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Operator Record
Idol Promotion

Publicity campaigns always need a representative, and for the sake of maintaining appearances, they will always be shackled to their obligations.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Archetto to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Archetto.
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/Perplexed Fan
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PL Safehouse
Lungmen City Night
Promoting the Landen Monastery as an idol is not easy, but Archetto's kindness reaps surprising rewards.
<Background 1>
We are here today to commemorate the past, and to welcome a new beginning.
All who stand with me today are my brothers and sisters. Fate has brought us together, and every bond that we formed is a gift given to us by the monastery.
We will not forget the bread and the beer, nor the bells and the fields. We will not forget the Law that we studied, nor the love that we shared.
We meet here today to bid farewell to Landen Monastery.
Hildegard Is there no other way?
Pious Cleric I understand your feelings, but the church has decided to close the monastery down at the end of the year.
It can no longer support itself, and the church will no longer fund its operations.
All we can do is bid it a respectful and dignified farewell.
Hildegard Can we not have a little more time? Everyone is doing their utmost to find a way to save the monastery.
Maybe we'll find a way to improve our finances...
Pious Cleric I'm afraid the church has already given us more than enough time.
Hildegard But why does it have to be demolished?
If we could at least keep the building...
Pious Cleric The monastery's land will have to be sold to repay its debts.
While we'll always have fond memories of its fields and its sunshine, we should not prevent the land from realizing its value.
Hildegard Maybe I could have prevented this if only I'd worked harder...
Pious Cleric I regret this as much as you do, sister, but as the teachings say, we must learn to accept what we cannot change.
May the beauty of days past live forever in our memories, and bless the future of our brothers and sisters–
[Exusiai shows up.]
Exusiai Now leave the demolition to me!
Hildegard Exusiai?!
Exusiai Obviously abandoned buildings should be disposed of, pronto.
So if this monastery isn't doing its job anymore, there's only one thing left to do–blow it up spectacularly!
Hildegard What?!
Wait a second! Even if it must be demolished, it should be done respectfully, not like this–
Exusiai Coming through, coming through!
No time to talk! Let's send this centuries-old antique out with a bang!
Three, two–
Hildegard Wait––
<Background 2>
Archetto Wait!
[Archetto realized she was dreaming.]
Archetto Oh, thank goodness, it was just a dream...
I... I'm...
Oh right! There was a meet-and-greet session today... did I fall asleep on the job?!
[Archetto's manager replies,]
Manager Don't worry, no one showed up in the half hour that you were dozing off.
Archetto I see, that's a relief...
Manager No it's not!
We've been here since early morning, and we haven't sold a single album!
There are long lines in front of every other artist's booth, too. This is pretty awful, even considering your current popularity... or lack thereof.
Archetto I'm sorry, I should have worked harder.
Manager Oh, I'm not saying you're lazy. I know how much effort you've put in.
But it takes more than hard work to be an idol! You need relevancy and instant appeal!
It's my fault too, for approving that nun gimmick of yours. Next time, we really ought to be more conscious of local appeal.
Archetto Gimmick? I was only being myself...
(And what purpose is there in being an idol, if I can't promote the monastery?)
Manager To be blunt, your career is at a crossroads.
Today's meet-and-greet and album signing session is our last chance. If we can't sell these leftover albums, we might as well pack our bags.
Archetto I'm not sure what I can do at this point, but I'll give it my all!
[The manager tells Archetto,]
Manager Look, someone's coming over!
Get ready! This might be our first customer of the day!
Archetto Ahem...
(Recites without a hitch)
"The bells sing a song of love. We meet today, as ordained by beautiful fate."
Welcome, and let us listen to the sounds of love and hope together!
Buy a copy of "Sonata of Love's Bells" today, and get a free box of Landen Monastery's famous cystymilk bread!
(Makes a pose that is energetic but dignified)
Excited Fan Y-You're the famous–!
Oh, I'm so lucky! I never thought I'd see you here!
Archetto Thank you for the support. I wouldn't exactly call myself "famous" though...
Excited Fan I hear you over the radio all the time, and I've bought a lot of your albums.
This is the first time I've seen you in person, but you're just as brilliant as I imagined you'd be!
Archetto (Is this what it's like to be popular? Deep breaths, deep breaths, look like an idol!)
(Sunny and elegant smile)
Thank you very much. Please continue to support my songs.
"Those who know to appreciate others are blessed with wisdom and kindness." May good fortune be upon you.
Excited Fan Your voice is so sweet! Just like the way you sing!
I'm so excited I got to meet you today!
So can I get your autograph, Sora?
Archetto Of course! Everyone here for the meet-and-greet will–
Confused Fan ...Sora?
Manager You got the wrong person.
The sign says "Archetto," not "Sora."
Perplexed Fan Archetto? Who's Archetto?
<Background fades out and in>
Manager Anyone else would've been furious at getting mistaken for another idol at their own meet-and-greet...
But you even gave him bread?
Archetto "Do not resent a misunderstanding," "Do not be carried away by fame that does not belong to you,"...That's what the teachings say.
