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Filter Stars
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He lights a corner of the night sky after his mother.

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Frail Perro Boy
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Medic Operator
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Office Operator A
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Office Operator B
Cold Forest
RI Surgery Room
A boy stays true to his parents' teachings even though everything has changed. After he is rescued, he decides to show his appreciation in his own unique way.
<Background black>
Office Operator A Grab your stuff! It's over at the slums!
It's too late... If only we caught wind of this earlier in the day. Let's see if there's anything we can still do. Prep your medical equipment. We'll set up shop here–
Office Operator B –Not here. We still have no idea what exactly happened. Let's not draw too much attention, just to be safe.
Office Operator A You're right... Bring out the medical tent. Not a lot of people go to the woods behind the hills. Set it up there. We'll head over to the slums!
[Sounds of people running are heard.]
Office Operator A Over here!
Office Operator B Boy. Boy! Wake up. Can you hear us?
Office Operator A I don't see any Originium crystals on his body. Hard to say if he's infected or not... He's holding onto something... A staff? A kid like him?
Frail Perro Boy Nngh...
Office Operator B Quick, bring him with us!
<Background 1>
[The two Rhodes Island operatives returned with the frail Perro boy.]
Office Operator A We're back! Got a kid with us.
Medic Operator Good work. Now leave the rest to me.
Office Operator B We couldn't tell whether he's infected, but he won't let go of this staff, so he probably knows some Arts. Anything else you need us to do?
Medic Operator You two just get some rest. I'll give him a checkup. A few guys stayed behind at the office to listen for news. All you have to do is make sure no one finds us here.
Office Operator B Alright! I'll fix you guys a midnight snack to fill your stomachs. The kid doesn't look like he's had much to eat, either. I'll make some porridge.
[The R.I. office operators leave...]
Medic Operator Alright, I'll take him inside then.
[ the R.I. medic took the Perro into a medical tent.]
<Background 2>
[As the Perro is being treated...]
Frail Perro Boy ......
Medic Operator He must still be in his teens... *Sigh*... You're just a kid, but you've already had to go through all that.
There are no obvious signs of Oripathy on the surface, but... the tests show he's infected.
His injuries aren't too serious, but with his weak body... Let's speed things up with some Arts.
[The R.I. medic mends the Perro.]
Medic Operator We still have some suppressants left, and we already gave him a sedative.
Frail Perro Boy ......
Medic Operator (The power generator's too loud. We're done with the checkups, so I guess we won't need this equipment for now. The lights will just make it harder to sleep.)
(So I'll turn them off along with the generator. The least I can do is let him get a good night's rest.)
[The R.I. medic turned off the generators powering the tent.]
Medic Operator (I'll also set a timer to check up on him in two hours.)
<Background black>
Inside the dark tent, a tiny body is curled up on the bed.
The pain from his fever and exhaustion is canceling out the sedative effects of the medicine. He dreams a restless dream, where he is suddenly trying to find something.
Perhaps he seeks the embrace of his parents, or the warmth of his home.
But all those happy things had left him the day before. Even though he's not fully aware of it right now, his loss is no less painful in the dream.
[The Perro woke up amidst the darkness.]
Frail Perro Boy *Cough*...!
Oh... It's dark...
There's no one here... Mm...
*Whimpers*... It's pitch black. Is the electricity out here too?
Eep... What's that next to me? An IV drip? Was I saved after Mamá got me out?
Is there anything else here... Oh, I still have my staff with me.
Right, two men found me. They must've brought me here. I've gotta thank them.
I should get out of bed and take a look around... Phew... Ah... Just sitting up is so tiring...
[The Perro stands up and looks around the tent, but cannot find anyone else.]
Frail Perro Boy *Sobs*... There's no one here... I'm all alone.
But how come Mamá didn't say anything and just told me to run?
Will I... get to see Papá and Mamá again? *Sobs*...
This place is so dark, and there's no one around... Did something happen to them? I... I know how to use Arts. Mamá taught me how.
The frail boy lies on his bed and reaches a hand out to the staff by his bedside.
He was the one who put this staff together, piece by piece, from broken parts and abandoned ore, until the moment a light shone from his hands.
"Light." He kept thinking about that word. He wanted to shine a light to help those who helped him.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
Frail Perro Boy The glass lampshade is still in one piece. These gears and screws are all in great shape, too, but were thrown away just because the machine broke. What a shame.
But now I have all the parts! I just have to connect this wire to the main board, then connect it here... Maybe I should try casting some Arts?
Whoa! That gave me an electric shock! It hurts... Maybe this isn't as easy as I thought.
