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The Draco is an Elder race in the world of Arknights.


Reed, a prominent Draco

Dracos have the traits of European/Western dragons in our world's mythology, which can be seen from the shape of their horns and tail that are identical to that of Vouivres, which they are often mistaken as. They have advanced physical strength and constitution compared to most Ancients, as well as the unique racial ability to manipulate fire, hence earning them the nickname "Red Dragons" due to their fiery trait.

The Dracos live scattered in numerous communities around the world, with different physical characteristics depending on the region. They were also prominent figures in various myths and legends, appearing as either heroes or often tyrannical rulers. From a Draco king who polished his horns to form a natural crown after being told about other horned races, to even an immortal, ruthless Draco overlord who caused havoc continuously during the course of thousand years, all the way to modern times. This story, however, was merely a story to scare children. Another interesting legend involves a Victorian Draco King who hid all the plundered Originium artifacts in a treasure chest, which is still a hot topic amongst treasure hunters. Oddly enough, the name "Draco" wouldn't be used until its communities became more and more close with each other thousands of years ago.[1]

The Dracos were also the sole inhabitants of the regions that would eventually become Victoria and Tara, which were founded after the tribes split and fought each other for power influenced by the wisdom of the Sargonian Padishahs. The later was re-incorporated into the Victorian hegemony in order to fend off the Khagan's invasion.[2][3] Following a bloody civil war against the newly-arrived Aslans, the Dracos were forced to share their power with the latter. But in order to eliminate their potential rivals, the Draco houses were secretly wiped out twenty years ago through numerous conspiracies.[4][5] Despite this, some of the Dracos remain alive and are plotting to take back their former reign such as the house of Dublinn.

While the Dracos are not unique when it comes to their fire manipulation, it is said that their power has unique quirks that distinguish them from "normal" fire Arts, in which it is not fundamentally based on fire, but the manipulation of the living cell metabolism, which is manifested as a side effect.[4] This is even evident in Eblana's necromantic Arts, which can control corpses.


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Talulah icon.png
Talulah was born to a Lung mother and Draco father, but she is identified as a Draco.


Their name is the Latin word for "dragon" or "serpent."[6]

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