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Operator Record
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"If only life and dreams could all be a little more interesting..."

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Platinum to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Platinum.
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Knight Scout
RI Corridor
Pine Valley Terrace
Dossoles Beach B
Kazimierz Streets
K.G.C.C. Basement
A Bell Through the Dark Night
Kazimierz Avenue
After a bizarre dream, reality becomes all the more heartwarming.
<Background 1>
Rhodes Island Landship
Outside the Doctor's Office
Platinum Zzz... zzz...
[Platinum wakes up...]
Platinum Hm...
Hmm...? *Yawn*
[...and looks around, but did not see the Doctor.]
Platinum The Doctor still isn't back after my sweet little nap?
Hmph... Next time, I'll just go right in and put my leave request on the desk.
Why is it that every time I want to take some time off, the Doctor's in a meeting? I wouldn't have agreed to take this assistant job, if I knew temporary or not... Hm...
My hair's in my eyes... Ugh.
[The Doctor enters their office...]
Platinum Oh, Doctor–
Why'd you just go into your room without a word... Are you mad? Did I do something wrong...? Hm...
That can't be right. Probably just didn't see me...
Hey! Doctor, I'm over here–
[...and Platinum follows, but...]
<Background 2>
Where am I?
Platinum finds herself in an Ursus villa, flanked by a mountain and lakes.
There is also a tall tower far off in the distance.
It soars straight through the clouds up above.
[Nearl noticed Platinum's presence.]
Nearl What are you doing here, Armorless?
Platinum Oh... The Radiant Knight...?
I could ask you the same.
I work for Rhodes Island too. Of course I can–
Nearl This isn't Rhodes Island.
Platinum I guess you're right.
So? Where are we? What's with the tower?
Nearl This... is a place for reprieve. As for the tower, you'll have to ask yourself.
Platinum ......
Platinum looks at the tower in silence.
It's not easy to make out the tower's features with the bright sunlight reflecting off its surface; it could also be the unfamiliar angle she is looking at the tower from.
Nonetheless, the tower stands there, scraping the skies like a mirage.
Platinum The General Chamber of Commerce? Since when is the K.G.C.C. Tower that big?
Nearl We never left.
And they never changed.
Platinum That doesn't sound like something the Radiant Knight would say.
Nearl ......
Platinum Hmm... Oh, well. I'm only here to look for the Doctor.
If the Doctor's not here, then you'll have to excuse–
Nearl ......
The Radiant Knight doesn't speak. The ever-shining champion simply stands in silence, gazing out at the world.
Nearl What do you need the Doctor for...?
Platinum It's been a while since I came to Rhodes Island. I just want to enjoy some alone time.
Nearl Is that so?
Take that door. You'll find the Doctor there.
Platinum Thanks.
[Platinum opens the door pointed by Nearl, and...]
<Background 3>
Platinum !
What's this place now?
Roy A Bolívarian resort town. The climate's just right, and the service is good. It's much comfier than the log cabins up north.
Platinum Roy... First the Radiant Knight, and now you?
Roy Oh, come on, you're not happy to see me?
I thought we got along better than that, little Platinum?
Platinum ......
Roy Cut loose a little. We're here on vacation. The sun's shining bright, and check out the amazing scenery. Don't let work bum you out.
Platinum ......
Roy Relax. Why don't I get you some sweets? A nice dessert is just the right thing for people like us, always working under so much pressure. I'm sure you can agree on that.
Waiter! A raspado for the señorita[note 1] here!
[Platinum noticed something odd with the raspado.]
Platinum ?
The shaved ice strikes Platinum with a strange, familiar feeling.
The flakes of ice in the cup have been molded into shapes of varying sizes. They've been painted with colorful fruit syrups.
They look just like–
A mountain–
With a private villa?
Roy Spare the unpleasant thoughts while you're on vacation. It's there, and you can't do anything about that.
Or are you saying you'll get distracted as long as it's there?
Platinum Well...
Roy What's the point of having that long vacation you finally managed to get approved, then?
Maybe you should head back and take care of things first. Take a real holiday after that. What do you say?
Platinum Take care of... what?
Roy You'll have to ask yourself that.
