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Before operation

The Doctor's plan succeeds in confounding the Silverash side.
Ensia reaches the foot of Mt. Karlan without a hitch and begins to climb, while Degenbrecher is intercepted by Sharp, the two prepared to battle at the drop of a pin.
<Background 1>
Monch Sir, I've searched the woodlands around the perimeter of the Paleroche clan and found no signs of mobilization.
Gnosis Keep looking.
Monch Yessir.
[Monch runs off as Weiss reports in to Gnosis.]
Weiss Gnosis, we've got an issue.
Gulo split from the Doctor's forces and led a team around Mount Karlan, breaking through the pass and occupying the station there!
Gnosis What?!
Weiss Right now, Gulo is driving everyone out of the station, and another team is heading for Klin.
Monch That's where Yucatan is being held... Is this a rescue operation?
Gnosis Impossible. They're being far too inefficient for that. There must be another motive.
Monch, based on the route you saw them taking, where do you think the Doctor is headed?
Monch ...They chose a route that could lead either to Mount Karlan or to the pass.
Weiss Oh... Could the Doctor intend to bypass Mount Karlan to directly attack our territory?
Gnosis I should've warned you about this possibility.
No, I was caught off guard myself. I should've stationed more troops at the pass.
Weiss The Doctor...
Gnosis But, Arctosz still hasn't shown himself, and we cannot say for sure what their true objective is...
Grr, I'll have Valais head to the station to deal with Gulo, then Weiss will go to Klin.
Have a portion of the troops stationed at the base of the mountain go defend the pass and prevent the Doctor's forces from breaking through to our territory.
Weiss Understood.
<Background 2A>
Paleroche Clan Warrior General, we've already taken control of the station. Why are we still waiting here?
The Doctor told us to avoid hurting anyone, but I didn't hear anything about not smashing the place up. This station is a symbol of Silverash treachery.
Gulo Calm down. We'll see when the next train arrives––
Grr... When's the thing supposed to arrive anyway? Let me see the note the Doctor left me...
Okay, that sounds about right.
[A train approaches the station and boarded by the Paleroche clan's warriors under Gulo as it arrives, spooking the passengers.]
Kjerag Merchant A Huh?! What's going on here?!
Gulo This station now belongs to Gulo of the Paleroche clan! Get out of here, if you value your life!
Kjerag Merchant B Why is the Paleroche clan here?!
Kjerag Merchant A And it's none other than the terrible Gulo! Did the Paleroches declare war?!
Kjerag Merchant B Ugh... I'm too young to die! Run!
Gulo That's right! Run, faster!
[The passengers evacuate the train as Ensia joins in.]
Ensia ......
Umm... General Gulo, thanks for bringing me along.
Gulo Hmph. I would want nothing to do with a Silverash daughter, if not for the fact that the Doctor told me you were helping.
You really aren't in cahoots with that brother of yours?
Ensia I'm here to stop him.
Gulo ...I don't trust you, but I do trust the Doctor. The one called Sharp told me to trust in the victory the Doctor would bring.
Alright. Didn't you say you had to make your way up the mountain? Off with you.
After you go, I'll have to halt the railroad... to do what again? Oh, right, gotta stop things from running so that Silverash reinforcements don't show up too quickly.
Ensia Well, thanks anyway, General Gulo!
[Ensia runs off to do her part.]
Gulo These people make no sense to me at all.
Whatever. I have my own things to do anyway.
<Background 3>
[Sciurus approaches the shed where Yucatan is held captive.]
Sciurus Hmph, that musclehead might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he certainly does know how to fight.
He should be fine holding down the station.
Next up is... Dammit, my ass..
Browntail Clan Warrior A Madame, why don't you get off the burdenbeast and rest for a bit? The rest of us can handle things.
Sciurus Hmph. I don't have the luxury for that right now.
Our task is much more difficult than Gulo's.
In addition to rescuing Yucatan, we also have to take as much of Klin as we can.
Until the Doctor wins over on the other end, we have to draw the Silverashes' attention.
Browntail Clan Warrior A Madame, can we really hold out against those numbers with the forces we have here? Are you sure this Doctor isn't just using us as fodder?
Browntail Clan Warrior B That's right, the Matriarch...
Sciurus Shut it.
Listen, Ratatos is sick and tired of carrying this clan on her back, so she's trusting this to me.
We're at a do or die moment for the house of Browntail. If we succeed, the Browntail clan might just have a future. If we fail, we're all changing our names to Silverash.
I don't care what Enciodes is trying to do or what he wants Kjerag to be, but us Browntails will never be anyone's fodder.
If you're that eager to get a new name, then you can leave now. But if being a Browntail means anything to you, then come with me!
Browntail Clan Warrior A (I've never seen Sciurus so charismatic before...)
Browntail Clan Warrior B (I didn't know Sciurus had such a talent for speeches...)
Browntail Clan Warrior C (I think she really is speaking her mind. She's just never been given a chance before.)
Sciurus What are you mumbling about over there?!
Browntail Clan Warrior A (Even though I heard that the Matriarch herself was planning on surrendering, if Sciurus isn't willing to give up, then...)
