Lumen: Till the Lights Shine Bright

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Operator Record
Till the Lights Shine Bright
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Ægirian, what keeps you still in Gran Faro?

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Lumen to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Lumen.
Female Iberian B icon.png
Excitable Townsfolk
Male Iberian A icon.png
Local Messenger
Male Iberian D icon.png
Young Priest
Iberia Church
Iberia Bar
Iberian Streets
Iberian Alley
Lumen agrees to make a delivery on behalf of an injured Messenger, stirring the quiet waters of Gran Faro.
<Background 1>
[Jordi reads a note.]
Jordi "Out of safety considerations, the connector must be... the most suitable replacement material..."
The expected amount of materials needed... Could it be...?
No, these are early notes. She would have crossed them out if there were a mistake.
How big could this Eye of Iberia be?
When lit, its light would be seen from every single window in Gran Faro...
Now that's got to be a myth.
[Jordi continues reading.]
Jordi Luminosity testing... Well, the diagrams are very clear. Should only be a matter of following them.
But the town doesn't seem to have the materials needed for the prototype...
[Someone knocks the door.]
Jordi ......!
One second! Coming!
The young caretaker hastily stuffs the notebook into a drawer, picks up his lamp, and hurries through the chapel.
Jordi It's very late. What brings you to the–
[A man enters the chapel and collapses before Jordi.]
Jordi –A Messenger?! What the...
Take it easy. You can lean on my shoulder.
Just sit down by the door. I have some clean gauze.
Local Messenger Close the door...
Jordi A-Alright.
[Lumen closes the door and checks the Messenger.]
Jordi ...Clean cut. Took the belt with it.
I should be able to treat it.
But it'll be a few days before you can move again.
[The Messenger looks relieved.]
Local Messenger Phew...
That was close.
Jordi Yes, sir, it's good that you came quickly. There isn't much I could have done if the wound got infected.
Local Messenger You're not going to ask how I got hurt?
Or is everyone in this town like this?
Jordi I-I just thought stopping the bleeding was more urgent...
I don't really know how to answer that question, though. I don't know how things are anywhere else.
Very few people come to Gran Faro. And those who leave don't come back.
Local Messenger I guess that's the kind of place this is... Close to the sea, and close to the Inquisition.
Jordi Exactly... even Messengers like you don't stay for long.
...Sorry, I forgot to ask your name. Messengers come and go in a hurry; they don't often stop at the chapel.
Local Messenger I'm... ahem. Do you know Gran Faro well?
Jordi I guess? I grew up here.
But as for the things that happened here a long time ago... about the plaza, the statue there, and the sea... I only know them through my uncle's stories.
Local Messenger That's plenty.
Sorry to ask this of you after you've already done so much for me... but there's something I need help with.
This package is for Gran Faro, but it doesn't say who exactly the recipient is or where they live, only "the door with a white flower on it."
Jordi White flower? That doesn't ring a bell...
Local Messenger I'm afraid I'm not in any shape to go on a search around town for a few days.
But I won't sleep easy until this package makes it to the recipient.
Jordi Alright, leave it to me.
[Jordi picks up the package.]
Jordi Whoa, it's heavy...
I'll go once the sun rises.
I'll get you a couple more blankets. They're old, but they'll keep you warm.
Local Messenger Thank you.
[Jordi walks away.]
Local Messenger ...Be careful.
<Background 2>
Thiago Young folks this days are so careless! At this rate, they'll draw the Inquisition here, ruining the peace that we've had for the last twenty years!
Always telling me to calm down and be reasonable... since when has the Inquisition been reasonable?!
[Thiago stops eating the soup on the table.]
Thiago The rest of the soup is yours, lad. A bit too salty for my tastes... Anyway, be careful. Don't draw attention to yourself.
Jordi Alright, Uncle Thiago. I'll take it easy with the salt next time.
...Did something happen in town?
Thiago It's nothing, just people nosing about in Gran Faro again.
Two snooping priests from the Inquisition. Heaven only knows what scent they're after.
But whatever it is, Gran Faro doesn't have it. Can't they tell? There's nothing left here.
Jordi ......
Thiago ...Anything happen at the chapel? Are you still reading your parents' notes?
Jordi Yeah... they're pretty interesting. The whole day went by before I knew it.
Thiago Don't let anyone see you reading them. They're in Ægirian, aren't they?
Jordi I know, Uncle Thiago. I'll be careful.
Thiago ...*sigh*.
I only left them there because I thought the most dangerous place to hide them would be the last place they'd look. I didn't want those Inquisition thugs taking everything from Gran Faro.
I never even considered whether anyone would read them.
But I suppose it's worth it, if it helps you pass the time.
Jordi I'm really grateful that you preserved them.
By the way, there was a visitor at the chapel–
[Someone knocks the door.]
Voice Outside the Door Thiago! Are you there? There's something we need to deal with before the Inquisition sets its eyes on our town!
Thiago (Whisper) Jordi!
