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Operator Record
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A rare-to-see counterpart; a hard-to-meet opponent.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise SilverAsh to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with SilverAsh.
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Branch Office Manager
Salaryman A icon.png
Commercial Agent
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Guard Operator
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Infected Employee?
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Infected Employee
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Infected Employee A
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Infected Employee B
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RI Corridor
Victoria Streets
Victoria Square
Kjerag Manor
Karlan Trade is one of Rhodes Island's biggest clients, but a shipment of analgesics meant for their Infected employees goes missing. The Doctor uncovers the mastermind behind the plot, and develops a relationship with the president of Karlan Trade.
<Background 1>
Amiya So you're saying the employees of the newly-established branch of Karlan Trade did not receive the first batch of pharmaceuticals we sent them?
Guard Operator Correct.
Amiya ......
Guard Operator Also, our people found this in a nearby black market.
Amiya This is... one of the analgesics we manufacture. You've cross-checked the serial number?
Guard Operator Mhm. I specifically checked with the Logistics Department—it's the very same batch we sent. In short, there's no need for any guessing games: without a doubt, someone pawned off our medicine.
Amiya ......
Guard Operator We didn't originally plan on involving you or the Doctor. After all, companies doing stuff like this isn't exactly uncommon, and we have relatively robust procedures in place to deal with it.
But this time, we're dealing with one of Karlan Trade's branch offices, so we thought it'd be best to consult the two of you first.
Amiya Mm, I understand... Cliffheart is one of our operators now, and we do a substantial amount of business with them. Regardless of the perspective we're coming from, this matter must be handled carefully.
The core issue is this: was this an arbitrary decision from the other party's middle management, or did it have the tacit approval of the higher-ups?
Medic, you were a witness to the signing of the contract with Mr. Silverash. What do you think?
Medic Hmm... It's hard to say.
We've maintained business ties with Karlan Trade for months now. There was nothing out-of-place with this particular large-batch order either. He came to us wanting to buy medicine, and we agreed—simple as that.
But we know nothing about how he actually views the Infected. And from the perspective of so-called business logic, he did in fact purchase this medicine from us with money.
It belongs to him now, and what he decides to do with it is up to him.
As for us though, this is not something we can simply write off as a "business practice".
Doctor, how do you view the situation?
Doctor Silverash? Who's that? / What kind of person is Silverash? / Silverash... What a unique surname...
Medic Oh! I totally forgot; you weren't there at the time.
Excuse me. You've become so reliable lately that I've started to subconsciously assume that you already know everything...
Amiya Mr. Silverash's full name is Enciodes Silverash. He's the president of Karlan Trade and one of our major clients.
It seems he's always hoped to purchase a degree of personal protection for his Infected employees, as well as treatment for his younger sister who was infected with Oripathy.
After contacting several pharmaceutical companies, he finally found us.
Medic That's right. He was very firm about this, though cautious as well. After a lengthy negotiation, he finally placed a large order with us.
He purchased a health insurance contract that covers all of his employees, as well as a supply of analgesics for each branch.
Because these analgesics are only effective at the disease's onset, we keep separate statistics on the amount delivered to each branch.
This is to ensure that every employee has a quarterly supply of them, as well as to allow the company to hold reserves.
Those were his demands.
To be honest, it was the first time I've seen an employer set aside this much money for Infected employees.
As for the kind of person the president is...
<Background fades out>
One year ago
<Background fades in>
Medic You're going to order... this much at once?
Enciodes That's right. You've proven to me that your analgesics work, and I mean to purchase a dose for each and every Infected in my employment.
As such, I hope your company will be able to offer me a discount.
Medic Well...
The size of this order is massive compared to anything else Rhodes Island has ever gotten. As a matter of principle, it's understandable that you'd want a discount.
However, the raw materials used to produce these drugs are also very expensive. In fact, the price of one dose of analgesic is not much higher than the cost.
Enciodes If you lack the authority to make this decision, then you can ask the head of your company, Miss Amiya, to speak with me.
