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Chester Silverash is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Break the Ice.


Chester is the uncle of Enciodes, Enya, and Ensia.[1] While being a member of the Silverashes, he has been serving the clan as their butler and secretary of the SilverAsh family, and a manager of Karlan Trade.

Long ago, Chester strongly objected to Olafur's goal of land reform on the Silverashes' territory and the eventual opening up of Kjerag's border to the outside world. Following the tragic railway accident that killed Olafur and his wife Elizabeth, he has regretted his earlier stance. Since Enciodes inherited his father's ideal, Chester has decided to fully support him as a repentance for his wrongdoing in the past.[2]


Break the Ice

Chester was brought to discuss Gnosis' contract termination, due to how his reckless actions damaged Karlan Trade's profits. Per Arctosz' request, Chester also discussed the the plan for the Doctor to be in charge of the transfer operation of the valleys and mines to the Paleroche clan and the Vine-bear Court.[1] He also gave directions to the Doctor to survey the now-transfered mines and factories in the Paleroche's territories.[3]