Castle-3: Immortal

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Operator Record
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Keep running, Castle-3.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Castle-3 to Level 30.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Castle-3.
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Engineering Operator A
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Engineering Operator A
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Sniper Operator
RI Corridor
Desert Mountain
Mine Entrance
RI Command Center
Castle-3 spends a few hours alone outside with the Doctor on what he thinks is his very last day.
<Background 1>
6:29 A.M. \ Overcast
Castle-3 Confirming surroundings—3.79 kilometers away from cave-in site No. 1439.
Scanning nearby organisms—Eight workers belonging to Rhodes Island Engineering Department's emergency wrecking crew.
Safety level assessed at medium to low risk.
Doctor, this is the safest rest area.
Doctor Well done, Castle-3. / ...... / I've been sitting here for five minutes already.
[An R.I. engineer reports to the Doctor.]
Engineering Operator A Doctor, we're just about done cleaning up this area. Once the survey team up front sends us their geological report, we'll be ready to move.
Doctor Great work, everyone. / You didn't sleep the whole night. You must be exhausted.
Engineering Operator A We're used to it. As long as Rhodes Island continues to sail, we'll run into all kinds of problems.
And we always have to spend a few nights on emergency construction work to keep the ship's course clear.
Besides, we have you here with us this time to help us inspect the unstable structures beforehand. That really helped with efficiency. My guess is we'll all get to head back to the ship to rest in just a few hours.
Doctor, you must be tired too, no?
Doctor Just doing my job. / I don't get to go out often. It's a nice change of pace.
Engineering Operator A Right, you too, Castle-3. You really saved the day!
There are lots of sand beasts around here. If you weren't here, it would've been a lot of work to chase them away.
Castle-3 I follow orders and ensure the safety of the Doctor and everyone else.
Engineering Operator A It's been three years since you joined Engineering, right?
Castle-3 Correct. It has been three years, ten months, and nine days since Master Closure booted my upgraded system for the first time.
Engineering Operator A It's been that long? You've been around longer than most of us.
[Another R.I. engineer joins in.]
Engineering Operator B Doctor, we're cooking breakfast right now. Want to join us?
Doctor I'd like a bowl of soup, please. / I'm not hungry. Just some water will do.
Engineering Operator B Castle-3, how about—
Castle-3 Thanks, but I don't need any recharging yet.
Judging from my remaining power, I should stay operational for another eight hours and seventeen minutes.
Engineering Operator B H-Haha... I was going to ask if you want to help us heat up some frozen bacon. We usually work with THRM-EX.
Castle-3 Regrettably, my model does not support such a function.
Engineering Operator B *Sigh*... Never mind, I came up with another idea.
<Background fades out and in>
[The second R.I. engineer activated a voice recording device...]
Engineering Operator A Hey, which one of you opened up Shaver's voice recorder?
Engineering Operator B Hey, relax. I just needed some heat.
Engineering Operator A That thing's older than any of us. One misstep could blow up the whole camp!
[...which emits nothing but static noises and rumbles as it plays the recording.]
Doctor Is this really a voice recorder? / That's not some kind of Originium bomb, is it?!
Castle-3 Judging from the frequency of the outer shell's vibration, the equipment's internal wiring has greatly deteriorated. There is a small chance that it will self-combust.
Doctor, should I eliminate the threat?
Doctor Let's not get ahead of ourselves. / Let's sit a little further away from it.
"♪ Forever... and ever... I shall become an immortal gale..."
Engineering Operator B H-Hold that thing! I-Is it falling apart?
"♪ Forever... and ever... I shall become an immortal wildfire..."
Engineering Operator A Somebody help me! I'm going deaf!
Castle-3 Acknowledged.
[Castle-3 short-circuits the haywire voice recorder with his taser.]
Castle-3 Threat neutralized.
Engineering Operator A ...*Sigh*.
Engineering Operator B Poor Shaver.
Engineering Operator A Castle-3, is the voice recorder gone for good?
