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Operator Record
Fallen Inktrails
Pozëmka icon.png

She wants to escape her black past, but it is also the only thing she can speak about.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Pozëmka to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Pozëmka.
Male Zeruertzan A icon.png
Durin Who's Carrying a Whole Barrel in His Arms
Female Zeruertzan icon.png
Expectant Durin
Male Zeruertzan A icon.png
Indolent Durin
Male Zeruertzan B icon.png
Meticulous Durin
Female Zeruertzan icon.png
Relaxed Durin
Female Zeruertzan icon.png
Thrilled Durin
Zeruertza Reception Room
Zeruertza Library
Zeruertza Street
Zeruertza Forum
Zeruertza Hall
Zeruertza Garden
When she first arrived in Zeruertza, Pozëmka commissioned two Durin craftsmen for a fountain pen as a way to put her past behind her, only for them to run late with the delivery, leading her on a quest to find out what exactly was going on.
<Background black>
"It must be sharper than any blade, colder than the harshest snowfields, and weightier than any memory."
"Honestly, I don't know whether I'll be able to bear the stabbing pain in my heart to pick it up."
"I'm not expecting to write anything with it. Perhaps, more than anything, I wish for it to become the final paragraph in my collection of the days of old."
<Background 1>
[Two Durins are having a chat.]
Meticulous Durin Those are the details of the job, and I guarantee you I memorized the whole thing down to the letter.
Indolent Durin Really? She was mumbling toward the end there. Are you sure you didn't mishear anything?
Meticulous Durin Nope.
Anyway, it's been half a month. How do you even remember how quiet she was?
Indolent Durin I mean, don't you think it's weird? At first, she said she wanted a fountain pen, and would be fine with whatever design we came up with.
But all that stuff she said at the end... Are you sure that was meant for us, and not herself?
Meticulous Durin? Nope.
–Wait, hold on. It's been half a month?
And we still haven't started on the design?
Indolent Durin It's only been half a month. I hadn't sharpened my pencils, and... I was out of mead.
Meticulous Durin? Fair point. Okay, bottoms up.
Indolent Durin Bottoms up! –Ugh, dude, what do you think she was asking for, anyway?
Meticulous Durin? Look at her word choice... She probably meant she wants something that's good for fighting, something cold and heavy.
Indolent Durin Ohh, then probably some kind of huge ass weapon, made out of metal?
Meticulous Durin? And we need to add something to give it a bit of a fountain pen look.
Indolent Durin Just a bit? Let's add that right here, then. It'll look great.
Meticulous Durin? Ooh, I like it! I mean, you just scribbled something on there, but this is a pretty decent blueprint!
So... What is it?
Indolent Durin It looks like... a crossbow? What do you think?
Meticulous Durin? Oh yeah, I can see it, now that you mention it. Then I can start designing the structure. I daresay this is gonna be a masterpiece. Even more amazing than anything you've seen in Stranger Things.
Indolent Durin Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. And it better be, for a surface-dweller customer to walk away satisfied.
Meticulous Durin? Hear, hear. Bottoms up again!
Well, that's all the work we have for today. Time to celebrate!
<Background 2>
[Pozëmka, then known as Avdotya, walks through the library as she checks the collection of books there.]
Avdotya "...This is the largest fluorescent mushroom in Zeruertzan history."
*sigh*... This Legendary Explorer's Zeruertzan History Uncovered doesn't have much useful information.
Seventeen updated cave maps over three years... yet it doesn't go into the upheavals the city has faced, or the ambitions of those in power.
Perhaps I need to look for literature left behind by earlier outsiders, or learn Durish. Only then will I uncover Zeruertza's true history, apart from these suspiciously cheery broken sentences.
...After all, my eyes do not deceive me.
Everyone here is a binge drinker! Every! Last! One!
[Avdotya momentarily flashes to a snow-covered forest.]
Avdotya No... Now that I've escaped that place... I need to put it all behind me.
Perhaps the Durins are the same. Why else would they be drowning their sorrows, if not to bury the memory of some shared trauma?
Until I can understand their pain, this unspoken taboo, I won't ever truly be one of them.
They may act carefree, but I can tell they haven't fully accepted me. I can see the hostility behind their glances.
I mean, why else would there be no updates on my fountain pen after half a month?!
[Deculture Silvermint walks by.]
Deculture Silvermint Hello, Avdotya. Is something the matter?
Avdotya Oh, my apologies. Am I talking too loudly in the library?
Avdotya After my long, lonesome journey, it's been hard to break the habit of speaking to myself.
Tipsy Voice Look at this! What did I tell you? They wrote about that nut ice cream eating competition we had in Issue 1201!
Comparatively Calm Voice Dude, you're holding it upside down. That's Issue 1051. Besides, that's not even you in the picture.
