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Operator Record
Package with No Recipient

Part 1: Messengers rarely make mistakes at work, since fixing them is always rough.
Part 2: A good Messenger shares the feelings between people.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Angelina to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Angelina.
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Part 1

Angelina finds an unaddressed package. With Croissant's help, she searches for its owner.
<Background 1>
[Angelina prepares herself for work.]
Angelina Mm! Hmm hmm~! Let's see... all the letters, specialty packages, high value insured mail-order goodies. All checked off.
Wonderful! That's all the work there is for today!
What should I do first? Take a hot bath, maybe enjoy a cup of milk tea first? I still have a bit of that orange cream cake left.
Wait, stop it, Angelina! You promised yourself to keep your weight under... Uh, to eat healthier?
[Croissant greets Angelina.]
Croissant Howdy there, Angelina! Ya clockin' out too, huh? Wanna come along and check out the goodies I got comin' in?
Angelina Sure... *Yawn*.
Oh, sorry, Croissant. I couldn't fight that yawn. It's getting pretty late already.
Croissant Well, ya see, I ordered a custom hairpin from that one accessory shop down in Lungmen ya pointed out last time.
Ya don't know the trouble I had to go through just to get the old man there to keep me ten of those trinkets. I guarantee there's something in there you'll like.
Angelina Oh, but...
Croissant "You'll get bags under yer eyes if ya turn in late," right? Ya sound like a broken record, 'fcourse I know.
Alright, I'll keep yer stuff safe. Ya just come to me when you have time. Ya can count on good ol' Croissant to look after her friends!
Angelina Yep~ You're the best, Croissant!
Croissant Haha, if t'weren't for the fashion magazines ya lent me and all them notes you put in there, no way I could've picked out stuff that good.
My last few hauls of clothes and accessories've been mighty popular with the folks at Rhodes Island!
I'm rakin' in a healthy hunk o' dough this month, much thanks to that. Let's get somethin' to eat come a day off next week.
What'cha like? Barbecue? Pizza? Maybe even them Yan hotpots?
Angelina Uh, that's music to my tummy and mouth... but...
Croissant But ya gotta 'keep yer weight in check,' right?
Angelina ...I gotta eat healthy.
Croissant Well, true, there's no need to worry about yer weight fer someone like you. Just sayin' so makes me jealous.
How about we put out a little pamphlet next time? Somethin' like, "101 Weight Loss Tips for Cuties..."
Angelina Hold on, are you sure that'd sell?
Croissant A girl can dream, can't she? Might could be there's some folks out there what don't know you, and are gullible enough.
Like that MountainDash boy who joined us last time. The li'l weightlifting contest you two had? Made me some decent money.
Angelina We were picking on the new kid. Are you sure you should be gloating about it?
Croissant Eh, I'm just usin' information to my advantage. Whether it's business or Messenger work, information's king.
Angelina Hm... yeah, but it still... kinda bothers me a little. Maybe we'll treat Bison to some cake next time.
Croissant Alright, time to head home!
Huh, what's that by your door?
Angelina Oh... Is that a package? What's a package doing here?
I already delivered everything I got today.
It's wrapped in pink, it smells nice, and it feels kinda... square? Probably a book.
Croissant Think it's them novels 'n magazines you like to read?
Angelina The magazines show up at a set time every month, and I got everything I ordered this month already. There shouldn't be any more.
Besides, I've been getting quite a bit of delivery and logistics work lately. My schedule's so full, I haven't had time to read any new novels at all.
Croissant It's a present, then?
Angelina A present? O-Of course not. Why would anyone give me a present?
Croissant Now that ain't all that wild, is it? Yer such a hottie, put two 'n two together.
Angelina There's just no way, I'm telling you...
It's not addressed to anyone. I'm guessing it came with something else and was meant to be delivered together.
I was kinda in a rush this morning, so it probably fell out of my bag by accident.
*Sigh*, I screwed up again...
Croissant Eh, no big deal. You just gotta deliver it again!
Angelina Better get to it then.
Croissant Huh, now? Tomorrow'd be a-okay, yeah? You just said it's gettin' late.
Angelina Someone once told me, "If you are to correct your mistakes, there is no time better than the present."
<Background 2>
Angelina We've been to a few places already, but we still haven't found who the package is for.
There aren't any clues or anything on the thing itself, so I guess we're gonna have to keep trying every place I delivered to today.
