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Rock On
Heart of Surging Flame: Main Stage
It took one whole week on the road to get here. For some, of course, the journey itself is part of the vacation.
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Female Tourist
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Male Tourist
Siesta Beach
Siesta Beachside
RI Surgery Room
A party of Rhodes Island members arrives at the tourist city of Siesta, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.
Just when the Doctor is about to surrender to the environment, an urgent message arrives...
<Background black>
??? The sample data from the volcano monitoring station has been retrieved. Please look over it.
Woman's Voice Just tell me the results.
Siesta Volcano Report.png
??? Those people over there said that the sample's temperature has not yet exceeded the highest on record for this year.
It's also not quite at the levels of the peaks from the past three years. The state of steam emissions is normal as well.
Woman's Voice So?
??? So, the station concludes that nothing abnormal will happen with the volcano, and your request for announcement has been denied once again. The mayor also...
Woman's Voice You've got to be kidding me!!
Although my methods may be a bit simple, I'm sure that there's something amiss about this sample here.
The volcano was already in a precarious state last year!
But they didn't even send a warning or make a news report! Nothing at all!!
??? Miss Ceylon, p-please calm down.
If the monitoring station says that there's no abnormality, nobody will trust us no matter what we do.
Ceylon I'm sorry...
Can we really rely on the monitoring station's data?
??? To be honest, Siesta's City Council doesn't pay much attention to this. Perhaps something is wrong with the detector.
Ceylon That would mean that the fact that the volcano has become abnormal is being covered up.
??? So, what are you going to do next?
Ceylon I can't explain the current phenomenon based upon what I know. If we can't get an accurate report from those in charge, we'll have to turn to an outside organization.
So far, things are stable here and we still have time. Would we be able to find some professionals among the tourists here if we took the time?
Even though we can't expect to find the right people, nor can we expect them to reach the correct conclusion, this is our last chance...
The tourists have already begun to pour into Siesta.
After all, the Obsidian Festival is about to begin. If we don't act now, it'll soon be too late.
<Background black>
OF Logo.png
10:10 AM \ Clear
Background-Siesta Beach.png
Siesta Logo.png
Broadcast Dear tourists, welcome to Siesta, home of the annual Obsidian Festival.
Thank you for choosing Siesta as your vacation getaway. You won't be disappointed!
Here, scorching heat is turned into sizzling passion, freeing you from the stress and exhaustion of daily life. Immerse yourself in the charms that Siesta City has to offer!
This year, there's more to Siesta than just our sunny beaches and dazzling azure waters. Don't you forget about the great Obsidian Festival!
Over the next two weeks, there will be delicious food, fun activities around the clock, and last but not least, the greatest music festival ever!
We've invited the hottest names from all over the musical world as our special guests, to bring you an exciting music festival you won't forget!
During the festival, we've opened up various facilities and activities to the public, free of charge, so play to your heart's content!
Background-Siesta Beachside.png
Broadcast In Civic Square, the Rock Party and the unlimited supply of local beer are the stars of the show!
Cut loose, and lose yourself to the rhythm!
Background-Siesta Downtown.png
Broadcast Looking for something more leisurely? The jazz paradise is located just on the square of Herman Hotel on Second Avenue.
No rules, and no limits. As long as you want to be here, we want you here as well!
Background-OF Venue.png
Broadcast The Garrison Amusement Park is open 24/7 during the festival, and boasts the biggest stage in the city.
Other than the regularly scheduled shows, we'll also have some special guest appearances. If you're a fan of rap, you're not going to want to miss out!
In addition, there will be plenty of shows and activities throughout the city for you to enjoy.
Please ask the staff as well as the guards for a map of the festival.
We've marked the event locations as well as their times to make it easier for you to plan in advance.
But while you're enjoying the merriment, make sure to pay attention to the weather.
Today's temperature is 96.8° F, the highest recorded this summer. Please avoid staying in the sun too long to prevent sunburn and heatstroke.
Thank you, and have a great time!
<Background 2>
Amiya Siesta really is a prime tourist city. The atmosphere here is filled with excitement.
Doctor I didn't expect it to be this lively here. / They've been holding one large event after another.
Amiya Neither did I!
None of us expected it to be such a spectacular place. We originally thought it was just another normal coastal city.
Thanks for the recommendation, Dr. Kal'tsit.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 3>
Kal'tsit ...I'm not interested in that place. Just go there yourselves.
Blaze Wait for me! I wanna come too!
Kal'tsit Stop right there. You're not allowed to go since you're still recovering.
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 2>
Doctor I don't mind a place like this. / Her recommendations are definitely spot on.
Amiya Doctor, I'm happy as long as you're enjoying it here.
We've been through too much recently. You deserve a break.
A lot of our fellow Operators have come with us, so let's all take this opportunity to relax.
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya Ah, Doctor, look! Someone's playing the piano in public.
