Skyfire: Old Classmate

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Operator Record
Old Classmate
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People pick up all sorts of tricks while you're away.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Skyfire to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Skyfire.
Nobleman A icon.png
Haughty Noble Alumnus
Salaryman B icon.png
Female Victorian icon.png
Opportunistic Merchant Alumna
Noblewoman icon.png
Self-Satisfied Noble Alumna
Victorian Guard A icon.png
Victorian Officer
Victorian Guard B icon.png
Victorian Soldier
Male Victorian A icon.png
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus
Manor Hall
Abandoned Building
Mansion Room
Victoria Streets
Skyfire is back in Victoria once again, where an old classmate hears she now works for the council, and looks to grease the gears on his factory expansion via the Mountbelan heiress.
<Background black>
[Someone asks,]
??? You hear? The Mountbelan girl's back in old Victoria, smack dab in the middle of Caladon.
[A man answers,]
??? Here? I thought she'd be off in a bigger city. There's no place more infected than this, and didn't it have a bout of Reunion or something too? I thought she couldn't stand all that?
??? She's working for the council.
??? Ahh–the council. The venerable city council. She probably has it easy as could be.
??? Is that all you're interested in? I thought you'd be delighted.
??? Delighted? About what?
??? Haven't you been wanting a leg up for that factory of yours? We all know she's got her head up her behind, and you know what she's done before. She hates the Infected to death.
So now she's working for the council. You find her, let her know what's in it for her, tell her about your factory, and there you go–
<Background 1>
[Skyfire opens a letter.]
Skyfire ...What is this? An invitation?
"We cordially invite you on this day... to share in our celebrations. Champagne tasting and tours... tonight at 8 P.M. We hope to see you there."
A class reunion? Sometimes it really does puzzle me how something both so time-wasting, and so difficult to refuse, ever got folded into "etiquette."
I'll go once hours are over. I just hope the rotten lot of them don't give me any–
Mmph. No, bad. No need for anger on the job.
Let's just get ourselves straight to work.
<Background 2>
Haughty Noble Alumnus Oh, hello, old friend. Just last week we met at the drinking party. Your magnificent visage stole the breath from quite a number of people! They've been clamoring to have you back again!
Self-Satisfied Noble Alumna My face, is it?
They're just after my estate. I'm not sure I can blame them; it turned me what would normally be a year's profits in a few short months.
Aren't people still praising Count Adam's dashing appearance, even though his hair resembles corn silk more than anything by now?
Haughty Noble Alumnus *cough*! You haven't changed a whit.
Now, profits, though, you'll want to hear about my winery. I think you'll find that's the real last say...
[Skyfire walks into the ballroom.]
Skyfire ......
(Jockeying with each other, flaunting assets, backstabbing the absent. Hmph. These people don't change one jot.)
Opportunistic Merchant Alumnus Count Ambulas, my factory has been set on the right track, and I owe it to your kind attention! But before it can tithe you further profits, I will need just the tiniest sum more...
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Ah-hah-hah, it's a true honor you should still remember me! I was sat right behind you, if you remember!
If you'd be willing to cast an eye over my estate, I'd be greatly thankful! ...Ah, I see. Sorry to bother you...
[The wheedling alumnus takes his leave.]
Skyfire (Treating a dinner party as a springboard up... these people do love their flattery. Honestly... what a typical sight.)
(I've been here for long enough–it's time I left. It'll take a while to get back to Caladon too.)
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus ......
Miss Mountbelan?
Skyfire Hm?
[The wheedling merchant, who recognizes Skyfire, walks toward her...]
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Miss Mountbelan, it really is you!
You must try some of the champagne tonight, I'll bring you a glass...
[...and brought a wine glass for her.]
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Of all the places to meet you! Do you still remember me? I was sat right behind you in class. I see you've found yourself a fine job!
Skyfire Excuse me. If it's nothing urgent, I have my own business to attend to.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Ah, well, here's the thing, I hear you're working for the council now, and I just so happen to run a little factory. It's nothing too grand, but...
With just the right opportunity, it could turn a profit on par with Isabella's estate! And naturally I'd give you–my good official–a fabulous token of my thanks.
So, for example, anything council-related...
Skyfire I have absolutely no interest.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus (Could it... be this girl has no clue what my factory even does?)
