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Lava attempts to manage her attitude towards Hibiscus, but fails in the end. Provoked by Cuora, she looks to apologize to her sister, but is beaten to the punch by a letter from Hibiscus.
<Background 1>
11:10 A.M. \ Clear
Rhodes Island Landship, Cabin No. 2, Operator Living Area
Lava Breathe in–
–Breathe out.
Empty your mind. Purge your thoughts.
Alright. No problems.
Heart rate unaccelerated, emotions holding steady. You're alright, Lava. You can do this!
This is the one! You're gonna talk to Hibiscus without getting pissed at her!
Hibiscus Oh, Lava~! You're just in time!
[Hibiscus rushes into Lava's side.]
Hibiscus I've prepared you a healthy meal for today too, so make sure you eat it!
Lava What? For hell's sakes, who'd want to eat your "healthy meals" day in day out?!
(No, no, Lava. Don't talk to her like this.)
(Patience. Bring out your will of a master fortune-teller, and control yourself...)
(Steady heart. Steady heart.)
Uh, no, I mean...
With every day being healthy meals, I'm a little tired... I'm not saying I'm fed up with you! Don't overthink it!
Hibiscus Haha, what's all that rubbish for? Of course I know you wouldn't be fed up with your sister~
Come on, this is today's lunch. Make sure you don't leave a single scrap!
It's been getting cold lately. Balanced nutrition is the number one defense against getting ill, don't you know?
Lava ......
Hibiscus Hmm? What's wrong?
Lava I've told... I'm TELLING you...
Forget this fff... flavor for a moment. You know the thing I hate eating most is tomatoes, right?
Hibiscus Uh-huh. Why wouldn't I know?
Lava So why...
–Why would you go and stuff all this boiled tomato into MY lunch!?
Hibiscus Aw, don't get worked up. It's because tomatoes are very nutritious, of course~
And don't think I didn't know! Don't you always sneak any food you don't like onto Kroos's plate?
And not just that, you've only been eating meat recently, without a single vegetable in sight, haven't you?
You can't be like that, you can't be picky! "Bad kids" like you who don't listen are in need of a little stricter punishment!
I'll be watching you to make sure you eat every last bite today!
Lava ......
(Deep breath)
Don't get angry don't get angry don't get angry.
Don't get... aaaarrrghh fffor gods' sakes I can't do it I can't take this!
Can you stop being like this ever! Don't treat me! Like! A child–!
<Background 2>
[Lava walks into the R.I. cafeteria after refusing to eat Hibiscus' so-called "healthy meal".]
Lava Ugh...
And it all ends up like this once again.
I didn't want to argue with her, but she's just too annoying, isn't she? Who forces people to eat what they hate like that? Urp... I still feel like I want to throw up a little.
Whatever. It's my fault in the end for not controlling my temper...
[Cuora approaches Lava.]
Cuora What what what? Who's bullying you?
Tell me quick, I'll beat them up! Just watch me pummel any rotten bully into next week! Just liiiiiiike– this!
Lava Waagh!
[Lava stops Cuora from swinging her baseball bat around.]
Lava Stop swinging your bat around in here! That's dangerous as hell!
Hold on, didn't the Doctor say hitting people with your bat was forbidden on the ship? Wasn't writing a whole letter enough to learn anything?
Cuora Oh, right! Awgh... I hate writing self reflection letters! I don't wanna write any more!
Oh well, that's okay, I can do it without using my bat. Look, I can smash my backpack into any baddies! My backpack's really useful! Amiya and the bosses said I was really cool and strong!
So don't worry, Lava, it's my turn to make the baddies learn!
Lava I don't worry about... look, just pause, calm down for now. Mind you don't get dragged in for another lecture.
And nobody's bullying me.
Cuora Really?
Lava Really.
Cuora (Staring)
You're lying!
Lava Wha?
Cuora If nobody's bullying you, then why do you look like you're having a really sad time, Lava?
Lava Sad? Do... do I?
No way, you're seeing me wrong! I don't–
Cuora Of course you do! I don't see things wrong!
Your eyebrows are all crumpled like that one time you were playing piano and the lid smashed into your hands! You look like you're really hurt!
Lava ......
You're blowing this out of proportion!
Cuora Am I right or not!
Lava Ugh.
Fine, okay, you're right. But it's not anything that serious. *sigh* I just had an argument with that stupid Hibiscus, nothing unusual...
Cuora Oh, is it a Hibiscus thing again?
Awwww. If it's a Hibiscus thing, then I can't help you out...
Lava Why not?
Cuora Because Hibiscus isn't a baddie, right? She was really nice and gentle last time she examined me, and she gave me a little cake too! It was super tasty!
