space between Mostima and Yith.
Mostima See?
Yith Seems like she's no fan of mine.
Mostima No, she's just getting pissy at me. Any other questions?
Really dig deep there. I joined Penguin Logistics because of you and Emperor, but we haven't had any serious talks since then.
So hit me with any questions you got.
Yith Have you considered looking for the other pieces?
Mostima This is the only one left.
And even if it wasn't, it's not into the idea, and neither am I. Might as well leave things as they are.
You know though, if it really wasn't interested, it wouldn't have ended up like this in the first place.
Yith I see. That does make sense.
Much of the way we are now can be attributed to similar decisions.
Mostima Actually, I've asked it before, whether it wanted to come out.
Let me think... That's right, it was during the Rhodes Island operator test.
Yith Why?
Mostima Umm... I guess because it seemed like an interesting place, so I wanted to show them what I could do?
Might've also been because I wanted to scare the Doctor.
This one wouldn't cooperate, though. It felt something, I guess.
And hey, I gotta hand it to 'em, Rhodes Island is definitely interesting. You should check it out yourself, if you have the time.
Yith Yes, if I have the time.
Mostima And when might that be?
Yith Who knows? Keep an eye on Emperor's mood. If it sours, I might have some time on my hands.
But meetings between people are wonderful things indeed.
After its hibernation, it actually met a wielder so well suited to it.
Mostima Maybe.
But if I'm being real, it's brought me way more headaches than power.
Yith But you don't mind, do you?
Mostima Guess I don't.
Yith In any case, that's enough chatting for the day.
I'll let you know how the staff turns out.
Mostima Alright. Bye bye.
[Yith leaves.]
Mostima What's with the pissy face?
[Fiammetta, then known as "Suffering", shows up.]
Suffering You.
Mostima I'm honored.
Suffering Who the hell was that? I know Emperor's got something crazy going on underneath, but I never knew Penguin Logistics had anyone like that.
You actually gave him your staff, and he seemed pretty comfortable with it.
Mostima Let's say it's his area of expertise and he's trustworthy.
Suffering Let's say your trust and that crossbow bolt have a conversation.
Mostima Do you need an explanation? I'm an open book.
Suffering No thanks... "they" obviously know what's going on, and just decided not to tell me.
And that means I shouldn't be hearing it from you.
Mostima And that doesn't bother you at all?
Suffering My job is to keep my eyes on your horns. Beyond that, it's none of my business.
Mostima You don't care at all?
Suffering ......
Mostima Hey, hear me out. You volunteered to watch me, way back when, but there's a ton of stuff you have no way of knowing. And you're running yourself ragged to keep up with me. That's some serious masochism.
Suffering As if I need you to spell it all out.
Mostima I'll say it again: what happened in Kazdel wasn't your fault.
Whether you were there or not, I would've pulled the trigger.
Suffering And you don't care that you've turned into this, I take it?
Mostima Bingo! See, you're getting to know me better and better.
Suffering And my choices are none of your business.
Mostima Sure, sure– Oh yeah, some folks from the Notarial Hall swung by yesterday, right? Another new job?
Suffering Not for the time being, just a routine report. But...
Mostima Oh? Did they change your codename again?
Suffering? Yeah... *Sigh*.
Mostima That bad, huh? Lay it on me, I could use some cheering up.
Suffering? ...One-Armed Chainsaw Guy.
Mostima Huh... Did they just watch that shitty Lungmen flick?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy I brought it back. Ugh, I should've known better. Why didn't I bring them something artsy?
Mostima Hah, hah, hah. Maybe you'll be Guns n' Roses next time.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy Better than One-Armed Chainsaw Guy.
Mostima Alright, let's go.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy I thought you were going to follow her around all day.
Mostima Do I look that bored to you?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy If you ask me, I'd say that there aren't many people in this world more bored than you.
Mostima Do you really think so highly of me?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy That wasn't a compliment.
Mostima What matters is that I take it as a compliment.
Anyway, that really wasn't my plan. Just had to swing by to take a look, call it force of habit. Wouldn't be my first time doing this either, and you should know that.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy I do. That you're not proactively trying to make contact with her is a good thing in my opinion, but...
Mostima Ever since I had that little chat with her last Sauin, you've been totally fixated on it.
Are you worried that I'll tell her something?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy If that was your plan, I might not be able to stop you. So I need to know how you feel about it.
Mostima Hmm... Fine then.
I know that look in your eyes. You're not gonna leave until I give you an answer.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy I'm glad you understand.
Force speaks louder than reason with you.
Mostima Tell me this... what's the best way to make someone stop caring about you?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy To disappear from their life.
Mostima No, not good enough. Once you've appeared, there's no way to completely disappear.
You have to wait for that person to find a new life, a new environment.
To tell the truth, I never thought she'd come running here from Laterano.
