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The Elders are an umbrella term for a small group of Terran races who were formerly the ruling class of Terran nations, but today are equal to, if not in a higher status than the Ancients.

The Elders possess superior abilities lost to time such as elongated lifespan that could surpass many Ancients, and unimaginable Arts that are exaggerated in many legends (e.g. weather control and spiritual communication). Due to these unique traits, many Elders see themselves as "pure-blooded", hence distinguishing themselves from the rest politically.

Most Elders are racially distinct from the Ancients, but some are the subrace of (or more appropriately, related to) certain Ancient races. However, if the Sarkaz's claims are to be believed, the Elders are actually one of the "outsiders" brought to Terra by the "First Civilization" alongside the Ancients.[1][2]

During their time as Terra's bourgeoisie, the Elders implemented rigid, racist, and unfair inegalitarian policies. Their dominance came to an end after the Ursi took over Hippogryph Empire (now the Ursus Empire) following their failure to protect the Ursi from the Nightzmoran horde.[3]

Race Based on
Cerberus Perro Eponymous three-headed dog in Greek mythology
Draco European/Western dragons
Hippogryph Liberi Eponymous bird-horse legendary creatures in European mythology
Kitsune Vulpo Nine-tailed fox in Japanese mythology
K'uk'ulkan Feathered/Plumed Serpent in Mesoamerican mythology
Kylin Qilin
Lung Chinese/Eastern dragons
Nightzmoran Kuranta Mares
Pegasian Kuranta Eponymous winged horses in Greek mythology
Unicorn Kuranta Unicorns in European mythology