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Operator Record
Solitary Dancer
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When did it start? She had gotten used to watching the others flatter, conspire and hustle.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Harmonie to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Harmonie.
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Hillock Operations Center
Harmonie comes across someone that knows about her past, and who proposes extricating her from her intelligence work, but she does not accept.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
[Rita Skamandros (better known as Horn today) greets someone...]
Rita Long time no see, Rosalie.
[...who is revealed to be Rosalie (better known as Harmonie today) as she responds.]
Rosalie –Ah, darling Rita.
It's been an awful while since we last got to chat, hasn't it? Such a shame we couldn't be in the same accommodation like we were before.
Really, Royal Guard runs far more arduous militarization drills than either of us could've imagined, wouldn't you say?
Rita Did you make it to the entrance exams on the day?
Rosalie *cough* *cough*... What has you asking that? Of course I made it–I wouldn't be here otherwise.
Rita No, nothing... Here, your Introduction to Military Science. The notes you left in there were very helpful, much appreciated.
I was going to give it back the morning of the exam, but I left before I saw you. It's been sitting in the back of my mind.
Want to get dinner together? We can catch up on the way. You can pick a dress for me to wear on my off day.
Rosalie Sadly not. I'm on my way to that ball Stefanie's hosting.
Rita You mean that Leithanian count's daughter?
I hear she's quite rich with contacts. Merchants wanting an inroad or musicians and playwrights in need of a referral can't go wrong in her social circle.
The last time I ran across you, you were going to that army staff officer's granddaughter's soirée. Military families like that are always on the lookout for a few trustworthy aides to groom.
Not that that should've had anything to do with your goals. You used to hate these noisy social events.
Rosalie Don't say that, Rita. Can't I just enjoy a little dance?
Rita Fine.
We'll chat the next time you're free, then.
Rosalie Don't look so crestfallen.
We need a little time to find our own rhythm in new environments, that's all, no?
(Humming) Like the steps of a dance. Oh, what tough luck–I was so badly hoping you'd accompany me.
Rita Rosalie, do you remember why we worked so hard to get into the Royal Guard Academy?
Rosalie Well, there's a silly question. To become outstanding servicemen, of course.
Rita Right. Not officers, not military aristocracy. Servicemen. I don't want to be the Skamandros whose own safety supersedes all, like my father.
And you want to be the kind of serviceman who can staunchly uphold order, as our tutor did.
What I'm saying is... if you're worried about anything, you can talk to me.
I don't think we've visited our tutor's grave yet, not since she passed on.
Rosalie Ah... Terribly, awfully sorry, but I'd better be going, Rita.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
[A newsagent tells Harmonie what's on the news.]
Newsagent So say the papers. The "Londinium-Kazdel Association of Economic and Cultural Exchange."
Some duke, God knows who, threw masses of Sarkaz mercs into Londinium. Their own pieces in the game, so to speak.
Harmonie Well, I quite disagree.
Newsagent Oi, keep schtum. If you know inside details, then I'm the last person who wants to hear.
Harmonie Oh, my. The duke most likely to control Victoria? The aristocracy's rumors of where the Lion King's heir has ended up? The cities that might be expecting riots soon...? Not even one bit curious?
Newsagent What good does knowing that stuff do for me? I don't even want to know which City Hall member's family tutor you are.
Were, I mean. Your tutor thing's probably past tense now.
Harmonie So it is. I just wrapped up the final course yesterday.
The young master has a grasp of plenty enough knowledge by now. He won't be needing me anymore.
Newsagent Haha... and I assume you have plenty enough intelligence from snooping around there.
Harmonie Enough for my boss to take this assignment on himself, and add a few more decorations to his wall of honor, you mean?
Newsagent Ahem, *cough* *cough*... I'm not going to talk about anyone behind their backs.
*sigh* You ought to keep a few measures in place, to avoid anyone stealing your credit.
Harmonie Well, these things do happen. What's the use in minding it?
Enough, now. I'll take a fashion magazine.
Newsagent Coming up.
[The newsagent gave a fashion magazine to Harmonie as she requested.]
Newsagent From now on, anyone who's got a special coin like yours, no matter who, gets to buy this magazine, right? Just checking.
Harmonie Don't worry, I've done all the liaison work. You won't possibly mess this up.
Besides, you know nothing of the situation. Even if someone comes knocking on your shutter, it's not like they can do anything to you.
There'll be no waves in your peaceful life, and all that's coming will be the pay we promised you.
Newsagent Heheh, guess you've read me to boot.
Thank God for this income. I can send my kids to a better school, and they can become proper gentlemen.
Oh, yeah, how long'd it take for you to cover up that serviceman's valor of yours? I can tell all the officers I know even out of uniform, but not you.
Harmonie Serviceman?
I am part of the military, yes, but I never once said I was ever a serviceman.
Well, toodle-oo, I have an invitation to a dinner party. I'd better be on my way.
