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Operator Record
One Packed Daily Schedule
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Every day's non-stop, round the clock. There's bad times, there's good times.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Mayer to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Mayer.
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RI Corridor
Throughout her usual work cycle, Mayer encounters all kinds of operators dropping in and "interrupting her work."
Rhodes Island Landship
"Lutra Workshop"
<Background 1>
Mayer Ooh, looks like it's about time. Gotta get to work now.
Lemme see the schedule for today.
Mmyeah, works for me.
Let's get around to Maggy's "Improvement proposals for Drone Dragonfly operation" and polish off my submissions for today. Get around to the rest later. Then I just gotta wait for her.
Doing maintenance on Saria's armor? Main thing should be giving it a new coat of paint... crap, did I not order paint?!
Arghh–we're good, we're good. Didn't use it up last time.
Main focus for today'll be that.
If I get the time, I'll send some orders for a couple new parts. Then I can give all my frontline Meeboos some real maintenance.
Mm-hm. Today's lineup, sorted.
Let's kick it off!
<Background fades out and in>
??? Mayer!
Mayer, open the door!
It's urgent!
Mayer Not too happy about Saria's suit here...
Wonder why it can't charge up properly.
Weird. C'mon, where's the problem, officer?
??? Mayer! I know you're in there!
I hear you talking!
Mayer Rooound here?
Ah-hah~ Gotcha.
Prime suspect found. We're on Easy Street now.
??? Don't make me do it!
Mayer Just need to restore a failed node, and the whole suit should be back up and working again.
Uh-huh. Optimize charge circuits first. Paint over next. You'll be back to regular service in no time.
D'you want some extra features while I'm at it? Hmm.
[A vampire Sarkaz barges into Mayer's workshop.]
??? Ugh. I don't know if Kal'tsit's gonna chew me out for abusing privileges...
Who cares. Your fault for acting deaf, Mayer.
Mayer Settled.
Check over your nodes one more time. Gonna be a pain once the paint gets all in you.
[The vampire approaches Mayer, who are immersed in her work.]
??? Working with earphones in? Aren't you worried someone's gonna spook you?
(Claps Mayer's shoulder)
Mayer (Opens mouth and bites)
??? Waaagghahagh!!!
Ow, ow!
Let go of me, damnit, let go of me!!
I'm a BAD meal!
<Background fades out and in>
??? You really blew it, Mayer. I had something good for you, and you wouldn't even open the door for me. Plus, you bit me...
Mayer Sorry, Closure. But, like, you know I bite when someone interrupts my work.
Closure Owwieeee.
Mayer Fine, I'll let you bite me too, then. Fair's fair?
Closure You're applying anti-Originium paint to a suit right now, I see?
Mayer Sure am.
Closure Pass, then. I bite you here and one moment later I'll be in Medical. Not worth it.
Mayer Eh, I guess you're not wrong.
Closure What's up?
Mayer The door's stuck open.
I specifically remember setting it up to automatically open and close. Pretty sure I also set it a moment ago to "do not disturb."
Did you just hack my door?
Closure Uhh–
No way~~ It was like that when I walked in.
Your door just wasn't locked.
Mayer Didn't I lock it?
Can you gimme a moment? I'll check the tapes.
Closure !
You put a camera up?!
Mayer I got a lotta sensitive Rhine material in here, y'know? It'd be bad news for all of us if I lost something.
Gotta take basic security measures.
Closure Nah, you should get back to work for now...
R– Remember your health and safety regs. This paint's, uh, pretty dangerous, yeah? Things could go wrong with you trying to multitask!
Mayer It's fine, I've got mechanical arms on it.
Hmm, which program was it again?
Closure Er, Mayer, don't you think this paint's gonna go volatile soon?
Mayer ?
That paint? It's fine, sheesh. It's inert.
You could dump it in boiling water and ionize it for three hours, freeze it, and it'd still be good to go the moment it thaws.
Is this the folder?
OK, monitor program, on.
Closure !
Mayer Time seek to–
Closure Mayer!
Let's make smart robots together!
Closure Mayer?
Mayer —!
Closure M–Mayer?
Mayer What did you just say?
Could–Could you repeat that?
Closure Make some smart robots with me?
Mayer Sure!
Closure Then let's work specifics somewh–
Mayer (Presses monitor feed transmission toggle)
Monitor Feed (Sound of door opening)
Ugh. I don't know if Kal'tsit's gonna chew me out for abusing privileges...