Look, there are guitarists over there, as well as violinists. Wow, even dancers too...
It reminds me of when I used to practice the violin every day.
The streets give off a totally different vibe than the beach.
This is my first time seeing so many performers in one place, it makes me want to join them.
Doctor You brought your violin, Amiya?
Amiya No no, that's not what I meant. I'm not really going to join them!
If I wanted to get back to the level I was at before, I'd have to start practicing again.
Doctor But I don't think those guys are any better than you.
Amiya Th-that's not true!
But, I'm still happy to hear you say that, Doctor.
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya Hey, Sora?
Sora Ah, Doctor! Amiya! Good morning, are you two also headed to Second Avenue?
Amiya Good morning, Sora. I didn't know you were a fan of jazz as well.
I thought you would've preferred pop music more.
Sora When it comes to music, I'm an expert in all the genres!
...Actually, I wanted to check out some other places, but the show near the hotel last night was way too loud. I couldn't sleep without earplugs.
Even though it's great to be able to listen to music throughout the day, anything will get on your nerves if it's keeping you up at night.
Because the others got a bit too crazy last night, all I can do is take a little breather around here.
Amiya It's a music festival after all, that just proves how lively things are here.
Sora Ahaha, guess so. A few of us have never seen the ocean before.
For example, Ifrit rushed out this morning yelling something like "Here I come, ocean!!" We haven't seen her ever since.
Amiya Haha, that's just like her.
Technically, this ocean is really just a huge lake...
Sora As long as there's water and a beach, it's enough of an ocean for me.
I'll be resting here until noon. After that, even a volcanic eruption can't stop me from having the time of my life!
Amiya Haha, that certainly is your style. All right, I'll see you around then.
Sora All righty~ Amiya, Doctor, have a good time as well!
<Background 1>
Broadcast It is now 11 o'clock! Everyone, did you have a fabulous morning?
Let's first enjoy a cozy Siestan brunch as the merriment of the afternoon approaches us.
Today, a special guest will be joining us. Let's welcome Mister Cronin, Assistant to the Mayor of Siesta and Catastrophe Messenger. Mister Cronin, why don't you tell us a bit more about Siesta and its volcano?
Siesta Volcano.png
Cronin Welcome to Siesta City, my friends.
Siesta is home to lush mountains and clear waters, sunny skies and refreshing breezes, and the most passionate people in the world.
Due to the rare and perfect natural environment that we've been gifted, Siesta is committed to becoming the best tourist hotspot and bringing you an unforgettable summer getaway.
Broadcast On this subject, let's talk about the Siesta Volcano. Many tourists who are unfamiliar with volcanoes may have questions about this. Care to explain it to our listeners?
Cronin Gladly. First, there's nothing to be worried about. Unlike what some people may think, the Siesta Volcano is our friend, not something filled with mysteries and dangers.
I can guarantee this as a Catastrophe Messenger, so please rest assured.
As you may already know, Siesta's development owes greatly to the Siesta Volcano.
Some of you may remember the Catastrophe that almost hit Siesta a number of years back. But because of the volcano's protection, Siesta was totally unaffected.
Broadcast Speaking of which, Siesta has another special feature – obsidian.
Obsidian is believed to have the ability to suppress Oripathy, so it has become increasingly popular in recent years.
Cronin That's right. The small number of Infected in Siesta is the best proof of that.
You may have heard rumors or even scientific "theories" from outside, but the reality within Siesta is the best evidence.
Unfortunately, obsidian mining has been banned by the government in order to protect the volcano's habitat.
Nevertheless, the trade of existing obsidian products is legal, so if you're interested in these products, please head over to the market.
Background-Siesta Beach.png
Broadcast During the festival, shopping guides as well as souvenir stalls will be scattered throughout the city, so feel free to take your pick!
Cronin The volcano has brought Siesta a precious gift, and it is our wish to pass this gift onto all of you. We hope that you will all enjoy the festival.
Broadcast Thank you very much, Mister Cronin. We will see you later.
<Background 1>
Amiya Obsidian can keep Oripathy at bay? I've never heard about that before.
And that Catastrophe Messenger... the way he was dismissing science made me a bit uncomfortable...
Doctor Wouldn't it be great if Oripathy could be cured so easily? / Tourist cities always have some way to make a quick buck.
Amiya In remote places like this, many people still do not know about Originium or Catastrophes.
I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse.
Skyfire Of course ignorance is a curse!
Amiya Skyfire, Provence! Good morning!
Provence Morning, Amiya. Doctor.
What a coincidence to run into you guys here. Getting ready to hit the beach?
Amiya We're just looking around. What about you two?
Skyfire We're going to take a look around the base of the volcano.
Amiya The base of the volcano? Let me check the map.
There's no mark on it. Is there some special activity going on there?
Provence No, no. Skyfire just suddenly felt like taking a field trip.