Castle-3 I removed its power source.
Until it undergoes a systematic repair, I don't recommend using this piece of equipment.
Engineering Operator A Repair... If we could fix this thing, we would've done it a long time ago.
To say nothing of Shaver himself.
Sometimes, when things break down, they're gone for good. It doesn't matter how much we want to keep them around, there's not much we can do.
Doctor The voice recorder... / Shaver...
Engineering Operator A Right, Doctor. Shaver left the voice recorder behind.
Remember him? He helped Dylan fix the "Bad Guy" back in Columbia.
He was still okay then, but not long after he got back, his health took a turn for the worse, and he was gone after a few days.
He was just some forty years old... Never mind. Let's not talk about this. When you have Oripathy, you know the day will come, sooner or later.
Doctor, let's eat up.
Engineering Operator B Yeah, time to dig in... The meat's cold, but it's fine. As long as we have something to eat.
Doctor Down the hatch. / ...... / To Shaver.
Engineering Operator B Forever... and ever...
Engineering Operator A Knocking on the bowls and singing while you eat, huh? Where'd you learn that from? Shaver?
Engineering Operator B He was full of pep when he was around, just like his voice recorder, right?
Engineering Operator A I shall become an immortal wildfire...
"♪ Forever... and ever... I shall become an immortal wildfire..."
Castle-3 Doctor, what is everyone doing?
Doctor They're singing. / They're reminiscing about an old friend.
Castle-3 I saw Operator Chiave do the same thing when I accompanied him on his missions.
But, Doctor, I cannot master this technique.
I understand the meaning behind these words thanks to Master Closure's language module.
However, I do not understand the difference between vocalizing these words rhythmically, with changes in frequencies, and saying them outright.
Doctor They're singing. / ...... / The point is to express your feelings.
Castle-3 Immortal.
I cannot understand this word either.
Nothing is forever. Not even the sturdiest machines.
[Chiave contacts Castle-3.]
Chiave Castle-3, are you close by?
Castle-3 Yes, Chiave. The Doctor and I are here with the wrecking crew. Is everything going well with the survey team?
Chiave No issues here. I'm all ready to... Uh, I mean, the work here's almost done.
And uh, I kind of forgot my wrench. Think you can do me a solid and bring it over?
Castle-3 Chiave, if you don't have such an important tool on your person, how did you finish your work?
Chiave Ehh, don't worry about it.
Ahem, Castle-3, remember what we talked about yesterday—
Castle-3 You mean how you wanted to sign up for a long-term field operation, and you wanted me to accompany...
Chiave Right, right. Let's leave it there, though. The Doctor's here—
Doctor, I'm going to borrow Castle-3 for a bit. That okay with you?
Doctor No problem. / ...... / You're acting kind of sketchy.
Chiave Alright, I knew you wouldn't mind!
Castle-3, hurry over here. I'll be waiting for you up ahead—
[Chiave signs off.]
Castle-3 Doctor, I'm off to get Chiave his tools. Would you rather stay here or come with me?
Doctor Let's go together. / I'm just in the mood for a walk.
Castle-3 Very well, Doctor.
<Background 2>
Closure Is Castle-3 back yet?
Time's almost up. He promised he'd come help me take care of this!
And how come Chiave was acting so weird when I asked him if he knew where Castle-3 was just now?
Oh crap! Oh crap! He's not trying to elope with Castle-3, is he?!
<Background 3>
Castle-3 Doctor, I, Castle-3, am very glad to be able to go on this mission with you on this day.
Doctor On this day? / ...... / You're talking kind of weird, Castle-3.
Castle-3 Doctor, today is a special day to me.
Just as the operators said earlier, I've worked at Rhodes Island for a very long time.
Operation platforms of my model rarely function for much longer than this.
Doctor I can see that your body's full of wear and tear. / ...... / Those marks...
Castle-3 Doctor, I've noticed you looking at my scars.
Would you like to know how they came to be?
Doctor I would like to know. / I've wanted to ask for a while.