Browntail Clan Warrior B (It would be really shameful for us to raise the white flag.)
Browntail Clan Warrior C (That's right. And to be honest, I find it hard to believe that the Matriarch would do something like that...)
Sciurus You're still not done? If you don't like it here, then beat it!
Browntail Clan Warriors We fight for the house of Browntail!
Sciurus Hmph, that's more like it.
<Background 2A>
Ensia Alright, I'll handle the rest.
Aurora Are you serious about this?
Ensia Don't worry. I'm a bona-fide pro.
Aurora You'd better not die on us.
I'll be waiting for the good news.
[Aurora leaves.]
Ensia As much as I've trained, it's been a long time since I've done any real mountaineering. Not since I came to Rhodes Island for treatment.
This sure is getting my blood pumping, haha...
Wait for me, sis. I'm coming for you.
Ensia remembers how when she was a child, she always loved bringing her sister along to her climbs.
Though she was physically fit, she'd always give up halfway through.
Her favorite thing to do was to curl up on the sofa by the fire, knitting something for herself or her brother, or just napping.
"My sister probably doesn't like the mountains." That's what Ensia thought.
But in the end, after becoming the Saintess, she was bound atop the mountain.
Ensia always had a dream – that one day, she would save her sister from the mountain.
[Ensia starts her ascent to the peak of Mt. Karlan.]
<Background fades out and in>
[Gulo and his Paleroche warriors dismantle the train rails.]
Paleroche Clan Warrior General, this railway should be useless now, right?
Gulo No clue. But it probably isn't gonna work anymore.
But who gives a shit. The other job the Doctor gave us was to start some chaos in Silverash territory, the bigger the better.
Since we've already messed this place up pretty good, let's go somewhere else––
[Valais shows up.]
Gulo ...Huh?
You sure took your sweet time, Valais.
Valais Gulo, what exactly is the Doctor after?
Gulo The sentimental side of me actually wants to tell you.
But, honestly, I got no clue what the Doctor is trying to do either, hahaha!
But what I do know is, I'm here to make enough trouble to give Enciodes a tough time!
Valais Gulo, I'd prefer not to humiliate you.
Or any of the excellent warriors of the Paleroche clan.
So lay down your arms. You have no chance of winning.
Gulo Valais, I know you've got some bad blood, and I'm not good at comforting people.
I also know that there's nothing I can do to bring back what you've lost.
But I'm happy to rumble with you. Let you blow off your steam.
Valais ......
<Background fades out and in>
[As the snow grows heavier, Ensia continues her ascent.]
Ensia Phew... That should be it for the first checkpoint.
Ah... If I remember right, this trail was part of the trial to become a Saintess.
Ensia remembers, the night before the selection of the Saintess, her sister had some kind of fight with her brother.
That night, she sat alone on the sofa in the living room until the sun came up.
She still remembered telling her sister that if not for the fact that she was too young, she would've joined the Saintess selection process herself. Her sister smacked her upside the head.
Her sister was quite strong.
But never did she expect that this would be the last time her sister would smack her around.
<Background 2B>
[Leading the Paleroche army, Arctosz notices the snow growing heavier.]
Arctosz ......
Paleroche Clan Officer Sir, it's starting to snow.
Arctosz A good opportunity.
Kjeragandr smiles upon us, by the look of things.
Paleroche Clan Officer Though it took a lot of extra time to make our way to the Holy Hunt, it was well worth it.
Arctosz How's the situation at the foot of the mountain?
Paleroche Clan Officer It seems like the Doctor was able to divert their attention. The forces stationed there were far fewer than we expected.
Arctosz Haha, good! Very good! The Doctor is quite capable!
Still, we can't afford to bring shame to the Paleroche name.
Warriors, now that our time is nigh, we need no longer conceal ourselves.
Forget the Silverashes! Follow me – we'll rush up the mountain and rescue the Saintess!
Paleroche Clan Warriors Yessir!
<Background fades out and in>
Ensia Why'd it have to start snowing now...?
Old Kjeragandr really has a dry sense of humor.
Or, maybe this is a test for me, as the sister of the Saintess?
Well, whatever.
A bit of wind and snow can't hold me back!
You can do this, Ensia! You weren't just talking big in front of Aurora! You've got this!
Ensia's Ascent to Mount Karlan.png
[Undeterred by the blizzard, Ensia continues to climb Mt. Karlan...]
It was hard to send letters back to Kjerag from Rhodes Island.
Usually, she would only get the opportunity when Courier showed up.
[...and even as the mountain rumbles...]
Each time he visited, she always felt conflicted.
Fortunately, Courier would bring a letter from her sister.
Unfortunately, Courier and Matterhorn would always treat her like a kid, as if she couldn't see the sadness on their faces.
She is also a child of the Silverash family. She read the books left behind by her parents and knew of the vision they had for Kjerag. She also got good grades in Hypatia's class!
[...she keeps going.]
Of course she knew.
What she did not know is... Did things have to turn out like this?
If so, then why her family?
