Meteor: Scalding Old Memories

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Operator Record
Scalding Old Memories
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Bygone recollections are beasts, the pursuers behind you.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Meteor to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Meteor.
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Little Girl (Gianna)
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Medic Operator
RI Room
RI Surgery Room
RI Infirmary
Snowy Forest
Meteor never imagined that the girl she had to take care of would teach her how to face her past when, one day, those painful memories come flooding back.
<Background 1>
11:00 P.M. \ Heavy Rain
Meteor's Dorm Room
[Meteor is chilled by the cold from the rain.]
Meteor Why is it raining so heavily? I'm freezing. Guess I'll turn on the heater.
Hm... How do I adjust the temperature? Do I turn this little round thing... but which way...?
Maybe this will do it? Eh, I really can't wrap my head around these gadgets. I wish we had a fireplace.
Phew, look at the time. I wonder when Mina gets off work. The Medic operators really have it hard. We're roommates, but we almost never see each other.
[A Rhodes Island medic calls Meteor.]
Medic Operator Meteor, it's me. Sorry to call this late.
Meteor Mina? I thought you were working overtime? What's the matter? Did you forget something?
Medic Operator It's Gianna. She's crying her eyes out, and asking for you. None of us can calm her down.
Meteor Gianna?! What's the matter? Is she alright? Hang on. I'll get changed and come to Medical right away!
Medic Operator No, no, you got it wrong, Meteor! She's scared of thunder! Oh, slow down. I'll take her there, okay?
Meteor O-Okay, Mina. Let me talk to her first.
Medic Operator No problem. Gianna? Meteor wants to talk to you. Here you go.
Gianna Meteor, I'm scared! *Sobs*, where are you?
Meteor Gianna, don't worry. I'll wait for you here. I'll make you some of that snowy rice milk you like.
Medic Operator There, there, Gianna. Don't cry. We'll go to Meteor's right now.
Gianna *Whimpers*... I-I'll be strong, Mina... I'll stop crying.
Medic Operator It's okay. We'll be there soon.
Meteor Mina, it's very cold over here. Did you give her a few more layers of clothes?
Medic Operator Of course. Medical has sweaters just for children. It'll keep her warm and comfy.
Meteor Make sure she's wearing socks and everything.
Medic Operator Of course, of course. Okay, Meteor, I need to carry Gianna, so I'm gonna hang up now. I'll see you in a moment.
Meteor Okay, I'll wait for you here. See you.
[Meteor hangs up.]
Meteor How am I supposed to stop worrying when all she ever does is cry?
I guess I'll turn up the heat. We need to keep her warm.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
A month ago
Medical Department
Medic Operator Meteor, could you please take care of this girl for the time being? Please!
We found her in the ruins. Her family died shielding her when the ceiling fell, and now... Well... she's the only one left.
Meteor Well, I definitely don't mind doing that. It's just... why are you coming to me for this? Aren't there professionals in Medical who are better at babysitting?
Medic Operator Medical has actually been pretty overworked lately. I'm ashamed to say this, but we don't have enough manpower, so you're the only one I can turn to.
Oh, right, one second.
Meteor What's this...?
Medic Operator This is her evaluation. The psychologists at Medical are recommending that we have someone stay with her at all times, but I don't have the time myself. *Sigh*.
Meteor Oh, really? Alright, I'll stay with her when you're busy. Thankfully, I don't really have much going on lately.
Medic Operator Thanks, Meteor. She's still a kid. It's not easy for someone her age to accept her family's gone... I'm sure she'll get back on her feet quickly with you by her side.
Meteor Is that a compliment? Well, thanks. So where is this girl? Can I meet her?
Medic Operator Of course. Come with me. She's in the ward over here.
<Background 3>
[Meteor and the R.I. medic, now known as Mina, enters the infirmary to see the girl.]
Meteor This is the girl?
Medic Operator Yep.
Hey, Gianna? Have you been a good girl and taken your medicine? I brought a new friend with me today.
Little Girl I've been a good girl today, Mina... Who is that behind you...?
Who are you, lady?
Medic Operator Gianna, this is Meteor. She'll be helping me take care of you from here on out. You don't need to be scared. She's patient and kind. You'll like her.
Little Girl Mina... *Sobs*... I... I'll be okay. I know you're busy. I'll be a good girl. You don't have to worry.
Medic Operator *Sigh*, Gianna, you're such a sensible girl, it really tugs at my heartstrings.
Meteor, I still have other things to take care of, so I'm going. I'll leave her to you; I'll be back as soon as I'm done.
[Mina leaves.]
Meteor See you later, Mina.
Meteor Um, Miss... N-Nice to meet you. My name is Gianna, and I'm six!
Meteor Uh, little girl, I...
Little Girl I... I've been taking my medicine, and I'm not picky about food. I-I even learned how to fold roses. Do you like roses? I... I'll give you all of them.
Meteor Ahem, Gianna, is it? Hello, I'm Meteor. You don't have to call me "Miss" or anything; just Meteor will do.
