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Operator Record
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The moment the scissors tear through the dress, it is too late to regret anything.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Orchid to Elite 1 Level 55.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Orchid.
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Human Resources Operator
RI Room
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RI Bridge
Orchid receives a special clothing design order, and she realizes during its production that it's not nearly as simple to make as she expected.
<Background 1>
[Someone knocks the door to Orchid's room.]
Orchid Agh... Look at the time... Who's knocking on my door this early in the morning...?
[The door is knocked again.]
Orchid Coming, coming. Just a moment.
[Orchid opens the door and a young man walks in.]
Boy Sorry to bother you, Orchid.
Orchid You are...?
Boy My name is Jerry. One of my... relations, is a patient aboard the ship.
Orchid Hello, Jerry. Do you need something from me?
Boy A wedding dress! I would like to ask you to make a wedding dress! Please, I beg you!
Orchid You want me to make a wedding dress? I'm afraid you're asking the wrong person. I just edited a fashion magazine.
Besides, we'll be stopping at a city for resupplies next month. You can visit a high-end tailor shop while we're there.
Boy But Dr. Warfarin said that Penny might not make it through the month... We probably can't wait till then.
Orchid I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't know.
Boy I realize I probably sound pushy, but you're the only one I can turn to.
Orchid Are you really sure about this? I do know a thing or two about fashion design, but I'm not a professional designer. The wedding dress might not be exactly what you're looking for.
Besides, we don't have a very wide variety of fabric onboard. I'll be limited in what I can use to design your dress, and it may not come out looking perfect.
Boy Right, I understand. We don't have any wild expectations. Penny and I will be more than happy just to get a decent enough wedding dress.
Orchid *Sigh*, if you really don't mind, I can help you with this.
May I see Penny, then? I need to take her measurements before I work.
Boy Considering Penny's situation... I guess we could, if you'll just be measuring.
Will tomorrow work?
Orchid Yes. Remember to send me the room number. I'll be there at 2 P.M. sharp.
Boy Thank you, Orchid.
Orchid Alright, now go back and stay with your fiancée.
Boy See you tomorrow.
[The man leaves.]
<Background 2>
Rhodes Island Hospital Room
[Orchid finishes measuring the girl's body.]
Orchid Alright, good job. That wraps it up with the measurements. Now, let's help you lie down. Slowly.
Girl Thank you very much, Orchid. *Cough*. He went straight to you without telling me anything.
Orchid Don't worry about it. It's the least I can do. You're looking pretty good. I can see that he takes care of you.
Girl Right, ever since I got sick, things have been as difficult on him as they have been on me. I know how taxing it must be to keep taking care of me like he does.
Boy No, not at all, Penny. I'm not tired!
Girl Jerry, could you bring me a bowl of vegetable soup from the cafeteria? I'm really craving some right now.
Boy Yes, of course. I'll be right back!
[The young man runs off.]
Girl Jerry, slow down... Uh, never mind.
Orchid, let's talk more about the wedding dress, *cough*...
Orchid Right, I brought some catalogs with me. Take a look and see if there's anything in here that you like.
Girl They're gorgeous, and extravagant... Did you design all these?
Orchid Of course not. They're classics by famous designers from all over the world. I can make a dress for you based on these styles.
Girl But I want to see your own designs. May I?
Orchid Sorry, Penny. Jerry might not have told you, but I was just the editor of a fashion magazine. I don't have any designs of my own to show.
Girl But I touched the callus on your purlicue just now. Calluses this thick only come from the big scissors that tailors use.
Orchid You've got an eye for detail, Penny.
I did work in design before, but I didn't do a very good job at it. That's why I chose to leave that line of work in the end.
Girl No way. You have very good taste.
Orchid Design calls for more than good taste.
Back when I was still in fashion school, my instructor Boyd once told me that my work lacked spirit. He suggested I find another career, said my lack of spirit would only be a waste of a life.
He didn't mean my life, but the collective lives of my customers.
Girl He sounds like a spiteful man who can't hold his tongue. *Cough*. You shouldn't have let him get to you.
Orchid Absolutely. He's an annoying man, but he's also one of Columbia's most famous designers. I really respected him at the time.
That's why I had a breakdown. I couldn't keep at it anymore, so I submitted the paperwork to change my major to art history.
Girl And you were really okay with that?
Orchid That's not important, Penny.
Girl *cough*, to tell you the truth, I really am not worried about you wasting my life.
So why don't you give it a try?
*cough* *cough*...
Orchid It takes a lot more time to design a wedding dress than normal clothing. If something gets in my way, it might hold up your wedding.
Girl I'm sorry if I'm being difficult, Orchid, but please think of it as my dying wish.
Orchid *Sigh*, fine. I'll make you a wedding dress, one for you and you alone.
Girl So please forget what that old man said to you all those years ago, *cough*.
Orchid Alright, can we talk more tomorrow, no, the next couple of days? I need to learn more about you and your fiancé too.
Girl Of course. There's no hurry. You... *cough* *cough*... you can come talk to me anytime.