Medic No, I can make this decision.
What I wanted to say is––
Rhodes Island makes drugs to help the Infected.
I hope you can ensure that they're successfully delivered to those who need them.
Enciodes ......
Enciodes Medic... Ma'am, your company seems to have a custom of calling each other by codenames, so I'd like to follow suit. Mind if I borrow you after this?
Medic Huh?
<Background 2>
Medic Where are we...
Enciodes A branch office I established in this city.
Branch Office Manager President?! What brings you here?
Enciodes I want to meet with the Infected employees here. Make the arrangements.
<Background 1>
Medic That day, I was able to witness Mr. Silverash personally distributing the analgesics to the Infected.
Then, as our partnership deepened, he even sent his little sister to us for treatment—the very same Cliffheart who is now one of our operators.
Amiya He sounds nothing like those bosses who make it obvious that they don't want to spend a single cent paying for medicine for their Infected employees.
Medic Yeah. To be honest, even if what I saw was just a publicity stunt, there aren't many bosses in this world who would even bother putting on a show like that.
Doctor Leaning toward "blame middle management" then?
Medic I dare not say for sure.
I couldn't get a good read on him. He gave me the impression of someone completely inscrutable...
The more I started to trust him, the more the alarm bells in my head went off.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor We need to confirm his true beliefs.
Medic I doubt he'd be all that forthcoming if we took this to him to negotiate directly.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor We need to be careful.
Medic Right, considering he's both one of our major clients AND Cliffheart's brother...
If we aren't tactful, this could become a serious problem.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor We can't ignore Cliffheart's feelings.
Medic Right. If we were to arbitrarily cut off ties with Karlan Trade without hard evidence, that would be an extremely awkward situation for Cliffheart... and I don't want her to resent us.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Medic So, what should we do, Doctor?
Doctor I have an idea.
<Background 2>
Branch Office Manager Alright, morning's over.
You have a one hour lunch break. Line up for your meals, and keep it orderly.
Infected Employee? (*whispers*) Phew... I managed to blend in, just as the Doctor requested. Now to take a look around...
Brother, are you new here?
Infected Employee? Ah, yes.
Infected Employee Then you've come to the right place. Our company treats the Infected pretty well.
Infected Employee? Yeah... I heard the same thing, and wanted to see for myself.
So, in your experience, is it really all it's cracked up to be?
Infected Employee Yeah. I actually used to work at a different factory. After I got sick, I was transferred here, which is specifically for Infected employees.
At first I thought it'd be like the stuff you always hear about. Y'know, about how ordinary people wouldn't last a week in the conditions Infected workers had to deal with.
But turns out it was a lot better than I expected.
Plus, President Silverash personally bought us Oripathy painkillers from some drug company...
The manager says the person with the best monthly performance gets a dose.
Where else could you find a boss like that?
Infected Employee? ......
<Background 3>
Branch Office Manager Listen up, President Silverash will be coming for an inspection in two days.
You two are pretty quick thinkers, so I'll have you greet him. You already know how to behave, yes?
Infected Employee A Yeah, of course. He's already doing so much for us, we wouldn't dare ask for anything more.
Infected Employee B That's right. No way I'd find any other job as good as this one.
Infected Employee A So...
Branch Office Manager Hmph. Here, these painkillers are for you.
Infected Employee A Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.
Branch Office Manager And who received the medication?
Infected Employee B Everyone! Everyone got some!
Branch Office Manager As long as you understand. Alright, now out of my sight.
Infected Employee A Yes, please excuse us.
Infected Employee B Yes, we'll do just that... We won't bother you...
[The Infected employees leave the manager.]
Infected Employee A *spits* What a disgrace... We took all that medicine ourselves, and now we have to lie to the president for him.
Infected Employee B What choice do we have? Would YOU report that to the president?
Infected Employee A No...
Infected Employee B Me neither. Who knows what he's like behind closed doors?
We don't even know if he'd side with us.
