Matterhorn: One Day

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Operator Record
One Day
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Matterhorn has stewed this bowl of soup the whole day.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Matterhorn to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Matterhorn.
Male Kjeragian C icon.png
Hawker A
Kjeragian Noblewoman B icon.png
Hawker B
Kjerag Avenue
Kjerag Manor
One peaceful day, Matterhorn seems to be waiting for something.
<Background 1>
[On a Kjeragian market, a pair of hawkers are tending to their goods.]
Hawker A Come take a gander, feast your eyes on these fresh fruits and vegetables!
Hawker B Oi, old man, isn't that the lad from the Yek family? It's been a while since he's come by the market.
Hawker A What'd you expect? The boy's a guard for the Master's clan now. When would he have time to come here?
[Matterhorn walks to the trader.]
Matterhorn Ah, long time no see, Uncle. How have you been?
Hawker A Oh my, it really is you, Matterhorn. Heh, so what brings you around these parts today?
Matterhorn I've had some spare time lately, so I thought it would be nice to cook dinner for the Master.
Hawker B Good, good. Don't let your cooking skills go to waste. C'mere, go ahead and take this strip of steak. I remember the Master enjoyed them when he was young, and you'd always take a whole bag with you.
Matterhorn Thank you for your kindness, but let's get five pounds of tenderloin first.
Hawker A Oh, and the youngest was just a little girl at the time. Whenever you'd go shopping, she'd follow right behind you, tugging at the hem of your clothes.
Matterhorn Hahaha, Ensia was indeed quite small back then—also extremely curious, and she refused to stay indoors. She would make me bring her along.
Hawker B Here, the tenderloin's good to go. Hmm, the Master's tastes have changed, eh? Didn't he used to prefer short ribs?
Matterhorn Yes, the Master... grew up.
Hawker A Matterhorn, about the older sister... Oh no, I mean, excuse this addled old geezer. How has the Saintess been? All of us... miss her a lot.
Matterhorn The Saintess... has been in good health. Everything is well.
Hawker B Kjeragandr watches over her, so of course it is. You worry too much, old man.
After all, the reason we can continue our humble little lives here is because the Saintess managed to stabilize the situation at a critical time.
Matterhorn She is as bright as the snow itself. If she was able to deal with that crisis so calmly, lesser problems would surely pose no issue to her.
Hawker A Good, good. Now all that's left is for her to be reunited with her siblings and old friends, and then we'll all live happily ever after. Hahaha!
Matterhorn (If only that were the case...)
Hawker A Ah, how much you've all grown in the blink of an eye. Time sure flies these days.
Hawker B Hardly. They've all grown up, but we've grown old. The young don't appreciate what they have.
Matterhorn Don't say that, you shine just as brightly now as ever before.
Hawker B Hahaha, spare me the flattery.
Matterhorn *sigh*...
Hawker B What's with that frown on your face? Something on your mind?
Matterhorn Auntie... After some thought, I think I'd like some short ribs after all.
Hawker B Alright, I'll have it right up.
[The female hawker fetch some ribs for Matterhorn.]
Hawker B Here you go, is this enough?
Matterhorn That'll be fine, thank you. This is enough money, yes? I'll put it on the table here.
Hawker B Heh, you young folks sure can add things up fast.
Matterhorn Alright, you two. I need to start dinner preparations soon, so I'll be heading back now.
Hawker B Good, good. Don't let us old folks keep you any longer.
Hawker A Come visit us when you have the time!
<Background 2>
Matterhorn *exhales*...
[Cliffheart walks to Matterhorn.]
Cliffheart (Huh... It's Matterhorn. What's he standing there like a statue for?)
Matterhorn It's getting harder...
[Cliffheart tries to get Matterhorn's attention.]
Cliffheart Matterhorn, what are you muttering about in the middle of the hallway with a plate in your hand?!
Matterhorn Oh, Lady Ensia!
Didn't you say you were going to go out to eat dinner with Aurora? You haven't left yet?
Cliffheart It's not anytime soon, so there's no rush.
Whoa, what a feast! Do we have guests over tonight?