Jordi A-Alright! I'll stay in my room and lock the door...
[Jordi runs into a room and closes the door as a woman enters.]
Excitable Townsfolk Apparently, those priests were chasing a Messenger, not one of us.
The problem is, they suspect him of carrying messages for the Ægir.
...Don't give me that look, Thiago. We've got nothing against the Ægir; it's them, not us.
Anyway, we went to the chapel. The Messenger got hurt in a scuffle with the priests and took refuge there.
Thiago ...The chapel?
Excitable Townsfolk Don't worry, we waited for Jordi to leave before we brought them there. No one said a word about him.
We all like the kid. We're not about to drag him into this mess.
Anyway, the Messenger gave up his luggage for the priests to search through. They didn't find anything suspicious, though.
Probably another misunderstanding.
Thiago Ha, a misunderstanding!
...Alright, I get what's going on.
Let's keep our heads low for a few days. Don't even bring it up.
Once this blows over, it'll be as though nothing ever happened. The Inquisition won't bother us again.
Excitable Townsfolk Alright, I'll let the others know.
<Background 3>
Jordi ......
A suspicious package sent by an Ægir...
Jordi picks up the package behind the door, wrapped in dark-green cloth, and takes a sniff.
Did the smell of salt come from the bundle in his hands, or from the damp air enveloping Gran Faro throughout the four seasons?
Jordi ...I'll go look myself.
The townsfolk are all good people. I don't think they'd do anything so bad that they should be taken away.
Uncle Thiago told me many Ægir used to live here. Maybe someone sent this to a friend, not knowing they had moved away.
I... I'll find out who the recipient is!
<Background 4>
[Jordi walks through the streets.]
Jordi So, nothing on the east side of the plaza.
I'll save the rest for tomorrow morning... Uncle said those priests start patrolling at 7 am. I should get home quickly.
Hopefully they'll be leaving soon... It's been three days, after all.
A door with a white flower on it... but most of the houses here are painted white anyway. A white flower wouldn't go well with them.
[Jordi notices a door...]
Jordi Wait, did I see something white by the door of that one?
[...but it was not the one he is looking for.]
Jordi Oh, I guess I was mistaken...
It's not a flower, but... a book?
Weird... no one has lived here for a long time, but the book is new.
Let's see... I'll try knocking.
[Jordi knocks the door.]
Jordi ...Sounds like there's no one here.
[Jordi knocks the door again.]
Jordi Still no answer. Guess I must have been overthinking this.
[Sounds of people walking are heard nearby.]
Unfamiliar Voice I'll go up this street. You take the other side. Kick the door in if something doesn't look right.
Unfamiliar Voice This is the only part of town that we haven't searched.
Jordi (Unfamiliar voice, unfamiliar accent... must be those priests.)
(I have to hide!)
<Background 5>
Jordi (I might run into them if I head back this way.)
(It would be a headache for Uncle Thiago if they find me...)
[The people closes in.]
Jordi (The footsteps are getting closer.)
Gentle Female Voice Good morning. Visitors here are few and far between, much less one so accomplished at such a young age.
Jordi (The door opened? And I've heard that voice before...)
<Background 4>
Young Priest My accomplishments pale in comparison to those who've already reached the rank of Inquisitor at my age.
You seem to share our faith more than most of the residents here, rather than simply blindly fearing the judgment of the Inquisition.
Amaia I've gained a smattering of knowledge from the works I've read. At the very least I know what the Inquisition is up against.
If what you fear is really in this town, I suggest you look over that way.
Young Priest You have a lead?
Amaia No, I've never seen anything out of the ordinary. That's why I chose to live here, in this quiet town, where I can focus on my work.
[Amaia looks toward the sea.]
Amaia However, the sea is that way.
Young Priest You mean it could only be outside of town... I see. Of course, that is more than ordinary priests like us can handle.
[The young priest leaves.]
Amaia ......
Good morning, Jordi from the chapel.
[Jordi reveals himself.]
Jordi Er, good morning.
Just a question... is this package for you?
Amaia Why yes, it is. Thank you.
Jordi Phew, glad to know.
I'll be going, then.
Amaia Don't you want to know what's inside?
Jordi Huh? Oh, no, of course I'm not suspecting you.
You're more knowledgeable than anyone in Gran Faro. Uncle Thiago said you've given him a lot of good ideas.
Amaia It's okay. You can come in. It can't hurt to set your mind at ease, can it?
<Background 2>
[Jordi enters the house.]
Amaia I had this abandoned house patched up to hold all the documents I don't have space for at home.
And... perhaps someone would come here, someday, to read the stories of Gran Faro, Iberia, and beyond.
The package you delivered was more books.
It's in Ægirian. Can you read it?
[Amaia gives one of the books in the package to Jordi.]
Jordi Er... barely, I guess.
...So it really was sent by an Ægir.
Amaia Feel free to peruse it, if you like. Since you can read it.
[Jordi reads the book.]
Jordi This one is about plays... some sort of stage setup...
Designs for a theater... they look amazing.
