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Operator Record
Protector's Nature
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The older sister has her way of handling things. Naturally, the younger sister also has her own way of dealing with things.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Carnelian to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Carnelian.
Male Kuranta A icon.png
Injured Pioneer
RI Medic icon.png
Medic Operator
Bounty Hunter A icon.png
Shrewd Bandit
Male Kuranta B icon.png
Strong Pioneer
Bounty Hunter B icon.png
Vulgar Bandit
Columbian Police
Village Outskirts
Cold Forest
Underground Rubble
Carnelian intentionally avoids revealing her true colors to her sister, but with spies snooping on the Count following her everywhere, she must also deal with them quickly.
<Background 1>
[Carnelian contacts Kal'tsit as bandits are on her tail.]
Carnelian Kal'tsit? Are you listening?
The last treatment worked very well. Count Hohenlohe has gotten much better. Thank you for your help.
[The bandits catch up with Carnelian...]
Carnelian Oh, wait a moment.
[...prompting her to engage them as Kal'tsit responds...]
Kal'tsit I don't recommend letting yourself get distracted in battle.
[ more bandits show up...]
Carnelian This is hardly a battle. Don't worry. It'll be over soon.
[...but Carnelian easily takes them out.]
Carnelian Back on topic... I will be staying a little longer than usual at Rhodes Island this time. That won't be a problem, will it?
Kal'tsit Rhodes Island will never turn away its operators.
Carnelian You can get to the point and say I'm welcome.
Kal'tsit If that's what you want to hear, you're welcome here.
Carnelian Right... makes me wonder if I should say you're straight to the point or beating around the bush.
Whatever. Let us talk about the next treatment, then.
Kal'tsit Medical will formulate the medicine used in the next treatment based on the physical examination data you provided. This will take some time, but not too long.
I still insist that the Count receive regular, detailed examinations. That's the only way we can plan out his treatment effectively.
Carnelian Best if I bring him to you for a checkup, right?
Considering the Count's position, that is far too risky. Too bad. Things could have been so much simpler if certain people were less stubborn.
In any case, until the medicine's formulated, I will be working alongside Ankhesena... the little squirt. I trust you'll have no problem with that?
Kal'tsit You are free to do as you please.
Carnelian Wonderful, then.
Ah, right. One more thing...
[A bandit tries to attack Carnelian by surprise, but she swiftly struck him down.]
Carnelian Looks like some pests managed to follow our tracks. The Count is a popular man, and even a lowly attendant like me gets followed.
But don't worry. This won't affect Rhodes Island whatsoever. I'll take care of it.
[Carnelian hangs up.]
Carnelian Okay, let me think. What should I do with you?
Instead of Rhodes Island's gentle way of doing things, I'm much better at silencing people directly... It makes things much easier for everyone.
Vulgar Bandit W-What are you doing?!
Carnelian Why are you shaking? If you chose to be a robber, surely you must've been prepared for this to happen one day?
Relax, the pain will stop in no time–
Beeswax Sis, I'm done with my part.
Carnelian ......
[Beeswax walks toward Carnelian – her older sister.]
Beeswax Sis?
Carnelian Ankhesena, what are you doing here? Have you taken off all the guys on your side?
Beeswax Mhm.
The Medic Operators are treating the injured, and I helped by bringing them medicine.
Carnelian Good job.
Beeswax It was nothing.
What are you doing?
Carnelian Oh, nothing special...
Just having a friendly chat with the nice men here.
[The bandits caught by Carnelian struggles...]
Vulgar Bandit (The bitch's lying!)
Shrewd Bandit (Friendly chat my ass!)
[...and Carnelian punches the vulgar one.]
Vulgar Bandit *cough*.
Beeswax Friendly... chat?
Carnelian Friendly chat!
Beeswax Mm, okay...
Shrewd Bandit You talking to us?
Beeswax Yep. After that lesson, you know how awesome we are, don't you?
So please stop trying to bother the Pioneer Team. They are very hardworking people, and please find an honest job.
Vulgar Bandit Huh? Work? What are you talking about, you punk ass...
[Carnelian clenches her fist.]
Carnelian (Hm? You want to repeat that?)
Vulgar Bandit Urk...
Shrewd Bandit (Shut up, idiot!)
[The shrewd bandit punches his vulgar comrade.]
Vulgar Bandit (Ow! What are you smacking me for...?)
