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Operator Record
Firefly's Light
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That is our language, and every single word is full of reminiscence and hope.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Meteorite to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Meteorite.
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Sarkaz Mercenary
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Sarkaz Mercenary A
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Sarkaz Passerby/Teacher
Sarkaz Child
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Living Room
Wildlands Morning
Cold Forest
Meteorite studies language with a Sarkaz teacher in the midst of war, but encounters unexpected difficulties due to her personal experiences.
<Background 1>
[A Sarkaz child is reading a textbook in the Sarkaz language...]
Sarkaz Child Birch, linden, fir, pine...
Rose, daisy, orchid, tulip...
Sunset, dusk, twilight, night...
[ Meteorite attends them.]
Meteorite Got all that down? Now let's try reading an entire passage.
Sarkaz Child Okay.
"The roses in the garden have bloomed, filling the garden with a sweet scent."
"I look up at the sky, at the sunset in the distance."
"It is a... a..."
Meteorite What's the matter? Is something wrong?
Sarkaz Child I don't know this word, Miss Meteorite.
Meteorite Let me see...
Ah, sorry, I must've forgotten to mark it yesterday.
Okay, repeat after me:
(Speaks in Sarkaz)
Sarkaz Child (Repeats after Meteorite)
Meteorite Very good.
Sarkaz Child What does it mean?
Meteorite It's a word that describes a very specific scene, one that is...
<Background 2>
[Meteorite, then known as Blunt Wedge, leads a squad of Sarkaz mercenaries but are stopped by someone on the road.]
Blunt Wedge Keep moving! Why are you standing in the middle of the road?!
Sarkaz Mercenary A Shit, another damned beggar.
Blunt Wedge A beggar? Here?
Sarkaz Mercenary A Don't poke your head out. It might get his attention.
[The passerby approaches the merc squad.]
Sarkaz Mercenary A Dammit, he's coming this way.
Blunt Wedge So what? Just ignore him.
Sarkaz Passerby Sir? Ma'am? Anybody need someone to write a letter for them? I'm only asking for a few coins, or some food.
Sarkaz Mercenary A Hey, Salley, you need this beggar to write a letter for you?
Sarkaz Mercenary B Gimme a break, what's the point if I can't even read?!
Sarkaz Mercenary A Haha, even better! He can read for you, too. Two jobs for one beggar.
Sarkaz Mercenary B Get lost.
Sarkaz Mercenary A You hear that, bum? Scram. We've got no money and no need for any letters. Everyone I know who ain't dead is right here in this group.
[The mercs start to leave, but...]
Sarkaz Passerby Sir! Wait, sir!
Sir, please, even just a cup of water!
Blunt Wedge *Sigh*... Over here!
Sarkaz Passerby Do you need a letter written, young lady?
Blunt Wedge Not interested. But you can have this bread. This is a battlefield, and we don't need what you're selling.
Sarkaz Passerby (Stomach growls)
I'm not a beggar. I can't just take something for free.
Do you want to learn to read and write yourself? Those soldiers don't understand the value of words, and they're too old and stuck in their ways. But you're young. It'll be useful to you.
Blunt Wedge I don't have time for that. We have to keep moving.
Sarkaz Passerby I can come with your group, then. If you decide to study with me, I promise I won't leave until you've gotten the hang of it.
Blunt Wedge ......
Sarkaz Passerby I see... Here, you can have your bread back.
Blunt Wedge Just keep it and eat up, quick. We still have a long way to go. You can teach me on the way.
Sarkaz Passerby Ah, alright.
Do you know how to write your name? I can teach you that first.
Blunt Wedge We don't have names, only codenames.
Sarkaz Passerby What's your codename then?
Blunt Wedge Blunt Wedge. One of the previous captains named me.
Sarkaz Passerby It's a nice name.
Blunt Wedge Yeah right. The captain told me it means "useless arrow".
Sarkaz Passerby Haha. There's a Sarkaz proverb: "Beware rusty arrows." Infection is no joke.
Blunt Wedge Heh... So what were you doing before the war started?
[The passerby reveals various textbooks he carries all the time.]
Sarkaz Passerby I was a teacher.
<Background 3>
Two months later...
Sarkaz Teacher I wonder how long this war will go on.
Blunt Wedge (Wraps wounds)
Sarkaz Teacher How's your injury?
Blunt Wedge It's fine. I disinfected it and wrapped it with bandages. It should heal up soon.
Sarkaz Teacher That's good. What a beautiful day... The sunlight's so warm.
Blunt Wedge I've almost finished that book that you lent me. Got any others?
Sarkaz Teacher Only poems and essays.
Blunt Wedge Never mind then.