Matterhorn Not quite. The Master finally has time to come home for dinner, and I wasn't doing anything else, so I decided to go ahead and prepare a few dishes for him.
Cliffheart That's a lot more than a few dishes. Let's see, let's see... Whoa, you even made my favorite braised pork!
I don't even want to eat out anymore. Maybe staying home and having dinner with my brother wouldn't be so bad...
Matterhorn Haha, then you're more than welcome to stay, Lady Ensia!
What else would you like? I can always make a couple more dishes.
Cliffheart Oh no, I'm good. You're already going overboard! This is more than enough.
Matterhorn Alright then. It'll be a few more minutes, so don't wait for me. I still have some stew on the stove, so I'll bring that over later.
Cliffheart Okay, I'll go wash my hands then!
Matterhorn Sure.
[Cliffheart leaves.]
Matterhorn (If Ensia is here, then...)
(For now... How am I going to speak with the Master?)
<Background fades out and in>
[Matterhorn brought the meal to Cliffheart, who were together with Courier.]
Matterhorn Lady Ensia, I've brought the stew. First— Oh...
Courier Good evening, Matterhorn.
Matterhorn Weiss, why are you here? Is the Master not back yet?
Cliffheart Courier was just telling me that Enciodes is a bit busy, and probably won't make it back for dinner.
Courier I hope you don't feel too bad, Lady Ensia. Some things came up at the last minute.
Matterhorn I see... Then why don't we wait a little bit longer, just in case he can make it later?
Courier Matterhorn... Can I have a word with you?
<Background fades out and in>
[Matterhorn and Courier have a chat away from Cliffheart.]
Matterhorn Is this something you can't say in front of Lady Ensia?
Courier I was thinking, it's probably best not to wait for him... You know how the Master is, once he gets busy he'll spare no time for anything else.
Matterhorn Mhm. I know, Weiss.
Courier Matterhorn! Just a friendly word of advice, don't keep waiting...
Maybe saying that he'd be late... was already his way of being considerate to you.
Matterhorn Weiss...
Courier For someone as thoughtful as you, a statement like that... should already have been clear enough.
Matterhorn Alright, I understand. By the way, I started smoking some jerky a few days ago. I'll go to the kitchen to pack some for you later. So you can take it with you as a snack.
Courier You... still haven't come to terms with reality yet.
I appreciate your kindness, but my physician urged me to watch my diet because of a recent injury. And I thought I should take it to heart.
Matterhorn You're hurt, Weiss?! Where? What else did the physician say?
Courier It's just a little scratch. Nothing you need to worry about, my friend.
Matterhorn But why didn't you tell me? You're always hiding things from me these days. That's what has me worried the most.
Courier Haha, ever since I was little, you've always been worried sick about me whenever I got hurt. But now that we're all grown up, it's just embarrassing to keep putting that on you.
Matterhorn You're right... You can take care of yourself now.
[Matterhorn turns away, but...]
Courier One more thing... It's about—
Matterhorn Hold on, Weiss.
(*Searches around in his pocket*)
Courier Are you looking for something?
Matterhorn Here, this is for you.
Courier These are... snowflake crisps?
Matterhorn I passed by the candy store this morning. When you were little, you'd beg me for these every single time you were hurt during training. I was afraid you'd ruin your teeth.
But look at you now, you don't even want my stuff anymore. Guess I haven't gotten used to it yet, haha.
Courier Matterhorn...
(*Rips open the candy wrapper*)
You have any free time later on? After I recover... let's go for a drink at the tavern.
Matterhorn Sounds good. Whenever you're up for it.
Courier Anyway, I'd better get going. See you later.
[Courier leaves.]
<Background fades out and in>
Cliffheart Uncle Matterhorn, what did Courier say to you? Will my brother make it back tonight?
[Matterhorn walks to Cliffheart.]
Matterhorn Go ahead and eat first, Lady Ensia. The Master might not be back until quite late.
Cliffheart I see, figures...
Then you should join me at the table too. Food doesn't taste as good when you're eating alone.
Matterhorn Mm... Alright, Lady Ensia.
Let's have a bit of the stew first. The broth should be nice and rich from the bones.
Cliffheart *sips*— Whoa, what a rich taste. Your cooking skills are truly amazing.