Shrewd Bandit D-Don't worry! We definitely won't ever look for no trouble with the Pioneer Team ever again. We... We will work the hardest we can!
Beeswax ...Really?
Shrewd Bandit Of course. Of course! We've learned our lesson, much thanks to you two!
Carnelian Your word's not worth much.
Beeswax Okay, that's good to hear.
Carnelian Ankhesena?!
Are you sure about this?
Beeswax Hmm... Is that not good enough?
Let me think...
Carnelian (*sigh*...)
No, we'll handle this your way. I'll always support your decisions.
The short-haired Caprinae pauses for a moment and turns her gaze from her younger sister to the bandits beside her. Though her eyes sweep past them only very briefly, it's evident they are blood-colored, cold, and harsh.
Beeswax Sis? What's wrong?
Carnelian Hm? Oh.
It's nothing. If this is taken care of, then let's go back.
Beeswax ...Okay.
[Carnelian and Beeswax leaves the bandits alone.]
Shrewd Bandit Wow, they actually left.
Vulgar Bandit What do we do, Boss? Are we really gonna do honest work?
W-What kind of work can we do?
[The shrewd bandit punches his vulgar comrade.]
Shrewd Bandit Work? Work your ass!
Now hurry and get everyone up! We're leaving!
Vulgar Bandit Alright, alright! Sheesh, why smack me again...?
<Background 2>
Medic Operator Okay, this should do it for now.
Your injuries aren't very serious, but you should try to avoid any intense physical labor for a while and let your body rest as much as you can.
Injured Pioneer But if we don't hurry up and finish the construction, those bandits will...
Strong Pioneer Alright! Don't worry about it. We'll figure it out somehow.
Injured Pioneer ......
Strong Pioneer Don't worry, Doc. We'll keep an eye on our wounded and make sure they rest up!
[Carnelian walks into the aid station.]
Carnelian Are you finished treating the injured?
I taught those bandits a lesson with Ankhesena... Beeswax. Is there anything else we can help you with?
Medic Operator Carnelian! Thank you so much for escorting me here!
I'm finished with the Pioneers' treatment. Their injuries aren't serious, and even the Infected among them aren't in particularly dire condition.
The mission itself can be called a success, but...
Carnelian You're worried about the bandits?
Medic Operator Yes...
They have been operating here for a while now. It doesn't look like they'll stop just because you teach them a lesson or two.
Carnelian And we're only here on a mission. Can't always help out... can we?
*sigh*... Everyone can tell at a glance there is nothing we can do about those men, but that little squirt still has no idea.
How worrying.
Medic Operator Haha... Beeswax is working very hard already, though! The first time we went on a mission together, she got so lost that she didn't make her way back to the campsite until the morning on the third day...
Carnelian Oh? She didn't tell me that one. Maybe I could take you out to dinner one day and hear the whole story?
Medic Operator I would love to, if we get the chance! I want to show you the specialties we have on offer at the Rhodes Island canteen, too!
Speaking of which, where is Beeswax?
Carnelian She said she's got something to do by herself.
Medic Operator Huh? By herself?! S-She's not going to get lost again, is she...?
I'm a little surprised, though. I thought you would be so worried that you would follow her.
Carnelian If I try to have a hand in everything, she'll never grow up.
Ankhesena is out here to gain experience; it's not so bad to let her experience more by herself. Guardians who keep kids on a tight leash will only find themselves hated–That said, I'm worried, of course.
Carnelian That's why... if you don't mind, is it okay if I take charge of this bandit problem?
Medic Operator Do you have a good way to solve this? If there's anything I can do, I can...
Carnelian Thanks, but there's no need.
Most Rhodes Islanders might find my methods a little... strange.
Medic Operator W-What do you mean by that...?
Carnelian Hah hah, don't worry about it. Just leave it to me.
<Background black>
At first, joining Rhodes Island was only a stopgap measure.
The young Count is afflicted with a disgraceful disease and must mix with Leithanien's upper crust while hiding his identity as an Infected.
He is still a boy, but his demeanor is already like that of a seasoned veteran.
But in Carnelian's eyes, instead of a dignified image, he instead reminds her of a young, seriously injured beast who had lost its parents that she once saw.
Confronted by hunters, it bared its fangs and raised its hackles, feigning the last bit of dignity it could manage as a wild beast.
In the beginning, that was the only reason why she chose to stick her nose into that.