Sorry, Croissant. I didn't mean to have you run all over the place with me.
Croissant I tagged along 'cause I wanted to.
'sides, get in some exercise at night and you wake up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next day.
You sure you ain't tired? You been runnin' all up and down.
Angelina I'm fine... Well, maybe a little, but it's nothing compared to how worried and disappointed the recipient of the package is.
Croissant Well, if that ain't proof that you're one of the finest Messengers there is, I don't know what is.
Angelina R-Really? I always thought I still have a long way to go.
Croissant Eh, reminds me of when I first came to Rhodes Island. This real pretty high school girl came up to me, asking me to teach her how to be a better Messenger. I was real surprised!
Angelina That just tells you how amazing Penguin Logistics is! I mean, it was founded by that Emperor! I'd already heard of you guys when I was still back home!
I knew right away you must be a great Messenger when I saw you carrying all those packages like it was nothing, so that's why I mustered up the courage to talk to you.
Croissant Great Messenger! Haha, I wish you'd told Texas or the Baws that! Could've gotten me a raise or somethin'.
Angelina Thinking back, I just felt like I could never do anything right when I first got here... I'm glad you're here, Croissant.
Croissant Huh? I ain't done nothin'! Does that time you lost a package 'n started crying, and I handed you some tissues count?
Angelina I wasn't just crying because I lost a package...
Dr. Kal'tsit said I could choose a combat assignment or go to Logistics, where I would get some long-term field ops like the other Messengers getting treatment on the ship.
And I chose combat.
Dr. Kal'tsit agreed with my decision since she thought my abilities could be put to good use on the battlefield after some training.
But, deep down in my heart, I was still uncertain about a lot of things.
Croissant So why'd you decide to start fightin' anyway, Angelina? You don't look like the clobberin' type.
Angelina I... Well, I guess it's probably because I want to be just a little more awesome.
I don't want to give anyone trouble, and I don't want to always have to hide behind everyone else.
I wanted to become an adult who could stand on her own right away. Just like Dr. Kal'tsit and... and... like {nickname}.
I guess that probably makes me kinda greedy? I wanted to go to the front lines, but I didn't want to give up my work as a Messenger either.
I couldn't do anything well back then, and all that training would always leave me exhausted each and every day.
Then, the next day, I'd find Rhodes Island in a completely different place than the day before. I didn't even know how to get anywhere when I had to make deliveries...
Croissant Is that why you were cryin' your eyes out all a sudden?
Well yank my tail and call me Sora! I sure am a dummy for missin' that!
Angelina No, you're not. You were so patient and helped me find my way. You were my hero.
Croissant Haha, that's just how you take care of a rookie! We all gotta start somewhere!
And how can you call yourself greedy? Workin' yer fluff off all 'cause you wanna get better? That's darned normal, if you ask me.
Take yours truly, I'm giving hustlin' every day just to make myself more money!
Angelina Yeah, and I'm always trying to learn from you.
Croissant Huh? What do ya mean?
Angelina Well, you don't ever get hung up on the things that don't matter...
Even when you're working on your Rhodes Island missions, you always have a couple dozen packages with completely different delivery routes, and you always have the day's purchases figured out on top of that! You're like a superstar mentor!
Croissant Whoowee, I sure didn't know I was that amazin'. All I ever do is try my darndest to git 'er done, 'n beat up all the bad guys what come my way like, bam bam bam!
Angelina Just like that! Bam bam!
When you get to whacking, it's like it blows away all the worries on my mind.
Croissant Eh, when you put it like that, it makes a girl blush.
And ya know, I always thought you were one amazin' girl yerself. That's as a Rhodes Island operator and as a Messenger.
And I know I ain't nothin' like you.
The reason I became a Messenger is cause the Baws is sincere and honest and got plenty of money. It so happens I'm good at it, and the gals make it a mighty fun place to be.
You ain't like me. Yer passionate about this line o' work, and ya actually care about how the senders 'n recipients feel.
Angelina Actually, that's exactly the reason I became a Messenger.
Croissant No kiddin'?!
Angelina Back when I'd just left home, for the first few days, all I could do was hide in an old neighborhood close by. I didn't go out until nighttime because I was too afraid.
It was almost winter. The wind was humid and chilly, and I was still wearing the skirt I wore on my last day to school. My whole body had gone all numb.
I was like an aimless ghost just wandering around.
Then, a Messenger found me, or should I say I found him?