<Background 1>
Monch Sir, troops led by Arctosz suddenly appeared at the foot of the mountain and broke through the defensive line!
Gnosis Grr... Where'd they come from?
Monch I'm afraid they entered the site of the Holy Hunt, so our men were unable to track them down...
Gnosis And our forces stationed there couldn't stop them?
Monch A portion of the forces were split off to defend the pass, plus it suddenly started snowing, and morale was low to begin with. Since their goal was to break through the line...
Gnosis ......
[Enciodes enters the room.]
Enciodes You've been outplayed, Gnosis.
Gnosis ......
Enciodes You made the right call. They care only about Mount Karlan and the Saintess. Everything else is secondary to that.
Gnosis Did you come back only to mock me?
Enciodes No, I would've hesitated too, in your position.
Just as you used your longstanding reputation within Karlan Trade to put on a play of half-truths...
Our lack of familiarity with the Doctor worked to that one's advantage – no shortage of tricks up those mysterious sleeves.
You may believe that the Doctor has designs on Kjerag, but from my perspective, I don't necessarily think that the Saintess is the only objective.
Of course, the Doctor could not be sure that we would see things this way, and that was the wager.
That you'd see the Doctor's actions around the pass as a move against Kjerag.
The Doctor only required that you be sufficiently concerned about this possibility to send your troops to assuage those concerns.
As such, the Doctor won the bet.
Gnosis Enciodes, your arrogance is truly loathsome. To wax admiringly about the actions of your enemy at a time like this.
This is not a game, and we cannot afford to fail.
Enciodes I am not a fan of failure, Gnosis.
I've already sent Degenbrecher.
Gnosis To intercept Arctosz?
Enciodes No... Why do you think the Doctor chose a route that could lead either to Mount Karlan or the pass?
Gnosis You're saying that Arctosz's forces are a ruse.
From the very beginning, the Doctor's forces were both the bait and the main force.
No wonder why they were moving so slowly. They were waiting.
Enciodes That's right. And, if I'm not mistaken, this is when they will start making their move.
If the Doctor is allowed to group with Arctosz, then there would be real trouble.
Ensia's Ascent to Mount Karlan.png
[Ensia continues her ascent.]
Ensia already knows.
She knows her wish cannot come true.
She cannot save her sister from the mountain.
She also cannot mend the relationship between her two siblings.
How could she have no idea as to what her brother seeks to accomplish?
How could she not see that the rift between the two was only growing wider and wider?
But what can she do?
She doesn't like to cry, to vent her frustrations to others, or to give up.
All she can do is wedge the climbing pick in her hand into the rock above her head, and momentarily forget some of her troubles as she overlooks the scenery from atop the mountain.
Drifting snow strikes her face, leaving traces that look like streaks of tears.
<Background 2B>
Paleroche Clan Warrior Doctor, Master Arctosz has begun to move.
We've also heard that the Silverashes are reinforcing the pass.
So far, everything is proceeding as you have planned.
Doctor? ......
[Degenbrecher shows up alongside a squad of Tschäggättäs.]
Paleroche Clan Warrior So she's here.
Degenbrecher This is as far as you go, Rhodes Islander.
Doctor? ......
Degenbrecher Hm?
I remember your codename. You're Sharp.
[The "Doctor" reveal themselves to be Sharp...]
Sharp Lucky the Doctor brought some spare clothes.
[...as he confronts the Black Knight.]
Degenbrecher So that's what's going on. This entire army is both the genuine article and also a decoy.
Sharp To be precise, this plan was specially tailored to you.
The Doctor had to plan for a contingency that included a woman strong enough to tear any plan to shreds.
Degenbrecher I am not Enciodes. The admiration and respect of my enemies mean nothing to me.
The only thing I need of my enemies is for them to be strewn across the ground.
Sharp Then you're in luck. You've got a whole army of opponents right in front of you.
Degenbrecher You're the only one in this crowd worthy of being my opponent.
Degenbrecher shakes her head, sighing as if offering an immutable truth within her opinion.
Sharp looks at the woman before him, and for some reason, is reminded of his friend Stormeye, a fellow elite operator.
Stormeye would've been very happy to face an opponent like her.
But to him, whether mingling with the army here, or dealing with Degenbrecher, all of this is just a part of the job.
Sharp It's a shame, an enemy's respect doesn't do much for me either.
Degenbrecher I dislike glory, but you don't seem to care about it at all.
Sharp Nothing personal. It's just business.
Degenbrecher Just business?
Sharp Doing business requires professionalism. Only an amateur would bring personal feelings to the job.
There's nothing worth bragging about when it comes to my combat abilities. It's just one of my tools to get the job done.
Degenbrecher Hahaha, I like the way you think.
I've always despised self-righteous challengers, pumped up on their skills or ideals.
And, without exception, I crushed them all underfoot.
Sharp I have heard of your feats as The Black Knight.
A Leithanian who cannot use Arts, rendering all dignity and pride worthless before your greatsword.
Where is that greatsword, by the way?
Degenbrecher Waving something like that around in this unsophisticated place would only scare the natives, so I decided to switch weapons.