And the agreement she signed with Rhodes Island was but one of the many insignificant things she had no choice but to do at the time.
<Background 3>
[The bandits from before walks through the forest.]
Shrewd Bandit Hey, what are you strolling out here at this hour for?
Vulgar Bandit My head hurts so bad I can't sleep. Ugh, what a ruthless bitch...
Shrewd Bandit We made this trip all for nothing, thanks to that wretched woman.
As soon as those Rhodes Island busybodies leave, we're going to teach that Pioneer Team a real lesson! See if they still dare to–
??? Dare to what?
Shrewd Bandit Who goes there?!
[Carnelian reveals herself.]
Carnelian Good evening, gentlemen.
It sounds like you're having an interesting conversation. Mind if I join?
Vulgar Bandit You... You're the crazy bitch from this afternoon!
Carnelian My, how rude.
But fine. This is actually just perfect. If you got polite all of a sudden, I might not be able to bring myself to do this.
[Carnelian unsheathes her sword.]
Shrewd Bandit W-What are you going to do?!
Y-You promised us you'd let us go this afternoon...
Carnelian Hmm? Did I?
I did say I'd support Ankhesena's decision, but let you go?
Peculiar. Did I ever say that?
Vulgar Bandit ......
Shrewd Bandit You stinkin' bitch!
Carnelian Oh, don't get yourselves so worked up, gentlemen.
Your profanities won't save you, but before I deal with you, I have a little question.
Shrewd Bandit What is it?
We'll give you an answer, but we need your word that you won't kill us.
[Carnelian takes a flash step towards the shrewd bandit and stabs his hand...]
Shrewd Bandit Urgh!!
Carnelian Sorry, but I'm not here to discuss terms.
It seems you don't quite understand the situation you are in. I shouldn't have been so lenient on you in the daylight.
[...and pins it on a nearby tree.]
Shrewd Bandit My hand! No, please! I'll tell you anything. Please let me go!
Carnelian Very well–
??? Wait!
Carnelian (...Again?!)
[Carnelian releases her sword...]
Shrewd Bandit Ugh.
[ Beeswax and the R.I. medic shows up.]
Medic Operator Carnelian! We finally caught up to you...
Beeswax Sis, wait. Don't hurt them.
Carnelian *cough*, Ankhesena, listen to me. This is just a misunderstanding. I'm having a happy little chat with these gentlemen...
Beeswax Sis.
Carnelian Hm?
Beeswax I'm not stupid.
Carnelian ......
Beeswax I know the way you fight. You don't have to hide it from me.
The elders all told me when you went hunting for the first time, you came back completely drenched in blood, and your prey was in tatters.
You're way too direct and rough with how you handle things!
Carnelian The elders tell you everything, huh?
Okay, I'll stop... but what do you plan on doing with them?
You shouldn't expect them to go get jobs after you free them, and if you leave them be, who knows what they'll do in the future... We won't be staying here forever.
Beeswax Yes, I know that.
But, Sis, this is Columbia.
Carnelian You mean...?
Beeswax Maybe we should follow Columbia's rules.
Medic Operator Hehe, Beeswax's really thought of everything. She went into the city by herself this afternoon just to take care of this.
[Columbian policemen shows up.]
Columbian Police Police. Sorry we got here late.
Are these the bandits that attacked the Pioneer Team on multiple occasions and have been assaulting passersby in the area that you mentioned?
Shrewd Bandit Shit... It had to be these cops...
Columbian Police Hmph, you degenerates, huh?
Medic Operator There's more, too! Officer, please come with me!
[The medic takes the officers to where the rest of the bandits are.]
Beeswax I asked the Pioneer Team. These men have done plenty of bad things here before this. If they're caught, they probably won't get to come back for a while.
Now they can't do anything bad anymore.
Carnelian Well... I'm surprised you thought of this.
Beeswax Back home, we wouldn't even begin to think about talking to the police, but the Doctor says I have to learn to follow the local customs wherever I go.
And we have to borrow all the strength we can... The Doctor taught me that, too.
Carnelian ......
I see, so the Doctor taught you...
Beeswax Hm?
Carnelian Do you like Rhodes Island?
Beeswax Yep...
I sure do.
Carnelian Is it okay if I ask why?
Beeswax There are lots of kind people at Rhodes Island. If I stay there, I can see a lot more things that I haven't seen and learn lots of new stuff.
