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Operator Record
Refurbishment Plans
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Flowers grow, and gardens expand.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Perfumer to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Perfumer.
RI Room
RI Corridor
RI Cafeteria
Perfumer is planning to remodel the Convalescent Garden, and wants to put Podenco in charge of it. However, after noticing Podenco falling short, Perfumer resolves to work alongside her.
Early morning
Rhodes Island Dormitories
Perfumer's Dormitory
<Background 1>
[Perfumer is tidying up her room.]
Perfumer (That should make for enough space.)
(For the output...)
[Perfumer reads a sheet.]
Perfumer (I'll probably need to tweak the cultivation method for this section.)
(And then here...)
[Someone enters the room.]
??? Miss Lena, I've got reports for you!
Perfumer Hmm? Is that Podenco? Come right in.
[Podenco goes to Perfumer's side.]
Podenco Good morning, Miss Lena.
Perfumer Good morning, Podenco.
Podenco Here's the inventory list you wanted, and the completed order form.
Perfumer Thank you.
[Perfumer reads the list given by Podenco.]
Perfumer ......
(Inventory figures all seem to line up.)
(Order information is crystal clear, too, and the budget attached... seems alright.)
(There's a problem or two in plain sight, though. I wonder if she'll notice.)
You've done very well, handling all this documenting all by yourself.
Podenco It feels very simple to do, compared to caring for the plants.
Perfumer (She noticed?)
Mmm... it caught my eye.
Podenco Orders and appointments, more and more are coming in lately... A little extra work's okay, and I can cope if I sleep a bit later, but..
Perfumer We just don't have enough raw material.
Podenco Right, the Garden flora's output can't keep up anymore.
If we keep burning through them our current rate, we'll be out of fresh flowers to make things in a month.
Perfumer Mm-hmm.
Podenco If we can, I'd like to apply to purchase a few plants. That way, we can buy ourselves a little time while we think of a solution.
Do you think that would be okay, Miss?
Perfumer Hmm. What to do?
Podenco Miss, why are you still so calm? The flowers are going to run out, aren't they?!
Perfumer Heheh, don't worry. We'll find a way.
Here, come sit. Have a cup of tea, and take a breather.
It just so happens I have a few questions I'd like your opinion on.
Podenco Oh, if you really say so, Miss...
Perfumer Let me ask. With Rhodes Island roving all over Terra year-round, do you have a stable supplier to sell to you?
Podenco If you leave it in Logistics's hands, they can probably work something out.
Perfumer But we can't trouble them with everything. There's always more important things for them to eke out channels and spend their funds on, isn't that right?
Podenco Oh...
Perfumer If the Logistics Department's Operators made contact with a supplier, but the other side couldn't meet our requirements, what then?
You have to consider, we painstakingly assembled the Garden's plantlife from across Terra. A certain few of our plants are even special kinds not permitted to be bought or sold.
If we made an order, but they had no way of fulfilling our needs, what then?
Podenco Then maybe we can purchase the more common ones, free up some space, and plant all rare flowers?
Like the rugosa roses, maybe? What do you think?
Perfumer (Pfft. There's a silly idea I had as well.)
You're right, they're the flower we use the most of, and the easiest to purchase at that.
Podenco, do you still remember the roses you planted where you grew up?
Podenco Mm-hm!
Perfumer Then do you feel any particular difference between the roses back home, and the ones in the Garden?
Podenco The rugosas back home had a lighter kind of aroma. It was less of a flower and more like one of our local fruits, really.
The ones here have a much stronger fragrance, but they don't make your nose wrinkle either. They're really nice-smelling, Miss.
Perfumer See, both are rugosa roses all the same, yet they're so different. How could we make sure flowers from a supplier have the same qualities as the ones we grow here?
We could certainly treat those flowers like our own in use, but in the off-chance an Operator feels unwell using our goods because of that minute change in ingredients, I would be betraying the Doctor's trust.
Not to mention, despite being roses, some varieties aren't easy to purchase.
Do you still remember the ones growing in the freezer compartment?
They might be roses still, but their nature, and their medicinal nature above all, is very different from roses growing on the farms. Because they only grow in the northern tundras of Ursus, and the Medical Department specially entrusted me with their cultivation.
I could never just freeze any rose I fancied and hand it over to Dr. Kal'tsit, could I?
Podenco I'm sorry, Miss, I didn't think about any of this...
Perfumer Oh, it's quite alright.
You've thought through a great deal already. You should be proud.
Podenco Miss Lena, the way it sounds, you must have a plan. You can tell me.
Perfumer What to do indeed~
Well, then, let's shutter the Convalescent Garden.
Podenco Huh?!
Miss Lena, you can't even consider closing down!