Not that it matters what I use, though.
Degenbrecher flourishes the blade in her hand, and in the blink of an eye, the wind and snow itself seem to cleave in two.
Sharp As for me, I was promised victory.
Sharp bends forward slightly, placing his hand on the hilt of the standard-issue knife at his waist.
Degenbrecher notices a familiar scent from him.
Back when she was in Kazimierz, only a few people gave off this same scent.
The scent of war.
[Degenbrecher the Black Knight and Sharp the R.I. specialist operator clashes against each other in an intense duel.]

After operation

The multiple fighting fronts are lit like wildfire, and just as battle seems inevitable, the Saintess Enya elects to descend, quelling the conflict.
<Background 2B>
[The duel between Degenbrecher and Sharp continues, with the Black Knight gaining the upper hand...]
Degenbrecher Do you come from the Court of Sargon?
Sharp That was my previous employment.
Never thought you'd be able to identify Sargon swordsmanship.
[...and she struck him down, bringing him to his knees.]
Degenbrecher I have little interest in Arts. But when it comes to weaponry, I couldn't forget anything, even if I wanted to.
Sharp No wonder they called The Black Knight a natural-born warrior.
Degenbrecher Natural-born?
Do you know how long it took to go from "a Leithanian who can't use Arts" to "a natural-born warrior?"
[Degenbrecher continues going on the offensive as Sharp blocks her attacks with his shield, until...]
The shield in Sharp's hand reveals a crack.
Though there are several wounds on Degenbrecher's body, she seems not to notice them.
Sharp Do you have no sense of pain?
Degenbrecher If growing up, the only waking sensation you knew was pain, then you too would be used to it.
How about you? How many times have you danced with death?
Sharp Everyone I knew who even thought of counting didn't survive long in battle.
[The two continues clashing their swords with each other.]
Sharp I heard that The Black Knight, despite being a three-time champion, was exiled from Kazimierz and hunted for refusing to work with the General Chamber of Commerce, eventually disappearing beyond Kazimierz's borders.
Degenbrecher So?
[Degenbrecher strikes Sharp, who blocked it with his shield.]
Sharp Once a symbol of refusal to bow to authority, now a conspirator's bodyguard taking part in the usurpation of a country.
I don't pass any moral judgments. I just can't help but to feel a bit let down.
Degenbrecher I thought a Rhodes Islander of all people would understand Enciodes's ideas.
Sharp Understanding is one thing. Acceptance is another.
Actually, I think the Doctor understands Enciodes well.
Degenbrecher I'm not going to defend Enciodes or myself. It's too much of a hassle, and also unnecessary.
See for yourself what he wants with your own eyes – if you survive, that is.
<Background 4>
After a great many struggles, Ensia finally reaches the edge of the cliff. She can scale it easily, but the sound of a nearby conversation makes her freeze.
Silverash Clan Warrior A Everything's gone to shit down there, and everything's gone to shit up here too.
Silverash Clan Warrior B Yeah. I can't believe the Great Elder went down like that, and now Arctosz is rampaging his way up here.
Silverash Clan Warrior A I was under the assumption that the worst was over, but now I have no idea what's going to happen next.
Silverash Clan Warrior B I didn't really think there'd be peace anyway, but now that things have gone south, I feel a little guilty.
Silverash Clan Warrior A Guilty? Why?
Silverash Clan Warrior B Since we entered the Vine-Bear Court, the Lady–– Err, the Saintess, has clearly taken the reins.
Since the Great Elder collapsed, the entire Vine-Bear Court has fallen in line with the Saintess.
And below the mountain, Sir Enciodes has taken complete control.
Silverash Clan Warrior A ......
When you put it that way, it all makes sense, huh. The Saintess controls the mountain, and Sir Enciodes controls everything below.
Silverash Clan Warrior B Borrowing your words, I have no idea what's going to happen next.
Silverash Clan Warrior A We're just underlings anyway. There's no point thinking too hard about it.
Silverash Clan Warrior B Yeah, you're right. Why even bother?
Let's make two more rounds. Maybe we'll get called down the mountain by then.
[The Silverash warriors leave as Ensia climb up.]
Ensia Sis...
<Background 5>
[The sound of a burning building is heard.]
Silverash Clan Warrior C Hey! What's that?!
Silverash Clan Warrior D The granary is on fire!
Silverash Clan Warrior C What?! Someone go put it out, hurry!
[The warriors rushed off to put out the fire as Sciurus reveal herself.]
Sciurus Heh, piece of cake.
Browntail Clan Warrior Madame, you certainly have a unique way of doing things, though that's to be expected...
Sciurus The hell are you trying to say?!
Browntail Clan Warrior N-Nothing, it was a compliment.
Sciurus Hmph. I'll pay for them to rebuild the granary after we're all done here, but for now, we're on urgent business!
Stop dragging your feet! The fire's got their attention, so go rescue Yucatan! The place is right ahead!
Browntail Clan Warrior Yes, Madame!
<Background 4>
Enya ...Kjarr.
