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Operator Record
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For a new loaf of bread, feelings and affection are the best ingredients.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Mousse to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Mousse.
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Anxious Young Operator
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Mrs. Selis
Spotted "Kitty"
Striped "Kitty"
RI Corridor
RI Room
Living Room
RI Cafeteria
Mousse makes plans to welcome her mother to Rhodes Island, but things go awry right off the bat.
<Background 1>
Spotted "Kitty" Meow–
[Mousse picks up the kitty...]
Mousse (Sorry, kitties, I can't play with you today.)
[ she accompanies Mrs. Selis, her mother.]
Mousse Here's where I live, mummy.
Mrs. Selis By yourself, sweetheart?
Mousse No, I have a roommate to keep me company.
Mrs. Selis Is that right...? I had no idea. I would've brought a gift for her.
Mousse Don't worry about it.
She's out on a mission right now and won't be back for a while. She says you can have her bed for these few days, if you want.
Mrs. Selis Well... I booked a hotel in a nearby city.
Mousse Right... I understand. A hotel would be more comfortable, after all.
Mrs. Selis The room may be nice, but it would be too empty without my precious daughter. I'm not sure I'd be able to sleep.
Mousse So you'll stay here?
Mrs. Selis (Touches Mousse's nose) Yes, sweetheart.
Mousse I knew you were coming, so I spent an entire day cleaning up! Everything's sparkling!
Mrs. Selis Have you forgotten? You didn't even need to make your own bed at home.
Mousse Rhodes Island isn't like home. I have to do a lot on my own. It took some time to get used to, but I've learned a lot.
At first, I didn't know how to put the comforter into its cover.
I kept struggling with it, but I just couldn't get it done.
Guess what happened when I finally managed to get it zipped up?
I almost zipped myself in with it! Hah!
Mrs. Selis (Embarrassed smile) That's really something... haha.
Mousse Close your eyes, mummy!
Mrs. Selis Why?
Mousse Just close them for a little bit.
Mrs. Selis Hm... alright.
[Mrs. Selis closes her eyes.]
Mousse I guarantee you'll be shocked when you see my room.
<Background 2>
[Mousse opens the door to her soom as Mrs. Selis enters.]
Mrs. Selis Er...
I certainly am shocked, sweetheart.
Mousse Oh no, mummy... it wasn't like that this morning...
"Kitties" run rampant around the messy room.
The curtains have been reduced to barely-recognizable ribbons.
Less fortunate are the vases formerly on the table, with the broken shards on the ground the only sign that they were ever there in the first place.
A "Kitty" stands on the table, preparing to leap over to the nearby wardrobe.
Mousse looks up to the wardrobe, a vase teeters by the edge, looking like it could fall at any second.
Striped "Kitty" (Jumps on top of the wardrobe)
Mousse No! Not the vases!
Striped "Kitty" Meow?
[The striped kitty knocks the vase over, causing it to fall to the floor and breaks.]
Mousse Bad kitty!
How could you do this! You're all bad kitties!
Mrs. Selis It's ok, sweetheart. They're mischievous creatures.
Mousse Sorry, mummy. This isn't what I had meant to show you. I really did clean up.
Mrs. Selis I know, sweetheart. Let's find a place to sit down and figure out how to put everything back in its proper place.
Let's see... is there anywhere we can sit?
[Mousse noticed that...]
Mousse Watch out! There's yarn on the floor!
Mrs. Selis Watch out for–Aiee!
[Mrs. Selis trips...]
Mousse Are you alright?
[...but she stands back up.]
Mrs. Selis I'm fine... it's just...
Mousse I'll call Medical!
Mrs. Selis No, I'm not hurt. I just stepped on my dress when I tripped, and I think...
Mousse What?
Mrs. Selis I think I put a hole in it.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
Mousse That was a long day... I'm sore all over.
Bibeak Didn't you have the day off?
Mousse I was preparing for mummy's visit. I've been on edge for days.
Bibeak Shouldn't you be happy to have family visiting? Why so nervous?
Mousse I've always been worried about disappointing mummy. My siblings are all outstanding, while I'm totally unremarkable.
I've no achievements to speak of, and I caught an illness that can't be spoken of...
Bibeak Don't be so down on yourself. Wasn't the Doctor just raving about your incredible progress a few days ago?