Sarkaz Mercenary Hey, Blunt Wedge, you got that wound wrapped up?
Blunt Wedge Yeah, it's fine, I applied the dressings.
[The merc walks toward Blunt Wedge.]
Sarkaz Mercenary The what now? Whatever, come get your share.
2, 4, 6, 8, 10... 14 heads total. Not bad! Could've made more if we didn't let a few get away.
Blunt Wedge (Frowns)
Sarkaz Mercenary Your share of the bounty, plus rations. Okay, later.
Blunt Wedge Wait, that's not enough.
Sarkaz Mercenary What're you talking about?
Blunt Wedge I killed two snipers and an armored grenadier.
Those are 30 and 50 percent more than standard, per our agreement. So that's 12 gold coins short.
Sarkaz Mercenary Since when did you learn crunch numbers like that?
Blunt Wedge (Hold out hand) 12 gold coins, or we could sort this out with the captain. And I might mention your little cache while we're at it.
Sarkaz Mercenary What are getting at?
Blunt Wedge No need to play dumb. Your side gig is none of my business, as long as you don't try to screw me over.
Sarkaz Mercenary ...Take your money and keep your mouth shut.
Blunt Wedge (Shrugs)
[The merc leaves.]
Sarkaz Teacher Haha, you're a quick learner. Not quite what I had in mind for applied math, but it does the job.
Blunt Wedge It's just that everything you teach is way too easy.
Sarkaz Teacher Well, looks like you've learned everything from me you need to. It's time for me to go.
Blunt Wedge Here.
Sarkaz Teacher Half a sack of gold coins? For me?
Blunt Wedge Lesson fees for two months.
Sarkaz Teacher Well, I'm not going to say no.
Blunt Wedge Where are you going to go after this?
Sarkaz Teacher I heard things are calmer in the east. Maybe there are still a few schools remaining there.
Blunt Wedge You know how to use a weapon. You could've made a living as a mercenary. Why insist on making it hard on yourself?
Sarkaz Teacher Kazdel won't miss a single sellsword.
Blunt Wedge Tch... you intellectual types.
Sarkaz Teacher So when will you finish the book? Remember to return it before I leave.
Blunt Wedge Tomorrow. I'm almost at the end.
<Background 4>
Blunt Wedge "Mathilda found the moonlight shining through the windows too bright. She rubbed her eyes and closed the curtains, before falling into slumber in the... er..."
What does this word mean? I've never seen it before... let's keep going.
<Background 3>
Blunt Wedge "Sitting by the campfire with her friends, Mathilda poked at the chestnuts in the fire. The sweet scent in the... er... was a gift."
That word again? Gah.
<Background 4>
Blunt Wedge "Mathilda closed the door, picked up her suitcase, and prepared to get in the car. She thought back to the countless... er... that she spent here..."
Countless what?
"Farewell, those... er..."
Who are you saying goodbye to, Mathilda?!
"Perhaps in the days to come, she will see more... er..., but there will be no... er... as unforgettable as the... er... here."
How many freaking times does it need to appear in one sentence?!
What the heck does it even mean?!
<Background 3>
Sarkaz Teacher That took longer than expected. How was it? You could keep it as little farewell gift, if you like.
Blunt Wedge Nah, I prefer adventure novels to reading about some girl sitting on a farm. Honestly, it was pretty frustrating to read.
Sarkaz Teacher Was there a problem?
Blunt Wedge Yeah, there was a word in there I'd never seen. I tried to skip it, but it kept showing up, way too often.
Sarkaz Teacher Let me see... ah.
It means a pleasant and serene night.
Blunt Wedge ...A what?
Sarkaz Teacher Well, a night that's happy.
Blunt Wedge That doesn't make any sense. Nights aren't happy or serene.
Sarkaz Teacher Why not?
Blunt Wedge Because they're long, dark, and cold. They're dangerous and you have to always stay on guard... I hate the night.
I've spent so many nights thinking I would die right there and become food for nocturnal scavengers, never to see the sunrise again.
Sarkaz Teacher You could understand "nocturnal scavengers", but not "a pleasant and serene night"?
Blunt Wedge I mean, I've seen plenty of animals tearing at dead bodies. I could picture it as soon as you explained it.
Sarkaz Teacher Well, in that case, let's try picturing it together. Close your eyes.
Blunt Wedge Gotcha.
Sarkaz Teacher Think back to when you were a little girl, sitting by your mother's side one night...
Blunt Wedge Stop right there. I've never met my mother.
Sarkaz Teacher Well... did you have any other parental figure as you grew up?
Blunt Wedge The previous captain found me on the battlefield and raised me.