Infected Employee A A boss who sides with the Infected? Pull the other one.
Infected Employee B Still, it's true that we'll never find another gig as good as this place.
Infected Employee A Yeah... I feel bad for our brothers, but what else can we do?
Infected Employee B Mm. So, what're you gonna do with the medicine?
Infected Employee A My wife ditched me after I got sick, leaving me alone with our daughter. I'd better keep it for myself...
Infected Employee B Blimey, you've got it rough too.
Infected Employee A And you?
Infected Employee B I'll hold onto it for now.
Seems like it's only good for suppressing the pain when the disease flares up, but won't actually cure anything. So I'll save it for someone else in an emergency.
Infected Employee A Never figured you for the generous sort.
Infected Employee B We're all suffering here. I mean, it's not like you're some kinda sadist getting a kick out of it, right?
Infected Employee A But if you can't take care of yourself, don't even think about taking care of others.
<Background 4>
[The Infected employee from before, who turned out to be an R.I. informant, contacted the Doctor.]
Infected Employee? Doctor, you heard that through the communicator, right?
Yeah, it's the same everywhere you go.
Although in Victoria, some companies will continue employing the Infected if they accidentally contract Oripathy in the line of work.
Not that those jobs are much different from slavery.
Some nobles like to prattle on about these arrangements, as if it's some kind of Victorian largesse.
To put it bluntly, not many companies are willing to spend money on the Infected, and those who exploit them get away with a slap on the wrist at worst.
However, judging from the few days I've spent undercover, this President Enciodes seems like quite the capable guy.
In just a few years, the Karlan Trade Company went from practically nothing to even having several branch offices in Victoria.
Plus, their treatment of the Infected actually seems half-decent.
Our contractual conditions aside, the way the company treats its Infected is better than any I've seen before.
No wonder they all seem to admire him here.
Doctor That only proves his management skills. / He could still have scalped the drugs.
Infected Employee? That's... true.
Understood, Doctor. So you're saying we need conclusive evidence.
Doctor Where the drugs ended up.
Infected Employee? Exactly!
<Background 5>
[A commercial agent approahces the K.T. branch manager.]
Commercial Agent Long time no see, Mr. Dyott.
Branch Office Manager Mr. Leyton! It certainly has been a while!
Commercial Agent How have you been?
Branch Office Manager Ahh, thanks to you, I've been able to eat well and sleep soundly. Not a worry to be found.
Commercial Agent Haha, I'm glad to hear that!
Um, about the thing I requested...
Branch Office Manager No worries. The painkillers are all in that box over there.
Commercial Agent Good, good! I'd expect nothing less from you, Mr. Dyott.
Hmm? Isn't this batch... a bit smaller than it's supposed to be?
Branch Office Manager We're in an off-season right now, so fewer Infected are showing up for work. But as you know, our company is quite renowned among their kind. Consistency is key.
Commercial Agent I know, I know.
Branch Office Manager I'm not trying to hide anything from you. I kept some for myself, as usual. I'm not that cold-blooded, the Infected DO need to survive, after all!
Commercial Agent Ah, you have a point. Tsk, tsk. Leaders like you who are still truly willing to look out for the Infected are a rare find these days.
Branch Office Manager No, no. Trust me, Mr. Leyton, this will be the latest trend, one of civility.
Those backwards Ursus savages only know how to hunt and kill the Infected. How primitive.
And even most of our Victorian colleagues only know how to squeeze them bone-dry. How terribly uncivilized.
The Infected are not animals. They understand language. Reward them appropriately, and they'll work even harder.
This way, we can show kindness to the Infected while also furthering our business. What could be more enlightened?
Commercial Agent You're exactly right! Praise to the civilized land of Victoria, and praise to President Enciodes, who treats the Infected with compassion!
Branch Office Manager Praise to civility!
Commercial Agent Praise to civility!
Infected Employee? Ugh, I... If I didn't have to worry about blowing my cover, I would seriously rush over and beat the shit out of those two slimy bastards.