<Background fades out and in>
Harmonie No matter if a city plate collapses one day, or the blood forms a river through the Palace of Westhaleg, I'll be out of it, carrying on with my life the same as it ever was.
I've seen enough of all these clever-clogs exuding their dignity.
Right, then, let's have a look... What news has my fine informant brought me?
[Harmonie reads a book only for a letter to be inside, revealing that the newsagent is a Victorian intelligence agent.]
Harmonie Here's a letter...
...that's been changed out already? They've stuck a note inside.
"...I know your identity, but I am not an enemy of Victoria."
Dearie, now, that single sentence certainly isn't going to show if your interest is in aiding me, or kidnapping me.
Everyone loves to say they do it "for Victoria."
Whether you were hanging the Lion King or bracing the royal family together, you thought were defending Victoria all the same.
If everyone's efforts were aligned, we wouldn't be in need of intel-sniffers like yours truly.
Perhaps I'll need to pass a message on at the party tonight. Have this mysterious figure's intentions cleared up once and for all.
<Background 3>
[A nobleman and a merchant are having a talk.]
Curious Noble Have you heard? Two of City Hall's holdouts are finally caving in. They're restoring a fleet of steam tanks, and issuing a decree to relax the restrictions on factory owners.
Pompous Merchant Hahah! At least the money we've been spending on them hasn't gone to waste.
The older they get, the more reluctant they are to take a stand. It's all normal fare to give the army more weapons, they're just scared people will ask: Whose army is this? Who are they fighting?
Ever since we lost the Lion King, they've been harder and harder questions to answer.
Curious Noble Oh, pooh to that. Do you remember that doddling Assembly Member, the one sickness took in her own bed last month?
Her neighbor told me, everyone was hearing horrible screams muffled through the walls that night. Would you say illness wasn't the true culprit? I wouldn't dare.
Pompous Merchant That's what the old guard get for not wanting to relinquish their powers.
Come, let's poke our heads into the ballroom. Allow me to fetch you a glass of wine.
[The nobleman and merchant heads into the manor as Harmonie watches.]
Harmonie Conspiracies, bribes, assassinations... oh, there's nothing new under the sun.
It's about time I dropped by the balcony. I should have good company to meet there.
<Background fades out and in>
[A noblewoman greets Harmonie.]
Kind-Faced Noble Good evening, Miss Harmonie.
Harmonie Dearie me...
Kind-Faced Noble Do you have a moment?
[The noblewoman tries to grab Harmonie, but she gently pushed her off.]
Harmonie Not particularly, no. If you aren't careful enough with what you say, my Arts will make waterworks in your windpipe and seize you by the throat.
Kind-Faced Noble You react very fast.
Harmonie I do like your complexion. Your breathing isn't coming at a rush, either.
Kind-Faced Noble You're misunderstanding me. That note I snuck into your intelligence network wasn't meant to intimidate you at all.
Harmonie Then carry on. What exactly is it you want from me?
Kind-Faced Noble A marquess sent me to convey goodwill.
Harmonie If you're of a mind to assist with our work, you should at least have some valid intel on you, no?
Kind-Faced Noble No. I'd like to offer you a new destination.
You were coerced into becoming intelligence personnel, serving the shambling rot of the Lion King's army. It does disservice to your talents.
You shouldn't let yourself be tormented by a little years-old blunder either, and that's not to mention how you were completely in the dark at the time. It simply isn't your fault.
Harmonie They did me plenty of favors in order to cover that scandal up.
Don't you think you know a little too much?
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
[Rosalie opens the door.]
Rosalie Miss, I'm baaack. Your letter's been delivered.
Tomorrow being the entrance exams and all, I'd like to consult you on a few more questions I have. Mainly about how they test Originium Arts...
...Is nobody in?
[Sounds of people breaking in and blades clashing are heard.]
Rosalie Miss? Are you alright?
Familiar knocking sound, most likely the kind of saber Miss uses... *gasp* What if somebody's robbing her?
A seasoned serviceman like her should have all the ease in the world ridding herself of a few bandits. Although, this is the perfect chance to test my own abilities a little.
Unfamiliar Voice The smugglers are all down! Enter the warehouse and sweep!
Rosalie Miss... Miss Horley?
Unfamiliar Voice There's still an accomplice in here!
Weapons down! Hands up!
Rosalie Who are you lot?
<Background 5>
[An officer asks another one,]
Stern Officer Got the full situation out of her?
Gentle Officer We've finished questioning. She's a student of Horley's. Still quite young. She didn't know a single thing about this gang reselling military goods.
She has acted as their middleman on multiple occasions by delivering Horley's letters, but she hadn't a clue what she was passing on, nor did she ever have suspicions about her teacher.
Horley took up a teaching post at a noble's private secondary school after being discharged. No criminal record for the past five years, very esteemed by her students.
As far as the one here recalls, Horley never showed signs of involving any students as her accomplices. We can likely go without inspecting the rest of the student body.