Papá and Mamá still aren't home yet. I can't wait to see their faces if I manage to get it fixed before they get back!
And after I find a good job, I'll buy Mamá lots of medicine, and once she gets better, Papá won't have to work at the factory anymore.
Hmm... It takes so much force to turn these screws... Papá must be really strong. He does everything so fast.
Yeah! I'll finish this before they get home!
<Background fades out and in>
Frail Perro Boy Mamá, look! I can use the Arts you taught me with this staff!
[The Perro emits a bright light from his staff through Arts.]
Frail Perro Boy Hup–Look, it lit up! I built this staff all by myself, too!
I remember everything you taught me. I wrote it all down in my notes too. Increase the voltage–Hup! Look!
[The light becomes brighter.]
Frail Perro Boy I'm a fast learner, right? I'll become the best Caster around. We'll have an endless supply of electricity, enough to keep the lights on all day!
<Background fades out and in>
[A rumble is felt.]
Frail Perro Boy Mamá, wait. They said we'll get sick if we go outside. You can't–
Papá's factory? He's not back yet. Where is he?!
I'll come with you, Mamá. Let me come. I know how to use Arts. I can–
<Flashback ends here>
<Background black>
In his endless dreams, he bravely broke open the door his mother had locked, and powerfully sifted through all the shining debris at the factory. The scary disease the adults spoke of had no effect on him.
He used his mother's Arts to illuminate the sky. Under his light, the rescuers pulled unconscious workers out from the rubble one after another. His father had only minor injuries, and immediately joined the rescue team.
Then, after they got home, they moved far away, to a place without dust in the air.
He learned even more Arts, and lived a happy life with both his parents.
Frail Perro Boy Eep–There we go...
*cough* *cough* *cough*.
[The Perro tries to illuminate the surroundings with his staff and Arts, but is not bright enough.]


Frail Perro Boy It's not much... Just a tiny light.
But it's more than enough. If I can light the path beneath my feet, I can help others...!
The ice-cold air rushes into his nostrils. The frail Perro boy has always wanted to turn his dreams into reality.
In front of the factory's rubble, he saw his mother casting Arts on such a large scale for the first time. Her radiance illuminated the night and shone upon every corner of the area.
He, too, wants to help others with his light.
Frail Perro Boy Eep, it's so cold–
What a big tent. There's no one else around, though. Where... Where did they all go?
Papá said that we should lend others a helping hand whenever we can, and only then will our lives get better...
It's so dark though... Did something really happen here? I... I gotta go–
[The Perro leaves the tent.]
Frail Perro Boy *Whimper*... My whole body's sore... Where is this place?
The woods? T-The ones behind the mountains? That's so far away... Mamá told me it's dangerous here, because people rarely come.
It's already so late, and they don't have any lights. They must need my help. I... I need to be like Mamá, and help those in need!
I need to head outside and find them...! I-I'll help them!
<Background 1>
Frail Perro Boy *Cough*... How long have I been walking...? Why isn't there anyone here?
Ugh, my head hurts.
No, I need to hang in there. I need to be a man of my word. I need to be strong. I...
I... I...
[The Perro collapses from the temperature.]
<Background black>
Two hours later
<Background 2>
Medic Operator (It's 3:50. Let me check on him.)
[The R.I. medic heads to the tent, but...]
Medic Operator ...! Why is the tent open?!
Where did he go?!
Oh no. I knew two hours was too long!
<Background 1>
[The R.I. medic, along with the two R.I. office operators from before, searches the forest for the Perro.]
Medic Operator Quick, the boy we rescued is gone! Hurry and check the area–!
[The first operator searches around...]
Office Operator A He's not here–
[ does the second.]
Office Operator B Not here either–
[...but the medic noticed a light nearby.]
Medic Operator Look over there! Why is it glowing there?
–Oh, he's here! I found him!
<Background 2>
The next morning...
Frail Perro Boy ......
Hmm... Is it morning already?
Medic Operator Phew–You're finally awake.
Here, have some water.
Office Operator B I'll warm up some porridge for you. We made it last night. No need to chew, just swallow it. It's not going to upset your stomach.
Frail Perro Boy Oh, uh, g-gracias![note 1]
L-Last night, did I–?
Medic Operator About that... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left you alone in there.
Frail Perro Boy N-Not at all! It's my fault for trying to go outside. I thought it was too dark, so–
Office Operator B Porridge's here!
What were you two talking about? You can chat later, but you should fill yourself up first. You haven't had anything to eat the whole time, and Rita said she's gonna need to do another checkup on you afterwards.