Deculture Silvermint I think you're being relatively quiet, actually.
Anyway, you told me earlier you were afraid of the library's robots since they looked like... uh... military equipment, so I've made sure they won't approach you.
If you're looking for anything specific, just ask me directly.
Avdotya Thank you.
Really, all I need to know is how these books are sorted. That would help me find what I'm looking for.
Deculture Silvermint Hm... how the books are sorted... I remember there being a book on that.
But I don't remember where it is. Hold on, let me get a ladder.
Avdotya Shouldn't the sorting system dictate where it is?
Deculture Silvermint Hm, I don't remember that, either.
I mean, 80% of the books here aren't where they're supposed to be anyway, according to the system.
Avdotya ......
I appreciate your assistance.
But I think I'll take a walk around town. I'm sure that will help me assimilate.
Deculture Silvermint Avdotya, since you love hanging out at the library so much, have you considered writing for Zeruertza?
I'm very curious what surface-dwellers like those in Stranger Things think of our Durin city.
Avdotya I haven't.
Deculture Silvermint I... Sorry, did I offend you?
Avdotya It's not you, it's me. This is a problem I must face on my own.
To completely rid myself of my memories of the surface, I refuse to do anything that I used to do up there.
Deculture Silvermint That's a shame. So you're not hoping to be a writer? In that case, you should broaden your horizons somewhere more open.
When you leave, just put anything you pulled off the shelves wherever you want. Also, be careful when you leave through the exit. Lately, we've been getting a lot of drunk Durins racing there.
Avdotya ...Thanks for the warning.
Oh, but I have one more question.
Deculture Silvermint What is it?
Avdotya How do Durin surnames work?
Deculture Silvermint There aren't any rules. For example, I'm Silvermint. The chief is Eartheart...
Avdotya So they're all objects or concepts.
(To the Durins, these surnames are nothing unusual, yet I can't help but focus on the meaning behind them.)
...I see. Thank you.
<Background 3>
[Avdotya walks through the streets.]
Avdotya An omnipresent artificial daylight... a city with no winter.
How can I hide the breath of winter enveloping me? How do I avoid hurting the Durins' captious eyes?
If I must abandon my entire past and take refuge under the roof of strangers to avoid banishment or betrayal... All the better.
Here it is...
If I remember correctly, the two craftsmen's hut is around–
A big slide... but there are no stairs leading up...
There's half a trampoline, but no barriers...
What are these things?
[Avdotya asks a bystanding Durin.]
Avdotya Excuse me. Why are all these entertainment facilities left half-finished, and what are they doing here?
Also, wasn't there a craftsman's shop that took commissions here?
Thrilled Durin Hey! I caught another one!
Avdotya Caught...? Where are you taking me?!
Thrilled Durin To the polls, of course!
Oh, look how surprised you are. Have you been living under a rock? How could you have missed this street's renovation contest?!
We're on the third wave of submissions!
And to make it easy for the voters to decide how the street will be rebuilt, they added a new rule this time.
Every contestant must build part of their design, and then–
–the spectators vote for whichever one they want to see completed the most!
How's that? That got you interested, didn't it?
Avdotya No, not one bit. I just wanted to know where the people who used to be on this street went.
Were they chased away, just like that? Or were they exiled into the caves of Durin, where no daylight will ever reach...
Thrilled Durin Come on, let's get voting!
Avdotya *sigh*...
If this is your way of life, who am I to refuse?
But look how tall I am. I literally stand out from the crowd. What will the Durins think of me if my vote ends up in the minority?
Thrilled Durin Yeah, you sure are tall.
That's why you're the perfect candidate for record keeper! No one here can count votes better than you!
We actually had three record keepers picked out before you, but not one of them came today. My guess is they're all drunk.
Which is why the position is open!
Avdotya Alright... Let's go, then.
<Background 4>
Avdotya 20 votes for "Super Alcohol Stirrer Bumper Cars"!
And 309 abstentions!
The majority didn't vote!
*sigh*... The Durins' way of speaking is too hard to mimic.
No matter how much I long to integrate into their way of life... it would seem I'm still reluctant to use a word like "Recordkeeper" as my surname.
Expectant Durin Why did so many folks abstain? Looks like we're gonna have to have a fourth contest.
Maybe entertainment facilities aren't popular anymore? Should we go for art sculptures as the next theme?
Relaxed Durin Hah, whatever it ends up being, my design's gonna be way more popular than yours for sure!
Avdotya As designers participating in this contest, surely you two must be very familiar with the street?
Relaxed Durin Of course.
Avdotya Then would you happen to know of a workshop run by two craftsmen that used to be there half a month ago?
I commissioned them to make me a fountain pen, but they disappeared without a trace after they took the job.
Relaxed Durin Oh...
It's gotta be that place, right?