But at least this confirms that President Enciodes isn't personally involved.
Hmph. Bet they never expected to have each and every one of their hypocritical words captured on record.
Branch Office Manager Praise the painkiller!
Commercial Agent Praise the painkiller!
Infected Employee? *sharp inhale*... Phew, hold it in... Hold it in... I have to record all this.
<Background 3>
[The R.I. agent contacts the Doctor.]
Infected Employee? Doctor, this should be sufficient proof.
I sent you a copy, but I wouldn't recommend listening to it too often, if you enjoy sleeping at night.
Doctor I'll be fine. / I'm used to it. / Scumbags. The whole lot of them.
Infected Employee? So, the next step is to tell President Enciodes about everything that's going on.
What's the plan?
Doctor He's coming for inspection in two days.
<Background 2>
Infected Employee A Oh, did you hear? Apparently, the president arrived in the city yesterday.
Infected Employee B Really? Word is he's planning a look around the factory.
Infected Employee A Yeah, that's right.
Infected Employee B Wonderful! I've always wanted to meet the guy who started this company.
[The R.I. agent shows up before the Infected employees.]
Infected Employee A So, you...
Infected Employee? Ngh... Argh...
Infected Employee What's wrong?!
Infected Employee? Help... My Oripathy's acting up!
Infected Employee What?!
Tch, if this guy blows up, I'm done for too!
[The employee runs away, scared.]
Infected Employee? ......
In other words, put on a show and make sure word reaches the whole city.
<Background 6>
Branch Office Manager President, this is our statement from the last quarter. Please take a look.
[Enciodes walks to Dyott the manager and grabs the report.]
Enciodes Mm.
Branch Office Manager Afterward, if you wish to take a look around the facilities, I've specifically invited a few representatives from both our Infected and ordinary employees to give you a tour.
Surely they'll be able to tell you more of the ins-and-outs of working here than I can.
[The Infected employees show up before Enciodes.]
Infected Employee A Hello, Mr. President.
Infected Employee B Good day, Mr. President.
Enciodes How many times have you rehearsed this? Have you finished preparing what you want me to see?
Branch Office Manager Um... Uh...
Enciodes Dyott, I don't particularly care what you're trying to hide from me. All I care about are the results.
A word of advice though—if you plan on deceiving someone, don't make it so obvious.
Branch Office Manager ...Yessir.
Enciodes Did you become Infected while working for our company?
Infected Employee A I did, Mr. President.
Infected Employee B I joined after hearing that the Infected are treated well here.
Enciodes What do you think of Karlan Trade?
Infected Employee A I think I've definitely been treated well here.
Infected Employee B I agree.
Enciodes More to the point...
??? Out of the way!
Branch Office Manager What's the commotion?
[The R.I. agent runs to Enciodes.]
Infected Employee? Lemme through, lemme through!
Branch Office Manager If I remember correctly, you're one of the new hires... What exactly do you think you're doing? Can't you see that the president is here?
Infected Employee? Are you President Enciodes? H-help me, there's something wrong with my body! I need medicine!
Enciodes The medicine should already have been handed out.
Infected Employee? What? I didn't get anything!
Enciodes ......
Infected Employee? ......
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
Infected Employee? You want me to pretend that I'm suffering from an acute episode of Oripathy in front of President Silverash?
Doctor That way, none of our people will be present. / With no outsiders, we'll see his honest reaction.
Infected Employee? I see. So that's how we'll find out how he truly sees the Infected...
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 6>
Enciodes Don't worry, you'll be fine.
Dyott, bring out the medicine.
Branch Office Manager R-right away!
Infected Employee? You're not afraid of me...?
Enciodes You're my employee. Why would I be afraid of you?
Infected Employee A To think that the president would treat an Infected so kindly, even in person... I've never met anyone like him...
Enciodes As long as you're with Karlan Trade, you're all my employees. Infected or not, it makes no difference to me.
More importantly, shouldn't the analgesic have already been distributed to him?