Little Girl ......
I know that... you come looking for Mina a lot... I've seen you before. You talk so gentle... I...
Meteor If you want to, you can think of me as a big sister. I've always wanted a little sister.
Little Girl I... May I really?
Meteor Of course.
Little Girl *Whimpers*...
Meteor, I... *Sobs*...
Meteor What's the matter? It's okay. Tell your big sister everything.
Little Girl I-I can't find my doll!
Meteor Ah, I see. Have you talked to Mina about it? Did she help you look?
Little Girl She's very busy... I can't... can't bother her.
Meteor That's okay. How about I go look for it, then?
Little Girl I don't want to look for it anymore. Don't. Don't go, Meteor. Please... Please don't leave me alone.
Meteor I won't go anywhere. It's okay. How about I buy you a new one, then?
Little Girl *Sobs*... I don't want a new doll! I just want a big sister... S-Stay here with me, Meteor. I don't want to be alone.
Meteor Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. I'm here.
Little Girl *Sobs*–
Meteor I'm here. I'm here. Don't worry. You don't need to be scared anymore.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
[Meteor, Mina, and Gianna entered Meteor's room.]
Meteor How come Gianna isn't even wearing socks? Mina, why is she completely barefoot?!
Medic Operator It's not my fault! She said she wanted to come look for you, and she ran out the door after she put on a sweater! I couldn't catch her!
Gianna *Whimpers*, Meteor, I'm scared! That boom is too loud! I'm too scared to sleep!
Meteor You mean the thunder? Bad, bad thunder. We'll go to the Doctor tomorrow and file a complaint.
Gianna Okay, *sobs*...
Meteor Okay now, you two come inside.
Medic Operator I'll pass. Here's her toothbrush. Make sure she brushes her teeth after she's done with her milk, and here's her towel, her socks, her hand puppet, and her feather hairpin.
Meteor Okay, I got it. Look at you. You're like her mom.
Medic Operator Eh? Now that you mention it, I guess I'm kinda like one. Hm, okay. Gianna? Mommy still has work to do. Be a good girl here, okay?
Meteor Come, Gianna, say bye bye to Mina.
Gianna *Sobs*... Bye, Mila.
Medic Operator It's Mina, not Mila! Oh, well. I gotta go back. Good night, Meteor.
Meteor Good night. I'll see you tomorrow.
Gianna *Whimpers*, s-see you tomorrow.
[Mina rushes off.]
Meteor Gianna, you're covered in snot. Don't get my pajamas all dirty, okay?
Gianna I won't... *Sniffs*.
Meteor You know, I can get you some tissues.
Gianna Oh, Meteor, it's coming out again!!
Meteor Ahh! Where are the tissues? Right here! Here you go, wipe yourself clean!
Okay now let's tuck you into bed. Be sure to get your feet in too.
Gianna Your blanket is so warm, Meteor, and it smells like roses.
Meteor *Chuckles*, don't be silly.
Gianna Come here, Meteor.
Meteor You want a hug?
Gianna Yup!
Meteor You want me to tell you a story too?
Gianna Yup!
Meteor Be sure to go to bed after the story, okay? You won't be scared of the thunder anymore, right?
Gianna Yeah...
Meteor... Actually, I'm scared because... the same thing happened that day too. Daddy, Mommy, and my big sister all got colder and colder... That's why I'm scared.
Meteor I see... You're scared of the thunder because of what happened...?
Gianna *Sobs*... I wanna be as strong as you, but I'm not...
Meteor It's okay. I get scared because of things that happened in the past too, Gianna.
Gianna Really? But you always look like you're not scared of anything. How do you do that?
Meteor Well, first I think of the things that I'm scared of as big, scary monsters. Then I imagine myself a brave hunter.
Gianna What do you do after that?
Meteor Well, this is where I tell you a little story.
Gianna A story? What kind?
Meteor Once upon a time, in a big forest in faraway Kazimierz, there was a thick pile of leaves on the ground.
Gianna Was there something in the pile?
Meteor A little hunter, shivering...
Gianna Just like me? I'm shaking in your bed.
Meteor You're shaking? Hm, you're right. Your feet are so cold.
Come closer. I'll hold you.
Meteor Is it still cold?
Gianna Nope.
Meteor Let's keep going, then.
<Background 4>
Meteor Our poor little hunter had left home, and she was lost in the forest, all alone. The chilly wind was seeping through her thin clothes, and her hair was completely drenched by the cold rain.
The sounds of the thunder in the skies high up above were just as loud as the howls of her hungry tummy.
Gianna That sounds so scary.
Meteor No, what's even scarier is that there was a huge, crafty wild beast following the hunter's weak scent, tracking her down.
It buried its nose in the wet mud and rubbed itself against the coarse tree barks. The bushes, the swamps, the streams. It wasn't going to leave any corner untouched.
Finally, under a dead tree, it finally found it... It found... a foot–!
<Background 1>
Gianna Ahh! Meteor, you meanie! Let go of my leg!