Perfumer I've had a clear mind about it the entire time.
Lean in here a little, take a look at this.
[Podenco checks out a paper held by Perfumer...]
Podenco This is—?
[...before returning to her seat]
Perfumer The Convalescent Garden remodeling plan.
I've already discussed it with the Doctor, who's agreed to clear the neighboring storehouse and incorporate it into the Garden entirely.
This way, we can have more space for planting, provide an area for guests to relax, set up a dedicated aromatherapy room, and your little greenhouse can even get a fix-up alongside.
Podenco Can I expand mine too?!
Perfumer Yes.
Podenco That's wonderful!
Perfumer Moreover, I'm preparing to move my own dormitory in there.
Podenco You're going to live in the Garden?
Perfumer It takes too much time to get there from the dormitories, after all. So I thought to myself, I might as well just live there. Part of the research room will be merged with my own room.
This way, I can actually save on quite a bit of space.
The thing is—
Podenco What is it?
Perfumer The workload will be a bit too much, for just us two alone.
It just so happens we'll have much more space to build an even larger greenhouse. Could I trouble you to find an Operator for the task, and bring them over for me?
Podenco We'll need someone good with botany and greenhouse construction, right?
Perfumer Right.
Podenco Then I'll go and find someone now. When I do, I'll get in touch with you, Miss.
Perfumer Mmm, take care on your way.
[Podenco rushes off the room.]
Perfumer ......
Hm-hmm, she's grown a little more every day I see her.
Perhaps this time, I'll be able to just sit back and supervise?
Really, that Miss Kal'tsit. I grumble to her and mention the poor plant quality, and she hands the whole Convalescent Garden straight off onto my back.
Planning, measuring, cultivation, every last little thing, left for me to sort out on my own...
And I, *sigh*... did exactly as she told, learning as I set things up...
At least I could grow some flowers, and give something or other to all of Rhodes Island.
And now...
Hmm, now I can have Podenco build some strength too.
I'll just get everything set up, sit on the sidelines, and give myself a little holiday of sorts.
Phew... ha...
Let's have some tea and rest...
Tea bags... tea bags...
<Background fades out and in>
Rhodes Island Dormitories
Perfumer's Dormitory
[Perfumer reviews the Coalescence Garden's expansion plan.]
Perfumer (This area shouldn't need any more alterations.)
(I'm a little peckish now.)
<Background 2>
[The starving Perfumer walks through the R.I. landship's corridors.]
Perfumer I wonder what to eat today?
I'm even hallucinating the smell of food.
Hold on, is this–?
(*sniff* *sniff*)
How come I've never smelt any flower like this aboard the Island before?
<Background fades out and in>
[A Reproba girl carrying tamed Metal Crabs with her speaks with an R.I. staff.]
??? Just gimme a liiiiittle bit, just a tiny patch, and things'll be gold.
All my little Metal Crabs are starting to grow up, and the new generation's gonna come into the world pretty soon too, so, for the sake of new life, hand me some space and you'll be a winner.
If I don't have enough farm room, I'll raise them in the dorms, seriously. I mean, they're not gonna cause a ruckus, but I don't think all the nice Misses living there are gonna be happy.
Augh, can't you just be a little flexible?! Ugh, I'm done with you. I'll find someone else!
[Perfumer greets the Reproba girl as she is left alone by the R.I. staff.]
Perfumer You seem to be dealing with something or other. Is there anything I can help with?
??? Ah, afternoon. You're–?
Perfumer I'm Lena, the Perfumer. I'm responsible for managing the Convalescent Garden and tending to the plants.
Beanstalk Nice to meet you, Lena. I'm Beanstalk.
Perfumer It's about lunchtime right now. If it's convenient for you, perhaps we can eat together? We can chat over our food that way.
Beanstalk Huh, really? It just so happens I'm a little hungry too.
<Background 3>
Perfumer So, you specialize in Metal Crab farming, is that right?
Beanstalk Yep. They're all my sweet little darlings.
They're not like those wild Metal Crabs. They're tame and obedient. Some of them love people more than anything.
Like little Pea here.
Peacake (Blinks)
Perfumer May I– pet it?
Beanstalk Go right ahead. Pea's not scared of strangers.
Perfumer (It's not aggressive one bit. Well, then.)
(And the fragrance is definitely coming from the flowers on top of its head.)
(I've never scented this before. Perhaps it's an uncommon plant species?)
(It's not heavy, but it has staying power, and its aroma is very stable too.)
(It might not be bad as a base fragrance.)
(As for medicinal value, that'd have to wait until harvesting and further analysis.)
Beanstalk What'cha frozen there for, Miss Lena? What's on your mind?
Perfumer Ah, I'm very sorry about that. Just a bout of occupational disease.
