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Operator Record
Lost Companion
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To a child, nothing really beats the company of loved ones.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Gummy to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Gummy.
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Rhodes Island Operator
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Ursus Civilian
Calm Man
Warm Woman
Village House
Ursus Village
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RI Room
After being rescued by Rhodes Island, Lada returns to her home and inadvertently receives a gift from her parents working far away. As a result, Lada finds her determination to become an operator.
<Background 1>
[Gummy, then known as Lada, is packing up stuff...]
Lada Hair ties, a water cup, and a throw pillow...
Gotta bring all of these with me!
[...including a book...]
Lada And this book too. Anna's gonna be so happy! And this music player... Sonya can listen to her songs!
[...and noticed a photo.]
Lada Hm? What's this photo...?
t's... from the day I graduated elementary school. Mama and Papa came home early so the three of us could have this picture taken.
Papa, Mama...
[A Rhodes Island operative enters.]
Rhodes Island Operator Lada, are you ready yet?
Sorry, I'd like to let you stay a little longer, but we can't be in Ursus too long. Things will get pretty ugly if we're found out.
The transport team didn't give us much time, so we've got to hurry.
Lada Oh, sorry, I'll be out in a sec!
Packing up took a little longer than expected. This place has gotten a little messy, and there's a lot of stuff I can't find.
Rhodes Island Operator Damn them, those Reunion bastards... Look what they did when the city fell into chaos.
So, Lada, what are you planning to do next? Is there some other place you'd like to go?
Lada Um... I think I'm pretty much good!
After Granny passed away, I was living alone anyway, so it's fine. Just gotta pack up my stuff and go!
Rhodes Island Operator I see... It must've been hard living by yourself at your age.
Lada Ehehe, it's not that bad. I've already gotten used to it.
Granny taught me how to cook, and I cooked for her for years!
Rhodes Island Operator That's impressive. Compass's bunch once mentioned that a little girl who knew how to cook local specialties from our hometown had shown up, but didn't have a chance to try her cooking...
But, be honest with me, Lada. Are you sure you want to come with us?
Lada What's the matter? Why are you asking me such a serious question all of a sudden...?
Well, I've already made up my mind! I want to be with Sonya and the others!
Rhodes Island Operator Haha, I'm glad all of you still get along so well.
Though... that's not what I was trying to ask.
Look, even though the outside plates are being accommodated by other cities and the people can only stay in the asylum shelters for the time being, things are gradually returning to normal.
Sooner or later, Chernobog's going to get rebuilt too. In a little while, returning to live here might be a viable option.
Lada Hrmm....
To be honest... I'm not totally sure. Right now, I want to be with my friends, but as for what comes after that...
Mister Pointedneedle, if my friends decided to leave, I'm sure they already decided what they want to do. Both Anna and Sonya...
But me...? Where can I go next?
Rhodes Island Operator Sorry, I can't answer that for you. That's something for you to think about.
Lada, your situation isn't like that of Anna and the other girls. Even though you said you don't know exactly where your parents work, and there's no information about them in the registry...
I'm sure Rhodes Island would be able to help you if you put in a request...
In any case, I don't think you need to rush yourself to a decision.
Lada ...I didn't rush this decision at all!
Rhodes Island Operator Ugh...
Lada ......
I know you're just trying to look out for me, but...
Right now, I want to be together with my girls. As long as we're together, there's no place we can't go!
As for what comes after that... I'm not too sure. I haven't really thought about it.
Rhodes Island Operator Lada...
But, your parents...
Lada Papa and Mama... They're always working somewhere else. They rarely came home anyway, and they never told me where they work. They rarely even wrote to me.
Even if those bad people didn't attack the city, I already hadn't seen Papa and Mama for a long time before that.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Warm Woman Lada, Papa and Mama are heading out for work.
Calm Man Lada, you listen to Granny now. Be a good girl and wait for us to come home, okay?
Tender Girl Papa, Mama, are you abandoning me again?
Papa, Mama, don't go... I don't want to be an orphan... Waah...
Warm Woman Lada...
Calm Man It's almost time.