Office Operator A I'm back! Is the kid awake? Come on, let's sit you up. You must be exhausted, after running around in the dark like that. Rita, why don't you take care of your other work? The two of us can look after him.
Medic Operator Alright, I appreciate it.
<Background fades out and in>
Medic Operator Everything looks good. You're just a little malnourished. Your Oripathy is looking pretty mild so far too, but we'll need to take you somewhere with more professional equipment to run more thorough tests.
Office Operator A Don't worry, kid! We won't just abandon someone we saved partway through. Just relax and focus on getting better.
We also have something to tell you.
Office Operator B Right, we're backline workers for a medical company called Rhodes Island. This is just a temporary medical tent we've set up.
We talked this over last night, but given the circumstances... Sorry, we can't ensure your safety for too long.
D-Do you know what happened near your home?
Frail Perro Boy I... I don't know...
Mamá sent me outside and told me to run as far as I could, then... she went back...
A few days ago, Papá said he was going to the factories to look for a new job, and he hasn't been back since.
After that... I'm not too sure what happened.
Office Operator B Then... Do you know that you're sick?
Frail Perro Boy I do... They told me before that you get rocks on your body when you catch this disease. A lot of people have it where I live.
Office Operator B Then... What about your parents? Are they both Infected?
Frail Perro Boy Sí...[note 2] There was an accident at the factory...
Office Operator A ......
They got people Infected, then drove them into a corner. Those pendejos![note 3]
Medic Operator Hey, not in front of the kid!
Office Operator A My bad... I know I shouldn't get worked up, but I mean, it's just too...
Hurry up and tell him. Just listening to this is pissing me off.
Office Operator B So we were talking last night, and we're thinking about introducing you to our company. You know, see if you're interested, or if you want to go.
We have some medical equipment here, but it's leaps and bounds better on Rhodes Island. Besides, you know some electrical Arts, don't you?
We have plenty of amazing folks there who know a ton of awesome Arts. You could learn a lot from them.
Frail Perro Boy Even more awesome Arts?
Office Operator B Yep, that's right. By the way, who taught you yours?
Frail Perro Boy I learned them from mi mamá[note 4]...
Office Operator A *Sigh*...
Sorry, kid, I didn't mean to swear. We're sorry about you and your parents. We'll... keep looking for them.
Frail Perro Boy Y-You don't have to apologize!
Thank you so much for saving me, and... I also want to do something to return the favor.
I-I know a little electrical Arts. I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and it was so dark. There wasn't any light at all...
So you have no electricity here, right? Just like where I'm from? I... I was going to give you guys some electricity... to return the favor...
I saw how dark it was here. Did something happen to this place, too? But I... I passed out after a while, and when I woke up, I was back on this bed.
This is my staff. I was too tired last night, so it wasn't very bright, but... I can usually light up my whole house!
Medic Operator So you came outside to light up our base?
Frail Perro Boy Mm-hm!
When I use the Arts mi mamá taught me, I can make my staff glow for a really long time!
Was I any help?
Medic Operator ......!
(So that's why he...)
Yes! You absolutely helped us.
These two guys were lost last night, and you know how dark it was outside. It was thanks to your staff's light that they made it back.
They were going to thank you, but forgot because of all the work we had this morning. Isn't that right?
Office Operator B ...Yeah! Totally slipped my mind!
We were going to sleep it rough last night, but then we saw a faint light, which led us to you. We wouldn't have found our way without it!
Office Operator A (Gets the idea)
That's right! Your light was real bright last night! Thanks, kid!
Frail Perro Boy R-Really?
Then... I'll go! I'll get even better, and I'll learn even more awesome Arts, lots of them, then I'll come back to help you guys!
Medic Operator Alright!
Frail Perro Boy I know me being here isn't very helpful, but... I don't know where my parents are either, and I need you guys to help me find them...
I'll come back once I get better! I'll be back to light up the whole night sky!
Medic Operator Alright, then we'll wait for you here. It's a promise. You gotta learn lots of useful Arts to help us out.
Frail Perro Boy Okay!
Medic Operator Right, what's your name anyway? We still don't know what to call you.
Office Operator A Just so you know, we all have codenames here, but we've all known each other for a long time, so we just call each other by our real names.
I'm Fernando, this is Pedro, and she's Rita.
Office Operator B But now that you're going to the landship, you should pick a codename for yourself. Pick whatever you like.
Frail Perro Boy Hm...
[After the Perro thinks for a moment...]
Frail Perro Boy C-Call me Greyy!


  1. "Thank you!" in Spanish
  2. "Yes..." in Spanish
  3. "Asshole" in Spanish
  4. "My mommy" in Spanish