Branch Office Manager That... Haha... Right, it's because he's a new hire... It wasn't his turn yet!
Enciodes Is that the best lie you could come up with? Each batch has extras rationed in precisely for this situation.
Infected Employee? President, Dyott, he... didn't distribute medicine to the employees at all. Here, I have proof.
Enciodes Oh?
The Infected employee struggled to produce a pen-like device from his clothing and gave it a light tap. From it flowed the conversation between Dyott and Leyton at the bar.
Branch Office Manager Wh-when did you––!
Infected Employee A Dyott, you bastard!
President, General Manager Dyott did not distribute the painkillers to the Infected employees at all! What's worse, he deceived everyone by saying that painkillers would only be given to the best performers!
Branch Office Manager You—!
Infected Employee B Calm down!
Infected Employee A After seeing how kindly the president treated an Infected, I can't keep quiet anymore!
Not only that, he violated the employee handbook by squeezing our breaks and making us work nonstop!
He may not have gone overboard, to keep you from finding out, but he's definitely guilty! Just ask anyone here!
Enciodes ......
Infected Employee B Tch...
He's telling the truth, President! Dyott acts all high-and-mighty like he's our savior, humiliating us and forcing us to serve him! He's a rotten bastard, through and through!
Branch Office Manager How dare you!
Infected Employee B My friend here still needs some medication for his daughter, so use my dose, President!
Enciodes I understand.
I appreciate your kindness.
However, this employee's Oripathy symptoms are quite dangerous. I'll handle the situation myself, just in case.
Infected Employee A But then you'll be exposing yourself to danger!
Enciodes Trust me.
Infected Employee B Alright, I trust you.
Infected Employee A Me too! I'll never forget what happened today!
Enciodes Go. Get away from here, the further the better.
[The Infected employees run away as ordered by Enciodes.]
Infected Employee? (*whispers*) So this is Enciodes Silverash... What an incredible man...
Branch Office Manager P-President...
Enciodes Don't be nervous, Dyott.
As a manager, you should understand which side to let your subordinates see, and which side should stay hidden.
Whether through currying favor or issuing threats, you should have ensured that your collaborators would never betray you.
It seems whatever threats you gave those two were merely superficial.
Branch Office Manager You... You're not mad at me?
Enciodes Why would I be mad?
Although you violated the rules I set, you did produce results. Why should I be mad?
As for where the analgesics ended up, I could very well overlook that. You could consider them my reward to you.
Infected Employee? Mr. President, did you lie to us?!
Branch Office Manager Hah... Haha, hahaha! As expected, Mr. President!
That's right! You Infected are going to die sooner or later anyway, so what difference does a little bit of medicine make?
And as a noble, it is sometimes necessary to show the Infected their place. That's the only way they'll know what it really means to be a noble.
I knew you signed that contract with Rhodes Island just for show, to establish your image in front of the other nobles!
I'll admit my mistakes. If you're willing to forgive me, I'll be glad to give you half the profits from reselling the medicine!
Naturally, no one will ever know.
Enciodes Half?
Branch Office Manager Um... Seventy percent, no, eighty! I- I need to make a living too, President.
Enciodes Oh? I couldn't care less about the money though. I'm more keen on meeting whoever you've been cutting this deal with.
I'm interested in learning to make better use of Rhodes Island's medicine.
Branch Office Manager Is that what this is about? No problem, I can arrange some contacts for you. Just tell them I sent you!
[Enciodes comes close to Dyott.]
Enciodes Is there anyone from any other branches involved?
Branch Office Manager Well...
Enciodes You are my first business partner in this particular matter. Consider the implications of that.
Branch Office Manager Aha... Silly me, how could I be so forgetful. I have it all written down right here in my notes.
Um, if you're planning to get your foot in the door, then I do hope that you'll bring me along, hehe...
Infected Employee? And you're saying all this right in front of me? You're not afraid I'll spread the word?
Branch Office Manager Spread the word?
