RI-EX-5: Trap Within the Leaves

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Trap Within the Leaves
The Great Chief Returns: Gavial's Footprints
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RI-EX-5 map.png
Beware, for one would not wish to step in their own trap.
<Giant Mushroom> Increases the DEF of neighboring allied units.
<Rhodes Island Temporary Employee> Tidies up a Giant Mushroom to create a Ranged tile.


Condition: Deployment Limit is reduced by 2.
Recommended level Elite 2 Level 10
Sanity Drill Plan EXP LMD
15 3 150 150
Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
6 10 1 41
Deployable devices Rhodes Island Temporary Employee.png Rhodes Island Temporary Employee ×5
Static devices Giant Mushroom.png Giant Mushroom ×8


First clear
Originite Prime.png


Normal Tiacauh Guard ×15, Tiacauh Impaler Adept ×8, Tiacauh Ripper ×8, Tiacauh Shaman ×3
Elite Tiacauh Annihilator ×4, Tiacauh Champion ×3
All enemies have their HP and ATK increased by 10%.