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This article is about Ifrit's Operator Record. For Melantha's Operator Record which is also titled "Team Captain", see Melantha/Operator Record.
Operator Record
Team Captain
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She thinks the person she's looking after has gotten thin, but according to them, she's just gotten tall.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Ifrit to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Ifrit.
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Medic Operator
RI Room
RI Infirmary
Cave Entrance
Cave Burning
Silence leaves Rhodes Island for a while at the same time that Ifrit leads her first operation. As the captain, she must take responsibility and lead her team, which includes Eyjafjalla.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
[Ifrit enters the room.]
Ifrit Silence!
Silence Hey, Ifrit. Welcome back.
You're back early today. No new missions from the Doctor, I presume?
Ifrit Medical says I need some follow-up exams soon, and I'm not allowed to go running around outside. The Doctor told me to rest up, too.
Silence, why are you packing...? Are you going on a trip?
Silence Yes... It's urgent, and I might be gone a while.
Ifrit Where are you going? Are you going alone?
Bring me with you!
Silence I'm going alone, but don't worry. I'll have excellent help there.
I can't bring you with me this time, Ifrit.
Ifrit Why?!
Silence, are you... Are you going back there?
Silence ......
Ifrit I know Saria has been looking into those in lab coat! I know you have been, too! And MuMu. She came here looking for Saria, and I know that's got to do with them, too!
You guys may not tell me anything, but I can tell!
Silence ......
Ifrit Tell me, Silence! I'm not a kid anymore!
Silence Ifrit...
Right, you're not a kid anymore.
[Silence stretches her arms...]
Silence Okay, come here.
[...and Ifrit walks to her before hugging her.]
Ifrit You've lost weight, Silence.
Silence No, silly... You've grown up.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background black>
The Liberi's hands, soft and agile yet covered in thin calluses from years of handling lab equipment, slide down from her hair and caress her now pointy chin.
For as far back as Ifrit can remember, Silence has very rarely been so intimate.
Silence would usually only lightly touch her skin as though she was frighteningly fragile.
There were a couple times when she got so sick that she couldn't tell any faces apart, but she could clearly feel a pair of hands like these touching her.
The hands seemed to be trembling, but they immediately offered Ifrit the support she needed and made her feel at ease.
Now, these hands first lightly brush her face, before firmly holding her shoulders. She tries her best to stand up straight, hoping to make herself seem a little more dependable.
The Liberi breathes a sigh and says:
"You're all grown up now..."
"We shouldn't be keeping things from you anymore."
"Saria and I are going on a trip back to Columbia."
"What we're doing there has not only to do with everything you went through all those years ago, but also much more."
"Ifrit, I want you to..."
Medic Operator ...frit? Ifrit?
<Background 2>
[Ifrit wakes up to see a Rhodes Island medic.]
Medic Operator Did you fall asleep? You can wake up now. We're done with the tests.
Ifrit Mmm...
Medic Operator What's wrong? Not feeling so good?
Dr. Silence isn't here, so we're just doing some basic checkups. So far, nothing's really jumping out at me..
But if you don't feel well anywhere, be sure to tell us!
Ifrit isn't going to tell the medic that ever since the day she lied down on the operating table, the pain in her limbs has stayed with her every waking moment, never abating for even a second.
Before, when she felt the pain, she would cry, make a fuss, fail to fall asleep at night.
But now, Ifrit has gotten used to it. She knows it will stay with her forever.
This is no big deal. She can bear it.
Ifrit What are you making a fuss over?! There's nothing to worry about! I'm just dizzy from lying down for so long.
Hey, if we're done here, can I go?
Medic Operator Hold on a minute. Let me get you a copy of the report.
Ifrit Hey, what's wrong? Where's the report?
Uh, hold on. What's that face? S-Stop crying...!
Medic Operator I'm not crying!
Ifrit Haha, you crybaby!
Medic Operator Ifrit!
It's... It's true that only Dr. Silence has access to the detailed reports, and I've only been assisting her, but I can tell!
Over the last few years, the number of Originium crystals on the surface of your skin has clearly grown...
Ifrit ......
Medic Operator If this keeps up, your condition will deteriorate even faster! You always say everything's fine, but how is this fine?
Ifrit, I have to recommend you rest–
Ifrit Enough! Shut up!
Just shut up... I don't wanna talk about it.
I'm not gonna lock myself up in a room, spending my days getting blood drawn and taking medicine. Not a chance! How is that living?
Medic Operator But...!
Ifrit But nothing!