Lada, Papa and Mama have to go now.
Tender Girl No... Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!!
Don't go! Papa, Mama, don't leave me!
Don't abandon me...
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Lada So, I'm gonna go wherever I want to go! Nobody's gonna care anyway!
That's the way things are!
Rhodes Island Operator I, I see.
(Is this girl... deliberately uncooperative? She's pretty worked up.)
Well, I guess you can come with us for the time being. Given the current situation though, I'm not sure we can let a kid your age live alone.
If there's no other place you want to go, then you can stay at Rhodes Island for now, just like that Sonya girl.
Lada You mean, become an operator like Sonya? I've never thought about that before.
Rhodes Island Operator It's not easy to become an operator.
So once you're done packing, let's get going?
Lada Mmkay!
Just gimme a little more time! I wanna bring that pan with me too!
Rhodes Island Operator More stuff? Are you sure you can carry it all?
<Background 3>
Rhodes Island Operator I guess that's goodbye to Chernobog.
The rendezvous point is just up ahead. Looks like we made it with some time to spare.
Lada Thank you, Mister Pointedneedle! I couldn't fit all the kitchenware in my bag. Thank you so much for helping me out!
Rhodes Island Operator Don't worry, it's not a big deal. Besides, this wouldn't be the first time I carry water, or rather, a pan, for someone.
Lada ?
Rhodes Island Operator Err, don't worry about it, it's nothing... Hey, watch out!
[Lada trips and falls to the ground...]
Lada Woah!
Rhodes Island Operator Are you okay?
[...but she easily gets back on her feet.]
Lada I'm fine, I'm fine...
Ursus Civilian ...Lada?
Lada Huh?
Ursus Civilian Emperor above, it's really you!
Lada It's... Auntie Polina!
Rhodes Island Operator Someone you know?
Lada Mhm! She's the nice auntie from next door who always looked after me!
Auntie Polina, I'm so glad you're safe!
Ursus Civilian I was about to say the same, young lady!
Lada, you have no idea how much this means to me. We heard that the students were trapped inside the school, and after that, we searched everywhere for you. We were worried sick!
Where've you been all this time?
Lada I was with my friends from the school. Rho-... Err, I mean, some nice people rescued us.
Ursus Civilian Nice people...? Do you mean that gentleman next to you?
Rhodes Island Operator Hello, Madam Polina.
Ursus Civilian ...Hello.
(I've never seen this man before. What a strange look to him...)
(I say, Lada, are you sure the people who "saved" you are trustworthy? You're not being tricked, are you?!)
Lada (I'm not! Mister Pointedneedle is a great person!)
Rhodes Island Operator ...Ahem.
Lada R-Right! More importantly, how've you been, Auntie?
Those bad guys didn't hurt your family, right? Are Uncle Zegna and Sister Clara fine?
Ursus Civilian Yes, they're fine. Everyone's safe and sound.
The police in our area responded quickly, and led us out to the wastes to hide until things settled down.
Zegna led a search party to look for you at the school, but when we didn't find anyone there, we had to leave.
I'm just so glad that you're alive and well, Lada! His Majesty the Emperor truly smiles upon us!
Lada It's not like the Emperor did anything for us though. We only made it out because my friends and I looked out for each other.
Ursus Civilian Huh? Lada, what did you say just now?
Lada ...Uhh, nothing!
Don't worry, Auntie Polina! I'm totally fine, because I'm super strong now!
If bad guys ever try to bully us again, just tell me, and I'll help everyone drive the bad guys away!
Ursus Civilian Haha, our little Lada has already grown into such a reliable young woman!
Lada Heh heh! I'll grow up to be even stronger and more reliable!
When that time comes, I'll make sure none of those bad guys who wrecked the city get away! I'll smack 'em silly with my frying pan!
Rhodes Island Operator Are you talking about the frying pan I'm carrying on my back?
Lada That's the one!
Rhodes Island Operator That's a pretty nice goal to have. Keep at it, kiddo.
Lada, there's not much time. We should go.
Lada Ah, okay!
Okay, Auntie Polina, I have to go now...