Matterhorn Haha. You're welcome to try these charbroiled short ribs next.
Cliffheart Whoaaa, these are delicious!
Matterhorn There's no need to rush, Lady Ensia. Please be careful not to choke.
Cliffheart Huh? You should totally dig in too!
Matterhorn Haha, very well.
(Lady Ensia seems to have a great appetite today. I thought she hadn't been eating well recently because... Well, maybe I've been overthinking things.)
Cliffheart Whoa, those tendons came out so tender and chewy! Can I get another helping?
Matterhorn Sure. I'll get it for you.
Cliffheart I'll have another bowl of stew too. The meatballs are soaked in the flavor and taste super amazing.
Matterhorn Lady Ensia... You're still not full yet?
Cliffheart Not even close! Get me another bowl of mashed potatoes too!
Matterhorn You still have room for more? That's already your third bowl.
(She's eating way more food than she can handle...)
Cliffheart (*chewing*) Your cooking... ish way choo delishush!
(*struggles to swallow*)
(*covers mouth) Oh, crap!
Matterhorn Lady Ensia... If you're already full, it's fine to stop.
Cliffheart Y-yeah, maybe... I'm starting to feel a little full after all.
But, there's still so much left over... You spent so long making all this delicious food, I'd feel bad if it went to waste.
Matterhorn And I'd feel bad if your stomach exploded from overeating.
Cliffheart Uncle Matterhorn...
Matterhorn As long as you enjoy your meals with a smile on your face, that's enough for me.
Cliffheart But, but, if my brother was here, then we'd be able to finish.
Matterhorn Are you frustrated that he couldn't make it?
Cliffheart Well, yeah. We haven't sat down for a face-to-face dinner in forever! He always leaves in a rush in the morning and doesn't come home until late at night. I barely even get to see him.
Say, when I snuck up to see my sister and messed up his plans, that must've really made him mad, huh?
Matterhorn Lady Ensia... You didn't do anything wrong, and the Master... He wouldn't blame you for it either.
Cliffheart If only there'd come a day when our whole family could gather at one table to eat and talk and laugh, all in front of your delicious cooking...
Matterhorn Don't lose heart, milady...
I'll always be here for you. If there's anything you want to eat, I'll make it for you.
No matter... No matter what happens in the future.
Cliffheart Mm... Uncle Matterhorn...
Matterhorn It's getting late. You should get ready for bed soon.
Cliffheart Mhm. You too.
[Cliffheart leaves.]
Matterhorn (*Tidies up the dishes left on the table*)
[While cleaning the table, Matterhorn accidentally knocks over a plate, shattering it.]
Matterhorn *exhales*... What should I do...
<Background fades out and in>
[Matterhorn stands by the main door...]
Matterhorn Master, you've returned.
[ SilverAsh returns home.]
SilverAsh Matterhorn, were you waiting for me this whole time?
I thought I sent Courier to convey that I wouldn't be able to make it back for dinner.
Matterhorn I kept worrying that you'd be too busy to eat, and what if you were hungry when you came back? So I decided to wait a bit longer.
SilverAsh Very well then. What do you have to eat?
Matterhorn Whatever you'd like, Sir. I'll make it for you right now.
SilverAsh No need. Just heat something up, and that'll suffice.
Matterhorn Surely... that won't do. I only have leftovers.
SilverAsh Hm? Did Ensia not go out to eat today?
Matterhorn When she heard that you'd be returning tonight, she decided to stay home.
SilverAsh I see. I'll try to get back a bit earlier tomorrow.
Matterhorn Understood. As for tonight...
SilverAsh It's fine. I don't mind if it's just Ensia's leftovers.
Matterhorn ...If you say so, Sir.
SilverAsh Now go.
<Background fades out and in>
[As SilverAsh had a dinner...]
Matterhorn Sir, this is all that's left over from tonight's dinner.
SilverAsh What a feast. You must've worked hard to make all this, Matterhorn.
Matterhorn It is my job as your retainer.
SilverAsh What happened to your hand?
Matterhorn I cut it earlier, when I accidentally broke a plate.