(She's not one bit less sheltered. Nobles... snooty bloodline-obsessed elitists, the lot of them... Am I not being deferential enough for you–?!)
Miss Mountbelan, my factory is right here in Caladon, if you didn't know. And it's only even here thanks to the great pains I know you and the councilors have gone to.
Haven't you always hated those lowly brutes? I know they paid quite the rightful price for what they did to your beloved pet.
But now–thanks to these policies–the council has finally turned its head our way, hasn't it? Those lowly people exist for our sakes, and I've picked up by now on how to make good and proper use of them–
If I could just grasp one inch further, I'm sure results would be even more plentiful. And you, Miss Mountbelan, would have me doing all I could to repay your kindness!
Skyfire (How about I burn him to–
No. No.)
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus You know, I'm finding it a little oddly hot in here.
Miss Mountbelan, what do you say? How about we step outside and chat?
Skyfire (Can I really not just–
No, no. I can't.)
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Here's my business card. Please, by all means!
Skyfire ...Hrmmph. Let me see.
"Barum's Works"?
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Exactly!
Skyfire ......
I see. Well, Barum's Works.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Have you heard of it?
Skyfire Of course.
We've discussed plans for new acts where your factory has served as a case study.
My professor and I kept tabs on your factory in private too. "Barum's Works" was top of the list that came in.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Ah, really! Now that's an honor! Then may I...?
Skyfire I've already signed a non-disclosure agreement.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Of course! Naturally you wouldn't be the sort to break confidentiality! I was just hoping you could let me in on a little of the council chatter, some teatime topics, maybe we could chew the cud on this or that.
Such as...
Skyfire Such as the act we're imminently proposing regarding working hours?
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Exactly!
If I could invite you to my factory for a look around, I'd be utterly honored...
<Background 3>
[Skyfire and the wheedling alumnus enters the factory.]
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Miss Mountbelan, you have my gratitude for deigning to come here. I had them clean the place thorough a few days ago. Not a speck of dust left!
Skyfire Didn't I tell you I was here to see things as they are?
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Oh, well, cleaning up some dust off to the side wouldn't impact your understanding of how our factory operates.
I don't mean to boast, but you see, the scale of this place–
Skyfire Not top of the line for Caladon, but remarkable all the same.
I see facilities and protective measures are kept in good order. In the light of present regulations, your site is a clean pass.
Security measures are also fully replete as stipulated.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Miss Mountbelan, I see you've been underestimating me. It's only natural such fundamental work is well done.
How about we take a look at the workshop? It's Infected, however, so even with protective measures ready, I'm sure you wouldn't want to go insi–
Skyfire I would.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Miss Mountbelan?
Ah, I see, it's that kerfuffle from a few years ago. You want to see if there's any traces of that whole... Reunion Movement inside?
Skyfire Hm?
Mm, yes, Reunion.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus My workers here have all gone through background checks, but you can rest assured, if you're displeased to see anyone in there, you can be sure I'll–
Skyfire I'll have to see for myself.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Yes, I understand, you'd better get your protective gear on, then. I'll just have to brave the elements...
<Background 4>
[Skyfire and the wheedling alumnus walks into the workshop.]
Skyfire Is this the place? Where are the workers?
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Miss Mountbelan, I didn't think you'd be so concerned with a place like this. How could I possibly have you mingling with Infected? I've ordered them all out for the time being, and the purifier installations are on at maximum.
Let's not stay in here for too long. I'll be honest, this is my first time in here too... er, in a while, I mean.
Skyfire Ah. I'm just taking a look around.
After all, by your accounts, this place has made you a pretty penny, so my interest is natural. Moreover, did you forget? I and my professor have been keeping a watch on your factory for some time now.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Yes, and I'm honored for it.
Infected are both convenient and less demanding in the way of assurances. I have to thank the council for providing such a fine workforce.
[Skyfire walks around and noticed CCTVs...]
Skyfire What are those?
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Ah, surveillance devices.
We both know, you see, how people tend to skive without motivation or supervision.
[...and crowd-control gear.]
Skyfire And these riot shields?
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Ahh. Even less of a concern. Infected don't take simply to discipline, nor are they content with what they have. I imagine you know better than I do. Without a method or two at hand, they'd never stay placid.
Skyfire Aren't you concerned that just leaving your riot control gear here might cause fear in the Infected, even elicit disorder?