Kjarr I'm here, Saintess.
Enya During the ceremony, I recall that when I happened to spot you in the crowd, there was a hooded figure next to you.
Kjarr That's right.
Enya I've heard that this person is a guest from Rhodes Island invited by Enciodes. A guest known as the Doctor.
But now, that individual stands with Arctosz, fighting against Enciodes.
Kjarr ...Nothing escapes you, Saintess.
Enya How did you come to know this person?
Kjarr By chance, when I was heading down the mountain to deliver your letter.
Enya ...I'll take your word for it then.
Kjarr Why did this question suddenly grip your thoughts?
Enya ......
I would like to meet this person.
Kjarr Huh?
Enya Though I don't know exactly why, the Doctor stands in direct opposition to Enciodes.
I want to know exactly why.
Kjarr ......
Enya I no longer doubt what I must do, but I am afraid that I made up my mind too late.
There are some things I must fight for.
Kjarr About that... You needn't worry yourself.
Enya Why not?
Kjarr Because the Doctor's emissary is right behind you.
Enya Huh?!
[Enya turns back to see her sister Ensia who were there all along.]
Ensia Sis!
Enya Ensia... I suppose I've finally started hallucinating.
Ensia Snap out of it, sis! You're not hallucinating! It's me, your sister, Ensia!
Enya What?! Ensia, is that really you?
Ensia It is! Here, come touch me if you don't believe it.
Enya ......!
Enya wants to reach out with her shaking hands to feel Ensia.
She fears that the sister who suddenly appeared before her is an illusion.
But before she has a chance to do so, Ensia has already plunged into her arms.
She knows right away, without a shadow of a doubt, that the woman embracing her is her dearest little sister.
Enya ......
It's you, Ensia... It really is you...
Ensia I've missed you so much.
Enya I've missed you too.
Have you been well?
What of your illness?
What kind of place is this Rhodes Island?
Ensia You're so silly. You already asked all these things in your letters.
I have to tell you...
<Background 2B>
[The duel between Degenbrecher and Sharp continues.]
Sharp takes a few steps back with a shallow breath.
He has fought many opponents throughout his career, and has also learned from – or at least watched – many formidable fighters at Rhodes Island.
But he has to admit – he has never faced anyone like Degenbrecher before. Or rather, an opponent as pure and simple as Degenbrecher.
She has speed and strength, qualities that every warrior should possess.
Degenbrecher has nothing more, but clearly needs nothing more.
Why would anyone need anything more than incredible speed and strength?
Fortunately... Sharp became an elite operator because he also possesses these two things.
Sharp ......
Degenbrecher ......
Sharp You have a lot of trust in Enciodes.
Degenbrecher What makes you say that?
Sharp Few people have the capacity to do this for money.
And besides, you are not a person who can be won over with money.
Degenbrecher What about you? You said this is just business, but what you've done goes well beyond duty.
Sharp I assure you, the work I do is the work I like.
Degenbrecher ...I didn't like Kazimierz. Too chaotic, and the people are too loud.
I thought I wouldn't like Kjerag either.
But Kjerag isn't too bad.
Sharp That's a fair reason. Having a nice place to retire is important.
As if reaching a tacit agreement, the two sides take a few steps back.
They both realize that their previous moves achieved nothing toward the goal of eliminating the opponent.
They would have to tap into more of their power.
Degenbrecher casts her sword aside, and pulls the swordbreakers from her waist.
Sharp likewise discards his shield and holds his knife with both hands.
An evergreen tree branch buckles under the weight of the snow with a crackling sound.
In the same instant, Sharp and Degenbrecher both vanish from where they were just a second ago.
<Background 4>
Enya Honestly, what am I going to do with you?
You actually managed to sneak past everyone and climb all the way up from the foot of the mountain.
Ensia Heheh, it was the only way for me to see you.
Enya You were just saying a certain "the Doctor" sent you up here?
To what end?
Ensia The Doctor told me I should stay by your side, protect you when you need it, or help you escape.
Enya When I need it?
Ensia Yeah, like if our brother tries to do something bad to you.
Enya ......
Ensia I...
Okay, this is what I think.
He has his ideas, and I can't stop him.
But if those ideas end up putting you in danger...
I'll put my life on the line to stop him.
Enya suddenly understands why the Doctor sent her sister to her side.
For protection. For a way out. These are the two reasons told to Ensia.
But the Doctor also knows about her ideals, as well as the fact that being able to see her sister would be inherently meaningful.
Have Ensia protect her?
Have Ensia help her escape?
No, quite the opposite.
She is the one who should protect Ensia.
She is the one who should help Ensia escape.
She is the one –– who should be fighting.
Enya Ensia, I see you're still wearing the bracelet I made for you.
Ensia Of course. And I'll keep wearing it.
Enya I'll find the time to make a new one for you.
Ensia Really?!
Enya Mmhmm.
So, Ensia...
Ensia Yeah?
Enya Do you want to do a little favor for me?
Ensia A favor?
Enya Come with me.
<Background 1>
Yucatan ......
(It's awfully quiet outside, but there should still be two guards.)