SilverAsh Go apply some medicine to it. It'll heal sooner that way.
Matterhorn I'll be sure to do that, Sir.
SilverAsh Are these... charbroiled short ribs? I haven't had this dish in a long time.
Matterhorn Would you like some? I made them just like you used to love when you were younger. Nothing's changed at all.
As soon as those words left his lips, Matterhorn felt SilverAsh's eyes sweep across him back and forth. He suddenly panics, as if SilverAsh's torch-like gaze had penetrated through to what he had hidden within himself.
SilverAsh That's alright. I'll just have a bowl of stew.
Matterhorn ...Right away, Sir.
SilverAsh (*takes a sip*) Very delicious. Your cooking is as spectacular as ever.
Matterhorn As long as it suits your tastes, Sir.
SilverAsh You even prepared some braised beastmeat, which has always been one of Ensia's favorites. No wonder there isn't much left.
Matterhorn Lady Ensia... waited for you a long time this afternoon. She has been very uneasy, wondering if you blamed her for what happened back then.
SilverAsh You've always paid particular attention to Ensia. But that's only natural, as she is the youngest of us.
[Matterhorn tries to say something to SilverAsh.]
Matterhorn Sir, I...
SilverAsh We can talk after I eat.
Inside the dining room, SilverAsh falls silent—only the soft sounds of chewing echo thorough the room. Matterhorn feels his throat twitch several times, but cannot produce even a single word.
Finally, SilverAsh sets down his cutlery and dabs the corners of his mouth with a napkin. Though his heart races, Matterhorn still lifts his head to look into SilverAsh's eyes.
SilverAsh How long have you been cooking this stew?
Matterhorn About a day.
SilverAsh A whole day. Only you have the patience to wait that long.
Matterhorn Sir, you exaggerate. These things cannot be rushed. Do so, and you will spoil its flavor.
SilverAsh What if you left it unattended over the flames and it boiled over?
Matterhorn If you simmer it carefully, it will not boil over.
SilverAsh True, but care alone is not enough to make the stew. When the time is right, you also have to snuff out the fire.
Matterhorn That is indeed true, Sir.
SilverAsh In other words, Matterhorn—
Matterhorn Sir?
SilverAsh Have you thought it over?
Matterhorn Sir... Indeed, I have.
SilverAsh Then... From now on, you no longer have to follow my orders.
Matterhorn ...Do you want me to watch over Lady Ensia full-time?
SilverAsh Indeed, she needs your protection right now more than I do.
Matterhorn I am always ready to serve you at a moment's notice, should you need me.
SilverAsh No, that won't be necessary. Not only must you watch over her full-time, you must do so with your full devotion.
Matterhorn I shall respect your wishes without hesitation. But I do not understand...
Sir... When did you make this decision?
SilverAsh When did we first meet, Matterhorn?
Matterhorn When you were still a baby.
SilverAsh It's been that long, huh...
Matterhorn The Yek family has served the clan for generations, and this is my duty as protector of your house.
SilverAsh Protector... Enya and Ensia both see you as family, you know. Do you still insist on calling yourself that?
Matterhorn I wouldn't dare overstep my bounds.
SilverAsh There is nothing to fear. I am stating fact, not posing a question.
All sorts of problems have been pressing down on us since my return from Victoria. I can see that you've endured your share of difficulties as well.
Matterhorn I apologize for causing you worry, but...
But your relationship with Enya and Ensia...
SilverAsh Say no more. I feel much more at ease with you protecting the two of them.
Matterhorn Sir, your subordinate apologizes for being unable to help shoulder your burdens.
SilverAsh Matterhorn... no matter what happens, you must protect my sisters.
Matterhorn I will stand by their sides, even if it costs me my life.
SilverAsh I'll hold you to that.
But for now, leave me. I need to rest.
Matterhorn Yessir.
[SilverAsh leaves to his room, but he turned to Matterhorn as he walks...]
SilverAsh Matterhorn—
[...who answers his call and comes to his side.]
Matterhorn Did you need something?
SilverAsh No, it's just... Thank you, for all these years... For being here.
Matterhorn Master...
Please get some rest. You've been working too hard.
[SilverAsh leaves.]