Who cares. Your fault for acting deaf, Mayer.
Mayer ......
Closure ......
Mayer Meeboos.
Get her ass.
[A number of meeboos appear and ganged up on Closure.]
Closure AaaaghhI'msorryit'smyfault don't sic the Meeboos on me ow ow ow ow waaaghhhhh!!!
<Background fades out and in>
Mayer Yeah, go on. What was it you wanted me for?
Closure Uwaaahh...
I wanted you to help me with an explosive-type thingy...
Underlying machine's a Raythean Challenger Hellcat high-performance operation platform...
Topside already has a custom-ordered full-thermal Arts impact generator...
But it's not working a hundred percent perfect, so I need your help...
Mayer Yeah, okay.
Just take a sniff of this first.
Closure Okaaaayhhh...
I know this!
(Takes a deep breath)
Mayer You better now?
Closure Hahhhh~~~~
Eheheheh. Thanks, Mayer.
Mayer We're not gonna get any business done with you bawling your eyes out.
Closure True that, heheh.
Mayer Still dunno why you love sniffing the refined lubricant I have in here...
Closure Well, 'cause it smells good, duh.
Mayer Guess Warfarin wasn't wrong. There's no blood in your veins, just machine oil.
Enough of that. Let's get real.
Closure Aye-aye.
Mayer You need me to refit the Raythean Challenger. Raise its attack power. Right?
Closure Also, self-defense, damage resist, and evac plans. After all, we're gonna put a smart little guy in there. Can't have it breaking after one use.
Mayer Then you came to the right person.
Now. My reward?
Closure Remember how there was a little hoard in the hangar? As long as you–
Mayer I'll take the job!
Closure Heheh. Let's get along, partner.
Mayer Gettin' along, gettin' along~
But, uh.
Closure What?
Mayer See the blackboard over there?
Closure Covered in sticky notes?
Mayer Yeah.
That's my schedule.
Even if as a rush job, your commission still lands bottom-right of the very last note.
Closure Uhh–
Any way I can jump the queue?
Mayer No, sirree.
Closure So in other words, two months.
Mayer Work fast, it'll be fifty days.
Closure Huh?
Do you really work that fast?!
Mayer Decently. Sometimes inspiration hits and the work's done.
Closure Er... I'll leave you to it, then...
Good luck with work!
Mayer Hold it!
Closure Huh?
Mayer You format the door for me first. I need to do its settings over.
Also, strip your sys-op authority off it.
Right now. Straight away. Giddy up.
Closure Uhh–
<Background fades out and in>
Two hours later...
Mayer Just the laaast bit–
[Someone knocks the door.]
Ding dong!
Magallan Mayer, it's me.
Did you change the password? Is that why the door's not opening?
Mayer And that should be about done.
Huh? Someone at the door again?
Magallan It's me!
Mayer Maggy! The door's broken! Push the button on the side and come in!
[Magallan opens the door and enters the workshop.]
Magallan Hi, you.
Mayer Heyo.
I'm still busy with something for Saria here. Can't lay out the carpet for you.
So, you need something from me?
Magallan I made a reservation.
Drone plans. Wondering how they're doing?
Mayer Huh... oh!
That. Already done.
Listed out some technical essentials, improvement proposals and required materials. Everything's in that file on the table there. You look through, and if it's all good, we can set up a new time to help you make some fitting parts.
If you've got issues with it, we'll have a meeting about it.
Magallan Rightie. Thanks, Mayer.
Which file on which table is it?
Mayer That one, that one.
Magallan Your mechanical arms are pointing at at least four different tables. How should I know which one?
Mayer Ahhh don't pull me! I'm still painting here!
Magallan You can leave paint and keep painting later. Help me find the files first, okay?
Mayer I get it.
Magallan Mm-hm. Thankies~
Mayer Mmn–it's this one.
Magallan Oh...
These are your expensed items for last month.
Mayer Oh, sorry. I meant this one.
Magallan Mmm...
Yep, that's it!
Thank you, Mayer!
Mayer Ain't no thang. Just what I oughta do.
Magallan Then I'll be heading out now. Bye-bye.
I almost forgot the most important part!
Can I ask you what the time is right now?
Mayer Noon, right?
Magallan Afternoon already!
Mayer, have you eaten yet?
Mayer Huh? You mean me? I eat an energy bar and I'm fine.