We've been holding her for two days. I know it's only been a normal interrogation, no deliberate pressure, but judging by what details we've observed, she's 100% honest.
Stern Officer Alright, let her in. We'll run this as planned.
[Rosalie was brought into the room.]
Stern Officer Do you now understand the full course of the incident?
Rosalie My tutor committed a serious crime, and I was an accessory to it under unwitting circumstances... That's more or less what I've gathered.
If you don't mind my asking, how has Miss...?
Stern Officer She refused to cooperate, going so far as to incite a violent clash with the military. The only option she gave us was death.
As for the resale of military goods, we've been on that trail for over a year. Horley took advantage of her military connections to serve as a key figure in the resale chain. That cannot be denied.
We would desire for you not to sympathize too greatly with her.
Rosalie ...Mm.
Gentle Officer Was she a good teacher?
Rosalie She...
She was a firm, strong fighter. I very much admire the strength she displayed.
The things I learned from her were worth more, I think, than what I ever picked up in my etiquette class or social speaking drills.
The idea she'd been doing this, and then failed, and fell, in this manner...
...It's somewhat beyond what I would've expected. That's all.
I respected her. Nothing more than that.
Gentle Officer We express our acknowledgement of the shock this incident has been to you.
Please be assured, we won't be investigating your conduct, nor will we regard you as her accomplice.
However, we desire for you to be the sole civilian who knows of this. You must maintain silence on the facts of this incident.
Horley, along with two other soldiers who participated in the resale, will be recorded as assistant military to this operation.
Remember: they "bravely gave their lives in the fight." That is what you should say to your classmates, your professors or anyone else, once news of her death reaches your campus.
In addition, they'll be posthumously awarded. We hope you'll understand that we've put much thought into upholding the reputation of the woman you respect after her death, which we desire to grant her some dignity in.
Rosalie ......
Mm, I understand the matters on which I should be silent.
Gentle Officer We're very glad we could reach a consensus. There'll be some favors done for you.
Rosalie Favors?
Gentle Officer Your account was, you visited her to prepare for the Royal Guard Academy entrance exams.
You'd like to get into Royal Guard, correct?
Rosalie I...
Do I still care?
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Kind-Faced Noble I'm just one of the military insiders from back then, by coincidence.
Harmonie If you came here to reminisce with me, then you really are courteous to a fault.
After all, that was however many years ago. Even I don't remember it all off the top of my head anymore.
Kind-Faced Noble I sympathize with what you went through years ago–that's exactly it. I can't bear to see a youngster with such limitless prospects not get the credit she deserves.
I imagine you've noticed, somewhere in there, that your life fell out of your control ever since that affair.
Despite getting into Royal Guard, you were forced to change identities and go fully incognito without ever graduating, and when it comes to intelligence work, forging genuine interpersonal relationships is a tall order.
Fortunately, you could consider yourself lucky all the same. The Marquess seems to take a very vested interest in your abilities. You can get in touch with him via my referral. Perhaps you could even strive to become a personal aide.
You can free yourself from your identity as an intelligence agent, and obtain a higher status doing it.
Is phrasing it that way able to win your confidence?
Harmonie Yes... that's all it is, no more.
Kind-Faced Noble Could you elaborate?
Harmonie Don't you mind, that was just a little private monologue.
My opinion is, if we carry on like this, my staff and the skin of your throat may just threaten to close their own distance.
But upon those words, Harmonie stows her staff away.
Harmonie –You're invited to leave now.
Kind-Faced Noble Madam, if you're declining because the difficulty of disengaging from your intel work worries you, then please trust that we have methods sufficient to aid you.
Harmonie It seems you think I'm dictated to hate my life and my lot in it.
You've made a–not uncommon misunderstanding, I'll say. Conspiracies bury themselves all throughout life. So many little incidents are secretly the grand designs of master architects like yourself, am I wrong?
Kind-Faced Noble You'll have seen that sort of thing a great deal, as an intelligence worker.
Harmonie Quite. I've gotten fairly sick of seeing it, and even fairly sick of doing it.
The fact of the matter is, nobody forced me into intelligence work. Some professors selected me, I agreed, and that was that.
Do you know something? If I really, truly hadn't the power to control my own life, I'd be compelled to kill you here and now, so as to avoid you bringing any hassle to my door.
But I very much take a liking to you.
Kind-Faced Noble ......
Harmonie Now, we were here to take part in a dinner, weren't we?
Harmonie turns away with light grace.
Inside the hall, the ensemble bows and readies to begin performing. The bright fixtures shine through the floor to ceiling windows, outlining her in a glowing silhouette.
Harmonie (Humming)
With carefreeness, she lifts her arms, and spins a full circle.
There in the courtyard, she dances on her own in brisk, spry steps.
Kind-Faced Noble Who... will you be having your dance with?
The Feline named Harmonie gives no answer.