Mousse It's... It's not enough. You don't know how incredible my siblings are.
Byron is already a lieutenant colonel, and Emily is consulting for several different banks straight out of school.
Violet is an authority on Originium Arts research. And my youngest brother, Carl...
Bibeak Violet? That Violet?
Mousse Yes, that Violet. She's my older sister.
Bibeak Alright... I don't blame you for being nervous, then.
Mousse I got compared to them whenever I attended a gathering.
Mummy always defended me, but she's a proud woman, and she must be ashamed to have a daughter like me.
Bibeak That's what I hate about high society. The gossip never stops.
Mousse That's why I wanted to show her how much I've grown.
Bibeak *sigh*...
<Flashback ends here>
<Background fades out and in>
Bibeak ......
Good afternoon, Mrs. Selis. My name is Bibeak, and I'm a friend of Mousse's.
Mrs. Selis Thank you for mending my skirt, Miss Bibeak.
I really appreciate it.
Bibeak Er, I'm very glad I could help. Yes. Indeed.
Bibeak & Mrs. Selis ......
Bibeak (Mousse's mother doesn't seem like the chatty type... wherever has Mousse gone? How long will we have to sit here staring at each other?)
(But what can we even talk about? Argh, I'll just pick a random topic...)
(Takes a deep breath) Mrs. Selis, I...
[Mousse enters the room.]
Mousse Mummy, I made your favorite almond cake.
Bibeak (Finally!)
Mousse And I made a custard tart for you, Bibeak. It's your favorite, isn't it?
Bibeak Thank you, Mousse! I've mended Mrs. Selis's skirt. Her blouse is fine.
Mrs. Selis Miss Bibeak did a splendid job. It's like the hole was never there.
Mousse G-Great! Let me know whenever you'd care for a pastry. I, I'd love to make you anything.
Bibeak No need to go that far. You should sit down too. I'm sure Mrs. Selis can't wait to taste the cake.
Mrs. Selis Come, sweetheart, I haven't had your cake in ages.
Mousse R-Right.
[Everyone eats the cake Mousse made.]
Mousse How is it?
Bibeak It's delicious.
Mrs. Selis Yes. Just the perfect level of sweetness and moistness. It's so... agh!
Mousse What's the matter?
Mrs. Selis I think I got something strange in my mouth.
Bibeak What are these? Hairs?
Mousse Oh no, it's kitty hair! Don't eat any more. I'll get you another piece.
Sorry, they must have gotten in when I forgot to lock the kitchen door.
Mrs. Selis It's alright, sweetheart. I don't mind at all.
Mousse But mummy...
Mrs. Selis It's alright, really.
Mousse (But your eyes are turning red...)
Bibeak Mousse...
Mrs. Selis Ahem. I believe you're a designer, Miss Bibeak? Are you familiar with the latest trends?
My usual tailor is rather conservative, and I would like to get some dresses that are more in fashion.
What do young people like you enjoy in dresses?
Bibeak Huh? Oh... knit details have been popular the past couple years.
Mrs. Selis Knit details... I remember when they were all the rage ten years ago. Or was it fifteen?
Bibeak You know what they say about fashion. It all comes back around.
Mousse (Twiddles fingers in silence)
<Background 4>
[Hung served the food for Mousse and Mrs. Selis.]
Hung Here's your food, Mousse. I hope you ladies enjoy it.
Mousse (Looks at her cup of tea)
Mrs. Selis Sweetheart?
Mousse Huh? Oh... wait, I didn't order this many dishes, did I?
Hung It's on the house. Always an occasion when an operator gets a family visit.
They need me in the kitchen. Eat up.
Mousse Thank you, Hung.
Mrs. Selis Is the chef your friend too?
Mousse Hung knows how to make a lot of Yanese desserts. I pick his brain from time to time.
Mrs. Selis It's a nice change of pace. You used to be alone all the time, with only your kitties to keep you company.
And we're always so busy that we couldn't give you the care and attention you needed...
Mousse You and daddy did everything you could to protect me!
I made a lot of friends here, but I've always missed you and daddy. I was so excited when I heard you were coming.
My pay isn't very high, but I've managed to save some money.
[Mousse puts a tea set in the table.]
