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Herman Doykos is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Heart of Surging Flame and So Long, Adele, as well as one of the main characters of Harmony in Difference, part of To Be Continued.


Before becoming the mayor of Siesta, Herman was a City Council worker and prolific business owner. He proposed the idea of re-establishing contact and sovereignty with the Columbian Union in the Terran year 1066, decades after the military withdrawed from the city due to the loss of strategic value and diplomacy with Iberia.[2] After being elected, he transformed the city-state in the memory of his wife Barbara, who passed away not long after giving birth to a daughter named Ceylon.[3] Barbara, being a Victorian scholar who dedicated her efforts to protect the city in her own way from foreign annexation plans, was considered a well-recieved person despite Siestans being unaware of her nationality since Herman was too bussy dealing with diplomacy accords.[4][5] Herman's last memory of Barbara was when they walked together in the beaches on a warm sunset, and her wish of "staying here forever". As a memento to her, Herman dedicated his efforts on turning SIesta into his promised paradise.[6]

Herman is known for his Machiavellian methods in governing Siesta and developing it into a thriving tourist attraction, which includes dealing with the Baru family, disbanding Siesta's local TV station, and a "hostile takeover" of the Tarak tribe,[7] knowing that sometimes he must get his hands dirty for Siesta's greater good.[6] On the other hand, he also treats the Infected well, even investing in Oripathy-speciallized clinics throughout Siesta. At some point, Herman banned obsidian mining in Siesta due to its disruption, but he was aware that certain companies still carried out obsidian mining illegally.[7]

Prior to the Obsidian Festival fiasco, Herman employed Catastrophe Messenger Cronin as his assistant, until his firing after his corrupt activities were unveiled. Furthermore, in Terran year 1078,[8] a Feline mercenary assassin codenamed "Schwarz" was contracted to assassinate Herman, but he subdued her himself and has since employed Schwarz as Ceylon's bodyguard and babysitter, an assassin for his political enemies, and the Doykos family's housekeeper.[8]

Even after Siesta's relocation, Herman has been in conflict with the Union Congress' interests regarding the city's independent status, as it's nominally part of Columbia.[9]


Heart of Surging Flame

A few years prior to Obsidian Festival 1097,[6] Herman found out about the illegal obsidian mining and that the funds allocated for Oripathy clinics were being embezzled, impeding his plans to alleviate discrimination towards the Infected in Siesta. In 1097, he began to suspect Cronin as his behavior has been different since around the time the embezzlement and illegal mining started. In order to deal with this issue, Herman pretended to be away for a business trip and assigned Schwarz to investigate it.[7]

Herman reveals himself when Cronin is cornered by Ceylon, Schwarz, and Rhodes Island (who were unwittingly involved in the fiasco). He fires the corrupt Catastrophe Messenger on the spot,[7] and expresses his disappointment towards him for the aforementioned activities as well as Cronin's falsified reports about the Siesta Volcano. When Ceylon volunteers to help R.I. stop the volcano's eruption herself, Herman gives her his blessing. He also did not mind when Hellagur had to knock Cronin out, and asks for his help to protect the Siestans.[10]

After the Siesta Volcano's eruption was delayed, Herman approaches the Doctor on the beach and has a conversation regarding of Cronin's fall into corruption, and his own ideals. He believes the Doctor shares his philosophy that some bloodshed and shady dealings are necessary for the greater good. Herman also reveals that he had received a report that Siesta would have eventually been destroyed by the volcano either way, and had planned to relocate the city-state's populace into a nomadic city version of Siesta at the end of the Obsidian Festival. He then thanks the Doctor and Rhodes Island for their help.[6]


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