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Operator Record
Incoming Mail
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Don't worry too much about Laterano people, they can cope fine no matter where they end up.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Exusiai to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Exusiai.
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Local Ruffian
Male Lungmenite icon.png
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen
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Lungmen Back Alley
Lungmen Streets
PL Safehouse
Exusiai, having finished a day's work, finds an unexpected letter upon returning home.
[Gunfire and explosions are heard in the background.]
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Bangbang! Pop!
Dadadada! Ba-bang!
<Background 1>
[Obscured by the shadows, Exusiai unloads her submachine gun at some ruffians.]
Exusiai Pewpewpew! Bangbang!
One enemy left, exactly one rubber bullet left. No waste, no pollution, all emergency conserved, it's great for the environment. Whaddya think?
What a persistent fella, chasing me down three blocks and whatnot. I already told you, I don't have the goods.
Local Ruffian You bitch! What are you going on about the environment for? You tryna mess with me?!
Exusiai Took you that long to figure out? What else was I to do? Taking out the lot of you would've been super boring.
Anyway, I guess that's game over. So like, would you care to say any last words? Speak now or forever hold your peace~
Local Ruffian Stay back! Get away from me!
Exusiai 3... 2... 1... And, time's up––
Bang! You're dead!
[Exusiai fires a shot at the ruffian...]
Local Ruffian Guh... Urgh...
[...incapacitating him.]
Exusiai –Bullseye!
Look at that impeccable aim. Good job, me! Heh, guess I'll treat myself to an extra slice of apple pie today!
Next up... back to work!
<Background fades out and in>
Exusiai Hmm, today's last address, Center Street No. 12-7, Ah Choi Restaurant...
[Exusiai goes to look for the recipient, but bumps to someone along the way.]
Exusiai Woah, I'm sorry, did I just bump into you?
Passerby Don't worry about it.
Ah Choi Restaurant is that way. Totally opposite direction.
Exusiai Ah, you're right... Thanks a bunch, mister.
Passerby Don't mention it. It's not every day I meet a fellow countryman.
[The passerby leaves.]
Exusiai ...Huh?
(A Laterano? A Messenger, by the looks of things...)
(Messages, huh...)
(It'd probably be a good idea to write home before Sauin.)
We should have some stationery back at the base... Hm, guess I should pick up some souvenirs to send over with the letter.
Oh, gotta finish work first... Now where is it, Ah Choi Restaurant...
All right, here it is.
Excuse me. Anyone? Penguin Logistics home delivery–
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen Who is it...? Woah! What happened here? What's that on the ground... is he d-dead?!
Exusiai Hehe, it's no big deal. Don't freak out over every little corpse!
Penguin Logistics is offering a special smashed, bloody street sale! Act fast within the next three days and get our deliveries half off! Anyway, these are the goods you ordered, right?
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen Express delivery?
Wait, I don't think this is right.
Exusiai Eh?
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen I did order something, but it's only been a few hours since I placed the order. There's no way it could've come this fast...
Exusiai And that's where you're wrong. You said it's been a few hours, so getting it now sounds just about right?
After all, speed is the lifeblood of the logistics industry!
Amplifiers, lanterns, and flower baskets. Woah, are you opening a new store?
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen Um, yeah...
Exusiai Wow, good luck! Anyway, all your stuff's right here. What's the matter, something wrong?
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen I must say, this is exactly what I ordered...
Are you for real?
Exusiai Real as the wings on my back. Intracity deliveries are a piece of cake. Would've gotten here even faster if not for those troublesome fellas lying over there on the road...
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen Huh?
Exusiai All righty, don't worry about it, okay? If you're good to go, please sign right here!
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen Oh... Here, and here...
Exusiai Very good. That's another job well done!
Bye bye then! Remember to leave me a good review!
[Exusiai runs off, leaving behind the beaten up ruffian from earlier in front of the recipient.]
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen Hey, hold on...
Local Ruffian Ungh... ugh...
Ordinary Lungmen Citizen Good grief... Girls these days...
At least clean up the "trash" you brought with you before you leave...