No buts... Silence doesn't tell me much, but I'm not stupid. I know my own body better than anyone.
Medic Operator Ifrit...
Ifrit And because I know my condition, I can't just sit here and do nothing!
I need to become even more badass than Saria! That way, no matter what happens, I'll actually be able to help...
I can't waste time anymore.
Medic Operator Alright... I get it.
I'm not going to talk you out of it. I trust you to make your own decisions.
[The medic pauses for a bit, before...]
Medic Operator However!
Ifrit Huh?! What now?
Medic Operator You can bet I'll be on your back about important things like this. You can't be so reckless anymore, like when you burned that bounty hunter camp last time, pressing on with the mission as injured as you were...
If we have to carry you back here again... Hm-hmm! You're in a hospital bed for a whole month!
Ifrit I didn't have a choice...! It's not like I wanted to do that!
Besides, I'm the captain this time! It's my first time playing the leader.
Medic Operator So what? That's all the more reason to look after yourself!
Take some painkillers. You're going on a field op, so bring a couple extra bottles!
And remember to come in for a checkup as soon as you're back!
Ifrit Ugh, I got it. You're so annoying.
*cough*... Anyway, just uh, thanks for everything.
Don't worry about me. I'll be fine!
<Background black>
"Ifrit, I want you to..."
Silence did not finish her sentence before she left.
Ifrit can only guess at her intent. What did Silence want to tell her? What exactly did she want for her?
Did she want her to help with something? Did she have a mission for her? Or did she just want her to be a good girl so she wouldn't have to worry during her trip?
Ifrit keeps wondering over and over, and a part of her thinks that, just maybe, Silence was only hoping she would be safe.
Silence's attitude toward her is completely different from Saria's.
Saria might expect her to grow up to become a woman who can stand on her own, while Silence has only ever wanted her to live a peaceful life.
Silence said she's gotten taller, grown up.
Ifrit knows that even if she feels powerful and indomitable, she actually hasn't grown up to the point that Silence would change her mind and think of her as dependable.
Not yet.
Far from it.
She still has a long path to walk, even if there isn't much time left.
<Background 3>
[Mint is standing in the mouth of a cave.]
Mint Wow... I never imagined there would really be such a huge cave!
That's tremendous, Eyjafjalla! It's almost exactly where you predicted!
Oh, there's a really pretty rock over there!
[Beeswax runs toward the cave mouth.]
Beeswax It's breezy.
This would be a nice place for a nap. It's so cool to the touch when you lean here.
[Beeswax takes a nap while Ifrit watches Eyjafjalla checking the cave.]
Eyjafjalla Hm... This is strange. The position and scale of this cave system are both a little off compared to the estimates.
It's within the normal margin of error, but it bothers me a little anyway.
The humidity here is rather high, and the soil... it doesn't feel firm.
We need to test the soil inside too... Ahh!
[Eyjafjalla tripped, but Ifrit catches her.]
Ifrit Watch out!
Eyjafjalla T-Thank you, Ifrit.
Ifrit You'd better find your footing before you talk... Did you scrape yourself? Are your hands okay?
Eyjafjalla Don't worry. I'm fine.
Ifrit I'll decide whether you're fine or not. I'm the captain!
Let me see your hands!
Eyjafjalla I'm really okay...
[Ifrit checks Eyjafjalla's arms...]
Ifrit Hmm, looks alright...
[...before waking Beeswax up.]
Ifrit Hey, you, sand girl! You're here as a bodyguard, too. Stop slacking!
Beeswax Hm...? Oh, it's fine. She's not going to get hurt even if she trips. I'm keeping an eye out.
[Beeswax demonstrates her Arts.]
Beeswax Just like this... I'll catch Eyjafjalla.
Do you want to join me, Ifrit? It's breezy here. Feels nice.
Ifrit I'll pass. You keep leaning.
So our mission this time is to investigate the geological features of the caves here and the surrounding area, right? Let's hurry up and–
Mint Whoa! Everybody, come take a look!
Ifrit What happened?!
Mint There's a lot of pretty ores here!
Ifrit! This one's an especially great fit for you! Look!
Ifrit ......
Stop screwing around! Get to work!
<Background 4>
Ifrit *Sigh*...
Look at me. I don't know much about geology, but I'm the captain now. You guys gotta listen to me! Your safety's my responsibility, too... So, please, can we get on with the work?
That goes double for you, black ears! Stop running all over the place without your captain's permission!
Mint Yes, ma'am! I'm ready to take to your orders, Captain!