Mrs. Selis Sweetheart... this is...?
Mousse I bought a tea set from Croissant. I hope you don't mind that it's not as nice as the ones you have at home...
Mrs. Selis (hands over the chest) Oh... I would never denigrate a gift from you.
What a beautiful tray! It's so pretty that I'm hesitant to even use it. Maybe I should just put it on display for everyone to see.
Mousse As you like. I wanted to show you what I can do, but I keep making mistakes...
Mrs. Selis Are you still bothered by that? I told you, it was nothing to be upset about.
Mousse But I saw... wait, a kitty in the cafeteria?
Mrs. Selis Where's the kitty?
Mousse B-Behind you.
Spotted "Kitty" Mroaaaw–!
Mousse Whoah! Not on the table, kitty!
Mrs. Selis Oh no, my cup!
[The spotted kitty knocked the cup, causing it to fell to the floor and breaks.]
Mousse Bad kitty! You're all bad kitties!
You're awful!
Why did you have to make a mess in front of mummy?!
I spent so much time cleaning up and saving money to buy her a present... bad kitties!
Mrs. Selis Don't cry, sweetheart...
(Stands up)
[Hung rushes out of the kitchen after hearing Mousse.]
Hung What's the matter, Mousse? I heard you crying from the kitchen.
Mint Just leave the pieces where they are, Mousse. I'll get a broom.
Jessica It's alright, Mousse. I've got plenty of tea sets. Come over and pick one you like.
Haze What's all this then? Who's making my little Mousse cry? Give me a name, my hat and I'll show 'em what for.
Mousse No... it's all my fault for not being good enough...
Everyone Don't say that about yourself!
Mrs. Selis Phew–
(What a relief.)
<Background 2>
Mrs. Selis Come closer. Let me wipe your hair dry.
You cut your hair short. I remember you used to like it long.
Mousse It was troublesome out in the field, and when baking, so I cut it.
Mrs. Selis It's fine. You look very pretty with short hair too.
Come, sweetheart, it's time for bed.
Mousse Mummy...
Mrs. Selis What is it?
Mousse Are you sure you want to squeeze into my bed?
Mrs. Selis You don't want me to?
Mousse That's not it, I'm just worried you won't sleep well.
Violet said you hardly slept when you visited her, and you were staying in a five-star hotel.
Could you really sleep in a tiny bed with me?
Mrs. Selis Ah... it wasn't because of the bed that I had trouble sleeping.
Violet had an accident the day before, leaving a huge scar on her forehead. I was so worried that I couldn't sleep.
Luckily, it wasn't anything serious. She gave her lecture the following day as scheduled, and the crowd wouldn't stop clapping when she finished.
Mousse You must have been proud.
Mrs. Selis Of course. Violet was always a bright girl. I hardly had to worry about her. Unlike Carl, who kept running around after breaking his elbow last month.
Mousse Did he get hurt in a match?
Mrs. Selis Yes, and he hid it until the final whistle. He didn't want to be taken out. Your father had words for him when he learned.
Mousse Did they win?
Mrs. Selis Of course... there isn't a better team in the age group.
[Mrs. Selis fell asleep.]
Mousse (Retreats into the sheets)
Are you disappointed in me?
Violet and Carl have done so much to make you proud, but I haven't... I'm not talented. I don't have any special skills.
I didn't get good grades in school. All I did was make you worry after I got sick. You had to take time off work to be with me.
I'm sorry.
I could never make you proud.
Mrs. Selis ......
Mousse (Turns) Mummy?
Mrs. Selis Zzz......
<Background fades out and in>
Mrs. Selis Sweetheart...
(Reaches for the other side of the bed)
Sweetheart? Where did she go? The sun isn't up yet... there's nobody in the bathroom either.
Striped "Kitty" Meow...
Mrs. Selis Kitty...?
Do you know where my sweetheart is, little one?
Striped "Kitty" (Drops head and licks own butt)
Mrs. Selis Don't ignore me, kitty.
Striped "Kitty" (Keeps licking own butt)
Mrs. Selis I know you must feel neglected because Mousse has been busy preparing for my visit. That's why you tried to get her attention.
Sorry. On her behalf.
Striped "Kitty" Meow...
Mrs. Selis (Strokes kitty's chin)
Are you still upset?
