Aciddrop: The Face of a Wall

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Operator Record
The Face of a Wall

They pluck the things that grow spontaneously from the soil, chop, grind, and dilute them until you can no longer recognize their original form, and then paint the walls with their toy.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Aciddrop to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Aciddrop.
Female Lungmenite icon.png
Contestant (Alba)
Male Columbian icon.png
Police Officer
Nobleman B icon.png
Representative Cooper
Female Columbian icon.png
Staff Worker
Ursine Villager icon.png
Impatient Contestant
Security Officer
Showy Contestant
Columbia Alley
Columbia Streets Night
Columbia Streets
Hotel Room
Aciddrop, after finishing her field operation, is relaxing in a Columbian city. Due to the publicity efforts of an off-duty police officer, she somehow finds herself in the middle of a graffiti art competition.
<Background 1>
[A man calls out to Aciddrop while she is tagging a wall.]
??? Hey, you. Yes, you.
Aciddrop There's no one else here.
??? I know.
Are you the one who tagged the wall out there, along main street?
[Aciddrop hops into her skateboard.]
??? You're trying to get away on skateboard?!
Hold up–You've got the wrong idea! I'm not a cop!
Aciddrop What do you want, then?
??? I just wanted to ask, do you want to join a graffiti art competition?
Aciddrop Haha, very funny. You expect me to believe the city's encouraging vandalism now?
??? Here, check this out.
Aciddrop A pamphlet?
??? If you're worried about me grabbing you, I'll just leave it over here. You come get it yourself, alright?
[Aciddrop takes the pamphlet and reads it while walking to the man.]
Aciddrop City... street culture... festival? Graffiti contest, skateboard racing, parkour expo, rap battles... and a huge prize pool? And they're gonna broadcast it live?
Did everyone on the city council's brains collectively short-circuit or what?
??? Don't ask me, they just hired me to do publicity.
Aciddrop Yeah right.
What kinda hired errand boy chases people down alleys, shouting "hey, you, yes, you" at them?
??? Just a habit from my other line of work.
Aciddrop So you are a cop.
Police Officer Off duty. For now, I'm just passing out flyers for some extra cash.
If you're interested, take it and sign up. When you register, be sure to get them to write down the number here, and that'll give you access to free mineral water through the whole competition.
Aciddrop And that's how you get your cut?
Police Officer ...Listen, girl. You don't like getting questioned? Well, neither do cops, off duty or otherwise.
Aciddrop I–
Police Officer If you're not interested, then scram. I don't have time for your little detective game. If I didn't need the money, you can bet I'd be giving you an earful for the vandalism.
Aciddrop (Pats the police officer's shoulder)
My bad, I should've known not to pry.
So, I just sign up at this place here, and hand them the flyer?
Police Officer (Nods hesitantly)
Aciddrop Are they still open?
Police Officer 24/7.
<Background 2>
[After Aciddrop registered herself to the street culture festival...]
Staff Worker You're all set, Miss Aciddrop. Do you have any other questions?
Aciddrop Whose idea was it to hold a competition like this anyway?
Staff Worker Representative Cooper of the City Council wants everyone to gain a deeper understanding of our young folks and their street culture.
At the same time, it's also a way of encouraging the youth to participate in the construction and maintenance of the city.
Aciddrop Gotcha. So it was this Cooper guy's idea, right?
Staff Worker More or less.
So is there anything else? If not, you're holding up the line...
Aciddrop Oh, one last thing.
The guy who gave me the flyer said he'd get paid if I signed up with this number.
Staff Worker That's right. As long as you show up to the preliminaries tomorrow, we'll send the money to his account the next day. If you make it to the finals or even place, he'll get an even bigger bonus.
Are you also interested in helping promote the competition?
Aciddrop Just curious.
Staff Worker That's fine. You can see here how much we pay.
[The staff worker reveals a large sum of money before Aciddrop.]
Aciddrop ...They're throwing around this kinda money just to sign people up? This Cooper guy must have mad cash.
Staff Worker (Smiles)
<Background 3>
[During the street culture festival...]
Staff Worker That's time! Now, we'll have Mr. Cooper and the judges evaluate the pieces from this group of contestants!
