OF-ST2: Break Free

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Break Free
Heart of Surging Flame: Main Stage
Previous OF-1 (Story)
When paralyzed by a lack of information and preperation, it is recklessness, rather than caution, that has the ability to break the impasse.
Hotel Room
Eyjafjalla confirms everyone's conjectures over the call.
After some discussions, the group decides on the best course of action.
Siesta Volcano Map.png
Eyjafjalla Finally, through comparing isotopes and analyzing various samples, we've basically been able to confirm your hypothesis.
The frequency of volcanic activity has, without a doubt, been rising abnormally. Though there's no imminent danger of a Catastrophe, we cannot ignore the danger.
In two to four weeks, the volcanic activity will reach a critical point. Expect a Catastrophe to occur at that point.
If possible, I would recommend beginning evacuation efforts as soon as possible.
...To summarize, that's the conclusion I've drawn from the information you provided me.
<Background 1>
Provence That's Eyjafjalla for you. She can even give a 40-minute lecture over the phone.
Doctor, did you understand all that?
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor In one ear and out the other.
Provence That's what I thought as well. Before I could react, it was already over.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor Mhm, I understood the gist of it.
Provence Wow, that's amazing, Doctor. I couldn't understand her at all...
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Provence Seeing those two over there, I thought I was the only one who wasn't getting it.
Skyfire As expected of Eyjafjalla. Even I felt like I was just put through a seminar.
Ceylon I see, so that's a true professional. I never knew the data could be analyzed like that.
I didn't expect to be presented with such a good learning experience. Jeez, I should have written it all down!
Eyjafjalla Even though the information we have right now is far from comprehensive, I've reached the same conclusion as you have. The volcano has most likely become active once more.
Unfortunately, I can't be there to further delve into why it has become active.
...Sorry. If we had a bit more on-site information, we'd be able to better predict the activity cycle.
That way, we'd be able to evacuate the citizens more easily.
Provence We all know that you're passionate about volcanoes, Eyjafjalla.
You've already been a great help. Thank you very much.
Ceylon I'm glad I had such a professional team like yours to help me confirm my findings.
Something might be wrong with the detector in the monitoring station. It hasn't detected any abnormal readings so far.
By the looks of things, my efforts were worth it.
We've got to send news of this to the City Council. Otherwise, the results could be devastating.
Skyfire You're telling me that Siesta didn't even make any emergency plans for a possible Catastrophe before hosting such a large-scale event?
Ceylon The people here probably haven't even considered the possibility of a Catastrophe, let alone made preparations for it.
My father went to the new development zone to conduct business about three months ago, and won't be back for a few more days. Now, his secretary, Cronin, is responsible for everything.
Cronin is also this city's Catastrophe Messenger. When we take the data and the samples down to the City Hall, he'll be able to understand the situation.
Even though I'm the mayor's daughter, I rarely get involved in the government's affairs.
But now that we have definitive proof, I might be able to get some help from the family.
Provence Doctor, I have an idea. I want to head to the volcano again to check on that reason that Eyjafjalla mentioned.
Can you help Ceylon out while I'm gone?
Doctor You're entering the volcano? Isn't that a bit too dangerous?!
Provence Catastrophe Messengers always put their lives on the line for their work, so don't worry. I have plenty of experience with this kind of stuff.
Although I'll only be able to call you from the hotel, I'll be sure to stay connected with the Doctor.
Skyfire I'll also come with you.
Provence Huh?
Skyfire Got a problem with that? I can't just let you go alone. What if you ruin all the precious data?
Of course I have to go with you.
Provence Um, all right, all right.
By the way, do we need to notify Amiya first?
Skyfire Nah, it's fine. It's not that serious. As long as the Doctor knows about it, we're good.
Ceylon So if that's all settled, let's get going, Doctor. Please prepare everything you need, and we'll head for the City Hall at 2 PM.
Doctor No problem.
Ceylon Phew, that about wraps things up. I suppose I can finally relax a bit.
Doctor, here's some tea I brought back from Victoria. Would you like a cup?
<Dialogue branch 1 starts here>
Doctor Sure.
Ceylon I think you'll enjoy it.
<Dialogue branch 1>
Doctor No thank you.
Ceylon Do you not know how to make tea? I'll help you then.
<Dialogue branch 2 starts here>
Doctor Sure.
Ceylon Mhm, I just know you'll like it.
<Dialogue branch 2>
Doctor ...No thank you.
Ceylon You're a really difficult person, you know.
I'll have you know that this is one of the highest-grade teas in Victoria!
<Dialogue branch 3 starts here>
Doctor Fine, you win.
Ceylon There you go. You'll definitely like it.
<Dialogue branch 3>
Doctor ......No thank you.
Ceylon I make really good tea. You'll regret it your whole life if you miss this chance.
Doctor .........Fine.
Ceylon How stubborn. I had to say all that just to make you try it.
All right, just wait a moment.
<Dialogue branches end here>