Meteor Yep, looks like your feet aren't so cold anymore.
Gianna Hmph, I'm putting my feet on your tummy.
Meteor Sure thing. Hm, where were we again?
Gianna The beast found her, and it was going to catch her.
Meteor Oh, right. The little hunter was so scared that she was hiding in a pile of leaves. She could already hear the beast's breath and the sounds of its hooves trudging through the mud.
Gianna *Thump*–
<Background 4>
Meteor The little hunter was too scared to even breathe. Tears dripped down her face one after another.
The beast had been hunting the hunter day after day, night after night. She managed to get away so many times, but our poor little hunter wasn't going to get away this time.
Gianna Don't give up, hunter!
Meteor Right, she can't give up! As soon as the beast bore its fangs, the hunter forced herself to calm down and asked, "Do I really have my back to the wall?"
She held her breath and took out the very last arrow in her quiver. She finally found the courage to take on the beast, looking straight at it through the gaps in the pile of leaves.
Gianna Why wasn't she scared anymore?
Meteor She remembered a song that her grandpa used to sing for her.
Gianna What kind of a song is that? Can you sing it for me, Meteor?
Meteor When the little hunter was still a tiny little baby hunter, her grandpa always sang this while he held her: "♪My baby girl, should you find yourself chased through the woods by a beast most vile, under the calm, gentle moon in the sky♪"
"♪Never forget, walk forth in big strides. If there is no way to go, turn around not with fright. With your bow and arrow you must fight, and the beast you must smite♪"
At that moment, the moonlight lit the way, and the earth helped her lift her shoulders. The little hunter released her bowstring, and the roaring breeze sent her arrow straight into the beast's chest, felling it.
<Background 1>
Gianna Meteor, did the beast die?
Meteor Yes, it did. With that tiny bit of determination and courage, the little hunter defeated the frightening beast in the most decisive moment. And me, that's also how I overcame my past, the past that I used to be scared of.
And as long as you can muster up the courage, Gianna, you can overcome anything that–
Gianna But, Meteor, I-I don't want to defeat my past! When I'm scared, it's not just the bad things that I remember. I remember all the happy memories I had with everyone too!
Meteor Doesn't thinking about them make your heart ache, though?
Gianna Yup... it does, and it makes me cry, but it warms up my heart too. When I didn't have you, it was the memories that helped me through everything.
Meteor Hmm... really? Looks like... Looks like your little beast doesn't actually want to eat you. Haha.
Gianna I don't think the beast in your story wanted to eat the hunter either.
Meteor Hm? What makes you think that?
Gianna How does the hunter know the beast wants to eat her? She didn't ask the beast, and she's only ever run away. She never tried to talk to the beast.
Meteor Well, the beast has been chasing the hunter. What else could it be after, if not eating her?
Gianna No, Meteor. You said the hunter was scared, cold, and hungry. You never said she was hurt because the beast chased her.
Maybe it thinks the lonely girl needs a friend to help her out of that place.
Please, Meteor. Please don't kill it.
Meteor ......
Gianna Meteor? W-What's the matter? Why are you so quiet?
Did I say something wrong?
Meteor No, you reminded me of something, in the past.
Gianna Is it a memory that makes your chest burn?
Meteor Yep, it always makes me feel down in the dumps whenever I think about it. That's why I try my best to keep myself from remembering it.
Gianna You can't do that, Meteor.
Meteor Yeah, you're right. The hunter was wrong, and I was too. I shouldn't have killed it, and I shouldn't have sealed the memory away.
All those nights I spent in the wastes, away from my family. The pain, the joy, the sorrow, and the boredom... It was there every moment, and it wasn't there to kill me.
Gianna (I kind of know what Meteor's saying... but also kind of don't.)
Meteor (Deep breath)
Gianna, I... I just came up with a new ending. Wanna hear it?
Gianna Yes!
Meteor Okay, then. Lie down and get in bed.
Gianna I lied down! My eyes are shut, too! Tell me the story!
<Background 5>
Meteor At the very end, the little hunter took her dagger out, but she didn't use it to stab the beast's heart.
Instead, she cut off a piece of her clothes and bandaged the beast's wound.
She petted the beast's fluffy head and then asked, "Can you move, buddy?"
The beast pondered a little in silence and then stood up.
Then, she asked the beast, "I'm going on an adventure. I don't know what lies ahead, but I know I'll need a buddy. Do you want to come?"
The beast didn't stay quiet this time. It neighed happily, and it started to sway its tail from side to side, like a whip.
It ran really fast, and when she rode on its back, it was just like the hunter could grasp the wind.
She wasn't lonely any more. Together, they ran off toward the sunlight.
<Background 1>
Gianna Zzz–Meteor... I'm tired.
Meteor Are you asleep?
Gianna Zzzzz...
Meteor Mina's such a dummy.
She thinks you aren't strong enough, but you figured out how to confront those things a long time ago.
(Kisses) But thanks, Gianna.

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