Lava Hmph. That's just like her, playing nice.
What's so amazing about cakes? It's not like I can't make them...
And with HER abilities, baking something that counts as edible these days? Do you have any idea how many times she had to fail before that?
And she couldn't throw away anything she'd ruined, and she forced me to clean up her awful messes for her.
Cuora Um... um? I don't get it!
Does that mean you got a lot of cakes to eat?
Lava As if it'd mean that!
Ugh... forget it. I don't know what I'm doing telling you this.
Basically, if you actually had a brother or sister or whatever, you'd understand what kinds of maddening creatures big sisters are! Especially the oppressive, dictatorial ones like Hibiscus...
Cuora ......
Lava ......
Cuora ......
Lava Hey. What's the silence for?
Cuora Um. How do I put this?
Lava Huh?
Cuora I think, it's really nice!
Lava Huh? What part of that's nice?!
Cuora It's really nice, the idea of having a sibling... I really wanna experience it.
I could ask the Doctor to be my brother or sister or something, but, it wouldn't be like it is between you and Hibiscus, right?
Lava Uh, that'd be, I guess... not the same?
Cuora Knew it...
Then, Lava.
Lava What.
Cuora I thought of a good idea– you just gotta make Hibiscus be my older sister!
Lava Pfff–!!
*cough*, *cough* *cough* *cough*... Wh– What kind of insane idea is that?!
Cuora I'm not being insane, I'm saying it very seriously!
Lava Do you understand that, like, sisters... familial sisters are blood-related? They– Even if you wanted to, they're not something you can just give up to other people!
Cuora Whaaa– what does that matter? I don't care if there's no blood or whatever, right?
Lava You still can't!
Cuora Can't I really? Pleaaaase–
You're always saying Hibiscus is your sworn nemesis, and she's the incarnation of evil thingies, right? So if you don't want your big sister, you can just let me have her!
Lava That– I...
No. In one word, no!
Cuora Why not?
Lava There isn't a why not! No just means no!
Cuora Spoilsport!
Lava Say whatever you want!
Cuora I don't get it. Whyyy...? Okay...
[Cuora stops nagging at Lava.]
Cuora But for super real, then, why are you always fighting with Hibiscus, then?
I heard from Fang that when you just joined the squad, and you first saw Hibiscus, you almost said you were gonna quit right there. Is that true?
Lava What's Fang doing telling you all that...
Cuora So it's real?
Lava It's real.
Cuora Oh... but that's really weird, 'cause why didn't you know Hibiscus was gonna be in your squad too? Um, didn't you come to Rhodes Island together?
Lava What are you asking for? Where'd all this curiosity of yours come from?
Cuora Tell me, tell me!
Lava Don't– Don't shake me... Fine, fine, if I tell you you'll be happy, right? This is doing my head in, but there's not even much to hide anyway.
Hibiscus and I did leave home together at first. However, midway, something unexpected occurred...
As in– *ahem*– I had an argument with her halfway along, so we split up.
Cuora That's not unexpected at all!
Lava Shut up! I know it's not cool at all either!
It was an argument about– uh– I can't remember what it was, forget it... essentially, after we argued I was pissed beyond belief, and ran off to vent some steam, and ended up going a little too far without realizing...
I wasn't too good with telling apart wasteland geography, and I went off any sort of signed road while I was still fuming, so I... just...
Cuora Wait, no way? You ran too far away and got lost just like that? Alone in the wasteland?
Lava More or less. Luckily I came across a caravan afterwards, and they took me up close to Leithanien.
Cuora ......
Lava, you...
You're a huge little dummy–!
Lava Huh?!
Cuora You're a dummy! You're a huge little dummy! How can anyone get so lost they go from Victoria to Leithania? Ahahahaha–
Lava You're the literal last person I want to hear this from!!
But my fortune telling didn't miss. It was my fated encounter!
If I hadn't followed the caravan for Leithania, I would've never met my teacher, and if he never taught me music, then I'd definitely be having a hard time learning Originium Arts now!
Cuora Oh, that's true. You learn Originium Arts really good and fast too...
The instructors and Pith all say you're great. And the elite operator sir I saw last mission, with the stiff face and the eyes like this, and the weirdly nice voice, he said so too!
Actually, you've been going to the training grounds every day. Is that because you're learning from that operator guy?
Lava Tch. I'd like to be, but when would something that good ever happen?
How would someone as important as Master Logos ever have the time to teach me specifically? Just the couple of words he gave last time are already amazing enough...
And what was with your description of him just now?
Cuora Huh?
Lava Don't cock your head and play dumb! He's a master, a cool and strong and eye-catching graceful mysterious composed master! You need to have a little more respect towards him!