No worries. Leave all the other troublesome things to me.
You might want to hurry, though.
Roy points at a spot of light in the distance.
Roy Everyone's got something they're afraid of, after all.
Platinum looks into the distance. There are three Darksteel arrows bound together as one, blazing through the sky as they let out a sharp howl.
The arrows are fast, but also not that fast. They are so fast that they will pierce through Platinum's body the next second, but they are also so slow that they are no match for the pedestrians' leisurely pace.
Platinum ......
Roy You know your way back to the Grand Knight Territory, don't you?
Platinum Yeah.
Roy That's good.
Platinum ......
Roy Hm?
Platinum I think you looked better with black hair.
Before the flabbergasted Roy can even let out half a chuckle, Platinum has already turned around and dived into the water.
<Background black>
She's not the tiniest bit interested in Roy's reaction. She simply wanted to say it.
She has pondered for a long time.
<Background 4>
Knight Scout Miss Centaurea. Miss Centaurea?
Platinum Hm?
Something the matter?
Knight Scout Would you be interested in trying out for the knight preliminaries?
Platinum No.
Platinum ignores the knight scout following close behind and dashes toward the General Chamber of Commerce Tower.
<Background 5>
She imagined the K.G.C.C. building as crowded as the Grand Knight Territory.
But all she sees is statues. All kinds of statue. All pure white, color unadulterated.
The receptionist at the front desk, the security guard at the door, and the staff members walking down the hallway...
All of them are frozen in some unknown time.
Platinum Well, this sucks. I don't have access to the part of the building where the directors hang out.
The elevator doors aren't opening, and there's no taking the stairs. The secret passages are sealed shut, too.
Light floods into the building through the ceiling in the center, illuminating the entire atrium with an unnaturally bright glow.
Platinum If I recall correctly... I'm a pegasus?
Platinum looks at the sky above her and leaps upward.
Contrary to what she expected, she doesn't immediately fall to the ground. Instead, she rises higher and higher, accelerating as she goes, toward the ends of the light.
The warm sunlight slowly envelops her–
<Background black>
Followed by the advent of darkness.
??? Platinum! You can't sleep here!
Platinum –!
<Background 1>
Platinum ......!
Doctor Finally awake, huh?
Platinum Mm... Sorry...
{nickname}, do you know what I went through to find you?
Doctor You sure had it rough, having to sleep on the floor.
Platinum Grr.
You saw nothing. Got it?
Doctor I literally just woke you up. How could I–
Platinum No, you saw nothing. Got? It?
Oh, whatever.
Doctor Let's see... A leave application form?
Platinum I want to take a long vacation... Get away from Rhodes Island and go somewhere far to... yeah... let off some steam.
You'll let me do that, right?
I didn't think of that, Doctor... Did you want to come with me on my trip? Well, we're both here right now. Might as well–
Doctor Sure.
Platinum ......
Uhh... What do you mean by that? Like the coming part, or are you just approving my time off?
Doctor Both.
And we're leaving right now.
Platinum Oh...
Um, I need time to pack, at least.
Doctor Sheesh. Do you know how long you've put off this tiny wish of yours?
Platinum W-Wait–Don't pull–
[Platinum daydreams again. She opens a door, and...]
<Background 6>
[ front of her is a telephone ringing.]
She blinks her eyes, only to find before her the thing she's most familiar with–also the thing that she dreads the most.
Platinum Another phone call... *Sigh*...
[Platinum smashes the telephone to silence it.]
Platinum Now we'll never hear from–
[The moment after she smashes the phone into pieces, she finds it restored to pristine condition, ringing yet again.]
Platinum Can't you quiet down a little?
[Platinum smashes the telephone again...]
[...but it rings again.]
Platinum There's no end to this...
(Picks up the phone)
??? Platinum, you're overstepping your boundaries.
Platinum Right. Yes, I am so terribly sorry.
??? The General Chamber of Commerce's authority is not for you to trample upon like so.
Platinum Oh.
(Sets the phone receiver aside)
Okay, get it all off your chest.
Platinum Go on. I'll chill here for a bit.
Hm, if I recall correctly, there should be some booze here.
Aha, I knew it...