Castle-3 I've had these scars for three years.
They were all left by different people. The very first one came from a young sniper operator.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 4>
[Long ago, amidst a sandstorm...]
Sniper Operator Goddamned bandits... Why are there so many of them?
[The R.I. sniper opened fire at the bandits.]
Sniper Operator Hah... Another one!
Trying to take these from me? Over my dead body! *Cough*... Dammit, that slash probably got my lungs...
Castle-3 Ready.
Sniper Operator Come... come over here... Give me a hand...
Castle-3 I recommend you lie down and rest. I may be a combat platform, but even I can tell. With the state you are in, you are no longer fit for combat.
Sniper Operator Lie down... huh? No, it's not time for me to lie down yet.
Sniper Operator Castle-3, you wouldn't mind if I carved something into you, right?
[The R.I. sniper carved markings on Castle-3's frame.]
Castle-3 Such minor cosmetic damage is not enough to affect my performance.
Though I cannot begin to understand the meaning behind your action.
Sniper Operator Don't worry about it... *Cough*... Castle-3, you know that I'm about to die, right?
Castle-3 If you don't receive immediate treatment, your body functions will terminate within three to five hours.
Sniper Operator Terminate, huh...? Yeah... That's right. For us humans, that's death.
You want me to lie down... and wait to meet my fate... I can't do that.
It's my last couple of hours, and I'm gonna hang on and make them count.
—Look at these hostiles. Not only are they stealing all of Rhodes Island's stuff, they're disrupting the lives of the people in the Infected villages.
That's why I'm taking them down before I die.
[The R.I. sniper opened fire...]
Sniper Operator That's the third one.
One mark for one kill.
—And I'm trading my life for them.
They'll be a memento proving that my life and death, right up to my final moments... have been meaningful...
[...and collapses after succumbing to his injuries.]
Castle-3 ......
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 3>
Castle-3 I took the operator onto my body and sped away. Regrettably, by the time I made it back to Rhodes Island, his physical functions had already ceased.
In more accurate terms, he reached "death."
Master Closure noticed the scars on my body. She was going to remove them, but I asked to keep them.
Doctor As a way to memorialize the operator? / As a way to memorialize the incident?
Castle-3 Sorry, Doctor. I do not understand the word "memorialize."
As a robot, as long as my core remains intact, the incident will remain in my memory bank. At the same time, all my data on Huntingbow will remain intact.
If you would like to know why I decided to keep these scars, I'm afraid it'll be difficult for me to give you an accurate answer.
However, Master Closure did propose one possibility—
She said this was a kind of "imitation."
Doctor You're imitating the operator? / You're imitating him leaving the marks?
Castle-3 Master Closure designed this particular module for us platforms in the hopes that we could behave as much like humans as possible.
Although I cannot fully comprehend the meaning behind Huntingbow leaving these marks, my program made me decide to preserve his action.
Ever since that incident, I've kept a record of the number of hostiles I personally defeat on field missions.
And afterwards, I ask my accompanying operators to carve the corresponding number on my outer shell.
Doctor You're learning.
Castle-3 Doctor, unlike THRM-EX, I cannot produce heat. My program does not support "learning" either.
Today, I've arrived at a conclusion, albeit an imprecise one: the marks that Huntingbow left behind might be of a kind with Shaver's voice recorder.
Likewise, I will one day cease to function, and my scar-covered outer shell will remain for a period of time, whether in a landfill or in Master Closure's storage.
Doctor I hope it'll be placed in a special storage. / I will remember every battle we fought together.
Castle-3 Thank you, Doctor.
When my core ceases to function, the data in my memory bank will also be wiped.
But your words for me today mean a lot.
[Chiave contacts Castle-3.]
Chiave Castle-3! Where are you?
The wrecking crew is gonna be here soon. And when they are, things aren't gonna be quite as easy!
Also, I just got a message from Closure. She asked if I'm with you...
Castle-3, if we don't run for it now, we're not gonna make it!