He was delivering letters right next door. When they got the letters, the recipients smiled at him, and it felt like that smile was for me too. It kind of... warmed me up a little.
Croissant And that's how you became a Messenger?
Angelina The opportunity was right there, so I took it. I had lots to learn, and it was all very difficult, but it was also very fulfilling.
After that, I started to believe that your interpersonal relationships are what really make you feel real, alive, existent.
Ever since I left all the people that knew me, this Angelina has started to fade away bit by bit.
Croissant Eh, sounds horrible.
Angelina Yeah, looking back, I guess it kind of does.
After that, I started giving delivery a shot.
To my surprise, each and every time I hand over a package or a letter to somebody, the smiles on their faces did truly give me something.
It's only during these times that... I feel like I've come a little closer to all those emotions I once knew.
So I kept delivering. I kept experiencing those emotions between people, and I began to slowly find who I once was, who Angelina used to be.
Croissant You ain't the only one who gets those feelings, y'know? Them recipients get all glopped up by yer earnestness just the same. Like that pawpaw just now. You saw how happy he was to see you again?
Angelina Too bad. He said the package wasn't his.
"I got a grandson working out in the cities. He sent me that package of souvenirs–"
"They're some really sweet tangerines."
"That book you got is probably meant for somebody else. I'm old. My eyes aren't what they used to be. Neo wouldn't send me a book."
Croissant Well, he's right. A good grandson wouldn't send his pawpaw things he couldn't use.
Gotta say, though... These are some darn sweet tangerines.
Angelina Not only did we not do anything, he even shared his souvenirs with us.
Croissant Life's little corners're full o' surprises. Just on this trip, we got us some tangerines, 'n we also almost got beat up. Who'd'a thunk it?
Angelina Well, I didn't expect the same guy who ordered the new "Moon & Lavender" velvet scarf and pajamas set would turn into some dangerous gangster at night!
If I'd known, I wouldn't have asked him if he ordered a new "Moon & Lavender" catalogue outright like an idiot!
Croissant That was so funny, though! Cracked me right up!
Angelina That's right. Everyone could hear you laugh.
Croissant Just thinkin' about that scar-faced guy, how he'n and them two other fellers looked! If you said just one more word, they just might'a put us six feet under! Hahahaha...
Angelina I feel kinda bad, though. Maybe he really didn't want anyone else to know he bought that? That was my mistake. Thank goodness you were there to smooth things over.
Croissant 'Much appreciated, Baws. We hope you and the lady will be satisfied with yer purchase today. Next time, how 'bout a catalogue too~?'
Sounds just like a salesperson, no?
Angelina Yeah, very professional.
Croissant Great! Gotta get it memorized, then! The next time I go on deliveries, maybe I should take this on as a side job! Can't get enough side jobs!
Angelina He's probably really fond of that item, though... I can't imagine him spending this much on insurance otherwise. I sure hope he'll be able to share his hobbies with everyone someday, openly.
This might just be the significance we Messengers have. It keeps him that much more at ease when it's a stranger that delivers his items.
But I betrayed his trust this time.
Looks like I gotta work even harder.

Part 2

Unable to find the package's owner, Angelina returns to Rhodes Island only to find that the owner of the package in her hand is Suzuran.
<Background 2>
Angelina This was my last delivery stop today.
Croissant Oh, a fast food shop! My favorite!
Deep fried meat! Fries! Salt 'n pepper shrooms! Yeah, I want 'em all!
Angelina Huh? The girl isn't here.
Fast Food Joint Owner Wait, how many orders of fried meat, you said? Two? Twenty? Are you sure you can eat all that?
Alright, who am I to complain? Ten with ketchup, ten with salt. Here you go–What about you, girl? What can I get you for?
Angelina Hm... mmm... Smells so good.
No, I can't have stop for a midnight snack yet. I still have work to do.
[Angelina asks something to the fast food joint's owner.]
Angelina Sorry, sir, but what happened to the girl who was reading in your restaurant this evening?
Fast Food Joint Owner Oh, her? She left. Probably trying to make her way back to the next town over.
Angelina She's going overnight?
Fast Food Joint Owner Yeah, overnight. If she didn't leave right away, she probably wouldn't make it to see her old man for the last time.
Eh, I think I remember now. You stopped by once in the evening, didn't you? Are you the Messenger who delivered the news to Emily?
Angelina I... Yeah, I did... I didn't know that's what it was about, though.
