OF-ST4: In the Name of Love

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In the Name of Love
Heart of Surging Flame: Main Stage
Previous OF-6 (Story)
Whether true love means watching silently or speaking frankly, there is no clear answer.
OF Stage
During the lively concert, Siesta's mayor returns to the city prematurely, causing Cronin to tear off his façade in a desperate ploy.
However, on the other side, there are indications that time is running out.
<Background 1>
Schwarz ...
Cronin So, you knew all along.
Ceylon How long did you expect this lie to last?
Vigna Ohh, the concert is about to start...
<Background fades out and in>
D.D.D. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Obsidian Festival!
Are you all having a great time?!
Audience (Thunderous cheering)
D.D.D. What a warm reception! But let me tell you something – you don't know anything about the true charm of the Obsidian Festival yet!
Tonight, all the musicians that have been invited here will come together to bring you a feast for your senses!
One main stage. Four large stages. Twelve small stages. Forty musicians from all kinds of genres will keep the show going for eighteen straight hours until the sun rises tomorrow!
Tell me now, ARE YOU READY?!!
Audience (Thunderous cheering)
<Background fades out and in>
[Fireworks are launched to the sky as the Obsidian Festival starts.]
Schwarz ...Ceylon told me about the situation with the volcano.
You tampered with the station's data and even accused Miss Ceylon of spreading false rumors.
Cronin That's because we both know. We both know about what Herman did!
??? Just say it then, if you already know.
Go on, Cronin. But make sure to also tell them what you did when I was "out on business." Tell them everything.
Ceylon F-Father...?!
Cronin What are you doing here?!
Herman Surprised to see me, Cronin?
After I banned obsidian mining, there has still been a steady influx of fresh obsidian into the market.
The mining team has been seen many times at the volcano's entrance, but nobody reported anything to me.
The resources they mined would be transferred numerous times before finally arriving at the City Hall's abandoned warehouse.
Despite the fact that I set aside funding to provide support for the various Oripathy patients who came to Siesta, I learned that they were actually suffering from discrimination throughout the city.
Does this news surprise you?
Cronin Tsk...
Herman Well, hearing about it made my blood boil!
In order to find out the truth, I pretended to leave the city and asked Schwarz to investigate for me.
Hellagur Looks like just investigating these records on the relevant personnel was enough.
Ceylon Mister Hellagur, you're all safe!
Herman What a pity, Cronin.
Originally, I was not opposed to sharing things with you, but you were too impatient.
Cronin Me? Impatient?
Everything I did was for the sake of this city! You were the one who taught me that!
What happened to the Baru family ten years ago, the collapse of the television station eight years ago, and the way you persuaded...
Or, should I say, "annexed?" Yes, the way you annexed the Tarak Tribe. I know all about these things.
Everything I've done, I learned from you...
Exploit, and abandon. Use any means necessary. The ends justify the means.
Do you know all the sweat, blood, and tears I've poured into this shabby hole? And what did I get in return?
We worked so hard to mine the volcano and finally managed to improve our situation, but what did you do? You squandered it all to subsidize those incurable Infected!
If that's going to be the case, I'd prefer an eruption! All I need is to protect the true value of Siesta, and then I shall rise once again!
Herman True that I've done many things in the past. But never have I wagered the fate of Siesta.
What do you think about the lives of the miners and researchers, about the lives of everyone living in this city?
Cronin, you're fired.
Cronin Ahahahahaha! You senile fool, I wouldn’t be so sure about that!
Thanks to your delusional prattling, my men have all assembled!
<Background black>
Ifrit Hmm? Wait a sec, how'd I burn it already?
Matterhorn! Take a look at this!
What the heck... It feels like the temperature flow has changed...
Gummy Woaaaah! Huge waves!!
Wait! They're getting even bigger! That's way too crazy, ahahahaha!
Provence ...
Skyfire ...
Provence Why are you all quiet now? Don't you normally love to run your mouth?
Skyfire I'm thinking.
Provence Huh, never thought I'd see the day when you of all people would be stunned speechless.
Skyfire My mind is racing. Give me a second to calm down.
Provence No, I'm not a geologist, nor do I know anything about Originium physics or high-energy Originium Arts, but...
Skyfire High-energy Arts has nothing to do with the ecology of a volcano. I doubt that stuff is going to fix our problem.
If there's no other way, maybe I can create a giant vessel and transfer all the energy into it...
But I'd need several years to draft Arts like that. Impossible, that's not gonna work at all.
Provence I have no idea about any of that! But what I do know is, we're in serious trouble! Very serious trouble!
Skyfire Of course we are! Otherwise, why would I get excited?!
Provence Hurry up and figure something out then!
Skyfire What do you think I'm doing?!
Provence I need to let the Doctor know right away...
So please think faster. I'll send the message right now! Also, don't let the heat short-circuit your brain!
Skyfire I'm keeping my cool.
Provence You just said you were excited! Look, even your hair is on fire!
Skyfire Hmm, massive geological shifts caused by a disruption of the ecological chain... Aha! It's not doomsday just yet!