Magallan That's no good!
Here, take this!
Mayer This is?
Magallan I bought it at the cafeteria. They had the freshwater stuff you love today.
I wanted you to come eat with me, but then I lost track of time myself...
So after I finished eating, I got a portion bagged up to bring over.
Mayer Ooh, thanks.
Magallan Make sure you eat it.
Mayer Mm-hm, I will.
Magallan ......
Mayer Anything else?
Magallan Is this Saria's Charged Suit?
Mayer That it is.
Magallan How much longer will you be working?
Mayer An hour or two-ish.
Magallan Well, that's no good. Let me help you out there.
Mayer It's fine, I can do it.
Magallan Either you let me help you, or I feed you your meal. Pick one.
Mayer Ugh...
Alright fine I get it! Give me a hand.
Magallan Hehe~
Then let's get to work~
<Background fades out and in>
Mayer Phew. We're done.
Magallan Good work.
Mayer C'mere and wash your hands.
Magallan Alright–
Mayer *Sigh*... It's only times like these I miss all of Rhine's self-cleaning facilities.
Magallan So why don't you go back?
Mayer If I went back, they'd set me up with a mountain of annoying work, and I'd have no time to improve my Meeboos.
And, like, I had to deal with interpersonal stuff there too.
Magallan Like you don't have to here?
Mayer You're always out on fieldwork. You don't know all the politics and warring between sections.
Over there, right? You'd make a new friend one day, turn around, and bam, someone tells you "they're from the blah-blah section, best you stay away from them."
And what's worse is even if you're in the same section, sometimes your bosses are competing and you're all trying to drag each other down.
That's stuff I'm, like, just not good at dealing with.
So I ended up scarpering here.
Magallan I see...
Sorry, I shouldn't have asked you about...
Mayer It's okay...
Alright, let's eat.
Magallan Then I should be on my way.
Meeboos, can I ask you to keep an eye on her? Otherwise she'll go straight back to work the moment I'm gone.
Mayer My Meeboos don't have voice modules. They won't answer you.
Magallan I still have to nag you.
Okay then. This time I'm really off. Bye-bye.
Mayer Bye bye.
[Magallan leaves the workshop.]
Mayer Hmm, maybe I should put those part orders through before I eat–
Whuah! What the hell are you doing, Meeboos?!
Mayer It's just a little bit of work. I'm not gonna forget to eat.
Mayer Ugh...
Fine, I get it, I'm eating, I'm eating now!
<Background fades out and in>
Mayer Phew, I'm stuffed. Alright, work!
Mmm, order parts first or fix some Meeboos first?
Mayer Meeboos win out, yeah. Meeboos are more important.
Mayer Lemme see–
Touch up paint, inspect wiring, update data, replenish energy.
That's what Meeboo maintenance is made of...
Still four more on mission duty, and my five reserve ones need servicing too.
What time is it, again?
Looks like I can get 'em done today.
Probably. Probably can.
As long as nobody else–
[Someone knocks the door.]
??? Mayer! Open up!! Work needs you!
Mayer ———
Oh, c'mon, for fffff~!~#!...
*Huff*, *huff*.
Stay cool.
In– out, in– out.
[An R.I. operator enters the workshop.]
??? Whoa, so you're in.
What's got you all smiles and rainbows?
Mayer You come here. I'll tell you.
??? Sure–
Mayer See? This is a Meeboo.
??? I know.
Mayer Stick your hand out. It's got something good for you.
??? Huh, don't hear that every day. Wonder what it is?
Mayer Meeboo, get his ass.
Meeboos —!
??? Aaaaarggh-don't-bite-me-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!!!
<Background fades out and in>
Late night
[Mayer finished all her work for the day.]
Mayer Ahhh– finally.
All done!
Everything I planned this morning is all done!
Mayer Ahh– that doesn't count. I made the executive decision just now to move ordering parts to tomorrow.
Mayer Lemme see what I gotta do tomorrow.
Go to the Procurement Department and order parts.
Need to install test equipment for Medical.
Oh, gotta debug my workbench again.
That should settle tomorrow's lineup.
Time is... 11:36.
Mm, yeah, I should crash.
Eat a bowl of instant noodles and then sleep.
See you tomorrow, Meeboos.
[The meeboos, seemingly annoyed on Mayer, attacks her, knocking her down.]
<Background black>
Mayer Agh– ow, ow!

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