(The window... If I don't want them to see me from this angle, I have to lead the guards away first.)
(The patrol route... They pass through this area five times a day, and should be coming around soon.)
[Yucatan gets close to the door and looked at it...]
Yucatan (No, I can't force open the lock... But if I can pick it...)
(...Then there might still be a chance.)
[...as footsteps can be heard from behind it.]
Young Guard Sir Enciodes... This time I swear...
Yucatan (––They're coming!)
Young Guard The conflict... three clans seems inevitable, but...
Older Guard ...Browntail clan's... burning... Sciurus...
Yucatan (Sciurus...?!)
(Why did they mention Rus? Did something happen to her?!)
(Dammit, I'm still too far away... I can't hear clearly.)
(No, she can handle herself. I have to find a way out of here first, then find Sciurus and the Matriarch...)
Silverash Clan Warrior Halt, who are you people?!
[The Silverash warrior is attacked...]
Silverash Clan Warrior Stop them right now–– Guh...
Yucatan –––?!
(There's a commotion coming from the entrance... What happened?)
[...as someone breaks the door open, who turned out to be Sciurus.]
Sciurus Yucatan, are you alright?!
Yucatan Rus?! What are you doing here?
Sciurus Huh? Are you dumb? I'm here for you, obviously!
Everyone else is so worthless, I had to rescue you myself!
Yucatan But, it's too dangerous!
Rus, how many did you bring with you? Y-You didn't have to come yourself, you know. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you!
Sciurus ......
Say one more word and I'm going to beat the crap out of you.
Yucatan Umm...
Sciurus Shut up! Think about what you'd do for me. I'll do just the same for you!
And you'd better not forget it!
Also, you're not allowed to abandon me ever again.
Yucatan Rus...
You know I'd never do that.
Sciurus Hmph! Of course I know!
Alright, the fact that you're okay is a huge load off my shoulders... Now, I have something else to take care of. I promised Ratatos I'd finish another job after I save you.
Yucatan A job?
Browntail Clan Warrior Madame Sciurus, Weiss of the Silverash clan is moving to intercept us!
Sciurus Right on schedule. I'll tell you the details later, but our job is to cause some trouble for those Silverash bastards.
And... there's someone else I want to talk to. But that comes later!
Things aren't looking too good, and Weiss won't go down easy... But we're in this together. Right, Yucatan?
Yucatan ......
Of course. I'll be there for you as long as you need me.
<Background 6>
Matterhorn Close in on them!
Don't let Arctosz up the mountain path!
[The Paleroches stood guard as the Silverashes charge at them.]
Paleroche Clan Warrior Sir, we're about to be completely encircled!
Arctosz Hmph... I suppose this is as far as we could get just charging through.
Matterhorn Please lay down your arms, Arctosz.
Arctosz Child of Yek, I don't know what Enciodes offered you to make you so infatuated with him.
The Yek family is prominent in Paleroche lands.
Yet you still chose to help Enciodes usurp Kjerag!
[Arctosz strikes Matterhorn, who blocks it with his shield.]
Matterhorn ......
Arctosz Lay down my arms?
Matterhorn Arrest Arctosz... But try to take him alive.
[A squad of Tschäggättä moves in to seize Arctosz at Matterhorn's command.]
Tschäggättä ......
Arctosz Come at me, Silverash scum! Who's brave enough to face me?!
Tschäggättä ......?!
[Suddenly one of the Tschäggättäs are attacked from behind and collapses, revealing the attacker to be Aurora.]
Matterhorn ...Aurora?!
Does that mean––
Doctor Looks like I caught up to you. / Hey. / (Tug on the brim of your hood)
Matterhorn Doctor––?!
Don't tell me, Degenbrecher...
Arctosz Ah, Doctor, it's about damned time!
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor The snow delayed things a bit.
Arctosz Haha, Kjerag's snow is a challenge for outsiders like you.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor Avoiding Silverash eyes and ears took time.
Arctosz No worries. All that matters is that you're here!
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Arctosz Heh, now that reinforcements are here, nothing can stop us!
[Enciodes shows up before Arctosz and the Doctor.]
Enciodes Isn't it too early to celebrate, Arctosz?
Arctosz Enciodes!
Enciodes Long time no see, Doctor.
Doctor "Long time no see" indeed. / Has it really been that long? / So, you're finally willing to meet me.
Enciodes Though there's a lot I want to talk to you about, now is not the time, unfortunately.
Arctosz Just you wait, Enciodes. I'll break through your encirclement, rescue the Saintess, and prove to all of Kjerag that you're the real traitor!
Enciodes I’m looking forward to it.
A Cold War.png
Arctosz Warriors, what has been the house of Paleroche's duty since the beginning of time?
"Defend Kjerag from foreign enemies, and protect the peace of the land!"
Arctosz Now, Enciodes seeks to work against the Saintess and use her as his tool.
Can we, the hosue[sic] of Paleroche, accept that?
"No! No! Absolutely not!!!"
Arctosz Reinforcements have arrived. Follow me up Mount Karlan, topple Enciodes, and rescue the Saintess!