Striped "Kitty" Meow.
Mrs. Selis Will you take me to her?
The kitty rubs itself against Mrs. Selis's feet, then goes over to the door and looks at her, as though telling her to follow.
<Background 4>
[A clock's bell rings.]
Mousse It's already six? I have to get that bread baked before breakfast...
How could I oversleep?
It must be because I was relaxed around mummy... the dough's ready. Now for the filling.
(Starts whipping cream)
Aw... why does my hand have to itch right now?
I want to scratch it.... no, I'd better not, I won't be able to stop.
??? Let me help you, sweetheart.
Mousse Mummy?
W-What are you doing here? Did I wake you up?
Mrs. Selis Are you always up so early making breakfast for the others?
Mousse It's the only thing I'm good at. And I like to do it.
I never got much chance to do this at home, but it makes me happy to something I'm good at here.
Mrs. Selis Oh, sweetheart...
How far along are you? I'll help you.
Mousse It's alright, I can do it on my own.
Mrs. Selis Let's see. The dough's ready. I can help with the filling. You're using cream?
Mousse Er, yes. But mummy...
Mrs. Selis Shh, sweetheart. This is some mother and daughter time. It's been ages since we baked bread together.
Mousse Yes, mummy.
Please make the fillings then.
Mother and daughter go back and forth from the kitchen table to the oven.
There is hardly any talking. A slight gesture, a blink of the eye, is all the communication they need.
Fowlbeast eggs are broken and their contents dropped into bowls. Cream is whipped until filled with air. Syrup is brushed on the dough. Hot air seeps out of the pre-heated oven.
The sounds in the kitchen make a symphony of their own.
Mousse We did it, mummy!
Mrs. Selis Yes, sweetheart, we did.
Mousse Just in time for breakfast.
Mrs. Selis Yes, just in time for breakfast.
Mousse Maybe we can do a little more...?
Mrs. Selis Do what?
Mousse (Sprinkles a layer of icing on the bread)
Now it's perfect.
Mrs. Selis Agreed.
Mrs. Selis & Mousse (Gaze at each other)
Mrs. Selis I'm proud of you, sweetheart. Very proud.
Mousse Huh...?
Mrs. Selis I've never told you that, have I?
Mousse Why? I know you're proud of Byron, of Emily, of Violet, and Carl. They're all outstanding.
But I'm just Mousse... I'm not anything.
I've got two tails, I'm bad at maths, I don't know my grammar, I have Oripathy... and my hands get itchy when I have an Oripathy attack.
Mrs. Selis I don't care about any of that.
Mousse Then what do you care about?
Mrs. Selis Mummy only cares that you're happy and doing what you love.
I fought with your father a lot over whether to send you here.
I didn't want you going to this place on your own. It wouldn't be as comfortable as home, and we couldn't be there for you if anything happened.
Before I visited, I was thinking I would bring you back if you didn't like it here, even if I had to pummel your father into it.
But you're happy here... you're not alone anymore. You have lots of friends who care for you.
Mousse But I couldn't welcome you the way Violet could.
Mrs. Selis That's rubbish, sweetheart. I've had a delightful time!
Mousse But you had tears in your eyes when you found kitty fur in your cake yesterday...
Mrs. Selis You've got it all wrong.
I was happy.
Mousse You were?
Mrs. Selis I haven't enjoyed a pastry of yours in so long. Not since you got sick.
I had an even more pleasant surprise when I walked into kitchen. You've started baking again, you're... you're still doing what you love here.
Mousse I never knew...
[Mousse and Mrs. Selis hugs each other...]
Mrs. Selis Mousse, my little sweetheart.
[ a young R.I. operator runs into the kitchen...]
Anxious Young Operator Mousse, I have a lesson this morning, so I need two to go... oh, good morning, ma'am.
[...interrupting the heartwarming moment between them.]
Mrs. Selis Er, good morning.
Mousse Two to go, Zeiss? Here you are.
Anxious Young Operator Thanks... hmm, I've never seen this kind of bread. What is it?
Mousse I just made it with the ingredients at hand. There isn't any...
Mrs. Selis "Mother's Pride."
Mousse & Anxious Young Operator? Huh?
Mrs. Selis The name of the bread is "Mother's Pride."