When Emperor told me she joined Penguin Logistics, I was quite shocked.
But you know, that whole time until Sauin, I never once spoke to her.
As for what happened then... Just consider it part of the festivities.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy She's not going to give up looking for you.
Mostima But she's not actually looking for me.
It's not like she had anything to do with it, at least not directly, but we all have to keep our mouths shut.
Is that something I can clue her in on? Tell me, One-Armed Chainsaw Guy.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy Please don't unironically call me that name.
Unfortunately, it's absolutely top secret, so you cannot.
Mostima See, I can't tell her the thing she wants to know the most, so what's the point of me showing up in her life?
Give her little hints here and there, pique her interest, and drag her into this whole mess?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy So, you want her to stop caring about you?
Mostima Isn't that what you want too?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy As I said, from an official standpoint, I'd like her to distance herself from any matters concerning you. Personally speaking though, I don't really care.
Mostima Honestly, if you were to ask me if that's really what I want, I don't think I'd say yes.
But when I let go of Laterano, cut all my ties, it was just as easy as when I raised my gun that one time. No hesitation.
All I can say is, if something happens, just let it be.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy That is indeed the kind of person you are, and I don't like it. You don't care about loss.
Mostima Lots of people dislike that about me.
But color me interested. What good comes from caring about loss?
You end up crying your eyes out over whatever you've lost and whatever you see yourself losing, and then what?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy I'm not here to talk philosophy with you. All I'll say is, if you really think that, then why did you come to watch her?
Mostima Take a guess?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy No clue. I don't suppose you're lame enough to be doing this in hopes that she'll realize you're here.
Mostima You haven't been reading sappy romance novels, have you? Go easy on that stuff.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy Grrr!
Mostima Oh, did Lemuen ever tell you why El is named after her? Why is her name Lemuel when the two of them are obviously not blood-related?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy She keeps her work and her home life separate.
Mostima True.
The reason's simple. When she joined that family, El hadn't been born yet, and the parents decided it would be nice to integrate her into the family.
Though, that couple is just as joyous as El. If you told me they were just too lazy to come up with another name, I'd probably buy that.
In any case, Lemuen might not straight up say it, but she's really grateful to those parents, deep down.
And she cared even more about her little sister Lemuel.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy So what does that have to do with anything you're doing here?
Mostima I'll spell it out for you, One-Armed Chainsaw Guy.
I'm thinking that Lemuen would let Lemuel leave Laterano, not just because she wanted to.
She's a discerning one. If El really got obsessed with you-know-what, I don't think she would've let her go.
It is precisely because that matter had nothing to do with El, and because finding me is not some obsession she can't give up–
–that she could come to Lungmen and join Penguin Logistics.
What Lemuen really wants is for El to see the world and find her own life.
And she kind of indirectly handed the responsibility to look after El over to me.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy Even though you left without saying goodbye?
Mostima Precisely because I left without saying goodbye.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy Watching her from a distance probably doesn't count as "looking after."
Mostima It's not like I left Penguin Logistics because of her either. It's something I should've done from the beginning, right?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy ......
So you're doing all this because you believe it's what Lemuen wants you to do?
Mostima Who knows.
Might've just been an excuse I came up with to explain why I'm doing this.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy Well that's a surprise. I never expected you to come up with such a sentimental excuse.
Mostima I'm not a robot. There just happens to be a whole lot of stuff I don't care about.
Guilt, nostalgia, sorrow, etcetera etcetera. My heart's packed full of 'em all, but I've got them smoothed out pretty good now.
But if you or Lemuen decided to cut ties with me or something, I'd feel pretty sad.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy For how long?
Mostima Dunno, I could probably manage a week, yeah?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy That's a damn long time.
Mostima From ten-thousand feet, you could say I also grew up with those sisters. Since El came here, it's only natural I'd keep an eye out for her.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy So, you plan to keep going along like this?
Mostima More or less? She seems to be getting on just fine with her current partners.
I do think we'll meet once in a pair of blue moons, here or there, but only out of happenstance. That's good enough for you, isn't it?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy That's fair... what I'd like to say, though from a personal perspective, I don't think it'd be fair to her, even if I'm not qualified to say it.
Mostima I guess. But ever since I became the owner of the lock and key, fairness has kind of left my vocabulary.
If I've got a reason to talk to her, I'm not gonna dodge it. If there is something I have to tell her, I'll deliver the message in person.
But the truth is... I don't have a reason, or anything like that.
I have my mission, and this girl already found a new life in this city.
Don't you think that's actually fair, in a sense?
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy As long as you're fine with the status quo.
Mostima Alright, shoo already. If someday, by some stroke of ill fortune, she ends up getting tangled in our side's mess, we can pick up this discussion again.
One-Armed Chainsaw Guy I won't let that happen.
Mostima Here's hoping.