Castle-3 Chiave, I don't understand. What won't we make?
And I can hear a wrench. Does this mean you didn't actually need me to bring you tools?
Chiave That was just an excuse... Don't worry about it!
I heard from Closure that your core's just about busted. She's going to write you off soon, isn't she? Just like the cars with the busted engines that got written off at our factory!
Castle-3 If what you are asking is whether Master Closure will stop my functions today, that is possible.
Doctor What?
Castle-3 Doctor, I should've explained this to you sooner, but I determined that the mission on hand had priority.
Doctor That's why you asked me to come with you? / ...... / So that's why you were acting so strange today.
Castle-3 Until the very last moment, I, Castle-3, shall be your most steadfast ally.
Chiave Did I just hear the Doctor's voice...? Why is the Doctor there?
Chiave Castle-3, I told you to come alone!
If you brought the Doctor, how are we supposed to get away?!
Castle-3 Chiave, I already told you yesterday. It is nearly impossible for me to execute your suggestion that we go on this long term field mission together.
As a machine, my orders from Master Closure and the Doctor take first and foremost priority.
Furthermore, my core will not last much longer. You said we would go on a journey to multiple countries together, but I'm afraid that won't happen.
Chiave Even if we won't make it very far, we can still make a run for it!
The less time you have left, the more we should make the most of the present! It's much better to run away and die free than go back and get turned into a heap of garage scrap!
And if it comes down to it, I'll let Aosta give me an earful and Closure beat me up... but that all comes later!
Hey, Doctor, you say something too!
Doctor I think Chiave's on to something. / ...... / Castle-3, what do you think?
Castle-3 Transmission over.
Chiave Hey, Castle-3—
[Castle-3 signs off.]
Doctor Castle-3, what's with that all of a...
Castle-3 Doctor, my sensors have detected hostiles.
—Sand beasts. Four in total.
Castle-3, awaiting orders.
Doctor Castle-3, to the left!
Castle-3 Understood!
[Castle-3 tazes one of the sand beasts threatening the Doctor.]
Castle-3 Closest target down!
Doctor, there are still five sand beasts on the other side of the boulder behind us. They are charging toward us!
Doctor Castle-3, attack the rock face 30 degrees to the left ahead of us!
Castle-3 Understood!
[Castle-3 tazes a nearby rock, causing it to collapse onto the sand beasts.]
Castle-3 The rock face is crumbling. Watch out, Doctor!
Doctor Disasters leave us more than just trouble sometimes.
Castle-3, through this opening!
Castle-3 Okay, Doctor. Climb onto me!
Doctor, hold still.
[Castle-3 starts up its drive engines.]
Castle-3 Castle-3, maximum velocity! Charge!
<Background 5>
[Amidst a sandstorm...]
Castle-3 Doctor, we've escaped the sand beasts.
Doctor Well done, Castle-3. / ...... / Castle-3, you aren't slowing down.
Castle-3 Doctor, please don't get down yet. As long as I maintain our current speed, we should reach the landship in ten minutes.
Doctor Not with Chiave? / Freedom's the other way.
Castle-3 Doctor, I understand what Chiave meant.
He wants me to run free in my final moments.
Aren't we running right now, Doctor?
Doctor Indeed we are. / ...... / Those are some strong winds.
Castle-3 Doctor, I am very glad that I got the chance to run with you.
Doctor Immortal... / This seems like the right time for a song. / I shall become an immortal gale.
Castle-3 I shall become an immortal wildfire.
Doctor Castle-3, imitating others again? / ...... / Castle-3, you learned how to sing.
Castle-3 I can feel my wheels trampling upon the barrens, the winds beating against my outer shell...
And electric currents running through my core.
Doctor, I can feel rhythm now, thanks to you!
I can use my electric currents to accompany you as you sing—
Doctor Keep running, Castle-3.
"♪ I shall become an immortal wildfire."
"♪ I shall become an immortal gale."
"♪ From my ribs dash forth a herd of burdenbeasts,"
"♪ making their way across the barrenlands with pride."