Did you seriously expect to walk out of here alive?
Enciodes The loss of a single employee is nothing to a company this large.
Infected Employee? You won't get away with this!
Enciodes The Infected can use Arts without the assistance of an Arts Unit.
Your contagiousness is a dangerous uncertainty.
After death, it may trigger a secondary outbreak, endangering the surrounding environment and its people.
Infected Employee? You...
Enciodes walks up to the employee, reaches for his chest to fish out a terminal that had never stopped transmitting, and speaks to the person on the other end.
Enciodes What I want to know is this: why do you think you people deserve to be treated well?
<Background 3>
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Enough is enough.
Enciodes ......
To be honest, I am also of the opinion that we should bring this little farce to an end.
I should thank you.
And you, I'm afraid, should also be thanking me, Doctor of Rhodes Island.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor The Infected expect nothing.
Enciodes ......
Quite an outdated rebuttal.
What we are going through is not a process, but rather the culmination of thousands of years.
How long would it take to shake off such a thing?
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor That's the goal we're striving for.
Enciodes ......
When you lack a clear path to the end goal, all your effort is... nothing but deceit, both of yourself and others.
But I'm not here today to haphazardly give out assessments of your unrealistic goals.
Because you showed up in front of me.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Enciodes To put it simply, is this information enough to demonstrate the sincerity of Karlan Trade?
Doctor Good enough.
Enciodes Excellent.
[Enciodes hangs up.]
<Background 6>
Infected Employee? Huh...?
Branch Office Manager P-President?
Enciodes Thank you for the intel, Dyott. You've successfully restored Karlan Trade's reputation in the eyes of Rhodes Island.
Branch Office Manager Could this man be from Rhodes Island?!
Enciodes You should've realized that sooner.
And now, unfortunately, you're fired.
Branch Office Manager You... You were lying to me this whole time?
But, why?!
Do you really empathize with these filthy Infected?!
Enciodes You are not worthy of having that conversation with me.
Branch Office Manager B-But... Didn't you say you acknowledged my results?!
Enciodes All I said was that you produced results.
But did you seriously think that those results would satisfy me?
They did not.
Extraordinary means should produce extraordinary outcomes. But even utilizing extraordinary means, the results you showed me are something anyone could muster...
What possessed you to think that they would satisfy me?
Branch Office Manager I...
Dyott, the Branch Officer Manager, slumped to the ground limply, like a pile of mud.
<Background 2>
Infected Employee A Look, it's the President!
[Enciodes walks to the Infected employees.]
Enciodes I went to Rhodes Island to purchase medication and an insurance package for all of you, to ensure the health and safety of all my Infected employees.
However, due to the negligence of our management as well as the local manager, this medicine was not properly delivered to you. For this, I deeply apologize.
Infected Employee A It isn't your fault!
Infected Employee B It's all Dyott's fault!
Enciodes Yes, Dyott has already been fired, and a new manager will be selected from among you.
I hope that this will help ensure better conditions for you to continue with your work.
Infected Employees What? That's incredible!
Long live the President!
Enciodes In particular, there are two people here I'd like to thank.
Both are special investigators from Rhodes Island... Thanks to their bravery, I was able to discover what Dyott had been hiding from me.
Infected Employee A Isn't that the new guy...?
Infected Employee B So they're from the company that makes our medicine?!
Infected Employee A They're willing to do all that for our sakes...?
Doctor That's our duty at Rhodes Island. / You can always trust in Rhodes Island. / The lives of the Infected are just as precious.
Enciodes There are many who do not understand why I would purchase medication. This lack of understanding eventually gave rise to violations of company policy.
In order to prevent this situation from occurring again, I negotiated with Rhodes Island to send an undercover team to secretly surveil this branch office.
The intent was to sniff out people like Dyott, who would harm both our company's operations as well as Rhodes Island's image.
In return, Rhodes Island is willing to deepen its cooperation with Karlan Trade and further reduce the price of medication.
Isn't that right, Dr. {nickname}?