Orchid Okay, then. I'll work on a rough design based on your specs. Once I'm done with that, I'll come talk to you before I finalize it. Try to get some rest now.
Girl *Cough*... See you.
<Background 1>
Orchid Alright. There's our rough design. Let's see...
*Sigh*... This girl is way too thin. She's practically a skeleton. I'll have to give her some puffier sleeves and skirt to make her look less skinny.
Oh, darling, which material should we use? Organza? Chiffon? Maybe satin...?
(Picks up the wooden puppets on the table and knocks them together lightly)
*Sigh*... What's your story anyway?
<Background 3>
Boy Penny and I met in Siesta. There's a really famous beach there with milk white sand. Uh, at the time, I was getting drinks for me and the boys, and my eyes landed on her when I turned around.
It was crowded, but I noticed her right away. The setting sun was slowly sinking into the sea, dying its waters yellow, and the sky...
The sky was pink. It was magnificent and beautiful. Everyone at the beach was gasping in awe or taking pictures, but not me.
I just kept looking at her.
<Background 1>
Orchid Siesta... What is Siesta like? Maybe I should give Ceylon a call.
Hello, Ceylon? Sorry for calling you at this hour.
So, I remember you're from Siesta.
No, nothing happened. I just wanted to ask if you had any pictures or videos of the Siestan seascape that I could use as a reference.
Okay, thank you. I'll come pick it up tomorrow.
<Background 2>
Girl *Cough*, someone had just thrown beer in my face... I turned around and found a giddy boy giggling at me. I could only smile back awkwardly. Then... *cough*... what happened next was really weird.
He came up to me and asked if I wanted to see some hydrangeas.
*Cough*... I've had guys hit on me with worse pick-up lines, and he was stammering all the way...
Hnn–But I took him up on it.
We visited the most beautiful garden I'd ever seen. There were these small balls of flowers packed together. All of which he cared for himself... *cough*.
Up until then, I had never seen so many colorful hydrangeas.
<Background 4>
Orchid Sorry, Lena, but would it be okay if I come pick some hydrangeas at your greenhouse this weekend?
Perfumer Sorry, Orchid, but I'm running low on hydrangeas this month, and I need them for my perfumes... Mind if I ask what you need them for?
Orchid Do you know about Penny at the ICU?
She and her fiancé are getting married in her room this weekend. You know what bad shape she's in. There's only so much we can do with the venue, but I want to try to decorate it as best I can.
Perfumer Oh, that girl? It's true, things aren't looking very bright for her. She might... Never mind. Can you come fetch them tomorrow?
Orchid Of course. Will eight o'clock in the evening do?
Perfumer Of course. You should take care of yourself too and get some rest. You don't seem very well lately.
Orchid You're right... design work is exhausting... Anyway, thank you, Lena.
<Background 2>
Boy She told you about the hydrangeas, right? She probably told you about the scissors, too.
A lot of people think my hobbies, gardening and papercutting, are a little... how should I say this... unmanly, right.
But Penny doesn't think so. She actually likes them. Sometimes we sit in the garden together for a whole day just cutting a single piece of paper into different shapes.
She's very good at it. Not so clumsy like me.
<Background 5>
Bibeak Sorry, Orchid. I caught a cold a couple days ago. If it wasn't for that, I would've helped you out.
Here are the laces you asked for. I got them from back home. They're all handmade and easy on the skin. Not too prickly.
Orchid They feel very different to the touch. Thanks.
Oh, right, I have a question I want to ask you. Let's say I wanted to add some elements of papercutting to the design. How would you trim the dress?
Bibeak Do you have a design drawing? Let me see...
Orchid Here you go. Thanks for your help.
<Background 2>
Girl *Cough*... Jerry sold the house to pay for my treatment...
I wonder... how the garden is doing... *cough*. Without anyone taking care of the flowers, they probably all withered.
The days we spent cutting paper together... were quiet and carefree. Too bad... those days are behind us...
Back then... we would even play games... *cough*...
*Cough*... Jerry didn't know how to play very well, so I helped him...
What a dummy I was... *cough*... Who'll play with him now...?
(Why did I accept his proposal...?)
<Background 1>
Orchid The hydrangea patch on the chest... there we go. Sew it on... perfect.
The dip dyed skirt... Hm... is this too light of a shade? Let me take a look from a little farther away.
No, this is just the right shade of blue.
Man, this skirt looks just like a hollowed-out papercutting. Bibeak's a genius.
Okay, darling... I'm quite fond of you.
I hope Penny will like you, too.
<Background 2>
[Orchid is wearing the dress on the young woman.]
Orchid Right now, slowly...
Girl Thank you, Orchid.
Orchid Phew... Okay. It's a good thing I made it with buttons up front instead of fastening in the back.
Girl It's beautiful... Thank you. Just looking at it... it brings back so many memories.
(Fondles the dress feebly)
I love it... Thank you, Orchid. You seem... exhausted.
Thank you... so much.