Isn't that what we came out into the world to do?
[Carnelian pauses for a moment before she answers,]
Carnelian You're right.
It's true. Those traditions exist so we have a chance to understand the outside world, to absorb knowledge that we're interested in, and to see things that we've never seen.
That's how I made it all the way here, and now it's your turn, Ankhesena.
Yes... I understand that well.
Beeswax Sis? What's wrong? Are you... Are you sad?
Carnelian No. I'm actually very happy.
Who would've thought that the little squirt who clung to my leg all those years ago would say something that makes so much sense? Oh, how time flies.
I'm a little sad I couldn't see how you grow so dependable, though.
Yep, I guess I'll have a chat with the Doctor sometime. I'm sure I'll learn lots of interesting things about you.
Beeswax Sis!
Carnelian Haha, I'll stop teasing you.
You did very well. I'm glad you know how to solve the challenges you face, your own way.
What I said still stands. It doesn't matter what you want to do. I'll always support your decisions. So don't be afraid, no matter what comes your way. Just do as you will.
Beeswax Right, I understand.
You're going to leave soon, right?
Carnelian Sorry... I can't always be there with you.
Beeswax It's okay.
It's fine. While you're gone, I'll keep traveling with Rhodes Island. I still have lots to learn...
I want to become even more dependable, so I can help you next time.
Carnelian ......
Phew, now I can rest easy, knowing you'll be fine at Rhodes Island.
Even if something unexpected happens on that end, you won't be in danger here.
Beeswax Sis...?
You never let me in on the dangerous stuff you're doing! You big dummy!
Carnelian Oh? Finally going to sulk?
Beeswax (Pouts)
Carnelian Okay, don't be mad. Just like you're starting to discover your own way of doing things, I'm sure you know...
I have my ways, too.
<Background black>
Rhodes Island accepts people of all kinds. Some came together because of how like-minded they are, but even more of them, like her, opted to stay a while for all kinds of reasons.
From the bottom of her heart, Carnelian feels truly gratified, knowing that Ankhesena has been able to broaden her horizons, learn to think for herself, as well as understand and accept Rhodes Island's ideals.
Even though she herself only follows her heart, Carnelian thinks that, perhaps while she's around all these adorable Rhodes Islanders, she should restrain herself a little and work with them.
If she hangs around them long enough, perhaps she too will be influenced by them and become softer?
That's something to look forward to, but before that...
<Background 4>
Vulgar Bandit (No mistake. That Caprinae woman is Count Hohenlohe's attendant.)
(Someone so close to a Leithanian count is secretly in close contact with an Oripathy-related pharmaceutical company...)
(Rhodes Island, huh... Feels like I've heard that name before.)
(Anyway, I gotta get word about this to–)
[Someone approaches the bandit...]
??? Good evening again, vermin.
Vulgar Bandit Y-You're the attendant–
Carnelian Shh.
[...who is revealed to be Carnelian, who promptly stabs the bandit...]
Vulgar Bandit Guh...!
[ he collapses to the ground.]
Carnelian That's a great disguise. You almost fooled me.
Those nobles really don't mind all the trouble, do they? They're even sending men to keep an eye on a lowly servant like me.
It took me quite a bit of work to sneak over here behind Ankhesena's back. She's not so easy to fool anymore.
Vulgar Bandit *cough*... You... I knew it... You're...
Carnelian Silence is golden, sir.
[Carnelian stomps the bandit's leg, who turned out to be an agent for a Leithanian noble.]
Vulgar Bandit *cough*, ahh–!! My leg!
Carnelian Oh, I'm sorry. Did that hurt?
Come, tell me who's behind all this, and I'll send you on your merry way. How about it?
It's ironic how many vicious methods those civilized men came up with. I'm not very used to them, but if you're so stubborn, I have no choice but to give them a try.
I guess you wouldn't want to try them out, though?
[Carnelian presses the agent's legs harder...]
Vulgar Bandit Ugh... Ah... Ahh...!
[...before putting him out of his misery.]
Carnelian This should do for now.
I need to report the situation to the Count as soon as possible. Kids these days really are tough to deal with.
Right... If I don't head back soon, Ankhesena will probably get suspicious. She was a sharp girl to begin with, but she wasn't this clever. I wonder who she picked that up from.
*sigh*... Kids really do grow up so fast...
Well, seems I'll be going back in shame if I don't work a little harder.