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MountainDash Logistics (MDL) is a Terran organization. It is a mega logistics company based in Lungmen that has been expanding its business overseas in recent years through the grand vision of its founder Eurill Pides.


Founded by Eurill Pides, a Minoan Forte Messenger after his emigration to the city, the MDL started out as a small logistics company. With its brilliant business strategies, MDL quickly rises to become one of the largest logistics company in the nomadic city. At one point, it even held a monopoly on all delivery services in Lungmen, leading to its expansion across Terra.[1]

Thanks to the founder's friendship with Emperor, MDL holds a friendly rivalry with Penguin Logistics, another famous logistics corporation engaging in the same business, with both often cooperating with each other.

In recent years, the MDL has been expanding its business to more foreign countries, and Eurill set up his first overseas headquarters in Siesta with the aid of Schwire Corporation and the Siestan Council by Herman Doykos.[2][3]


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While Bison is aligned to Lungmen in-game, he is affiliated to MountainDash Logistics story-wise.