Sarkaz Teacher Well, picture sitting by her side then. How do you feel?
Blunt Wedge I'm sitting next to her, and she...
She pushes me away, tells me the warband has no use for a weak child, and makes me run ten laps around the camp holding a bucket of water in each hand, without spilling a drop.
My shoulders are starting to get sore.
Sarkaz Teacher A-Alright, let's try something else. You and your friends are sitting by a campfire in the forest. There's a delicious-smelling pot of soup on the fire.
What do you feel?
Blunt Wedge I stick my nose out to get a whiff of it...
Sarkaz Teacher Exactly!
Blunt Wedge Then I turn around and see a hand reaching for my pack, trying to steal my money pouch. Why the heck did the captain even let that known thief in?
So I feel really pissed and kinda wish he was right here so I could punch him.
Sarkaz Teacher ...Never mind, let's start over.
Alright... it's nighttime. Gentle moonlight sweeps across the land. You wrap your blanket around you and feel your eyelids dropping, dragging you into slumber.
What do you feel?
Blunt Wedge Fear.
Artillery fire might rain down on the camp at any moment... I hide under the bed, covering my ears with my friends.
Sarkaz Teacher ......
*Sigh*... Look at what war has done to you children.
Blunt Wedge Sorry for not getting it.
Sarkaz Teacher It's okay. Let me think of another way.
Blunt Wedge It's just a word. You don't need to go that far to teach me.
Sarkaz Teacher Every year, many new things appear in our lives, and new words are created to describe them.
Most of these words are forgotten as the things they describe disappear, never to be uttered again.
But some words are special. They're passed down from one person to another, living on in our collective memory.
That's because they describe something eternal and unchanging. They represent the most precious, foundational spirit of their people.
They're worth understanding and remembering.
Blunt Wedge So... what if I just can't understand it?
Sarkaz Teacher Patience, young lady. Give it time to take root.
<Background 5>
[Blunt Wedge and the teacher walks through the forest.]
Sarkaz Teacher Look out for the dried branches under your feet. They're overgrown with moss and very slippery after a rain.
Blunt Wedge Alright. You're talking too much.
<Background fades out and in>
[After they reaches a deeper part of the forest...]
Blunt Wedge Now can you tell me why you woke me up in the middle of the goddamn night?
Sarkaz Teacher You really are grumpy in the morning.
Blunt Wedge Pardon me, sir, would you care to enlighten me as to why you've brought me to this place?
Sarkaz Teacher (Puts a piece of cloth on the ground)
Blunt Wedge (Sits down on the cloth, confused)
Sarkaz Teacher Here you go.
Blunt Wedge ...Canned peaches?!
Sarkaz Teacher I knew you'd like them. I saw the way you were staring when your captain had a can a few days ago.
Blunt Wedge Hmph, they're not that special. ...So how'd you get your hands on 'em?
Sarkaz Teacher I traded a book for two cans, with your captain.
Blunt Wedge Whoa, that's one valuable book. What was it?
Sarkaz Teacher Just an old manuscript. It wasn't doing anyone any good.
Blunt Wedge Give me a break, I know how the captain has been collecting old books and selling them to the Columbians.
Sarkaz Teacher I'm just stating the facts.
Blunt Wedge ...There's still half a can left. Want it?
Sarkaz Teacher All yours.
Blunt Wedge Thanks...
Sarkaz Teacher What do you feel when you look around you?
Blunt Wedge (Looks at her palm in disgust)
Too many bugs.
Sarkaz Teacher There's no need to kill them, they don't bite... but never mind that.
I spent a few nights looking for them. I brought you here because they're special.
Blunt Wedge I can see their backsides glowing.
Huh... I've seen these by the water before, but I didn't know they were bugs. I thought...
Sarkaz Teacher Thought what?
Blunt Wedge I thought they were the ghosts of people killed in battle.
Sarkaz Teacher People do associate them with will-o-wisps found near graves, but they glow in different ways.
Will-o-wisps are caused by gases released by decomposing bodies, which have a very low flash point and ignite when they come into contact with air.
Blunt Wedge What about these bugs, then?
Sarkaz Teacher They secrete chemicals that glow, using their respiration to control the biochemical reaction in order to adjust the brightness.
Their abdomens contain a large amount of light-emitting chemicals and cells.
A bug lands on the man's palm, its backside glowing with a blue light.
Soon, more of the insects draw near, until his entire hand is surrounded in light.
The man seems able to speak endlessly about them, using many complicated words that Blunt Wedge does not understand.
She does not feel troubled, however. In fact, what she's feeling is unfamiliar to her.
It's like a little bug is flapping its wings in her heart, slowly ascending, with a light on its butt that is weak and dim, but filled with vitality.