Doctor ...That's exactly right.
Infected Employee? Huh? Did you really arrange all that, Doctor?!
Enciodes As a follow up, Rhodes Island is willing to provide on-site medical examinations for all employees on the job, free of cost.
<Background fades out and in>
Medic Everyone, please line up here so we can pass out the analgesics.
Enciodes ......
Doctor When did you find out?
Enciodes What a vapid question.
I should be the one asking you—did you really plan on deceiving me, Dr. {nickname} of Rhodes Island?
Doctor No.
Enciodes You at least considered the possibility that I would let my guard down upon seeing that "Infected".
Because for you, your objective had already been accomplished by that point.
Regardless of how it unfolded afterward, you'd never have a losing hand. Not a bad plan.
Doctor You flatter me. / I'm not so sure about that.
Enciodes It is no secret that Rhodes Island suddenly gained a masterful strategist, a leader capable of pulling together formidable forces and commanding the battlefield.
Before I met you, I never expected someone like that to personally show up at my company and stage a farce right in front of me.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor You seem to think highly of Rhodes Island.
Enciodes My little sister has been receiving treatment there.
Two of my most exceptional subordinates also relay to me what they've seen.
Anyone who's seen even a glimpse of what's beneath your veil wouldn't dare underestimate you.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor Am I that famous?
Enciodes Your name has come up in conversation with my sister and my men more than once.
There's no way I wouldn't know of your existence.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Enciodes So, Dr. {nickname}, what I want to know is: did my answer satisfy you?
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor It did.
Enciodes So you say, but your gaze clearly tells me that it did not.
Your acting wasn't terrible, so I'll take this as your way of asking me to leave it at this for now.
Am I wrong?
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor It did not.
Enciodes I don't particularly mind straight shooters.
And you did just accept my little punishment for your brazenness without complaint.
With that in mind, can I assume that we will continue our cooperation?
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Enciodes That said, this has also raised my suspicions.
You were, without a doubt, engaged in theater, albeit one without backgrounds or props.
It lacked anything to evoke emotions in the viewer.
You even prepared a terribly harrowing ending, knowing that all too well.
Tell me, what would've happened if I failed to meet your expectations?
Doctor You would've lost a partner, that's all.
Enciodes In a farce, an overly realistic ending may make it seem like the writers are splitting hairs.
Unless the essence of the farce is sufficiently important to you, the playwright.
And in this case, that would be my views on the Infected.
Just how important is this question for you, Dr. {nickname}?
Doctor Very. / I choose my partners carefully.
Enciodes Even though that medic lass asked me to personally deliver the medication to my employees, I didn't particularly view that as one of your main tenets.
After this though, perhaps I'll have to somewhat revise my way of thinking...
It's just that I've seen all manner of idealists go on at great length about more or less everything under the sun.
But not once have I heard one of them bring up the word "Infected".
Do you understand what that means, Dr. {nickname}?
It means that unless you're a bunch of lunatics, then...
[Enciodes' phone rings. He picks it up and his bodyguard, Degenbrecher the Black Knight, is heard over the phone.]
Degenbrecher Where are you? It's time to go.
Enciodes I'll be right there.
[Enciodes hangs up.]
Enciodes Looks like our little chat must come to an end.
I can't answer your question just yet, Dr. {nickname}.
But, if you know how to play chess, then I look forward to learning from you when I visit Rhodes Island in the future.
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Degenbrecher What happened?
Enciodes Nothing much. Just a little detour.
Degenbrecher You look like someone who's gone through a lot more than just a little detour.
Enciodes Did you know that Rhodes Island's new leader is an amnesiac?
Degenbrecher Huh...? Did you hit your head somewhere?
Enciodes They seem to have won over many operators there in a very short period of time, and have also set the company on a clear trajectory.
While having amnesia.
Degenbrecher Weird, but what does that have to do with you?
Enciodes I don't know yet.
Degenbrecher You don't know yet?
Enciodes I don't know yet.