Right, Ifrit, this is for you!
Ifrit What is it...?
Mint It's an ore I found over here. Look at this red color. Doesn't it look really nice on you?
Hehe, it's yours!
Ifrit Hm... Hmph! It's just a rock...
Mint You don't like it? But it looks so good on you.
Ifrit A-Alright! I never said I wasn't taking it! Don't give me that face!
Now gimme it!
Beeswax Ifrit's blushing again.
Ifrit I'm not!
Gah, I'm not even going to waste my breath on you. Eyjafjalla, how is it looking there?
Eyjafjalla I've been gathering samples on our way here.
So far, I haven't found anything, but just as I thought, this place has some discrepancies with the predictions I calculated.
I think we need to go deeper. I want to see the situation inside.
Ifrit Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!
<Background fades out and in>
[Mint feels chill in the cave.]
Mint It feels like... it got colder...
Ifrit Do we have to keep going? Just how deep does this cave get?
Eyjafjalla Um, according to my calculations, we should only be about halfway in.
Beeswax I'm back.
I gathered some soil samples from deeper inside. Here. Is that all you need?
Eyjafjalla Yes, this will do it. Thank you.
With these samples, I can make a detailed analysis.
Ifrit And what will that analysis tell us?
Eyjafjalla Quite a lot. Our primary objective is to observe the strata here to see if they're stable and to make some Catastrophe-related evaluations.
Mint Speaking of which, there's one thing that bothers me.
I saw lot of cracked ores scattered all over the ground on our way. They ought to have fallen in here through the fissure on the mountain on this side.
It's strange. Normally, there shouldn't be so many fissures.
Eyjafjalla You're right. That does sound strange.
I want to take a look at the fissure you mentioned.
<Background fades out and in>
Ifrit ......
Beeswax Ifrit, that was your eleventh yawn.
Eyjafjalla and Mint should be a little while longer. You can come over here and lean against me, if you're so tired...
Ifrit I told you, I don't wanna!
The Doctor even told me to take care of you. Hmph, easy peasy lemon squeezy. That jackass must think I'm weak!
Beeswax Hmm, in that case, why are you so tense?
Ifrit Who's tense?!
This is called being responsible! Get it?!
We're both bodyguards. You'd better shape up. Don't drag me down...
[A rumble is felt in the cave.]
Ifrit Hm?
Did you hear something just now?
Beeswax Yeah, I've been feeling uneasy for a moment...
It's getting close.
<Background fades out and in>
[Eyjafjalla checks the cave floor.]
Eyjafjalla The fissures are too big! They can't be natural!
And these data results...
I've got it! It's an Originium Slug swarm!
The ore layer here is looser than elsewhere, because this is a large Originium Slug breeding ground!
That also explains the lower temperature and higher humidity, and based on these results... the rock formation here might be unstable!
Mint You're absolutely right about that, but –ahhh–the slugs are here!
[The Originium Slug swarm shows up before Ifrit and co..]
Beeswax Hm, that's a big swarm.
Eyjafjalla, that's amazing.
Ifrit Not the time or the place! Your analysis is right, but stop analyzing!
There's too many. We gotta run!
<Background fades out and in>
[The swarm pursues Ifrit and co. as they made their escape.]
Ifrit Shit, why are the bugs still chasing us?!
I'll burn you all–!
[Ifrit attacks the swarm with her flamethrower...]
Ifrit Hah, how do you like that?!
They're just a bunch of bugs. It's been a while, but let me fire up the barbecue!
[...but more slugs continue to appear.]
Ifrit Gah, there's no end to them... This sucks...
Remember, you asked for it–
[Ifrit overloads the flamer.]
Ifrit Out of my way!
<Background 5>
Mint Ifrit burned a large group to a crisp! But there's still a lot more!
Ah! They're chasing us again! This behavior is common to this type of slug... They chase intruders!
Eyjafjalla Hfff... *pant*...
Ifrit Hey, little goat, pick up the pace! Are you hanging in there alright? If you can't take it anymore, say so. I'll carry you back!
Eyjafjalla Little... goat?! You mean me?
Ifrit Who else?
Eyjafjalla I... *cough*... I'm doing okay...
Beeswax My sand can't hold them off for too long... Hm, this is bad...
Ifrit Dammit, I can't take it anymore!
Let's see just how many of these slugs there are. I'll burn them all!
Eyjafjalla Ah... Wait, Ifrit!
Stop using your Arts! The rock formation here isn't stable, and your flames are... too intense.
Ifrit So what?