"Topple Enciodes, rescue the Saintess!"
"Topple Enciodes, rescue the Saintess!!"
"Topple Enciodes, rescue the Saintess!!!"
[The Paleroches let out a war cry.]
<Background 4>
Tschäggättä ......
Silverash Clan Warrior Saintess, what are you doing?!
Enya I'm heading down the mountain.
Silverash Clan Warrior Sir Enciodes said––
Enya Since when do I need Enciodes's consent to do things?
"Ding ding", "ding ding", "ding ding––"
An otherworldly bell sounds throughout the court.
The next moment, everyone present except Ensia falls to the ground.
Ensia Wow... incredible...
Enya Kjarr, Kjarr.
Kjarr Saintess, how did you know I was here?
Enya I can guess where a clever girl hides.
I need to make a trip down the mountain, so please look after things here.
Kjarr Oh, are you leaving the hard work to me?
Enya There are even more troublesome things waiting for me.
Kjarr If that's the case, I suppose I can't object.
<Background 2B>
[Kjarr – who were actually Kjeragandr, the matron goddess of Kjerag Herself – watch things unfold from Mt. Karlan.]
Kjarr ......
In fact, during each Saintess selection, I'd dress up as a maid and secretly observe the girls being tested.
You were the sixth one that year.
I didn't have very high expectations for you, at first, since the Saintesses have been more and more boring as of late.
They may have been strong of body, but none of them were sufficiently strong of will and all ended up puppets of the Elders.
I sometimes wonder if this is because Kjerag is too closed-off. They, and the people of this country too, stagnated.
But you're different.
You're very interesting, Enya.
You didn't come here because you wanted to be the Saintess, but because of your anger and disappointment.
You faced the unforgiving elements on the trail up the mountain, you refused to give up even when your body had reached its limits, the thing on your mind...
Was not becoming a Saintess, or becoming an envoy of Kjeragandr. Rather, you were thinking about how best to serve the Kjerag people.
You thought about how disappointed you were in your brother, how disgusted you were with the other two clans, and the rage you felt at becoming the Saintess.
But the real surprise was your attitude towards Kjerag.
Or more accurately, the surprise that your family brought me.
Your brother gave me his answer sheet very early on.
And you have been searching for your own answers this entire time.
Over the years, you've endured the indifference with which the Saintess is treated in the Vine-Bear Court, while actively searching for a way to help the people. These things have become your nourishment.
And now, all that nourishment has transformed into your strength. You have not lost yourself amidst the turmoil, and you have made your choice.
Congratulations, my child, my envoy, my friend, my sister.
Forgive me for not being able to guide you. I rashly branded this land with my mark, and still regret it to this day.
But at least, allow me to add some color to your journey.
Above the silent passageway, Kjarr smiles and gently pats her hands together.
"Clap, clap."
After which, everything changes.
<Background 5>
[Gulo and Valais dueled each other, with the Caprinae hitting the Anaty with her Arts...]
Gulo Just a scratch!
[...but he shrugs it off and landed a clean hit on her.]
Valais Ugh...
Gulo Valais, I'm not sure if Master Arctosz wronged you in some way––
[Gulo strikes Valais again, who narrowly dodged it...]
Gulo But Enciodes isn't exactly a saint himself!
Valais I already told you.
[...as she countered the attack, putting the two into a deadlock...]
Valais Kjerag needs change.
This is also so that excellent warriors like yourself will no longer make sacrifices in vain!
[...that is broken when Gulo pushes off Valais.]
Gulo Don't force my hand, Valais.
Valais That's my line, Gulo.
The two of them take a step back and assume a solid stance.
They know that today, one of them must fall.
[Suddenly Gulo and Valais noticed something happening at Mt. Karlan.]
Gulo What's that?
Valais The dark cloud... cleared?
<Background 3>
[Weiss tried to stop Yucatan from escaping, but the Zalak proved to be more of a match for the Itra.]
Yucatan ......
Weiss Gah... What a stubborn one. I underestimated you.
But, even if you manage to defeat us here, it won't make any difference.
You cannot stop the Master.
Yucatan Like I care.
The Matriarch... Ratatos always had her own ideas about Kjerag.
She also wants people to move forward and hopes that everyone can have a better future.
Except, she doesn't have the power.
And so, she became Ratatos the schemer, as you people call her.
Maybe to you, my sister is just a bump in the road.
But to me, she'll always be my beloved sister!
Sciurus Yucatan...
Weiss ......
We don't hold any personal grudges against you. As long as you're willing to lay down your arms, we guarantee your safety.
Yucatan I'm not going to let Rus and I become bargaining chips for Enciodes to use against the Matriarch.
Weiss of the Silverash clan, step aside, or I will kill you.
Weiss The same goes for you, Yucatan of the Browntail clan.
You must remain here.
Sciurus You can do it, Yucatan!
[Suddenly Sciurus noticed something happening on Mt. Karlan.]
Sciurus Huh...?
Look, Mount Karlan! Are those dark clouds clearing up?!