And I'm a Catastrophe Messenger, as you know. Taking a quick survey of the land when I get to a new place has just become a habit of mine.
Skyfire As a researcher, I'm curious about the ecosystem of the volcano. We rarely get the chance to get up close and personal with a volcano, after all.
Amiya That's some serious dedication, to be doing this during your vacation, Skyfire.
Skyfire Eheh. Of course. For me, that's what a vacation is.
Provence All right then, we have to get going. Bye!
Amiya Then, we should get going as well, Doctor.
The largest beach in Siesta is just ahead of us.
Let's go!
<Background fades out and in>
Male Tourist One Mango Martini Smoothie please.
Gummy Okay. Here you go, a Mango Martini Smoothie.
Female Tourist Two double-scoops of Strawberry Tequila Ice Cream please.
Gummy Here you are! Two double-scoops of Strawberry Tequila Ice Cream, coming right up! And, you get a free waffle!
Amiya Gummy~
Gummy Oh, Amiya! And the Doctor as well. Good to see you~
Amiya Gummy, how'd you end up running a stall here?
Gummy There's an entire food court by the beach. The sponsor gave the chance for tourists to show off their cooking skills.
Given an opportunity like this, I naturally had to promote some of Ursus's local favorites!
However, there are way too many tourists here, and I'm getting a bit overwhelmed.
Male Tourist Hey Miss, I'd like three cups of Fermented Bubble Tea with Pudding.
Gummy Coming right up!
Oh right, Doctor, can I borrow Amiya for a bit?
Amiya Huh?
Gummy If Amiya is helping me out, I'll be just fine.
After we're done here, I'll take her to watch the show on the beach at night!
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor You should go, Amiya.
Amiya Mm... all right then.
Doctor, call me if you need anything, okay?
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor Don't stress her out.
Gummy Hmm, you know what Gummy thinks? Amiya's stressed out from always following you around, Doctor.
When she's with you, she never thinks about herself, which isn't good.
Amiya It, it's not like that...
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor Can't I also help out?
Gummy I'm not buying it.
Besides, Doctor, you're going to scare away all my customers, all wrapped up like a mummy. Amiya is way cuter than you.
Amiya Th-that's not true... But, Doctor, I'll stay here and help Gummy.
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Gummy So, Amiya, let me teach you how to use this machine.
Amiya Mhm.
Gummy Ah, no, you gotta change your outfit first. Hurry, over here, let me get you into something a bit easier to move around in!
Doctor, you make sure to enjoy yourself as well! Buh bye!
Doctor Amiya should spend more time with her peers. / (Guess I'll go take a look the beachside open-air hotel by myself.) / Maybe I really should change into something a bit more summery...
<Background fades out and in>
Male Tourist A Hey, did you hear that? There was another fight at First Avenue last night.
Male Tourist B No, I live on Fifth. I reckon it was another fight between fans?
Male Tourist A Yeah. Jeez, talk about crazy. The way those guys were going at it, you'd think they killed the other guy's parents or something.
Male Tourist B Peace is best, after all.
Male Tourist A ...So, why don't you take off that outfit of yours already?!
It's not every day we get to go on vacation, so why are you all wrapped up like that?
Female Tourist A Hey, were you not going to come tonight? Join us!
Female Tourist C ...Don't tell me you're going dancing again tonight.
Female Tourist A Of course we're going. We came here to dance!
Female Tourist C Give me a break, just go by yourselves then. I can barely feel my feet from following you guys the last three nights...
Female Tourist A Come on, it's still early! Give it a few more tries, and you'll get used to it!
<Background fades out and in>
Waiter Hello, whiskey for two.
??? ...
Doctor ...
??? Well well, with the way you're dressed, you look a bit unusual for a tourist...
Doctor ...I'm a bit scared of sun exposure.
??? Even so, you came out all the way to the beach? What a weirdo.
Doctor ...
??? ...Ah, I suppose I'm one to talk though.
Sorry about that, let me put that one on my tab.
Doctor (Weren't the drinks supposed to be free?!)
??? So, what do you think about this budding city?
I'm quite fond of her, you see. Youthful, but maturing well.
Doctor Are you from here?
??? Though I wasn't born here, this place is my home now.
And I'm willing to pay a lot in order to protect it.
No matter where people are from, they all hold the same love for their family, right?
Bodyguard Boss, Mister Cronin is looking for you.
??? ...I know.
I still have work to do. I'll be off then, stranger.
I hope that you too can fall in love with this city.
[The Feline woman leaves.]
Doctor What a weird person. / What a friendly person. / What a good-looking person.
[The Doctor's phone rings a call...]
Doctor I have a call?
[...which they picks up.]
Provence Hey, Doctor, can you hear me?
Is there anyone by you? I have something very serious to report!
It's something that may influence whether this city lives or dies...