Orchid Don't mention it. After you try it on today, I'll bring it back and work on the collar with some laces. It'll be finished soon.
Tomorrow, you'll wear it and marry Jerry.
Girl That's great... but I'm sorry. I can't... I can't wear it.
Orchid Don't be silly. This dress was made for you and for that moment.
Tomorrow, with everyone's blessings, Jerry and you will become husband and wife while you wear this dress.
You'll have a champagne tower, a balloon arch, and cookies all day long. When everyone walks past you tomorrow, they'll gasp in admiration: Oh, what a beautiful bride.
Girl I'm sorry, Orchid...
Right from the start, I never expected you to finish it... I thought that... I wouldn't have to turn him down again if you didn't finish.
I turned him down... so many times. I couldn't bring myself to do it again.
What you said is so beautiful... If only we could bring everything to a stop then... but I... I can't be so selfish.
I... I'm very thankful for your work, but please... please don't finish this dress. I can't marry him... I can't.
Orchid I know how you feel. All brides feel like this before a wedding.
But you can't back down in the face of those emotions. You two love each other deeply, don't you?
Girl This isn't backing down...
Orchid... I love papercutting... but... I don't like making the final snip.
If I mess it up... It can't be fixed. If I can't bear the responsibility... then I should set the scissors down... and stop.
Orchid (Holds the girl's hands) Penny... You're wrong. You want to see it finished, don't you? If you quit now, it will never be finished.
Girl It won't be finished, but there will still be a future. Whether it's good or bad... I don't know, but it's enough. There's still time. He can still find someone else.
Orchid Jerry will regret this the rest of his life. All because you're giving up now, Penny.
Girl Right, it'll really weigh on him... but he won't be bound by our vows. He'll get better in the end... I hope he will.
Orchid Have you made up your mind?
Girl Yes. Please help me. I... I can't bring myself to turn him down myself... and see him that sad.
Orchid Alright, Penny.
<Background 1>
Orchid ......
Darling, I have some bad news. Penny never wanted to see you finished.
Does she like you? Yes, she does. Does she want you, though? No, she doesn't.
Looks like I've wasted a lot of energy on something that I should never have gotten myself mixed up in.
I could finish you and keep you... and no one would know...
But what point is there in doing that?
(Picks up the pair of scissors on the desk)
That's why... I'm sorry, my darling.
Under the moonlight, a cold ray of light is reflected on the pair of scissors held high. Just like a cruel, merciless bolt from the blue, it tears the beautiful wedding dress on the hanger asunder, splitting it into two halves.
Orchid I can't finish you.
<Background 6>
Two weeks later...
[An R.I. HR operator serves Orchid a glass of whiskey.]
Human Resources Operator No, how could you cut it up?!
Orchid I've already done it. Another glass of whisky, Joe? Thanks.
I really regretted doing this, especially when Jerry found out the next day that I didn't finish the dress.
Human Resources Operator Was he mad about it?
Orchid I wish he was, but he wasn't.
Human Resources Operator Did he say anything?
Orchid Not a thing. All he did was nod and leave.
Human Resources Operator Well, that sounds terrible.
Orchid You know what made it worse? Penny passed away on the day the wedding was supposed to be held. I didn't go to her funeral, because I didn't know if I could stand to look Jerry in the eye.
Human Resources Operator But that was over two weeks ago. Why are you here drowning your sorrows now?
Orchid Because Jerry paid me a visit this morning.
Human Resources Operator What did he say?
Orchid That he's leaving.
Before he left, he gave me a pair of scissors. He said it was a present Penny once gave him. He wanted to give them to me at the funeral, but I didn't show, and I'd been avoiding him since, so...
Human Resources Operator He had no choice but to drop in on you.
Orchid Sure enough. Hmm, this glass is all gone too. Get me another?
Human Resources Operator I think you're drinking a little too much.
Orchid You know how well I hold my liquor.
When we said our goodbyes, I tried to comfort the boy and tell him to get back on his feet. It's what Penny would've wanted.
But he said to me...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 7>
Boy But, Orchid... When the sun sets on someone, it doesn't matter how many stars there are in the sky. They can't help him out of this long night.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 6>
Orchid That filled me with regret. I shouldn't have cut the dress up. I should've pushed Penny to go ahead with the wedding. Then maybe Jerry would've felt better.
Human Resources Operator But you didn't do that.
Orchid Because I wanted to run away, again, and Penny gave me a good excuse to do it.
The truth is, every moment I spent with Penny tormented me. I never felt so clearly just how life slips away from somebody, bit by bit.
(Trembling) It scares me... I tried to hold it in and to act normal in front of people.
But I can't help but wonder when I'm alone: What if that was me in the bed?
I have Oripathy, too!
Human Resources Operator (Holds Orchid's hand)
Orchid So, once again, I crumbled. Once again, I ran away. Once again, I didn't see things through.
Human Resources Operator Another glass for you, Orchid?
Orchid Thanks.
To Jerry and Penny, to dreams and failure, to that stinking old bastard Boyd...
To life and death.
(Finishes in a single gulp)