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"The Door"[1] is an ancient structure in the world of Arknights. It is mentioned in Lone Trail and acts as the main subject of Expeditioner's Joklumarkar.


Located close to Terra's northern pole at the borders of Infy Icefield, the Door is a circular portal/gate that opens up a wormhole which allows travel between two places separated by astronomical distances. How the Door functions remain unknown to the Terrans and far beyond their current understanding and technology, but Friston the Preserver believes that the Terrans will one day found a way to open it.[1] While seemingly indestructible as it remains standing over millennia albeit fallen into noticeable disrepair, the Door can be destroyed, but doing such would result in a grave consequence: destroying the Door while it is actively opening a wormhole would cause a gravitational collapse that unleashes a high-energy shockwave annihilating literally everything in its path,[2] not to mention that the collapse also destabilizes the space and time in the vicinity.

The Door is possibly built by the "First Civilization" as an attempt to reach out into other planets after the Starpod was formed. This is supported by the fact that both Kal'tsit and Friston were aware of the Door's existence.[1] However, the Door did not function as the Civilization intends, as for some unknown reasons, it instead opens up a dimensional wormhole that allows malevolent entities known as the Collapsals to make their way into Terra.

At some point, Kal'tsit removed a data storage unit from the Door which contains information regarding First Civilization technologies necessary for interstellar travel out of her concern that the Observers are still watching over Terra and might invade the planet should the Terrans reach into space. The data storage unit was later relinquished to the Black Hole Protocol after Kal'tsit sees that the Terrans have been united under one goal and should be able to face the Observer threat without her intervention.[3]

An expedition team made up of Magallan, Arges, Santalla, and Typhon managed to reach the Door but has to contend with Crazelyseon, a Collapsal entity guarding it. After a struggle, Crazelyseon was forced back into the other side of the Door by Amma, closing the wormhole it opens in the process.[4] However, Arges prophesies that the Door will be opened again in the future, and she also managed to take a short gaze into what's beyond the Door during the encounter. She believes that the Terrans will have to venture through the Door someday to reach the great beyond.[5] Not long after the aforementioned confrontation, a Rhine Lab team led by Muelsyse sets up a research station near the Door with the goal to study it and find a way to open it.[6]

Years later, the Terrans initiated the "Black Hole Protocol" to study the Door under Rhodes Island's oversight. The Protocol managed to open the Door once more, which reveals that the Door is capable of opening up temporal wormholes too, and turns out that there used to be a second Door in what would become Foehn Hotlands in the present day that was actually destroyed by the Khagan and Lugalszargus during their conquest of the Hotlands some Terran millennia ago.[2]

Nevertheless, the Black Hole Protocol's works bear fruit some five centuries after the events of Arknights, where the Terrans managed to travel into Talos-II, one of Talos' moons, through the Icefield Door.



  • The Door is based on Stargates in the namesake movie and TV series.


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