<Background 2B>
Sharp turns and watches Degenbrecher slowly return her swordbreakers to her waist.
Around them, trees lie snapped in twain and rocks shattered as if a Catastrophe swept through the land.
He doesn't notice his knife slipping, because he has already lost feeling in his right hand.
He has lost.
Degenbrecher Best not overuse your right hand for the next three months.
Sharp Thanks for the tip. Looks like it's time to take a brief medical leave.
Degenbrecher You don't seem very upset about it.
Sharp The outcome of our fight here doesn't change anything.
I kept you occupied here until now, so I've done my job. The others will handle the rest.
Now that my job's done, it's time to clock out.
Degenbrecher Is your job that important to you?
Sharp Maintaining professionalism is very important to me.
Finding a good employer isn't easy, so I do happen to care about this job.
What about you? You knew from the beginning that I was here to waste your time. You don't look that upset about it.
Degenbrecher ......
Call it a bit of curiosity. Even if you managed to delay me here, what exactly can you accomplish?
Sharp Looks like, Enciodes's bodyguards are good for doing more than just his dirty work.
People only know that Enciodes bought The Black Knight. They don't know the Black Knight also approves of Enciodes.
You and Enciodes are both prideful.
Degenbrecher ...I'll remember your name, Sharp.
Sharp You don't have to remember my name, but you would do well to remember the Doctor's.
Degenbrecher Hm?
Sharp What's going on at Mount Karlan?
<Background fades out and in>
[All of a sudden, the Paleroches and Silverashes stand down before a battle breaks out.]
Arctosz ......
Enciodes ......
Arctosz Soldiers, in formation.
Paleroche Clan Warriors Yessir!
Enciodes All forces––
Tschäggättä —!
Silverash Clan Warriors ......!
[Sounds of a bell ringing are heard...]
Enciodes –––?!
Arctosz What happened?
[...as the skies clear up and Enya revealed herself to be the one ringing the bell, her presence managed to prevent a civil war between the Kjeragians.]
The Saintess Descends.png
Time seems to stand still in this moment.
Only the Saintess's footsteps reverberate through the mountains.
The wind and snow already gave way, at some unknown time.
The dark clouds overhead seem to part before her path, slowly spreading to both sides.
The light filtering through the clouds shines upon the Saintess, and for a second, the people see her descending from the sky itself.
But this is no illusion.
A miracle...
It's a miracle.
It's a miracle!!!
In this moment, only one thought remains in the hearts of the warriors.
And that is –– to offer their staunchest devotion to the Saintess.
<Background 1>
Servant Kjarr.
Kjarr Go. I will attend to the Great Elder.
Servant Of course.
Great Elder ......
Kjarr Come to think of it, even though the great hall has been repaired several times, it may not be much younger than Her.
The same goes for the title of Great Elder.
Great Elder ......
Kjarr No one would deny that the existence of the Vine-Bear Court has allowed Kjerag to remain united all these years.
But what was correct in the past may no longer be correct.
If you cannot adapt to the changing times, then no matter how strong you are, you are fated to be cast aside.
Kjerag should not suffer that fate. At least, that is what some people hope.
Sweet dreams, Great Elder.
You've done well. You've all done well.
<Background 2A>
Valais ...How?
Gulo ...What is THAT?
Is that... a miracle...?
<Background 3>
Weiss What's going on at Mount Karlan?
All forces, pull back.
[Weiss and the Silverashes withdraw.]
Sciurus What... just happened?
Yucatan Can it be... a miracle from Kjeragandr?
<Background fades out and in>
Ratatos ......
What will happen to Kjerag now...?
<Background 2A>
Degenbrecher Hurts my eyes.
You've got me wondering now. Is this also a part of your Doctor's plans?
Sharp I don't know myself.
To be honest, if this was a part of the Doctor's plans, or even an anticipated possibility...
Even if some operators act like the Doctor is omnipotent, I think this would be a bridge too far.
Degenbrecher ......
<Background fades out and in>
Ensia Enya, I'm scared...
Enya Don't be, Ensia.
I will protect you.
I... will protect Kjerag.
All the warriors along the mountain trail lay their weapons down.
In the face of a miracle from the Goddess of the Snowy Mountains, the goddess they have worshipped all their lives, their mortal squabbles seem ridiculous.
Arctosz ......
I, leader of the Paleroche clan, Arctosz Paleroche, offer my most sincere blessings to Her envoy, the Saintess.
After a short silence, he slowly bows to the Saintess and kneels before her.
All the Paleroche warriors follow his lead, repeating his actions.
Gnosis ...Having second thoughts now, Enciodes?
Enciodes What do you mean?
Gnosis You ignored my advice and brought that Doctor to Kjerag.
Enciodes Do you think we lost?
Gnosis Does this not seem like a loss to you?
Enciodes It might have, in the past.
But today... maybe not.
Enciodes steps forward.
He strides out from the crowd and also approaches the Saintess, taking a knee and offering his blessings.
All the warriors of the Silverash clan follow suit.
And thus, the Snowcap Incident comes to an unexpected conclusion.