The contestants are free to move about the venue until evaluations are finished!
Contestant Hey!
Aciddrop ...Who, me?
Contestant Who else? I'm Alba, what's your name?
Aciddrop Just call me Aciddrop.
<Background fades out and in>
Alba Not from around here, huh? Did you join for kicks while on a business trip or something? ...And why do I get the feeling you're just gonna take home the whole thing?
Aciddrop Hey now, don't sell yourself short. I like what you've done with that, uh...
Alba Ink.
Aciddrop Yeah, the way you used ink for the whole black and white look is pretty sweet.
Alba My grandfather was Yanese. He used to dabble in some Yan-style painting, and even taught me a little when I was young. I got bored of it after half a month, though.
But I went to study under him again for the past three months, just for this competition.
Aciddrop All that, just for today?
Alba All that, just for today.
Aciddrop Rad.
[Alba and Aciddrop are stopped by a security officer.]
Security Officer Please stop, you two. You're about to enter the parkour expo area.
Aciddrop My bad, my bad. Mind if we take a peek? We'll just stand over here.
Security Officer As long as you don't trespass into the venue itself, that's fine.
[Sounds of people cheering are heard.]
Alba That the parkour guy over there?
Aciddrop Must be. Looks damn impressive too–
Alba A backflip? Is this gymnastics now?!
C'mon, dude! You got this!
[Alba takes Aciddrop to where the parkour contestant is performing.]
Aciddrop But... ain't he just a regular old gymnast?
Alba Huh?
Aciddrop He's pulling off all these fancy flips and somersaults, but his drops and rolls need some work...
Alba Is that important?
Aciddrop 'Course it is.
He's gonna wreck his knees if he keeps landing like that.
Alba Huh... I still don't quite get it.
[Alba and Aciddrop made it, and...]
Announcement Contestant Grayson's final time was three minutes and seventeen seconds, a new record for this competition!
Aciddrop ......
Announcement After retiring from the gymnastics team, Mr. Grayson became the founder of this city's Parkour Association. Let's all put our hands together for his outstanding performance. At the same time, we also welcome all young folks to join the association!
Aciddrop (Whispers) An association? Since when was parkour a career?
Alba Do you think that Grayson guy cheated?
Aciddrop Nah, he won fair and square.
But something about it's just... not cool.
Anyway, let's head back and take a look around.
<Background fades out and in>
Announcement ...Skateboarding contestant... seventh place finish... Skateboarding Association opens every Saturday afternoon...
<Background fades out and in>
Announcement ...Prize... advanced division... breakdance scoring procedure... a more formal competition format, with more rigorous standards...
<Background fades out and in>
Alba I think I see what you were getting at now, Aciddrop.
There's something wrong with this whole so-called street culture festival.
They keep going on and on about these associations–
Announcement ...Alba...
Alba Huh?
Announcement ...Aciddrop...
Aciddrop ......
Announcement ...are the contestants who will be moving on to the next round. Please return to the graffiti art competition venue for the explanation of the next round...
<Background fades out and in>
Staff Worker (Whispers) Representative Cooper, the finalists are here.
[Rep. Cooper walks to the podium.]
Representative Cooper (Clears throat)
To all our dear finalists, I am the organizer of this competition, Cooper.
[Everyone applauses.]
Representative Cooper We put this event together rather hastily, so we would like to apologize in advance for any less-than-satisfactory experiences you may have during the competition.
Alba Hastily? Haven't you been publicizing it for months?
Representative Cooper About that... Indeed, my inexperience as an organizer seems to have brought many of you a subpar experience, for which I apologize.
Contestants ......
Representative Cooper The reason I gathered everyone here is to make an announcement, and express my apologies through my actions–
We will hold tomorrow's graffiti art competition on one of City Hall's walls!
[The contestants are surprised.]
Impatient Contestant You serious? You're not just messing with us?
Showy Contestant You want us to tag the outside of City Hall? You can't take it back, you said it yourself, dude!
Representative Cooper Please, quiet down, everyone!
I put an application in with the City Council through a special high-priority procedure. Please calm down and listen to me!
I've had to endure a lot of pressure to make this competition possible. I hope everyone will cherish–
(Scans the crowd)
I hope everyone will put their most creative ideas on display in the finals tomorrow.