There's no reason to get angry at that gentleman over a simple mistake.
Manager Well, that's nice, but has it ever occurred to you that this is why you don't have any fans?
Archetto I thought it was because my singing and dancing weren't good enough.
Manager No, what you're lacking most is the ability to promote your character.
Your gimmick is a nun, but you can't just "be a nun" in front of the fans.
You need to identify what fans love about the image of a nun, and refine, polish, and deliver on that.
Archetto But I only know how to be a cleric, not how to be an idol.
I understand that I'm promoting a business, but it always feels like I'm hiding my face behind that of another.
Manager The most important thing for a professional idol is to generate interest with your image and bring in revenue. That's what the advertisers are investing in, at least.
Failing to maintain a consistent and appealing image will only hurt the sponsors.
Archetto Have I... ever done anything to hurt the sponsors?
Manager Advertising your monastery's cystymilk bread in a dessert parlor ad, bringing up beer on talk shows, getting caught on video catching a thief on the streets...
Don't tell me you forgot all that?
Archetto While I understand now that a young idol shouldn't be talking about drinking... how exactly is catching a thief a bad thing?
Manager The facts notwithstanding, all the public saw was an idol getting into a street fight.
And clarifying what happened isn't cheap either.
Not to mention how the children's clothing brand was NOT happy with their brand ambassador getting into a fight, regardless of why.
Archetto They never mentioned that in the contract...
No, I apologize, it was my fault.
Manager I had high hopes for you, you know... I've always been confident in my eye for talent.
Money aside, I was looking forward to seeing "Archetto" shining brightly on stage.
Archetto I'm sorry... I wish I could have done more.
Manager Never mind that. Keep doing what you need to here. I'll ask around the other booths and see if we can get some tips.
[The manager leaves.]
Archetto What it means to be a professional idol...
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
Manager Excuse me!
Hildegard Er... yes?
Manager You seem to carry yourself well. Have you ever thought about becoming an idol?
Hildegard Er... an idol? What does that mean?
Manager You don't even know what an idol is?!
Well... in short, it's about singing and dancing, becoming famous, and bringing hope and joy to people!
Hildegard (Singing? Dancing? I do regularly sing hymns, but I've never danced...)
Manager Just imagine! Standing on the big stage in beautiful costumes, thousands of eyes focused solely on you. The feeling of accomplishment–
Hildegard (Becoming famous? Could this be a chance to promote the monastery?)
Would becoming an idol let me use my fame to advertise products?
Manager (Wow, this girl really gets it!)
Of course! You're absolutely free to, once you're on the right track.
Hildegard Well, you've piqued my interest. Could you elaborate?
Manager Excellent! No time to waste. Let's find a place to sit down and go over the contract!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Archetto I thought I'd found an opportunity to promote the monastery, but I can't even fulfill the basic terms of the contract.
The teachings were right. "Paths that look too smooth often lead you astray."
Promoting the monastery isn't easy at all...
[Someone walks to Archetto's booth...]
Archetto Oh, someone's coming.
"The bells of love welcome you, visitor from afar–"
Er... May I help you?
[...who is revealed to be an old lady.]
Old Lady Excuse me, I saw the sign next to the bread that says "free giveaway"... So you're handing it out for free?
Archetto Er, yes, as part of the meet-and-greet...
Old Lady So I can get bread just for shaking hands with you?
Archetto Er...
(It's supposed to be for buying the albums, isn't it?)
(But this old woman looks...)
...It's alright. Go ahead and take one.
Old Lady Are you sure?
Archetto Of course! I'm just glad to be of help.
"May your honesty and kindness be repaid with peace and happiness in equal measure."
[The old lady takes the bread.]
Old Lady I haven't had anything this good in a month...
Thank you so much. You're very kind.
The old lady grasps Archetto's hand firmly, as though to communicate her gratitude.
The touch of her rough skin is warm and sincere.
Archetto Thank you for your support. Have a beautiful day.
[The old lady leaves.]
Archetto My first, er, fan?
Well, that takes us from zero to one. Keep at it; it's our last chance to revitalize the monastery!
<Background fades out and in>
[A girl runs to Archetto's booth.]
Archetto H-Hello...
Innocent Girl Hello! Can I have some bread?
Archetto Bread...?
Innocent Girl Someone told me I could get free bread here!
Archetto Well... not exactly...
(But I can't make a child this small pay for it, can I?)
...Here you go. If you like it, tell your friends, too!
And thank you for the support. "May the gospels watch over you, and grant you wisdom and health."
Innocent Girl Thank you! Your voice is so sweet, and you're so pretty, just like those idols on TV!
[The girl runs off.]
Archetto "Just like those idols," eh? Should I take that as a compliment?
<Background fades out and in>
Impoverished Young Man (Approaches quietly)
Archetto H-Hello!
"The voice of love is always here for you..." Would you like an autographed album?
Impoverished Young Man (Scratches head in embarrassment)
Archetto (This gentleman doesn't look like he has a lot of money to spare...)
Ahem... thank you for the support. Please, have some bread.