Fast Food Joint Owner Eh, Emily is studying here by herself. Whenever she has some free time, she helps me out with the shop to make some extra money.
Her old man back home never failed to send her a monthly letter, but there's been nothing from him these past two months.
She was really worried about it, you know. She even came to you Messengers and asked if any of you missed his letters.
Croissant Baws, we know how to do our jobs. We don't just lose our mail.
Fast Food Joint Owner Right, right, right. I believe you. Emily trusts you, too, but, with no news from her family, she was really anxious.
Angelina No wonder she seemed so happy when she saw me this evening.
But then...
Fast Food Joint Owner Eh, what's that saying again? Life is unpredictable and you never know what's coming next. All of us are bound to die one day.
Besides, if it wasn't for you delivering her old man's last letter to her, she wouldn't have known to rush home right away.
[Another owner of the fast food joint joins the talk.]
Fast Food Joint Owner I'm sure she's really grateful.
Right, did you need her for something?
Angelina Well... Never mind.
I guess this isn't hers.
Fast Food Joint Owner Alright, if there's nothing else, you should get something to eat. I'll give you girls a discount!
<Background 1>
Croissant *Burp*–
Man, did I really eat all that? Darn it, spent all my money for the month again!
Angelina The sun is coming up soon.
Croissant We sure ran all over town in just one night! Really had me starving. Huh, you ain't ate nothing!
Still thinking about Emily?
Angelina Yeah...
Well, maybe that's only part of it.
Since I heard her story, I just can't help but keep thinking that maybe there's someone out there waiting for news about me.
Croissant Oh, right, you haven't been back home in a long time, right?
Angelina If just passing through counts, then it hasn't really been that long.
Croissant Eh, you ever thought about when to go back? Y'should contact your folks once, at least.
Angelina I don't know...
I'm not sure I'm ready yet.
Croissant Ready fer what? Yer sickness is nice and stable fer now, ain't it? Ya were sayin' you'd rather yer folks think yer gone than watch ya writhe in pain, but what about now?
Angelina If they think I've gone missing, then they'd probably still hold out hope that I'm doing okay somewhere in the world even after five or ten years.
Croissant But they're worried sick!
Besides, we've got all them doctors in Medical! What's five or ten years? You've got a long, bright future ahead of you!
Angelina I...
Croissant Huh? Who's that?
I think I saw a... No, one, two, three... That's lots of fluffy tails.
[Lisa aka. Suzuran, the Vulpo with nine tails, greets Angelina and Croissant.]
Suzuran Oh, it's Angelina and Croissant. G-Good morning.
Angelina Oh, hey there, Lisa. Good morning. Why are you up so early? Your wakeup time isn't for a while yet.
Suzuran Um... Um... I wanted to take a look at that...
Angelina "That?" What do you mean, "That?"
Suzuran Well, it's the notes...
I finished it yesterday, and I wanted to show it to you right away, but it was getting late. I-I didn't want Dr. Kal'tsit to yell at me for not going to bed on time...
But I really, really wanted to let you see it right away!
Croissant Is that why you left it in front of the dorm?
Suzuran Yep... Yep!
I thought Angelina would be really happy to see it after she came home from work.
Croissant My my, lookie here, Angelina. That package is yours, just like I said.
Let's open it up and take a look!
Angelina It's... for me?
It's wrapped so neatly... and it's my favorite color, pink. This scent... I thought it seemed familiar. It's that fragrance from the Medical Department the other day!
Suzuran I-Is there a smell? I made it after I was done with homework.
Maybe the smell got on there while I was there?
Angelina Oh, it's not bad at all. I really like this aroma too. It makes me feel relaxed. Alright, I'm opening it up! 1, 2, 3!
There's a booklet inside...
I remember this river... and these buildings... Oh, that's my favorite cafe!
If you walk east for about ten minutes, you'll reach a street that I've probably walked hundreds, no, thousands of times.
Also... this petal... I think I know this smell...
Suzuran My dad sent me the petals!
Most of the stuff in the beginning is photos that my mom's friend sent, but I also drew lots of things from memory too. It still looks kinda ugly, though... Even though I've been practicing...
Angelina No, they look so pretty!
All of it looks so, so nice.
Suzuran Um, Angelina... D-Did I do something wrong? You don't seem happy... Are you sad?
Angelina No, I'm not sad.
I'm just... overwhelmed.