Pea's scent is very pleasant, I have to say.
Beanstalk Really? Thank you, that's an amazing opinion to get from an expert!
Perfumer If I might be so bold to ask, would I be allowed to pick the flower on Pea's head?
Beanstalk Go right on.
They snip them off each other or eat them when they're all playing together, you know, but they grow back real fast.
Perfumer (Is it a stable, symbiotic sort of plant? How interesting.)
(Perhaps I could ask and see if Beanstalk would help me "plant" some?)
(I've been wanting to keep a few docile animals in the Garden, but just couldn't ever find a suitable breed.)
(This might just be my chance.)
Well, then. Could you hear out a request of mine?
Beanstalk I'm all ears.
Perfumer I'm actually awfully interested in the plants on these little friends' heads.
These flowers are exceptionally unique. This is my first time ever seeing them.
If we worked on a specific application for them, I can guarantee they'd be very precious as a material.
I just so happened to overhear your chat with the Logistics Operator. You're worrying over cultivation space as well, aren't you?
I'm thinking I could give you some room to settle your little friends down in.
Beanstalk For real?!
Perfumer For real, indeed. If this works out, I can only presume everyone will reap the rewards.
As long as these little ones are kept and raised well, and they don't scamper all about in the greenhouse.
At appropriate times, they'd interact with Operators coming to the Garden too.
Beanstalk They're all personally raised by me, and they're not hostile with people. You've got no worries.
Perfumer Thank you for your guarantee. It's a great reassurance.
As for a contract, I'll leave drawing that up to you, if that's fine. We can talk over any associated expenditures and costs when the time comes.
Perfumer I'm sorry, that's my terminal.
[Perfumer answers the call.]
Perfumer Mhmm, it's me.
You've found somebody? Good, that's wonderful. Thank you so much.
I'll come over right now.
Alright. See you in a moment.
[Perfumer hangs up, but...]
Perfumer Apologies, Beanstalk, but there's a thing or two that needs me. I'll be heading off first.
This is my card. If you have the contract ready, you can contact me whenever.
Beanstalk Sounds good, Lena.
Thanks a million! You're a real good one, you know!
Perfumer You can find good ones anywhere. You'll only find someone as caring and sisterly as me right here!
See you later~
<Background 2>
Rhodes Island Landship
Outside the Convalescent Garden
[Podenco calls for Perfumer...]
Podenco Miss, I'm over here!
[...who goes to meet her.]
Perfumer ......
Podenco, where's your Operator?
Why do I only see– a small tractor?
Podenco Bagpipe's behind it. She'll come over just in a moment.
Bagpipe, Bagpipe!
[Bagpipe rushes to Perfumer's side.]
Bagpipe Ah! There you are!
Been a long time, Perfumer!
I brought some soil over here for Podenco.
Already got all the ratios set up like you'd best want 'em. I can kick things off whenever, just waitin' for you to open up the door.
Perfumer ......
Bagpipe Gave some of it a grindin' down after I noticed the grain was a bit too coarse, so now that should make it easier some to mix.
Perfumer (She ground down– volcanic rock?)
Podenco Miss Lena, what's wrong? You look a little pale. Do you feel unwell, maybe?
Perfumer Bagpipe, could I bother you just a second?
Bagpipe Aye, go ahead. I'll help however as long as I can.
Perfumer Then I'd like you, please, to take the soil you mixed and separate it.
You've. Mixed. It. Wrong.
<Background fades out and in>
Bagpipe So sorry! I'm sorry! I thought you were mixin' the soil for flowers before you scattered it around the big shed!
Podenco Miss, please don't be upset– I– I wasn't aware as well, I'm terribly sorry!
Perfumer Ha...
(Oh, so be it. I can't blame them. After all, I've done much stupider things...)
(I did once take an engineering vehicle and floor it all the way until I bumped into the cafeteria...)
(So this is Bagpipe. She's very familiar with agriculture, that's true. She should be able to help out.)
(Let's ask her to.)
(After I'm done with a few choice angry words.)
Bagpipe, please, next time, never pull this sort of practical joke again.
Bagpipe Oh, I wasn't...
Perfumer Growing flowers in the Garden and growing vegetables in plots are very unalike. We're not trying to plant bulk monocultures in a finite space here, please understand that.
Bagpipe Um, ohh... got it...
Perfumer We can't plant flowers in this soil now. Let's just use it for the farm's base layer when the time comes.
Podenco The farm?
Perfumer Mmm, we're amending our refurbishment plans a little, since I'd like to raise some of Beanstalk's little Metal Crabs. We can go over it in more detail once we head back.
Bagpipe If you don't need me, I'll just be headin' home now...