Blunt Wedge I think I feel something.
Sarkaz Teacher They like to lay their eggs by the water... Wait, what do you feel? Tell me!
Blunt Wedge I feel...
The sound of an explosion interrupts her.
The bugs scatter at the noise, their lights disappearing into the dark woods.
A plume of smoke can be seen in the distance, covering the few stars visible in the night sky.
Blunt Wedge Oh shit! It's coming from the camp!
Sarkaz Teacher Wait, Blunt Wedge! You haven't told me how you felt yet.
Blunt Wedge There's no time for that. We need to get back.
Sarkaz Teacher It's important to me. Please, I must know.
Blunt Wedge I...
Sarkaz Teacher Say something, please.
Blunt Wedge Nothing.
I felt nothing.
I'm sorry, they flew away too fast. I couldn't catch them.
Sarkaz Teacher No, you felt something! I could see it on your face!
Blunt Wedge (Shakes head frantically)
Sarkaz Teacher Why were you crying if you didn't feel anything?
Blunt Wedge (Wipes away the tears roughly)
Maybe there was nowhere in my heart for it to take root.
[Blunt Wedge runs back to the camp with the teacher following.]
<Background 2>
[After Blunt Wedge made it back to the camp...]
Sarkaz Mercenary Where were you, Blunt Wedge? The captain was asking about you.
Blunt Wedge I went into the forest.
Sarkaz Mercenary In the middle of the night? Why?
Blunt Wedge I...
[The teacher joins in.]
Sarkaz Teacher She went on patrol because she was concerned about the enemies that got away a few days ago.
Blunt Wedge Y-Yeah, I thought they might retaliate.
Sarkaz Mercenary Well, you were right. They attacked the camp. The night watch was asleep on duty and got his throat slit.
Blunt Wedge Wasn't Salley on duty?
Sarkaz Mercenary Yup, he's dead.
We lost a bunch of supplies in the fire, too. Can't believe we're going hungry after months of hard work... dammit.
Blunt Wedge Anyone injured?
Sarkaz Mercenary A few guys got burned. But we lost a lot of medical supplies too, so here's hoping they make it.
Alright, I gotta go. You should find the captain before he gets mad.
Blunt Wedge Okay...
Sarkaz Teacher You really should go, Blunt Wedge.
Blunt Wedge Are you... okay?
Sarkaz Teacher You're the one who just had something bad happen to you. Why are you asking me?
Blunt Wedge You look so sad...
Sarkaz Teacher Don't worry, it's not because of you.
Blunt Wedge Why, then?
Sarkaz Teacher Because of the scorched earth, where nothing will grow again.
It's getting late. I should go.
[The teacher leaves.]
<Background 3>
[Blunt Wedge accompanies the teacher as he is about to part ways with her.]
Sarkaz Teacher There's no need to see me off. I'll be fine on my own.
Blunt Wedge Just a little further. We might not see each other again.
I wanted to thank you... You taught me so many useful things. As for that word...
I couldn't understand it, but maybe someone else would.
Sarkaz Teacher It's okay. No need to bring it up.
Blunt Wedge ...Sorry.
Sarkaz Teacher Don't apologize. It's not your fault. Never was.
I've seen many children like you, who've lost their homes, are used to seeing blood and killing, and drift from one battlefield to the next.
You were the only one who stopped to peruse the knowledge I was peddling.
For so many years, I believed that knowledge and culture could bring about change, overcome war and violence.
But in the end, it looks like war has won. It's made a mockery of everything I knew.
Blunt Wedge Are you giving up? If you won't teach people the true meaning of those words, who else can?
Won't they disappear from our lives with no one to understand and preserve them?
Sarkaz Teacher All it means is that the beauty those words represented was fleeting. Only pain and suffering remains.
I'm powerless to fight it.
Blunt Wedge But...
Sarkaz Teacher It's all good. Don't cry.
Take this book. I've travelled across Kazdel compiling the vocabulary of the land, trying to complete it.
Blunt Wedge A dictionary of the Sarkaz language?
Sarkaz Teacher I haven't written that word down yet. Do it for me, if you ever find help understanding it in the future.
Blunt Wedge Alright...
Sarkaz Teacher Wipe away your tears. This is goodbye.
<Background 1>
[Back to the present...]
Sarkaz Child ...teorite? Miss Meteorite?
Meteorite Oh!
Ah, yes, it means a night that is pleasant and serene.
Sarkaz Child Oh, I get it now! Thank you!
Meteorite (Pats the child on the head)
Sarkaz Child But...
Meteorite What is it?
Sarkaz Child Why are you crying?
Meteorite Because you're a very smart kid.