Ever since I... I haven't seen any of this while it's still bright out.
I thought I'd left all this somewhere far, far away long ago... It's so distant, I thought I'd never get there again no matter how fast I ran.
Suzuran Yep, Rhodes Island is a big, biiiig ship, and it's always going somewhere.
When I first got here, I'd always ask Folinic where we were at the time, and I would try to figure out how far we were from Siracusa and Higashi.
Sometimes we were close, and sometimes we were far away. Then I lost track.
But every time I get a letter from my mom or dad, or their friends, I hug the letter before bed. It makes me feel like I'm right there snuggling up to my parents.
After a while, I got so many letters that they would overflow the bed if I took them all... Mm, so I put some of them in a booklet.
That way, I can go to bed hugging the booklet!
Angelina Yep... You're so cute, Lisa.
Suzuran Huh? Is that weird?
Angelina Nope, what you said actually makes a lot of sense.
Suzuran Doctor told me that not only are our Messengers always on the road making deliveries, they need to take care of their Rhodes Island work too. It's a lot of hard work, and I thought it might have been a while since you've been home.
The Doctor even complimented me on my notebook! Said I was amazing!
Doctor says you might need to try something this...
Angelina The Doctor said that...?
Suzuran Yep, and everyone else too, not just the people working at Rhodes Island! There was the Siracusan Messenger who gave me stuff before.
I don't remember when everybody started doing it, but whenever they go to Siracusa or Higashi, they would bring back photos or the local specialties there for me.
Croissant Hoowee, sounds like everybody's a Messenger now!
Suzuran Right, they're just like all of our amazing Messengers! So I put all those things in my booklet. It's one of my most precious treasures!
I think to myself every day that, by the time the book is full, I'll be all grown up! I'll be so much more amazing than I am now.
It'll be my turn to protect everyone and my mom and dad.
Dad won't stay up all night worrying about me, and Mom won't need to keep working herself to death for me anymore.
When that day comes, I'll finally get to go home!
So, after Doctor talked to me about it, I thought I'd make one for you too...
Angelina Hm?
Suzuran You can't go home for some reason, right?
Angelina Yeah...
Suzuran It's a promise! I'll give you another one once I get new photos, Angelina!
That way, your book will fill up even faster, and you'll get to go home sooner!
Angelina Yeah...
Thanks. Thanks so much... This is a wonderful present.
Suzuran Oh, it's my wake-up time now! I can't let Dr. Kal'tsit and Folinic find out I've been running around... I need to get back home! See you, Angelina, Croissant!
<Background fades out and in>
Croissant Darn, I wish I'd put money on that.
What'd I tell ya. Yer such a cutie, yer bound to get a buncha cute presents!
Angelina Uh... yeah.
I never even noticed. I guess I've long become a part of Rhodes Island, and there are people here who care about me.
I'm no longer... the girl went gone missing.
Croissant *Yawn*–I'm getting tired. Did you say somethin' just now, Angelina? I didn't hear.
Angelina N-Nothing.
I was just saying that I really like Lisa's present.
Croissant Just like I said, ain't it? This night's full o' surprises!
Wonder if I should go back fer a nap now. Maybe some chow instead...? Yeah, guess I'll grab a bite to eat.
What about you? You didn't sleep the whole night. This is gonna ruin that beauty plan of yours.
Angelina I'll take a break and then head to training after a while.
I got classes in the afternoon too...
I may have work to keep up with, but I can't fall behind with my studies either!
Croissant Huh? No kiddin'? You turnin' workaholic or something?
Angelina I'm not.
<Background 2>
[Angelina looks a letter and a book in her desk.]
Angelina Will I get to go home... when the book is all filled up?
Am I ready for that?
How long has this letter been on my desk...? A few months? Half a year?
"Dear Mom and Dad–"
"Everything is going well over here..."
"I have a really good job, and I'm keeping up with my studies..."
"Yes, I got Oripathy, but you don't need that worry. It happened that day on my way to school..."
"I was in a rush to make it to club... I told Dad I didn't need a ride. If I were just a little more careful, maybe I wouldn't have bumped into that car fresh back from the wilds."
"None of this is Dad's fault."
I'll keep the letter in this page.
I'll be ready one day, and I know Mom and Dad will be ready too.
When I'm finally done with this letter, I'll take it to the place in the photo myself. Yeah, the third house on this street from the east. I'll draw a heart here.
That day is going to be here soon. I know it.