Impoverished Young Man (Takes the bread eagerly)
(Leaves in satisfaction)
Archetto Thank you... have a beautiful day...
Should I move the sign advertising the album to a more prominent position?
<Background 4>
[Sora returns to the base.]
Sora I'm back!
They were handing out cystymilk bread in the old district!
Exusiai Are you serious?! Next you'll be telling me there's only one moon in the sky!
Sora It looked like charity work by the Lateran church? There were lots of people standing in line, almost like one of my concerts.
The nun handing it out was really nice and pretty, and the bread tastes great too. Much better than those dessert parlors you see everywhere.
Exusiai Wow, you're right, it reminds me of home.
Sora Does the Lateran church often do things like this?
Exusiai Maybe, but they seem more likely to hand out dessert coupons.
Sora Say, I think I've seen the girl handing them out somewhere before... but where?
<Background 2>
[A reporter is standing amidst the meet-and-greet venue...]
Tabloid Reporter Alright, I'm on scene, chief.
[...and starts recording.]
Tabloid Reporter Sheesh, what's the point of reporting on meet-and-greets by no-name idols? Any article I get out of this won't even pay for the taxi fare.
Guess I'll just take a couple of photos and–hey, what's with that crowd?
And at the head of the line is... the girl I caught on film beating someone up on the streets the other day?!
<Background fades out and in>
Rat King Well now, you don't see crowds like this in the slums every day.
I wonder if Tung would get as many people lined up if he handed out free finballs.
[Eurill is also with the Rat King.]
Eurill Never underestimate what a good promotional image can do for you. Not that I ever expected her to make it this big when I chose to work with her.
Rat King You've always had an eye for business partners. I suppose not all Laterans are like those crazy girls working for the penguin.
Eurill I've always placed high value on cultural exchange in business.
Of course, it's debatable whether taking a pure loss like she is counts as "business."
Rat King A bit of foreign culture in your life is never a bad thing.
Maybe you could talk to Wei, see if he'd approve the construction of a Lateran chapel in the slums?
Give those old folks a place to sit during the day, at any rate. All the better if there's more free bread.
[The manager returns amidst the bustle in Archetto's booth.]
Manager Archetto... what's with this line?! You didn't use Arts, did you?!
Archetto I'm not sure. I was acting as I always do... as a cleric.
Manager Wait, but why haven't you sold any albums yet?
Oh, never mind that for now... come on, say your catchphrases while everyone's listening!
Archetto "We gather here today, brothers and sisters all."
"We will all love each other, help each other..."
...Like that?
Manager That just makes it even weirder!
A long line forms in front of an unremarkable booth in a corner of this great city.
The setting sun paints the people's heads golden as a Liberi girl continues to give out bread to the people in line, to the tune of hymns arranged with drumbeat loops.
A peaceful scene, reminiscent of a mural in a cathedral.
<Background 5>
Manager Are you sure you don't want to renew your contract?
Hildegard Yes, I have no regrets.
Manager Even though we didn't sell any albums last time, there's no question that it went viral on the web.
"What a public personality should be like," "A true nun idol"... that's what they're calling you!
You'll have access to so many more resources now if you stay.
I'm sure you'd be shining on the big stage before long. Just like Sora!
Hildegard No... I've decided to step away.
I've fulfilled my contract and promoted the monastery in Lungmen. It's time to look for other business partners.
Manager Well, I guess it's back to square one... What a shame; I thought I'd finally found someone who was going to make it big.
Hildegard I apologize, and thank you for everything you've done for me. But I have other things that I need to do.
I've been away from Laterano for so long, but I've never forgotten my true goal: to spread the Lateran faith.
Succeeding at business was never what I really wanted.
And even if I must out of necessity, I'd rather be selling something more tangible, more concrete.
Manager That's very honest of you... Well, it's a pity, but I understand. Good luck.
What are your plans, then?
Hildegard "Opportunity lies on the path that leads far into the distance." We'll see.
Manager Well... before you leave, there's a concert being organized by Monster Siren Records, and the sponsor, MountainDash Logistics, has sent you a personal invitation.
Even if you have to go, would you at least consider making a farewell appearance?
Hildegard Did you say Monster Siren Records? And MountainDash Logistics?!
<Background 1>
[A cleric is watching the footage of a concert.]
Cheerful Cleric What's that you're looking at?
Solemn Cleric There was something else mixed in with the taped movies Fiammetta brought back.
Cheerful Cleric Is that Hildegard singing on stage?!
Solemn Cleric I never thought she had it in her.
Cheerful Cleric It's not so strange when you think about it. She's always had a beautiful singing voice. But this hymn has some interesting variations.
Solemn Cleric What do they call the people who do this, again? Idols?
Solemn Cleric? Maybe we could learn from it to help promote the monastery?
Cheerful Cleric What would we perform? Musicals based on religious stories? Choral performances?
Solemn Cleric? We'd need some foreign characters too, if we want to catch people's attention in Laterano.
Say... what do you think of a joint performance by Kazimierzian knights and Iberian Inquisitors?