Perfumer Mhmm, that's fine. Drive the tractor away first.
Bagpipe Got it...
Perfumer After all, we haven't even started today, so we won't need it.
Store the mixed soil at your place, since for now we don't have anywhere to dump it.
Bagpipe Alright...
Perfumer Once you're done, come drop by my dormitory room. There's still plenty I'll need to trouble you with.
Bagpipe Oh...
Perfumer What's wrong?
Bagpipe Can I still, y'know, help out?
You're not cross with me?
Perfumer I am cross. Of course I'm cross.
But even if I'm cross, we still have to get things done.
Or are you saying you're not ready to help us?
Bagpipe Course I am!
Awww, bless you, Nena, you're a sweetheart!
Perfumer If you wouldn't mind, please call me Lena...
Bagpipe I think Nena sounds a little cuter, though.
Perfumer We've still got plenty of work to do today, so let's head back for now, Podenco.
Podenco Alright.
Perfumer And move fast, Bagpipe. There's still a good deal of that work I need to entrust you with.
Bagpipe Don't try and dodge the subject.
I see how it is, alright! I'll be right there!
<Background 1>
Rhodes Island Dormitories
Perfumer's Dormitory
Perfumer I'll leave planning the refurbished area to you. We might have more room to grow our plants, but we'll still want to save as much space as we can.
We'll hand this section over to Beanstalk for farm use. I'll leave regularly picking those symbiotic flowers of theirs up to you too.
And the section along the side– that'll be my new residence, then.
The leftover materials from building the greenhouse will be enough for me. There'll be no need to procure anything special.
That's the rough state of things.
Podenco Alright.
[Bagpipe knocks the door.]
Bagpipe Nena, I'm here!
Perfumer Come in...
[Bagpipe enters the room.]
Bagpipe I've got everythin' all prepared already. Tell me just what you need me for!
Perfumer I'd like to leave all the definitive build details tasked to you.
Bagpipe Gettin' your big shed set up? I'm no stranger to that.
Perfumer I'll also need you to help get in touch with Rhodes Island's construction team.
Bagpipe Even less of a problem. I know all the Operators in charge of repair works up by the agriculture area.
Podenco Just leave it all to us, Miss Lena!
Perfumer (If I could actually leave it all up to you two, that'd be marvelous...)
The Convalescent Garden will be closed while refurbishment is ongoing. I'll be responsible for growing and daily care of the plants in the original Garden, and providing continued aromatherapy to Operators who depend on it like Miss Pasbelletti.
Construction time is limited to a month. I think we should be able to complete refurbishments in around twenty-five days.
Podenco, could I ask you to repeat what tasks I just allocated to you?
Podenco Right, Miss. I need to plan out the refurbished area, and make some room for your new dormitory and Beanstalk's farm.
Perfumer Mhmm, and then?
Podenco Then?
Perfumer What material sheets to use, how to partition the plants, how to harvest Beanstalk's little Metal Crab flowers.
Have you considered any of those yet?
Podenco Hmm...
Perfumer (It seems like she still hasn't decided.)
(I can't just toss her all alone into her work. I'll still need to give her some directions.)
(Our deadline's very tight this go round. We don't have any time for her to take things slowly.)
(A holiday... that'll have to wait after all.)
Don't worry. Just in case, I was asking.
I'll be in the Garden all throughout refurbishment, so if there's anything here or there you don't understand, you can come and ask me.
I'll be moving my things over bit by bit from this dormitory, so it all works out.
That should be more or less it. Do any of you have any questions?
Bagpipe I always thought you only knew flowers, Nena, but you've got your head wrapped around so much.
Perfumer It takes doing these things yourself, before you understand how they should be done.
Bagpipe So, you mean, way back then, everythin' in the Garden was all your work?
Perfumer Mhmm.
There's always some things other people can't help with, things you can only really sort out yourself.
Podenco I thought you would be the type to order other people to work, Miss.
Perfumer How would I order anyone without having personally done it before...
Our every drop of sweat now is the experience we'll direct others with in the future. Do your best.
I hope you'll learn successfully enough, and set up your own independent work.
Ideally, even take on an apprentice.
Podenco Miss, there's no way I could...
Perfumer When we have new Operators assigned to the Garden in future, you'll be their senior, and come that time, it'll be your responsibility to teach them.
Then I'll truly be able to leave the work to you, and I can sit back and give orders~
Podenco Miss Lena~~
Perfumer For now, just answer those few questions for me, okay?
Podenco Ahh–
Er, um, just let me think a little more...
Perfumer Some problems you just need to figure out yourself, you know.
Podenco Aww...
Perfumer Don't worry, take it slowly. The day's still long.
(Learn well, Podenco. I know you can do this.)

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