Eyjafjalla If you don't keep your flames under control, this cave could come crumbling down!
Ifrit ......
You guys go on ahead. I'll stay to deal with the slugs!
Eyjafjalla No!
Beeswax You can't.
Mint No!
Ifrit This is my mission! You follow my orders!
Eyjafjalla But...
Ifrit What, you don't really think I'm trying to be a hero like in the movies? Hmph, ever since Silence watched a few, she's been arguing with me every day about how stupid the heroes are.
I'm not stupid!
If we can't burn the rock formation, then I just have to keep my flames under control, right?!
Mint Makes... sense? But are you sure you can do that?
Ifrit I can! I know I can.
Trust me. I already told you, your safety is my responsibility!
Beeswax Mm-hmm... Okay. I trust you.
[Eyjafjalla, Beeswax, and Mint runs ahead of Ifrit.]
<Background fades out and in>
Ifrit They're gone.
Hah, finally, I can burn everything down!
You can't hold it in anymore, little thing.
Ifrit Hmph, you want me to go berserk? In your dreams!
You know I've learned to control my flames.
Now lend me your strength, you fat freak!
Is this how you ask someone for a favor?
Ifrit Cut the crap. I'm being plenty polite just by giving you a heads up!
Can you bring me anything besides pain? I stopped being afraid of you a long time ago!
What I want to burn and how I burn it is all up to me!
Hah, little thing, you've gotten cockier.
You know they haven't gone far, don't you?
Ifrit ......
So what? I can protect them!
I won't... hurt my teammates... my friends...!
[The flames released by Ifrit had become unstable.]
<Background black>
[The sound of an Arts being used is heard.]
Saria Ifrit...
Saria I'm sorry.
Silence No–!
<Background 5>
Ifrit was once unable to control the flames burning in her heart.
She once swore she would control them one day, in order to keep those she loves from harm.
When Saria apologized, she opened her eyes with difficulty.
A shining blade, bright as snow, was mere inches from her, but it was the sadness teeming in Saria's eyes that she found far sharper.
Ifrit did not want to see such a sight ever again. She decided she would do what it takes to ensure Saria and Silence never look that way again.
She is no longer powerless as she was.
Now, she can do it.
Ifrit Just you watch, fatso!
[Ifrit stabilizes the flames as she lashes out at her Diablo consciousness,]
Ifrit These flames don't obey you anymore... They answer only to me. They belong to me!
One of these days, I will do you in completely! Just you wait!
<Background 2>
Mayer How did it go? Is it over?
Ifrit Why do I even need a checkup? I'm not hurt at all!
Medic Operator You filled an entire cave with fire, and you even worked with the other operators, using Arts together. You almost caused a cave-in...
When did the four of you become so reckless?!
Ifrit Grrr, how do even you know about that...?
I better not find out who spilled the beans. It's not even a big deal! Why tell?!
Mayer Oh, don't say that. From the sound of it, things got pretty intense.
If Silence found out about this, how much more homework do you think she'd make you do?
Medic Operator You bet your behind I'll tell Dr. Silence once she's back!
Ifrit Ugh.
Medic Operator Do you even know how dangerous that was?! If... If...
Ifrit Can't you see I'm fine?! Stop harping on about that! I was extra careful this time!
You said you were gonna give me a checkup when I got back, and I came. What more do you want?!
Medic Operator You...
Ifrit So don't tell Silence, okay?! You can't!
Mayer Oh? So now you're scared.
Ifrit I'm not scared! I'm just... well... I just don't want to worry Silence.
We don't know when she's coming back, either. I really hope Saria is with her, too.
Mayer Eh, them... They'll come back once things are taken care of over there.
Ifrit Then–!
Mayer Before you ask, I don't know what they're up to. I don't know anything.
I can't be bothered with all that. You keep yourself clean by not asking questions. I don't even have enough time to upgrade my Meeboos; no way I'm gonna worry about anything else.
You better behave yourself. I'm sure the Doctor's already gone over it, but you're grounded for a while, huh?
Ifrit Yeah...
Medic Operator We'll be in Columbia in a couple days. You'd better not do anything reckless when we get there!
Ifrit Sheesh, I get it!
Silence told me what she's doing... I'm not gonna give Silence or Saria any trouble.
Mayer Yep, looks like you really have grown up.
Ifrit Heheh, just you wait. One day... I will be super dependable.
When that time comes, Silence won't be so worried about me, and when she runs into trouble, she's bound to come to me for help!
"Ifrit, help us!"
Hehe, I can't wait to hear that!