That is all.
Next, I will have the staff inform you of the time and place for the start of the competition.
<Background fades out and in>
Alba The outside of City Hall, huh? Cooper's sure getting his money's worth.
Aciddrop What, is there something special about that?
Alba Not especially, but those pristine white walls are simply begging to be tagged. The cops used to nab people there just about every night.
Aciddrop Just begging to be tagged, huh...
Alba That look in your eyes... Don't tell me the tagged wall they found you near was actually City Hall?
Aciddrop Eh, what can I say? It really is a nice wall.
Alba The tug-o-war between cops and graffiti artists around those walls has been going on for over a year. They've had to scrape and repaint it who knows how many times.
Letting people tag those walls is practically a slap in the face to City Hall and the police. I don't know how Cooper managed to persuade them, but it sure smells like conspiracy to me.
Aciddrop Guess we'll find out tomorrow.
Alba You're going?
Aciddrop You aren't?
Whatever this Cooper guy has in mind, as long as the finals aren't cancelled, we'll have the legal right to tag whatever we want, however we want, and nobody has any business getting in our way.
I really wanna see what you can do with that ink of yours. I bet it'll be even cooler than what you did today.
Alba ......
Well, when you put it like that, how can I say no?
I'd better see your magnum opus tomorrow then too.
<Background 4>
[Someone knocks the door.]
Aciddrop Who's there?
Staff Worker Miss Aciddrop, I'm one of the staff from the street culture festival.
Aciddrop I'm already in bed. Save it for tomorrow.
Staff Worker This is extremely important, so could you please open the door?
[Aciddrop opens the door.]
Staff Worker Thank you very much, Miss.
Aciddrop So what's the deal?
Staff Worker We've unanimously agreed that you're the strongest contestant in the graffiti art competition...
Aciddrop No need to butter me up. I know exactly what I'm worth.
Staff Worker I'll cut to the chase then. Just give me a nod, and we'll make sure you're crowned winner.
Aciddrop Just a nod? That easy?
Staff Worker Hear me out first. The champion not only earns more prize money, but also gets to automatically become the first president of the city's Graffiti Art Association–
Aciddrop Perfect, I've been wondering about that. So, what exactly are all these associations, and what are they for?
Staff Worker Naturally, to bring street culture to more people, have more youth participate, and have older folks gain a greater appreciation for it as well.
Take the graffiti art you love so much. After the association is established, it will become a legal government entity, and its members will be protected under the law to freely express their ideas in a reasonable manner.
Aciddrop Even if that expression takes place on someone else's property?
Staff Worker The association will have a designated venue for its activities.
Aciddrop Okay, say I'm falsely accused of shoplifting by some store, and their surveillance cameras just happened to be down...
Staff Worker That has nothing to do with what we're talking about–
Aciddrop ...I can only spray what was meant for the wall of that shop in that "designated venue," right?
Staff Worker ......
Aciddrop Sounds like I hit the nail on the head.
So I can only express my anger "in a reasonable manner" in that "clean and tidy" "designated venue" that even the shop owner would feel dirty stepping in.
Staff Worker Once it is formed, the first legal venue for the association will be the white walls of City Hall. There's no way your hypothetical shopkeeper would miss it.
Aciddrop ...Is that so?
And will the gentlemen in City Hall allow what's on that wall to go against them?
Staff Worker There's no need to be so cynical, Miss Aciddrop–
Aciddrop After seeing your Parkour Association president today, how can I not be?
Staff Worker ...Is this really the hill you want to die on?
If you're going to maintain that position, I'd recommend withdrawing from the competition, so as not to make both sides look bad.
Aciddrop Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind.
[Aciddrop closes the door.]
Aciddrop Well, that left a bad taste in my mouth...
Aciddrop But are they really gonna dedicate an entire wall of City Hall for graffiti?
I won't believe it 'til I see it.
<Background 1>
[Acidrop stands before the wall...]
Aciddrop So this is the wall, huh...
[ she heard the sounds of...]
Aciddrop Water?
<Background 2>
Aciddrop pokes her head out from behind the alley.