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Well... hah-hah, you worry too much, Miss Mountbelan.
They don't see it.
Skyfire They don't what...?
[The wheedling alumnus steps close to Skyfire.]
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus –Miss Mountbelan, we've been in here for a while now. Should we step out? Even with all the precautions, there's always an off-chance.
Let's take the lift out and pull that gear off, and take some deep breaths. Nice, deep breaths!
[Skyfire and the wheedling alumnus leaves.]
<Background black>
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Miss Mountbelan, old friend, there's no one but you and me in this lift, so let me be a little honest with you. This may just interest you more in my factory?
Don't be too disappointed with what you've seen. Putting all that aside, you've noticed, haven't you?
The surveillance and riot control staff, and the armed installations. You can't make all your money in the open, you know that.
What's down below us is the real deal.
But it's too filthy underground. You won't need to cast your own eye.
<Background 3>
Skyfire I see.
Mm. I am very–satisfied with what you've just told me.
It's very interesting.
Once again, the alumnus feels the temperature rise a notch.
He ascribes this to Skyfire's excitement at the opportunity. To make money, to continue trampling over the disgorged masses.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Even beasts in the wild know they should only pounce when they see prey. If I didn't show you the genuine article, I worry you'd be left cold.
Factories are a garden variety thing. I need something new in the works too, you know?
Skyfire Ha! So I see.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Hah-hah-hah-hah, well, come, Miss Mountbelan. I've had this fine tipple stashed for years. Let's toast!
To your sponsoring a factory of much potential, and my soon-to-be debut upon a bigger stage!
Skyfire Hahaha.
[Skyfire shares a toast with the wheedling alumnus, but...]
Skyfire's temperature rises, starting from underfoot.
In just a blink, a fraction of a second, she could burn this whole factory to nothing, and save all the people trapped below.
But in another blink, she suppresses the smoldering rage in her head.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 5>
Skyfire Professor, did you need me?
Councilor Angst "Infected rioters identifying as 'Reunion' gravely hurt by organization known as 'King's Wand.'" That's what the news is reporting.
Skyfire Professor, they killed Phil!
Councilor Angst And how you resolved the issue was hardly the only way to do so.
If you let an eye for an eye blind you, Miss Mountbelan, then that is altogether contrary to how I've taught you.
Have you forgotten what I first told you?
The issue of the Reunion Movement is not solely a matter of the Infected. If you wish to continue the way you're going, then go to the place I recommended you. Deepen your studies. See the outside, and I mean that.
Don't disappoint me, Miss Mountbelan. You're a student of plentiful notions. Don't let your own emotions stifle you. Look past them.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Flames can burn anything you want to cinders, but they can't solve problems.
Stood there in the factory, she pinches the wine glass and settles her somewhat unsteady breathing.
Skyfire ......
I imagine you know when the next council meeting is.
Look forward to the good news.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Hah, hahahah, thank you, Miss Mountbelan!
<Background 1>
Skyfire Here's the long and short of it, Professor.
Barum's Works. One of the factories on the list when we put together the investigation into Infected rights.
I'd consulted you on it, whereupon we decided to send a spy to sniff around in secret. I've assembled a file on the inner workings of his factory.
On top of which, I find out just a few days ago that this factory's owner was one of my very own classmates.
I initially wanted to send the whole thing up in flames–of course, I knew that was utterly wrong, and it wouldn't solve a single thing, just pile meaningless hassle on instead.
But I revile, HATE, what he did. Seeking me out at a dinner function hoping for a backdoor into the council, brazenly spilling all about his factory's machinations right in front of a Member–
His doing so is evidence that dozens upon dozens before him did the same, that countless people took to the same methods for their own underhanded gains.
Professor, it's obviously afoul of current regulations. But they've tried it, and they've found out they don't get punished, they just reap the benefits. That's what got them all to start doing it.
Truth be told, I do remember him, and I know that 'sat behind me' spiel he gave was true in my case.
He said the same thing to every noble there, but he did sit in the seat right behind me.
He used to... not be like this.
Councilor Angst He used to be–a good egg?
Skyfire Not particularly, but he was hardly what he is now... I just wonder, was this all in his nature? I don't feel like it was, Professor.
