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Kharanduu Khan the "Great Khagan" is a background NPC in Arknights who is mentioned in various stories such as Episode 08 and Near Light. He formally appears in Expeditioner's Joklumarkar and is the main focus of Tales Within the Sand.


Born Dalad, this Nightzmoran started with a humble beginning who would unexpectedly become the legendary Khagan in Terran history, a title bestowed to him by his followers. He was a young warrior who vowed to accomplish his "Khaganquest," a coming-of-age tradition among some Nightzmoras, inspired by the stories he heard from the elders of his tribe. In the Terran year 11 of the common era after making an oath to his tribesmen, he embarked his journey starting from the steppes in eastern Ursus and formulated into a grand conquest across Terra in hope of seeking a worthy challenger and a trial site to strengthen his spirit.[1][2].

Along his conquest, the wrath of Kharanduu Khagan swept across the entire Terra. His first target was the Hippogryphic Empire, taking advantage of the gap on the defense lines caused by the nobles' arrogance and despotism towards the Ursi. The "indestructible" walls of Deity Grypherburg were toppled, and the Hippogryphs, in an act of desperation, burned down an entire Ursus settlement at the outskirts of the citadel, and forced the young Ursi to defend the nobles. However, this proved to be fruitless, as the Ursi turned against each other. Deity Grypherburg was burned to the ground, forcing the Hippogryphs to kneel and pay tribute to the Khagan. As the dust settled, the Hippogryphs' oppression would increase as the Deity Grypherburg reconstruction efforts began, eventually leading to the Ursi' revolt led by Igor the Great.[2][3]

A year after, the Khagan reached the Pegasus Kingdom (Modern day Kazimierz), where he challenged a Pegasus "with golden blood," only for him to be easily defeated. But as he matured, he was able to overpower the Pegasian royals, forcing them to surrender to him.[4][5] Although the Kuranta Campaign Knights, who have never faced an enemy that couldn´t tear apart, charged first, they were quickly overwhelmed by the Nightzmoras' Illusory Originium Arts. The Pegasian nobles' defeat and attempted peace treaty caused an outrage between the Campaign Knights, who would overthrow them the following year.[2] Throughout the course of his "Khaganquest", the Khagan would struck terror onto many other Terran nations. He toppled the Gaulish Emperor and forced him to surrender the fertile soils of Basse-Gaule, destroyed Leithanien's thousand spires, and defeated the Dracos of Victoria, who would retreat to Londinium whith their tails tucked between their legs, eventually "arranging" annexation terms with the neighboring Tara. All of these events left an unforgettable memory in Terran history.[1][6].[7]

However, the Khagan's ambition did not stop at mere mortal kingdoms; he laid his eyes onto the untouched borders of the known world of Terra. In the 15th year, the Khagan eventually stopped in front of Sargon's rainforest and was approached by a Messenger of the Sargonian Court. He was well-received by Lugalszargus, the great Shahanshah of Sargon, who already heard about his exploits. Lugalszargus was eager to challenge the Khagan to a duel, even offering him to discard all of his spoils of war in favor of own treasure room in case he was defeated. Their fight, however, was interrupted by the Collapsals' attack. The two formed a military alliance for the conquest of the Foehn Hotlands. The battle was monumental as they drove away the Collapsals and slew the "Poltergeist King" of the south, but the two lost their lives in the process. Furthermore, the Khagan's dissaperance caused the once-loyal Kheshigs to disband and run away.[6][8][9][10]

Although his nomadic empire was short-lived after his disappearance, he was immortalized in Terran history. To this day, he is both portrayed as a tyrannical slaughterer and praised as a hero accomplishing an impossible task. Because of his conquest of the Foehn Hotlands, the southernmost corner of the Terran continent is free from the Collapsals for the next few centuries.


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