Expectant Durin Gotta be.
Avdotya What do you mean?
Relaxed Durin They forgot about your commission.
Avdotya Huh?
Relaxed Durin If not, they would've contacted you when their house was torn down.
Expectant Durin Relax. It's just a fountain pen. It's not like it really matters.
Avdotya It matters to me.
Expectant Durin Oh, you're a big fan of fountain pens?
So are you into calligraphy? Or are you more into writing?
Avdotya I...
Expectant Durin Alright, alright, quit it with the long face. When we have a huge project going on, craftsmen who aren't drunk usually come help out. You'll bump into them eventually.
Say, when a victor is finally crowned in this contest.
Relaxed Durin Right. Speaking of the contest, I think you could give me some great ideas! Tell me, what's it like on the surface?
Expectant Durin Hey, I wanted to ask her about that!
Relaxed Durin In that case, let's have a vote right now, and see who she'll share her inspirations from the surface with.
Expectant Durin Alright!
Avdotya –Stop. Let's not.
Relaxed Durin You don't want to tell us?
Avdotya ...I'll tell both of you.
I just want someone to come up with a proposal that will win over every Durin, so I can look for the two craftsmen I commissioned as soon as possible.
<Background fades out and in>
Relaxed Durin You were hunted?
Oh–I get it! You're talking about those races where you can get in others' way!
Expectant Durin Towering walls! But there was a standoff in a narrow corridor!
Relaxed Durin A big reception hall! Where everyone got super drunk!
Expectant Durin That's violent! Super violent!
Relaxed Durin I have an idea! Let's go!
[The two Durins run off.]
Avdotya Do these Durins really have no idea what it means to be hunted or poisoned?
And I...
Hold on. I just told them all those hideous truths.
"Inside her heart, there is nothing but towering stone walls that block out the cold wind, a corridor adorned with paintings, and a long table with nothing but hot food and fine wine on top..."
"The moment she begins this sentence, she must continue her account and write about the walls that came crumbling down, the kind, tender faces in the painting that burnt away in the flames, and the blood red wine staining the white tablecloth."
I've spilt the wine. Now that they've been exposed to the idea of evil, they can no longer be rid of it. Right now, all I can do is...
..stop them from spreading my story through Zeruertza!
<Background 5>
Expectant Durin How come I've never thought of this before? We could've held all our contests this way!
Relaxed Durin Right, now we can really battle it out with each other.
Expectant Durin This is– "The Super Water Cannon Battle!"
Look here. I'll put water guns at every window, guaranteed to blast whatever you end up building on the other side of street.
But if only one of us gets her design chosen, we won't get our showdown, no?
Relaxed Durin Hm, you're right.
That's why we gotta team up and join the fourth contest together!
Expectant Durin Great idea!
<Background 6>
Durin Who's Carrying a Whole Barrel in His Arms You wanna advertise our brand new mead? Hm... Who're you?
Avdotya I'm... a lover of fine drinks.
Durin Who's Carrying a Whole Barrel in His Arms Oh, you love our mead? You've got great tastes, lady.
Avdotya Since I arrived, I've seen many a Durin have this drink, and a single cup is usually enough to knock them out... My guess is it's very strong.
Durin Who's Carrying a Whole Barrel in His Arms Hahaha, you know your stuff! Even I can get drunk for days on end with just two cups of this!
Avdotya I imagine you're using an awfully large cup then.
But that's wonderful.
Let's delay no further and head out with the mead.
(If I treat those two designers to mead as a promotion, not only will they harbor no suspicions, they'll drink until they are absolutely inebriated.)
(To keep them from spreading my story around, I just need the two of them to sleep past the deadline. They might even forget about it completely.)
Durin Who's Carrying a Whole Barrel in His Arms Alright, then. Let's share a toast to making this promotion a success!
Avdotya Hold on, I've never had alcohol before...
(After all those sharp gazes I've had to endure, I wouldn't dare drink or let myself fall asleep in the middle of the day...)
No, I mean, I need to stay sober for work. Why don't we have this drink later tonight?
I-I'll be off now!
<Background 4>
[Avdotya runs into the two Durins from before.]
Avdotya Hello, you two. Would you like to try some–
Expectant Durin Hear, hear!
Relaxed Durin Well said, Master Finch!
Avdotya –They don't seem interested.
Expectant Durin Amazing. The construct's contours are elegant and simple. There's absolutely no space wasted on any unnecessary surfaces.
Relaxed Durin And he's right. With this design, the commercial district will have somewhat different lighting than our normal, direct artificial sunlight. With this kinda lighting, some products will look even more attractive.
Expectant Durin I can't wait to see Finch's genius designs brought to life!
And that's even though we were gonna turn that place into a entertainment facility.