(Uncorks the bottle)
(Pours half a glass)
<Background 7>
The Darksteel arrows are growing bigger and bigger under Kazimierz's night sky.
They blitz through the night like shooting stars. Even the million lights illuminating the Grand Knight Territory cannot shroud their luminance.
<Background 6>
Platinum Is this... sparkling water?
So they drink more than just wine? Hmm... Okay. I'm not a big fan of their booze anyway...
(Pours half a glass of sparkling water)
To Kazimierz.
This one's for me, and for you.
(Pours the sparkling water on the phone)
The moment the water touches the phone, an intense tirade can be heard blaring out of its receiver, but as soon as the glass has been emptied of the sparkling water, there is a brief buzz, and the phone falls silent once again.
Platinum ......
So... What will happen when the arrow pierces the tower?
??? You seem to be looking forward to something.
Platinum Malkiewicz. What are you doing here?
Malkiewicz Long time no see, Platinum.
I've always been here.
Platinum ......
Malkiewicz I can answer your question.
"What will happen when the arrow pierces the tower?"
Nothing will happen.
Platinum Oh, this suuucks. How come I'm getting you and the Doctor mixed up in my dream?
Malkiewicz We don't control our own dreams, Centaurea.
Czarny I can be anyone.
I can be someone you are afraid of.
["Czarny" turns to "Malkiewicz" before he becomes a spokesman...]
I can be someone you pity.
[...and "the Doctor"...]
I can be someone who you show an interest in.
[...and goes back to becoming "Czarny" again.]
Czarny Together, we form that place you can never leave behind–the very place you dread–the tower.
You grew up there. It was your future. You ran from it, and you still feel as though you have nowhere to go. You are confused and helpless.
Platinum The tower...?
<Background black>
Without a single word, Platinum gazes at the dreamscape.
Right as he makes his proclamation, the ceiling starts to open outward, revealing the uppermost level of the General Chamber building.
There are no seats or telephones there.
Only branches extending endlessly into the night sky like those of a tree. At the rate they are growing, the branches will one day engulf even the sun and moon.
Each branch is fabricated from different materials.
Steel, newspapers, wood, and grain.
The different materials all merge into one.
Of the different branches, there is a particular one full of thorns and arrowheads that lets out a sharp roar as it blazes past the winds.
Platinum feels as though she is standing on the head of a giant beast, its wings spread toward the skies, its roots dug deep into the earth.
Its skeleton is welded together from different materials, and all kinds of currency flow within its veins.
As for Platinum herself, she was once an insignificant cell of this beast.
But what about now?
Platinum You might be right, Kazimierz.
–I refuse.
Platinum thinks to herself the name of a certain person before she crashes through the window pane and leaps downward.
Background-Kazimierz Avenue Blackout.png
Platinum I hope we never see each other again, Kazimierz.
I want a new life, you know?
[Platinum lands safely.]
Platinum Oww...
Oh, you caught me, huh?
I knew you had it in you. I knew I could count on you. And this isn't the first time either, am I right?
So, where are we?
Platinum So there are some things you don't know.
What a surprise.
Oh, don't set me down just yet. I'm not really in the mood to move. Let's put an end to this messed up dream already.
Actually, since it's a dream, it's not like you have anything to lose. Hold me for a little longer.
I need to focus and clear my head.
I need to get all that weird Kazimierz stuff wiped clean from my brain.
Doctor ......
Platinum What's going on?
Doctor Platinum–
Platinum I'm listening. Go on.
Doctor –Wake up.
Platinum ?
Doctor Platinum!
<Background 1>
Platinum !
Hello, Doctor.
You're in a good mood. Did something nice happen?
Doctor What's wrong? Why are you taking a nap in front of my office? / You're finally awake. Did you need me for something?
Platinum Nothing special.
I just realized something. It's actually pretty easy to tell dreams and reality apart.
*Sigh*... Anyway, here.
Doctor A leave application? / ...... / Again? How many times does that make this month?
Platinum You can just deny it. Whatever.
But anyway, I have something else I want to ask you.
Doctor Uhh... Let's start with that one first. / What is it this time?
Platinum Do you... have some free time right now?


  1. "Lady" in Spanish