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The Hippogryph is an Elder subrace of the Liberi.


Hellagur, a prominent Hippogryph

Hippogryphs have the traits of the eponymous legendary creature. They are essentially Liberi with partial Kuranta traits such as equine tail and ears.[1]

The Hippogryphs are one of well-known Elder races of Terra who were once the ruling dynasty of the Empire of Hippogryph that would later be toppled by Ursine rebels led by Igor the Great in Terran year 31 in response to their failure to defend from the Nightzmoran conquest. They once went through severe persecutions under the "Eastern March" policy imposed by Alexei Igorevich the “Young Tsar” as the remnants sought shelter in the mountainous region of eastern Ursus.[2] Despite losing their former glory, many Hippogryphs have since been slowly reincorporated back in the Ursine government as low-ranked officials and military leaders, while others choose to live among the Ancient populace as commoners.


Hellagur icon.png

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