Voice on Stage In that case, may all those who agree with this proposal raise their hands.
[Many of the Durins raise their hands.]
Avdotya ...So many.
Even at a glance, I can tell the majority are in favor.
But didn't that designer used to always complain on stage about the way the Durins live?!
Relaxed Durin Welp, that's our design down the drain.
Expectant Durin Finch's got a point though. Over a quarter the area in Zeruertza is already used for entertainment facilities.
Oh hey, tall girl. Didn't see you there. Did you catch Finch's speech?
Avdotya Yes, part of it.
I also happened to hear that you've abandoned the design you were working on–
Relaxed Durin That aroma! Fresh mead! No doubt about it!
Since we've already broken the ice, might as well help ourselves!
Avdotya *sigh*... You don't have the slightest idea what he meant when he said you must live your lives with restraint, do you?
Well... this isn't so bad, either.
<Background 3>
[The two Durin craftsmen are driving a truck.]
Meticulous Durin Make way! Make way! Finch made this vending truck just for us, and we're testing out its capabilities now!
Indolent Durin Faster, faster! Make a quick turn around that pillar up ahead!
Meticulous Durin You sure we have room to make a turn?
Indolent Durin We'll make this a crash test, then!
[The Durins take the truck through a fair distance.]
Meticulous Durin Hm, seems safe enough. Maybe because we don't have anything in the back.
[Avdotya walks towards the Durins.]
Avdotya ...Hello.
I've been waiting for you ever since work on this street started.
Meticulous Durin Hm? Hmm... You seem somewhat familiar.
Hey, do you remember who this is?
Indolent Durin What? You say something?
I mean, we're already lying here on the ground. I think maybe we should take a little nap first...
Avdotya *sigh* Let me remind you, then.
I... I know this girl who commissioned two craftsmen on this street to make me a Durin-style fountain pen.
She had books in her bag and the words of her homeland in her head, but she's unwilling to touch any of them again.
Whenever she lifts her pen, she is reminded of the snow-drenched cloak she wore, and begins writing letters that will never be sent.
Meticulous Durin Why won't they get sent? Did the railway to the next city break down or something?
Avdotya Sorry, I digress...
Anyway, she just wanted something as a token, to mark her sealing away of those bygone days, after which she can finally become...
Hm... what would she become?
Indolent Durin A scribe?
Avdotya She wouldn't be completely saying goodbye to her past, then.
Meticulous Durin So does she want this fountain pen or not?
Avdotya ...Never mind.
In this story, we'll let her become a mead salesperson! Then, she'll drink merrily along with everyone else, and the smell of the alcohol will reach every corner of the artificial lake!
Meticulous Durin Oh! Ohh! I like how this story turns out! I love it!
It's a good thing we didn't have anything in the back of the truck. That said, I did put two barrels of mead in there!
Indolent Durin What? You brought mead? You should've said so! I would've stood up so much sooner!
Come, cheers!
[The Durins have a drink.]
Avdotya –I'll have a cup too. Thanks.
<Background fades out and in>
Avdotya Um, actually, about twenty days ago, I commissioned you two to make me a fountain pen.
So... may I ask where it is?
Meticulous Durin Oh, oh! It's you! Now I remember!
We finished it alright, but we forgot who gave us the commission.
Hold on... a fountain pen?
Indolent Durin I don't think we made a fountain pen.
Meticulous Durin Technically, part of it is a fountain pen.
But long story short, we made a crossbow.
Avdotya A crossbow?
I... Why would I want a weapon?
Meticulous Durin Well, I forgot who you were, but I still remember what you told us.
Your description was too vivid. I had no idea why someone would want to stab their heart with a pen, but I felt it like a crossbow bolt through my heart!
Avdotya ...Huh?
Hm... Do you think you could make me an actual fountain pen this time? Also, I'd like a typewriter, too.
<Background 2>
[Deculture walks by.]
Deculture Silvermint Avdotya, you're back.
Avdotya Right, I want to look for magazines popular among the Durins, to see what kind of advertising copy draws their attention.
Deculture Silvermint I'm pretty sure you can find those on the bookshelves right by the door. I mean, lots of people flip through them every day!
Avdotya Many thanks.
Deculture Silvermint Right, Avdotya. Avdotya... Have I seen your name somewhere recently?
Avdotya Yes, I gave myself a Durin-style surname to make it easier to send in submissions.
Deculture Silvermint Which has to mean I saw your name in a recent magazine.
And I thought you didn't want to write anymore.
Avdotya ...There were two Durins who made me a collectible that's even more suited for sealing away my past.
As for the fountain pen and typewriter... there's no harm in continuing to use them.
Deculture Silvermint Oh, I've found it! Avdotya...
Avdotya ..."Razorpen."
I... I must keep writing.
After all, I know I can't truly leave it behind me.