She sees that the graffiti she sprayed on the wall last night had gained a few friends, presumably added by people after her.
The policeman from last night, as well as someone she didn't recognize, are pouring water on it.
Aciddrop rubs her eyes.
Two buckets of cold water in, and everything she'd sprayed had become a cloud of muddy water.
The policeman takes out a colorful rag from another bucket and wipes it along the wall a couple times. The wall's original off-white color quickly reveals itself, with no trace of the graffiti left behind.
Police Officer I think there's someone in the alley.
Stranger You and your paranoia. Just hurry up and get the job done before someone sees us.
Police Officer ......
Stranger What, change of heart? You've been fighting those filthy vandals for over a year, and now you've gone soft for 'em?
Police Officer Of course not.
I was just thinking... this new material is amazing.
Apply it to the walls in advance, and no matter what those kids spray, it's gone with just a splash of water and the wipe of a rag.
Stranger Of course it's amazing.
That's what progress is, Officer. Now you'll never have to chase after those little goons ever again.
And after that association is established, they'll all come here like obedient little lapbeasts and get it out of their system. After all, who in Columbia wouldn't want the backing of the law?
Then all we'll have to do is check the surveillance footage every day–camera should be coming in tomorrow–and find out who's complaining about what they shouldn't be.
Then I clean it up, and you bring the bastards in to show 'em their place.
That way, Mr. Cooper can finally put the little troublemakers to use.
And if anyone starts whining about their lost "freedom," we can just say they're giving graffiti culture a bad name and make an example of 'em. Haha! It's absolute genius!
Police Officer ......
Stranger Plus, the election is right around the corner. This move from Mr. Cooper is sure to garner the youth vote.
The guy's a genius, I tell you. Keep the brats in line while also earning their loyalty!
Police Officer A genius, huh? Yeah...
But what am I supposed to tell them when I bring them to the station?
Stranger Tell who?
Police Officer The taggers.
I used to lecture them about respecting other people's property.
I'd bring them to the wall they vandalized and make them scrape it clean and paint it over. They'd learn the price of being a public nuisance through hard work and elbow grease.
But now... how am I supposed to explain that they're being brought in for not doing "legal graffiti"?
Not only that, even if it is 'legal,' there's no guarantee they won't be brought in anyway.
If that happens, what moral ground do I have to stand on?
Stranger You can stop worrying about shit like that, for starters.
Weren't you dead broke? If you want to change that, then shut up and do what you're told!
<Background 1>
Aciddrop ......
Well, that was one helluva show. Good thing I dropped by.
I was hoping to grab some onion rings after the contest, but I don't know a single decent place in this town.
And somehow I doubt I'll find one.
Still, you never know 'til you try.
<Background 3>
Alba There you are, Aciddrop!
Did someone knock on your door last night?
Aciddrop (Nods)
Alba I knew it!
I was asking around earlier; some people said yes, some people said no.
Aciddrop Did they say why?
Alba They... all thought it'd be nice to do graffiti legally.
But I don't want to be told what to do by some association, and I don't want to boss anyone else around either! Who knows what that Cooper guy is up to with these associations–
Staff Worker Excuse me, but are the two of you Miss Alba and Miss Aciddrop?
Alba And what if we are?!
Staff Worker I'm just here to remind you that the competition is about to start. Please head to your respective preparation areas as soon as possible.
Alba Hmph. Alright then.
[Alba walks off.]
Aciddrop One last thing, Alba–
Staff Worker Excuse me, Miss Aciddrop, but we're short on time. Please head to the prep area ASAP.
(Whispers) So you came after all.
Aciddrop Sure did.
Staff Worker (Whispers) Can I take that as you having changed your mind?
Aciddrop Well, I must admit, after you left yesterday, I mulled it over and had a change of heart.
Staff Worker (Whispers) Excellent, I'm glad to hear that.
<Background fades out and in>
Host ...The closer we are to the home stretch, the more these finals are heating up!
Let's take a look at this contestant's creative process–hopefully we don't disturb her!
Absolutely astounding! She's using Yanese, uh, ink to create graffiti!
Alba (Stifles laughter)
Host How refined! It evokes Yan's classical ink figure paintings!