Ursus Civilian Go? Wait, Lada, you didn't come to visit us? Wh-What do you mean you have to go?
I know we're only allowed to live in the asylum areas right now, but the conditions there aren't that bad. Soon enough, all these houses are going to get rebuilt.
Lada, isn't your home right here? Where are you going?
Lada My home...
Auntie Polina... I'm really glad I could see you again. But, but!
But, I want to be with my friends more than ever now... Anna, Sonya, and Natalya and Rosalind too. I don't want us to be separated.
If I can't be with them... I don't know what I'll do. The thought is too scary...
Ursus Civilian Lada...
If you have nowhere to go, just go home. Let's go home, okay?
Lada My house is ruined. Papa and Mama won't come back. I don't have a home anymore.
But you don't have to worry about me. I'm going somewhere that's super safe!
There are lots of people there, and they'll be real nice to me
Isn't that right, Mister Pointedneedle?
Rhodes Island Operator Yes. We will be able to guarantee her safety, at the very least.
We would never expose a student of Lada's age to situations that are too dangerous.
Lada Ooh... Sonya would be super mad if she heard you say that.
She's already decided on becoming a full-fledged operator. I think she's even picked out her codename!
Rhodes Island Operator Forgive me then. I'd never dare say that to her face.
Ursus Civilian ......
I suppose you've already made up your mind then. In that case, I won't ask too many questions. Just remember to write back often!
As long as you're safe, then Uncle Zegna and I will feel at ease. Go out and see the world, but stay safe... And when our city is rebuilt, it's never too late to come back...
Lada Hm...
Ursus Civilian Wait, Lada!
I have something to give you! I've kept it with me, hoping I'd be able to give it to you one day.
[Polina, the old Ursine lady, hands over a box to Lada.]
Ursus Civilian This is for you. Your parents gave it to our family for safekeeping a few years before they set off.
Lada Huh? It belonged to Papa and Mama?
Ursus Civilian They said that if they couldn't make it back for your middle school graduation, to give it to you then.
But you're leaving now, and I don't know when I'll be able to see you again. So, this is probably the best time to give it to you. You must cherish it.
Lada ......
What's inside this box? Is this... a videotape?
And a photo... of the time I graduated from elementary school. With all our names written on it.
Ursus Civilian This was supposed to be a gift to you, right?
I can't believe I still haven't heard a word from your parents even after such a major incident! Unbelievable, they still haven't written home in all these years!
Lada ––No, that's not it!
Papa and Mama... They're just, too busy with work...
Ursus Civilian Oh... If you can still believe that, then it's for the best.
Your parents... and their job. I heard it's not easy. It might even be harder than ours.
Lada Huh?!
Ursus Civilian When your grandmother was still with us, was always worried sick. She'd come around and chat with me, and well... "Even if they were busy investigating something, how could they not spare the time to see family?"
In any case, promise me you'll take care of yourself, Lada. No matter where you go, remember to let me know how you're doing.
I won't waste any more of your time then. Hurry along now.
[After Lada and the R.I. operator, "Pointedneedle," leaves...]
Lada Papa, Mama...
Rhodes Island Operator Are you alright, Lada?
Lada Yes, I'm fine.
Mister Pointedneedle, I... I think I might know what I want to do next!
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Calm Man Good girl, Lada. Don't cry.
Papa and Mama are doing work that is very important to Ursus, so we won't be able to stay with you often. We also won't be able to write back much...
But, we would never abandon you, Lada. You're Papa and Mama's precious baby.
Tender Girl But, but... the other kids said...
They said nobody wants me...
Warm Woman How could that be? Papa and Mama love you very much. Those kids just don't know better.
We might be apart for a while. We might not be able to see each other, or even talk to each other. When we miss each other, maybe the only thing that will keep us going is a little memory.
It's our fault that we won't be able to watch you grow up, but always remember... Lada, Papa and Mama will always love you.
No matter where we are, no matter what path you choose in the future...
Calm Man We will always support you.
And whenever we get the chance, we'll definitely come back to be with you.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background black>
When I was little, the other kids would always make fun of me for being an orphan. A parentless street kid.