Cuora Wow... I got it, I got it~
You really worship that elite operator sir guy, huh...
[Lava rebukes Cuora.]
Lava It's not worship, it's respect! Respect for the strong!
Hmph. There'll be a day when I become just as strong as him!
Cuora Uh, huuuh...
(But the look on Lava's face is totally like when all the nice people out at that logistics office last time saw Sora singing...)
(Ohh, now I get it! So this is what respect is!)
But, you know, I still feel really sorry.
Lava Sorry for what?
Cuora Umm... I was thinking, see, if Hibiscus became my big sister, then you'd start calling me a big sister too.
Lava You can dream on! Like hell I would!
And obviously me and Hibiscus are the exact same age! Why's she the big sister and I'm the little one?
Let me make it clear, I'm literally taller than the both of you!
Cuora It's nothing to do with height. Hibiscus is really caring of me, so she's a big sister to me. But I always feel like you're younger than me.
Lava I can't make heads or tails of what you're saying... You mean I don't care for you?!
Cuora Awwwwaawa stop puwwing on my face–
Lava Hmph. Someone should've taught you this sooner or later.
Remember! Never judge a book by its cover, and especially not when you're in front of a Sarkaz! For a Sarkaz, age and appearance are two separate matters!
Cuora Oh! Are you actually like the kind of old lady that looks young instead? Just like Dr. Warfarin?
Lava Not quite.
Cuora You aren't?
Lava Whatever. I shouldn't be talking to you about this.
Actually, don't tell Dr. Warfarin what you just said under any circumstances either. You will 100% be killed.
Let's leave it at that. I still have some things to do, so I'll be heading off.
Cuora Ah! Where are you gonna go play, Lava? I wanna come with–
Lava You– are– not! I'm not off to play, and don't you follow me!
I'm going to deal with a few matters...
[Lava leaves the cafeteria.]
<Background 3>
[Lava returns to her and Hibiscus' room.]
Lava No-one's in.
Weird. How late is it? Hibiscus should've come back at this time already...
(Honestly. It's all that Cuora's fault with all the weird stuff she spouted.)
("Let me have your sister." In what universe? She's not a commodity. How would anyone ever...)
(Spoilsport, my ass. If we really could switch and she'd stop being my sister, I'd thank every star in the whole goddamn sky! It's not like I have any choice when it comes to sibling stuff...)
(...For– Forget it.)
(I shouldn't have lost my temper over today. Being wrong is being wrong. Nothing I can't recognize there.)
(When Hibiscus gets back, I'll apologize to her–)
What is this... Cake– and... a letter?
To Lava: Your sister's looking after patients in the Medical Department tonight and probably can't make it back, so don't wait for me in the evening! I heard from Instructor Dobermann that you've been really hardworking lately, always paying special attention to practicing your Originium Arts, right? A couple of Caster operators including Pith and that Logos were all complimenting you, saying you've got a natural gift, and you learn extraordinarily well! As your big sister, seeing you so outstanding makes me feel very, truly happy. The only thing is, your sister's a doctor, and from a doctor's perspective, things can also make me worry.
Recently, you've been waking up very early every morning to practice, right? When you stay in the training rooms all morning, sometimes you even forget to eat breakfast, and you rush through your lunch and dinner, your diet is imbalanced. And both as a doctor and your big sister, it's very hard not to feel uneasy about it. Frequent casting of Originium Arts is going to have some effect or other on our conditions, and if we're not careful, the risk will balloon. I know a lot of effort is a good thing, but you need to take care, too. You can't ever neglect your body's health.
What happened at lunch today was your sister's fault. I shouldn't have acted so obstinate while knowing full well you don't like tomatoes. I'm really sorry, Lava. Recently, you've actually been trying to get along with me better, right? That makes me very happy. So, I'll reflect properly on myself too, and strive not to make you upset next time! The cake on the table is a gift of apology. If you can forgive your big sister, go on and give it a taste. I've been secretly practicing for a while by myself, and baked this one specially for you. I'm sure it'll be something you like!
Your loving sister: Hibiscus
Lava What is she– writing something so– so sympathetic for? Doesn't she get embarrassed?!
She really is an evil one... just too evil...
She even apologized first before I could. That's not cool at all...
(Takes a big bite of the cake)
Blugh. She put something weird inside it yet again.
And she said she was sure I'd like it... hmph. It's not even sweet enough. Disqualified.
And wouldn't she forget to eat, spending all night busy at Medical? And she tells me I don't take care of my health. She's exactly the same.
Fine, then. In exchange for the cake, I'll need to force myself to go give her something to eat...
Heh. You really are hopeless without me, aren't you, you huge dummy sister.

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