Excuse me, but I see you've written Mr. Cooper's name along with some Yanese characters beneath your work. Can you tell us what it says?
Alba Hmm, how do I put this... It means something to the effect of... eff you.
Host What?
Alba It's a classical Yanese swear. Haven't you ever watched any kung fu movies?
Staff Worker Cut the camera! Cut the camera!
<Background fades out and in>
Host Now, let's take a look at this contestant–My, oh my! This is stunning!
Those sagacious eyes, those firm lips, that resolute jawline...
This is, without a doubt, Mr. Cooper! A perfect portrait, no less! It's hard to imagine that this work of art was created by a simple can of spray paint!
Alba Aciddrop, don't tell me you–
Let go of me!
[Someone grabs Alba.]
<Background fades out and in>
Host Ladies and gentlemen, as our final contestant finishes their work, we'll soon find out who'll be heading home with our generous prize–and be crowned the King of Graffiti!
First up is this cheerful young lady's work! Your ratings, please!
[The judges give a...]
Host Final score, 7.5!
[Everyone applauses.]
Host Next up is this, uh... ink thing...
And to the right are some illegible scribbles... the artist signing her name?
[The judges give a...]
Host Final score, 1.0!
Anyone with sharp eyes would have noticed that the Yanese characters Alba wrote are missing.
But amidst the turmoil, even Alba, who was thrown out of the venue and snuck her way back in, did not realize this.
Host And next up is this portrait...
<Background fades out and in>
Host Let us congratulate Miss Aciddrop, who convincingly won the graffiti contest with a perfect 10 points!
Here's your check for becoming the champion. You've earned it.
Aciddrop ......
Host And now, you're welcome to give your acceptance speech!
Aciddrop ......
Host Miss Aciddrop?
Aciddrop (Sighs)
You gave up one of City Hall's pristine white walls for graffiti, and in the old days, I would've said that's pretty damn cool of you.
But, this so-called contest...
(Weighs the huge novelty check in her hands)
All I can say, folks, is that this is not cool.
Aciddrop suddenly tosses the check high up into the sky.
Then, while everyone is watching the huge sum of money spinning through the air, she grabs the mineral water she'd opened in advance and pours it all over the sagacious, firm, and resolute face on the wall.
The face, like her random doodles the night before, turns into a puddle of muddy water.
The staff member in the audience immediately springs up and tries to rush onto the stage, but is tripped by a police officer in the crowd holding a rag and faceplants right into the mud.
Aciddrop Alright, Cooper. You won't have to wait 'til the election is over. Let me show everyone how this brand new coating works–
Before anyone else can react, something comes flying towards the stage from the crowd, and Aciddrop jumps up to catch it firmly in her hands.
It is a tattered rag, stained by all sorts of messy colors.
She takes the rag and wipes it across the wall, suddenly revealing the original off-white color underneath.
Aciddrop Just a little water and a rag is enough to make anything on the wall disappear without a trace. A miracle of modern science.
No lie, throwing a culture festival to bring in the youth vote was a pretty cool idea, Cooper. That is, if you'd really meant it.
Too bad that "free speech" you were selling was just a fancy whiteboard, and you're more interested in using these "legal associations" to shut us up.
Representative Cooper This is slander!
Aciddrop For now you're just playing games with this little wall, but soon you'll have an entire association under your thumb.
And do you really need me to spell out what you, or some Columbian congressman, are gonna do with that?
Representative Cooper Seize her! She's sabotaging the competition! She's inciting civil unrest! She's a domestic terrorist!
Several security guards step forward stiffly, clearly not expecting any of these dark undercurrents that were brewing beneath the competition.
Aciddrop If you'd called me a vandal, I might've even felt a little ashamed. Terrorist though? I'm down with it.
But whatever, later y'all.
[Aciddrop takes out her skateboard.]
Representative Cooper A skateboard?!
Stop her this instant–
The security guards take a few symbolic steps, but in the end, nobody wants to run after something on wheels.
They can only pray that the flight of stairs in front of Aciddrop would scare her off, or at least trip her up.
But the skateboard follows her up into the air as if glued to her feet, and lands on the railing.
She then effortlessly slides down the handrails, makes a sharp turn, and disappears into the dense concrete jungle.