<Background 2>
Exusiai Aaaand, that finishes up the last item!
With that, another day of work comes to a close.
Yo–– Texas, Croissant, the two of you done with work yet?
[Croissant and Texas goes to Exusiai's side.]
Texas No issues here. Everything got delivered.
Croissant Got mah hands on the Baws's thing over on my end!
Some fellers tried to swipe the stuff, but I took care of 'em real good. What's so interestin' about an ol' box anyway? Ain't got a clue as to what's inside...
Exusiai Maybe it's something dangerous. Either way, it's our responsibility to get rid of anyone trying to drag us down, no matter what.
Anyway, that's that. Time to head home!
[The ruffian from before managed to catch up with Exusiai, even though he's been badly beaten.]
Local Ruffian Stop... right there...
Texas Hm?
Exusiai, you were in charge over here, right? Why's this guy still able to talk?
Exusiai You can't use live rounds in residential areas.
These guys don't exactly look like gangsters either. If I don't follow the rules, things'll get pretty messy for us.
Besides, we're here to help rebuild the neighborhood and we were told not to cause any trouble. I made specially sure to avoid any vitals.
Texas I suppose so.
Give them a lifeline, and the people here should be able to seize the opportunity and pull themselves out. Should be fine.
Croissant The last time Exusiai was able to use live rounds was when she was pickin' up that Rhodes Islander, right?
Them was some wild days! Baws sure does seem sweet on that thar Rhodes Island. I reckon we got a long 'n fruitful relationship ahead of us.
Exusiai Sounds about right. They've got some pretty interesting folks over there, so it's no surprise the Boss has taken a liking to them.
Texas Enough to cause trouble.
Exusiai Hehe, isn't that the Boss's favorite?
Croissant You'n say that again!
But gettin' sent overseas to work sure sounds like a pain in the tail.
Exusiai That's pretty much the same thing we do, isn't it? Just with some extra mileage.
The salary and overtime pay there are pretty darn good too. Throw on whatever the Boss gives us over here, and it's like having twice the moolah!
Croissant No foolin'? double?! Looks like this li'l lady's about to be laughin all the way to the bank!
I wanna go, too! Exusiai, bring me along next time!
Exusiai Haha, I knew that's what you'd say.
Ah, crap, how'd it get this late already?
C'mon, Texas, pick up the pace. We gotta hurry back to base before it's too late!
Texas ......
Get in the car. Hang on tight.
Croissant Waaaaait, hold on a sec! Okay, I'm ready! Step on it!
Where's the fire, anyway? Hey, Texas, ain't you gonna ask why she's in such a hurry?
Texas There's no way it's anything that matters.
Croissant Huh, good point.
Exusiai Hey, don't talk about me like I'm not here! And I'll have you know, it's super important!
If we don't get back soon, the apple pie I put in the oven's gonna burn!
Croissant How in tarnation is that important? Woooooooahh! Texas, how fast you cornerin'––?
<Background 3>
[Back in the P.L. safehouse, Emperor scolds Exusiai and co. who had just returned.]
Emperor Too slow!
I had time to enjoy three LPs, both sides. Is it your legs, or your brain? How'd a couple of simple deliveries take that long?
Exusiai Phew, thank goodness, the apple pie is safe!
Mmmmh, that's the aroma I could die for! The heat's just right too, absolutely perfect!
Emperor Yo! Listen to me when I'm talkin' to you!
Croissant Baws, we was floorin' it to get back here.
Lucky fer us, we didn't bump into any cops. Last thing you want's a ticket poppin' up on the doormat. That'd be a month of Texas's take-home down the drain.
Exusiai In other words! Texas put her own salary on the line to rush back over here, so don't blame her, Boss.
Texas ......
Emperor Texas, what'cha got?
You gonna let the girls leave you their messes to clean up like that?
Texas Sigh...
It's whatever.
Emperor Ugh. Lame.
Because I'm so magnanimous, I won't make a fuss over y'all being slower than a bad dump. Now, where's my stuff?
Texas Right here.