Are you studying drama, Ms. Amaia?
Amaia Of course not. I'm but a humble translator.
A friend of mine found these lying around at home. Some Ægir must have written them from memory after the disaster.
Jordi Disaster?
Amaia Ah, never mind.
Anyway, she sent them to me, hoping I could translate them into Iberian.
It's hard to preserve the writings of the Ægir in this land-bound country, after all.
Jordi Ah, yes, it could cause misunderstandings if they were seen by priests who don't know Ægirian.
...You sounded sad. Is it because of what happened to the Ægir?
Amaia Perhaps... but it's more than just them.
Jordi Well, I've gotten used to this life... I'm fine with it.
I know I can't exactly speak for all Ægir, though.
Do others also live like this, in other places?
Amaia What it's like in other places... Well, Jordi, would you like to help me with the translation, seeing how you're the only Ægir here?
It would certainly save me from having to flip through that old dictionary so much.
Jordi Huh? I-I'm not sure I can handle something so difficult...
Amaia It's okay. You can just help out anytime you feel like it.
You can also look through any books here that catch your eye, of course.
Words may deceive at times, but it's undeniable that they break through barriers and unlock new possibilities.
Including things regarding the world outside that you're so curious about.
[Amaia looks around, searching for something.]
Amaia Now, where did my teapot go? Have a seat, Jordi. Stay a while, and you may find something that interests you here.
Jordi I...
[After a pause...]
Jordi Sorry, I have to get back to the chapel. Someone needs to care for that injured Messenger.
Thank you for the offer... but I need to do my job as a nurse first.
[Jordi leaves.]
Amaia That young man... does he not understand?
Has he not dreamed of having wings, gazing at the boundless ocean from above, at the waves melting back into the water?
<Background 1>
Thiago Jordi? Where did you go?
You said you would be back before 7. I told you to stay put. Those priests are probably leaving today.
Jordi S-Sorry, Uncle.
I was going to tend to the Messenger, then stay inside.
Thiago Those young folks already saw to the Messenger. They want you to stay home without worrying about him.
Jordi Alright, I'll thank them next time... I'll stay put here today.
I'll be right here, okay? I'll close the door and read under the lamp.
Thiago That lamp... it works?
Jordi I just followed what it said in the notes. I don't know if it's actually fixed, but it's giving out light now.
Thiago ......
<Background fades out>
"I heard about it, Thiago. You folks are erecting a proud new building on land, while we go and rebuild the Eye of Iberia."
"I saw the foundations. They are deep. Perhaps it will be a reminder of Iberia's Golden Age, when it's finished."
"Gran Faro will not be so grey and dull when we return. The lighthouse will shine here, and the Inquisition will build this place up."
"Can I ask you something, Thiago? Try to hang this lamp in that building somewhere."
"That way, I can be a part of its construction too."
I'm sorry I couldn't hang the lamp here... not in this chapel that the Inquisition uses to spy on Gran Faro.
It's broken, anyway, ever since the night the Penal Battalion garrison charged out from the chapel.
I'll put it in a box with your notes. Maybe they'll be preserved, if they're lucky, but I dare not pray for it.
<Background fades in>
Thiago ...Keep reading, lad.
I'll be going.
<Background fades out and in>
Jordi Oh, Mr. Messenger. You're awake.
Those priests have left Gran Faro. No need to worry now.
And I delivered the package. Don't worry, I saw what was in it, and it was nothing bad. It's all a misunderstanding.
Local Messenger ...Rald.
Jordi Huh?
Local Messenger My name is Rald.
Sorry. Being a Messenger tends to bring its share of trouble, and I didn't want any more of it than necessary.
Jordi ...I'm Jordi. And I understand.
Anyway, your wounds are healing well. You should be able to move around normally in a couple of days.
Local Messenger Thank you.
Do you like this place, Jordi?
Jordi I... I don't know. Why do you ask?
Local Messenger This place is too close to the Inquisition, and maybe has had too much history with it. It's filled with danger, and forced to remain in this gloomy state.
Especially for an Ægir.
I don't want to spend one more day here than I have to. Have you never thought about leaving, and seeing what's out there?
You could come with me, if you don't know where to go.
The northern wilds may seem dangerous, but I know a relatively safe way.
I also know a few cities that are more tolerant of the Ægir.
Ægir like you have a chance to dream, and realize those dreams.
Jordi Dreams...
Do people out there know the sea better?
Do they talk about the great lighthouse, about the legend of the Eye of Iberia?
Local Messenger Don't be silly, Jordi. The people don't really talk about the sea. As for the great lighthouse, that's a nursery tale that the people of Gran Faro tell their children.
Jordi ...I see.
Thank you for the offer, Rald.
But I can't go, not until I've seen the sea and the lighthouse.
Local Messenger Gran Faro has failed. The dream of Iberia's Golden Age ended decades ago.
Jordi Don't say that.
It's not just a dream for Iberia. It's also a dream for the Ægir...
...For one Ægir.