He just... tried slipping through a regulatory loophole, and found nobody even cared. And he just kept inching on and on until he got to this state.
Councilor Angst Are you–very conflicted right now, Miss Mountbelan?
Skyfire No, Professor, I'm not conflicted at all. I just feel a little...
I'm not sure how to put it. But I know crystal clear what I ought to do.
Anne-Moses, if you could further debrief the Professor on this unscrupulous factory.
Informant Yes, Miss Mountbelan.
I went into hiding near the factory per the intel Miss Mountbelan provided. My comms signal suffered severe interference whenever I approached its basement levels.
I speculate an internal comms shield is installed. The Infected workers within are completely cut off from the outside world.
Based on my observations over several days, deceased Infected have even been ported out in secret, and sent for disposal.
And armed personnel inside are dedicated to guarding the underground factory and its facilities. The Infected workers above have no inkling of what's going on. They simply assume it must be vital products or something being watched.
Based on the data provided by Miss Mountbelan, I surmise it's the previously missing groups of acutely ill Infected workers inside–
Being acutely ill makes treatment unnecessary, so they're used as disposable labor, shut in the factory underground to work to their deaths. Then the factory tosses them out, and replenishes with a new batch of Infected workers.
Councilor Angst Hm... I see the picture now.
So, Miss Mountbelan, your method for dealing with this?
<Background 2>
Skyfire My report concludes here.
Councilors Mm, and why did we have to sit here for over ten minutes listening to you talk about this one piffling factory?
This has little bearing on us. I hope you realize that.
Did Councilor Angst really bring you here just to yank this little factory by the collar?
Skyfire ......
What I wish to point out to you all is that the core of this incident is the missing Infected workers locked away here under armed surveillance, the curtailing of personal freedoms, even the covert disposal of the dead.
Adding to which, they work in environments of excessive Originium particulate concentration, without corresponding protective measures or communications equipment. Every point here is in violation of currently enacted policy.
Said enacted policy has led Caladon to be considered relatively relaxed on the Infected, hence why it could even draw such numbers of them to work here. It's the root of the city's development.
Should this incident leak, Caladon's external image will be in smithereens, and no more Infected will think to come here for work, full stop.
All present, I trust this scenario would not be to your delight.
[The councilors chatter.]
Councilors ......
Skyfire Thus, this will amount to no proposal, but simply a factory... cleanup. And for Caladon's reputation, the proper proceedings will be needed for a rescue of the Infected workers in the council's name.
This seizure, too, must be in the council's name, for all the wider world to see.
As for the perspectives of all present–
Councilors We'll take a vote.
Everyone, your views?
<Background 3>
Three days later
[A squad of Victorian soldiers enter the Barum's Works factory.]
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Wh–What the–?! Who are you?
What are you coming in here for?!
Ah, er, it's all Infected in here, you see...
Victorian Officer You lot, downstairs.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Downstairs? But downstairs is–
[A soldier reports to the officer,]
Victorian Soldier A Sir! Large number of unlawfully armed personnel discovered!
[Another soldier reports to the officer,]
Victorian Soldier B Sir! Unlawful communications shielding terminal discovered and dismantled!
[Two soldiers report to the officer,]
Victorian Soldier A Large quantity of Infected found underground!
Victorian Soldier B Basement levels have been identified as an illegal factory!
[The officer confirms the reports...]
Victorian Officer Mm. Situation verified.
Per council regulations, we are hereby shutting this location down as the law compels.
[...before walking towards the wheedling alumnus.]
Victorian Officer And you–as stipulated by law–may not engage in any similar business for a five-year period.
–Evacuate the Infected!
<Background 6>
[The wheedling alumnus runs into Skyfire.]
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Miss Mountbelan!
Miss Mountbelan!!
Skyfire Ah, it's you... what is it?
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus You–My factory?!
I had people turn up at my factory out of nowhere this morning, and even the underground to boot, they–what the hell happened?!
Skyfire Oh! You mean the factory seizure.
Didn't you ask me for help before?
There you go. I've helped you.
Wheedling Merchant Alumnus Wh...?!
Skyfire You caught word about me, yes, but you didn't catch on.
I'm not just a Member of the Council, I'm also a Rhodes Island Operator. If you're not familiar, perhaps I can illuminate you–
I work to resolve issues for the Infected.
And more importantly, I work to seek their rights for them.