I felt terrible. I'd cry and tell my parents on the rare occasions they came home.
Not long after that, for some unknown reason, the kids stopped making fun of me. And they never did again. The big girl next door would gently pat my head, and say to me:
"I'm so sorry about before. Your parents are amazing researchers."
My Papa and Mama are amazing.
But I rarely get to see them.
On the day I graduated from elementary school, Papa and Mama came back.
We went to the graduation ceremony together. We took pictures together, and went out to all kinds of fun places.
Papa and Mama said they didn't want to miss me growing up. So no matter how tough things were, they'd try to be with me on my most important days.
Papa and Mama said they wanted me to know more about their lives, so they recorded them and passed them down to me so that I'd have more company whenever I missed them.
Does that mean as long as I keep growing up, I'll be able to see Papa and Mama again?
<Background 4>
[Lada is running through the corridors.]
Lada Hum hum~ Hum dee dum~
Istina, did you take the picture? You did, right? I finally passed the test!
[Anna Morozova aka. Istina catches up with Lada.]
Istina Hold on, Lada, slow down a little...
Phew... Alright, there you go. By the way, why'd you suddenly decide to start chronicling your life?
Lada Hmm... I guess, to record a bit more of my growth. It's a secret surprise!
Istina ......?
Lada Oh right, Istina! Since I passed my test, I'm now an official operator, just like you and the others! Remember to call me by my codename now!
Gummy! My codename is Gummy!
Istina Okay, Gummy.
That's going to take some time to get used to. You could always refer to yourself in the third person, in the meantime.
Gummy Oh, right! Good idea!
Gummy's gonna work super hard to protect my friends, and everyone else at Rhodes Island!
Rhodes Island Operator Good morning, Lada, Anna.
Istina Morning.
Gummy Mister Pointedneedle! Good morning!
You can't call me Lada anymore! I'm a full-fledged operator now, so call me Gummy!
Rhodes Island Operator Haha, well done. Congratulations.
Gummy Oh, Mister Pointedneedle, Gummy had a question for you!
Rhodes Island Operator Hm? If you need help with something, feel free to ask away.
Gummy Does Rhodes Island... have a school? Can Gummy keep studying?
Istina Where is this coming from?
Rhodes Island Operator I'm afraid we don't have anything like a formal school, but we do have training courses and general education courses.
Gummy Really? Does that mean I can continue studying then?
Rhodes Island Operator Of course. With that proactive attitude, any teacher would be delighted to have you in class.
Actually, even if you didn't bring it up, I assume there would be a dedicated operator who'd let you know.
The Doctor specifically checked in on you girls to make sure you could continue your education. You might not even be able to get away if you wanted to!
Istina ...Zima's head is going to pop right off.
Gummy Haha, she's not gonna make it easy for the teacher though.
<Background 5>
[Inside her room, Gummy is recording a message to her foster parents.]
Gummy Papa, Mama... I live in a place called Rhodes Island.
[Gummy looks outside the window in solace...]
Gummy Even though... Even though there are a lot of things I don't understand here, and some things that are scary to think about...
[...but quickly cheered up and continues her message.]
Gummy As long as I'm with my friends, I know I'm going to be alright!
Papa, Mama, make sure you work hard too. I'm going to write to Auntie Polina and tell them how to reach Rhodes Island...
If you want to write back, or come to visit, Auntie Polina will tell you where I am, and then we can meet up at Rhodes Island!
Besides, I'm really mad that you left me alone for so long, and weren't there for me during the scariest part of my life!
Because I'm really, really mad, I might not be able to forgive the two of you. So when we meet, we might fight a lot!
But... Well, no matter how much we fight, we'll still be family, right?
If Papa and Mama are too busy and can't find the time... Then I'll find you myself!
But, I can't do that yet. I've already changed a whole lot, and that might be scary to you...
I'll get over those... Those not-so-good habits of mine!
There are lots of people here who will help me get over them. Anna and the other girls... We'll put those nasty things behind us, and we'll all be happy!
So wait for me...
I'm going to grow up to be the best that I can be!
[Gummy stops recording her message.]

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