Emperor Now we're talkin'! Yo Exu, I need my chair and those fancy electric specs!
Exusiai Coming right up, Boss!
What'd you get this time? Huh... This box is pretty heavy. Some kind of machinery?
Croissant Oh! I think that logo and the controller shape's givin' me a clue...
That's gotta be the thingy majigger what's all sold outta the markets... some last-generation vidja games console? I heard some rich folks have been buyin' 'em up, top dollar.
Emperor Heh, games. Who's to say that life ain't just one big game?
Texas, hook it up.
Texas This line here?
Exusiai Woah, we got a picture!
Hrmm, oh? Looks like a side-scrolling racing game... direction keys, accelerator...
And then, what's this button here? Is this supposed to be a bomb?
Croissant T'ain't no bomb. Looks a bit more like...
Emperor An Originium rocket launcher.
Croissant I knew it!
Wait a minute, ain't this one of them games, the kind where you dodge obstacles and whatnot 'til you get to the end? Why'd they put in a Originium rocket launcher...?
Emperor You damned fool! Like hiding and dodging is the only way to reach the end?
Exusiai I get it now, you can just charge forward in a straight line and send anything in your way packing! Now that's the kind of game I like, nice and simple rules.
Looks like the controls are working just fine. And I think it's even got a two-player mode!
Say, Boss, wanna give it a shot?
Emperor You challengin' me to a match? What's the fun in playin' a game you know you'll win?
Texas, you're up.
Texas Sigh...
I know.
<Background fades out and in>
Exusiai Great, I got full ammo. Watch this!
[Exusiai destroys a building in the video game she is playing.]
Croissant You went and blew up all them buildings in yer way. Sounds about right fer you, actually...
Exusiai Hahaha! What's wrong with taking down a building or two? I'm gonna win this round for sure!
Texas ......
...You're wide open!
(Fires an explosive at the opposite lane)
[Texas destroys the car used by Exusiai in the video game she is playing.]
Exusiai Whoa!
Croissant They let'cha shoot at the other player's lane?!
Texas Nobody said you can't.
Exusiai ......
Indeed, nobody said you can't. But if you're gonna pull that trick on me, don't blame me for what happens next...
As they say, an eye for an eye! What goes around, comes around! Dodge this if you can, I'm gonna blow you away!
[Exusiai retaliates by blowing up the car used by Texas in the video game they are playing.]
Texas ...!
Croissant Wh-What the heck, you'n just go and shoot the other car too?!
Exusiai Nobody said you can't, right? Hehe, I'm going for the gold, baby!
[Someone knocks the door...]
Croissant Hm? Somebody at the door.
[...and Croissant goes to open it, who turned out to be Sora.]
Sora Good afternoon, everyone.
What are you playing? All the yelling and screaming spooked me at the door.
Croissant Well, if it ain't Sora! C'mon in, take a seat. Exusiai and Texas're playin' vidja games. Baws got his flippers on an old game console, and he's lettin' us have first go at it.
Wanna play?
Sora Video games? I think I'll pass, I'm no good at those.
Oh, by the way, I grabbed the mail on my way in. Are you sure you can keep this up? There's a whole mountain of bills this month...
And one more thing... here, there's something for you, Exusiai.
Exusiai Mail, for me? Wonder if it's a bill, or a challenge.
Ehh, I'm sure it's not the diploma that the school was supposed to reissue, right...?
Croissant Whassat? You never got yer graduation diploma?
Exusiai Of course I got it!
It's just, uh, the last time I got in a fight with the gang, I accidentally burnt it all along with the fake bank notes and the fake diploma the Boss made us.
Texas I even reminded you.
Exusiai Did you now? Sorry, I don't seem to remember that at all!
Sora That does sound like something you'd do.
But this letter looks like a pretty ordinary, personal letter. It probably isn't any of the things you just listed off...
Exusiai Hard to say.
Hey, Croissant, here's the controller. Take my spot for a bit.
Croissant Can do!
Exusiai Hmm, let's take a look.
[Exusiai reads the letter.]