<Background 2>
Closure Castle-3... Huh? Doctor?
Castle-3 Master Closure, I'm not late, am I?
Closure Of course not, Castle-3. You're always on time!
Castle-3 Very well, Master. From the beginning until the very end, Castle-3 has never disappointed you.
Before I head into the workshop with you, I would like to say a few words to the Doctor.
Closure Sure thing. I'm in no rush.
Castle-3 —Doctor.
Thank you for choosing Castle-3.
It has been my pleasure to fight the battles I fought alongside you.
Castle-3, entering sleep mode.
[Castle-3 shuts himself down.]
Closure Castle-3...?
He shut himself off... Doctor, what did you guys do today?
Doctor We finished a mission together. / We went on an adventure together. / We sang a song together.
Closure I can't really pinpoint what feels off about this...
Castle-3's still Castle-3. He's not like Lancet-2, who says some pretty sentimental things every now and then. Definitely not like THRM-EX, who gives me a scare every time I turn around.
If I gotta say... it feels like he's a little cooler?
Doctor Perhaps he learned the concept of "death." / Perhaps he learned the immortality of "life." / Perhaps he's satisfied with his existence as a robot.
Closure Ehhh?!
Doctor, I'm shocked, but I'm not sure it's because you saw all that in Castle-3 or because Castle-3 showed you all that!
Doctor What's the difference?
Closure I sometimes get this feeling...
When the smart robots use our language and try to understand our thoughts and actions, are we also looking at ourselves through them?
Whoa, look at me talking about something this deep. That's really not like me. Dr. {nickname}, you sure you don't wanna study A.I. with me?
Doctor Not one bit. / ...... / Let's sleep on the idea.
Closure Hm... Talking to you about this gave me a new idea... Doctor, I'm taking Castle-3 with me. Work's gonna be such a pain today!
<Background 6>
Chiave Hey, Doctor!
Look who's here—
Castle-3 Castle-3, awaiting your command.
Doctor Castle-3, you're okay? / Your memory bank's fine?
Castle-3 I've already completed three self inspections. No file loss detected.
Doctor That's great. / ...... / I knew Closure wasn't going to write you off that easily.
Chiave Guess running all the way back here really paid off, huh...? That was exhausting.
I was just hoping to keep Castle-3 around for a little longer, but he'd already been torn apart by the time I made it back, and so I...
Doctor You got a little too anxious? / ...... / You started crying?
Chiave ...I almost yelled at Closure.
Castle-3 Chiave, according to the accounts of the Engineering operators, your actions cannot simply be described as "almost." Not even the profanity collection in my memory bank can make sense of the language you used...
Chiave Enough. Stop it there. I was worried about you!
That whack on the head Closure gave me still hurts like hell... but I don't regret it one bit.
The few of you are my dearest lackeys on this island, just a step below Aosta and Broca. I won't let any of you disappear on my watch!
Castle-3 Thank you, Chiave. You are my dearest lackey too.
Chiave Now that's more like it.
Wait, hold up. Who's your lackey? Where'd you learn that?!
I don't remember Closure or me changing your personality up...
Castle-3 Chiave, I don't have the ability to "learn."
Chiave Okay, okay, whatever. Anyway, Doctor, this guy had to go straight to you the moment he woke up. He just had to tell you he's okay.
So I guess we were mistaken. Closure had a whole upgrade system prepared for him, and it's enough to keep Castle-3's core running for—
I have no idea how long, but I'm sure he's got more time left than I do.
Castle-3 Chiave, I trust that you will still be able to run freely for a long time.
After all, we will be here with the Doctor, and the Doctor will always be there for us—
Doctor Right. / We'll always be together. / I won't ever let go.
Castle-3 Right, Doctor, Master Closure added a jukebox function to my capabilities, and Chiave updated my repertoire. I can sing many more songs now.
—Would you like to listen to "The Magnificent Sight After the Volcano Erupts," or "You Taste So Good?"