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Not to be confused with the unrelated Operator Czerny.

Czarny is an NPC in Arknights. He is the main antagonist (though as a proxy of the Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce) of Maria Nearl and makes a brief appearance in Near Light.


Czarny is one of the spokesmen of the K.G.C.C. who represents the interests of the ruling class and corporations of Kazimierz as well as the stakeholders of the Kazimierz Major. Behind the scenes, however, the K.G.C.C. entrusted Czarny the task of ensuring that everything in the Major would follow the stakeholders' favor. He demonstrates an all-encompassing knowledge, a manipulative tone, and a calculative mind that causes others to be repulsed at his mere presence. He will not hesitate to use any means necessary to accomplish his mission such as deploying the Armorless Union to get rid of his opponents.

Long before becoming the spokesman, Czary was a commoner who worked in his father's winery. Upon his promotion, he had his family members settle in the capital of Kawalerielki to enjoy luxurious life.[1] Despite his humble beginning, Czarny was accused of bering involved in a bribery. His political rivals took this excuse to launch several conspiracies against him, paving way for his ultimate downfall.[2]


Maria Nearl

Czarny first appeared in the story before the preliminary match between Szewczyk the Plastic Knight and the newbie player Maria Nearl. Upon greeting Szewczyk at the arena, he relayed a "message" from his knightclub, Roar Knightclub, in which they required him to wear the latest model of the Jack 2 body armor in the match. Although Szewczyk protested for wearing this untested prototype, the spokesman assured him that his victory with it would allow him to earn triple his usual pay while improving the Roar Knightclub's popularity.[3] After Szewczyk's loss to Maria, however, Czarny then approached the commentator Mob and reminded him to "watch his words."[4]

In order to have his mission accomplished, Czarny brought several people on his side. He had Mob under his thumb after several business transfers under the table so that the commentator would speak for the favor of his and the K.G.C.C.[5] He also hired Malkiewicz, previously a liaison for the Słoma Food Corporation, to be his all-time assistant. When the Infected knightess Sonna won the Fireblade Melee, Czarny ordered Centaurea the Platinum to deal with other Infected knights in secret, believing that they had drawn too much public attention.[6]

When Maria refused to accept any business sponsorship, Czarny visited Marcin's bar to give her some warning. His arrival was immediately met with hostility from Marcin, Kowal, and Vogelweide. After meeting Maria face-to-face, Czarny somewhat provoked her by stating that the traditional "honorable" nature of knighthood is already obsolete for today's Kazimerz and that how naïve the sister of the famed Radiant Knight sister is. He informed her that her next compeititor would be the haughty Left-handed Knight and forcefully persuaded her to accept the sponsorship so that she could progress smoothly in the Major. After seeing that Maria stubbornly refused such offer out of her idealism, Czarny left the bar due to a sudden business call but reminded her that she could call him back at anytime if she decided to change her mind.[7]

On the day when Maria was to match with Tytus, Czarny made sure that the match would be on Tytus' favor, as promised to his sponsors. However, upon watchin the match, he correctly deduced the sponsors' wishes as their worried that Tytus would lose and pointed out that Tytus's arrogance would become his undoing.[8] Sure enough, Tytus was defeated by Maria after a hard battle, and Czarny quicklly had Malkiewicz deal with the angered sponsors. While Czarny warned Tytus that his tarnished record might potentially lose his sponsorship, the Left-handed Knight dismissed the former's presumption.Nevertheless, Czarny apologized and hoped that he could see his victory again in the next Major season.

Czarny having a small talk with Platinum as they visited the Champion's Wall.

Sometime afterwards, Czarny and Centaurea had a leisure talk in the Champion's Wall, a hall of fame displaying the champions of the Major. The two discussed the feats of the previous Major champions, including the Black Knight and the Blood Knight, as well as some "incident" that might require the two Lazurites' attention. He ordered her to make sure that Młynar Nearl the former wandering hero would not hinder the K.G.C.C.'s interests. He also reminded her to be mature a bit so that she would no follow the path of the disgraced previous Platinum.[9]

On the day when Maria was about to have a 2-vs-2 match against the Snowyheel Knightclub, the K.G.C.C. intended to use this match to get rid of her once and for all. They informed Czarny that they would dispatch "two helpers" to his service, and, despite of some "unexpected incidents," ordered him to ensure that no one should interfere such match and that the audience would not condemn the actions in return for their positive feedback.[10] The match turned out to be a public execution led by the notorious Corrupted and Withered Knights. However, the plan was thwarted when Margeret the Radiant Knight threw herself onto the arena unexpectedly and defeated the Sarkaz twin, much to Czarny's shock and surprise. He also received an emergency call from the K.G.C.C. and entrusted Malkiewicz to take care of the rest.[11]

In the end, the K.G.C.C., outraged by Margaret's intervention, placed all the blame onto Czarny and stripped him of his position. They also had him exiled from the Grand Knight Territory to a remote village. In the meantime, Czarny's position as the spokesman was immediately succeeded by Malkiewicz. But before leaving the capital forever, Czarny gave Centaurea one last order to silence Szewczyk's son who witnessed a failed assassination of his father by the Union.[11]

Near Light

After the Major season, Malkiewicz paid a visit to the village where Czarny stayed after his exile. Not only Czarny was amazed by his growth, but also intended to celebrated Malkiewicz's promotion. To Malkiewicz's dismay, the cup of brandy Czarny was holding was already poisoned. Even though Malkiewicz intended to stop him, saying that he was not here to take his life, the former spokesman stated that Malkiewicz had already known too much of his secret. He also elaborated that his family in Kawalerielki had already ignored him after his exile, signifying that his death would be inevitable. With that said, the two drank the brandy and Czarny died a peaceful death.[1]