Exusiai ...Huh, it's from my sister..
Now that I think about it, I did run into a Laterano Messenger earlier today.
Woah, if she wrote this whole thick stack of stuff, she must really be worried sick...
Sora Exusiai's sister?
Wait, hold on a second, why do I seem to recall that your sister was in some kind of accident...? Isn't that why you came all the way to Lungmen looking for Mostima?
Exusiai Hm? That sounds right to me.
My sister was in an accident a number of years back, and ended up in a deep coma, in the hospital for a long time...
Sora Then...
Exusiai But, she had already woken up by the time I left Laterano!
Sora ......
Exusiai Huh? What's wrong, Sora? Why do you look like you just saw the Boss gyrating while singing some sappy love song?
Sora Huh?!
Where'd you get that overly specific example from anyway? My eyes already hurt just thinking about it!
Uhh... nothing, don't mind me. It's just, I sometimes feel stupid for genuinely worrying about you...
Exusiai Ah, lemme guess... You didn't happen to misunderstand something before, did you?
Sora Uh...
Exusiai Huh, really? You serious?
Though my sister did have some pretty severe injuries, she's been gradually recovering. Otherwise, how could I just ditch her and run around the world?!
Sora You do have a point.
Exusiai Right?
Well, I can't blame you for misunderstanding. After all, things did look pretty dicey back then.
And I thought someone like her never could've gotten hurt like that. But there she was, her bloodied, unconscious body...
Sora B-Bloody?!
Exusiai Yeah, things got way crazier that time than what we normally get into.
I always thought I was a pretty brave girl, but I clearly remember being scared into a cold sweat. Just thinking about it now still makes my hands shake.
Not even kidding. At the time, I hadn't sorted things through in my head, and I nearly jumped into a fight with the one who brought my sister back.
Sora I can imagine...
But, that person you just mentioned... was that Mostima?
Exusiai Bingo, the very same. After bringing my sister back, she immediately disappeared to Lord-knows-where.
Even after my sister regained consciousness, she wouldn't tell me what happened...
How could I go on without knowing the whole story?
So basically, I just wanted to find out what happened. I chased Mostima all the way from Laterano to Lungmen, and that's when I met the Boss.
Sora Um, how do I put it... So it's like...
That whole thing with you joining up, plus the fact that you always try to cut the conversation short every time Mostima's name comes up, I just assumed you had some bad blood with her.
Exusiai If we're talking about how Mostima always dragged my sister into working overtime, and how many times that ended with me getting stood up, then yeah, we do have some bad blood.
Sora Huh? You knew each other as kids?
Hmm... Darn it, I can't paint a mental picture of your sister at all.
Just the thought of there being another person like you is already giving me a headache.
Exusiai Haha, don't you worry about that. She and I are very different.
Sora Really?
Exusiai Yeah. After all, we don't share any blood.
Sora Hwuh?!
Croissant No foolin'?!
Exusiai Of course... Wait, Croissant, how come you're listening in?
Croissant You ain't never talked about yer past. I'm so curious I just can't help mahself...
Exusiai I don't talk about my past?
Oh, let's save the story for later! Don't get distracted. Just keep gaming!
Texas –Too late.
I win.
Croissant Ahhhh! Texas! That's darn underhanded to pass me up like that!!
Exusiai Ugh... Total defeat.
(Everyone sure is curious.)
(But, did I really never bring up the thing with my sister before?)
(Well, I guess it's not altogether surprising, since nobody bothered asking...)
(Speaking of Mostima, I've been waiting for eons now and she still hasn't shown up. Is the Boss trying to pull a fast one on me?)
(Whatever, I'll just have to go with the flow! First, gotta write a response though...)
Hm, wonder if we have any snacks that won't go bad or break...
Sora Oh, Exusiai, where are you going? Not going to play anymore?
Exusiai Right, you guys have fun. I'm going to go shopping for some nice gifts. Be right back~
We'll have a rematch later tonight, Texas! That round just now didn't count, so let's have a redo!
Hehe, just you wait! I'm gonna win for sure!

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