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The Rat King is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists of Code of Brawl and a supporting character in Episodes 06, 07, and 08, and Dossoles Holiday, as well as making a cameo appearance in Ancient Forge.


Despite being Lungmen's crime lord, the Rat King is adored by the slum-dwellers, as seen during the Sauin parade where he greets them

Born Lin Kojui and titled the "Lin Gray", the Rat King is the undisputed dai lo of Lungmen's criminal underworld who has reigned over the slums of Lungmen for many years. Due to his chivalrous character and his selfless protection towards others, he is beloved by its residents. From the outside, this Zalak may appear old and frail – having trouble walking even with his cane. But his mastery over sand-based Originium Arts makes the Rat King a formidable opponent in battle nonetheless. Anyone who dare to oppose him has never left the slums to tell the tale.

The Rat King is also an old, close friend of Wei Yenwu, the chief executive of Lungmen. Around twenty years ago, he pledged support for Wei and his clan to fight alongside Wei's forces during the battle for Lungmen. Together, the two thwarted Duke Kashchey's attempt to take over the nomadic city. The Rat King retreated back into the shadows afterwards, but as time passes, he has growing dissatisfaction with Wei's decisions as the executive of Lungmen.

The Rat King has a daughter named Lin Yühsia who he appointed to be his heiress even though she has not decided to take his place yet.


Episode 06

While giving instructions to his Shadow Guards, Wei mentioned that the Rat King would likely oppose his plan to "clean up" the slums from the Infected, but reassures that it won't matter since it is "what must be done."[1]

During the pursuit of the retreating Reunion forces in Lungmen's slums, Ch'en talked to Swire about the possibility of a massacre in Lungmen's slums. However, the latter denied it by saying that the Rat King is ruling over the slums in a fair, benevolent way.[2] Later, when Ch'en asked whether she had met the Rat King before, Swire noted him to be a kind, nice person.[3]

Without the Rat King's knowing, Yühsia had been working together with the Shadow Guards to (apparently) facilitate the Infected massacre.

Episode 07

During the imminent collision between Chernobog and Lungmen, the Rat King ordered one of his Greytails to "take care of things" before instructing him to lay low afterwards. After the Greytail left, the Rat King noted that Talulah was the one who could oppose Wei, wondering whether "the Young Master" would wanted to see how things had become, and hoped that Ch'en could survived the upcoming chaos.[4]

The Rat King personally confronted Wei and intented to stop him from bringing back Ch'en. As they exchanged words, the Rat King noted that Wei "made stupid decisions out of anxiety," with Ch'en making him aware of what happened and that the two are cut from the "same cloth of stupidity." Wei rebuffed him, but the Rat King replied that he should come down from his tower and that they were the same.[5]

Episode 08

With the increasing tension, Wei and the Rat King were forced to fight against each other. As the battle continued, Wei lamented that he did not want to see Ch'en killing her own sister. However, the Rat King did not want Wei to make another foolish mistake. He declared that until he was either killed like how Wei did to Edward or until the core city was stopped, he would not let Wei leave Lungmen.[6]

After the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, the Rat King paid a visit to the graves of Talulah's parents. He met Wei who also came here to bade goodbye with Ch'en. Together, the two had a talk about Lungmen's future. The Rat King believed that Lungmen did not choose Ch'en to be its saviour, but Ch'en did it on the other hand, even though the city was not ready for her. Meanwhile, the Rat King also mentioned that Wei's Shadow Guards were actually helping him and his daughter to evacuate the Infected inhabitants of the slums. After seeing Ch'en coming, he left the grave and leave the two alone.[7]

Code of Brawl

The Rat King first appeared as a seemingly unassuming candy shopkeeper who freely gave some candies to a pair of kids as part of the Sauin festival. After that, he coincidentally met Mostima and Bison who were running away from the Siracusan mafiosi pursuing them. Mostima and the Rat King had a friendly talk with the latter claimed that she had met him in the past, before having to leave to escape their pursuers.[8]

Later, the Rat King was informed that Uncle Tung was attacked by the Siracusans. After he reached Tung, he was enraged for seeing the Siracusans breaking the "rules." He assured Tung to stay out of the upcoming conflict since it has nothing to do with him.[9] Using his sand Arts, he started to punish the mafiosi who also happened to be pursuing the Penguin Logistics members.[10] Even though Mostima later told him of putting the P.L. members in danger he replied by saying that "some uncontrollable puppets" have "broken the rules," including the P.L. members who had been causing troubles to the city frequently.[11]

During the Sauin, the Rat King met Uncle Tung in a cemetery where those who fell during the Chernobog-Lungmen incident rests. There, they talked about their lives and the past events, including how the Rat King would "took a bullet" to protect Wei Yenwu. In return, the Rat King told Tung to keep on living and selling finballs, as it's not time for him to die yet.[12]

While Jaye and Waai Fu were handling the mafiosi, the Rat King personally approached and confronted Gambino over the mess the mafiosi had been causing. Even though Jaye and Waai Fu wanted to protect him, he quickly sent them off and told them not to worry. He then retaliated by using his sand Arts to entrap the mafiosi, including Gambino. He gave the Lupo one last chance to redeem himself until Capone backstabbed him. The Rat King was disgusted by Capone's treachery and refused to accept his offer of service. To Capone's surprise, his mafiosi were revealed to have defected into the Rat King's side. Luckily, the Rat King spared his life, reminded him to "play by the rules" and allowed him to leave peacefully together with the injured Gambino.[13][14]

After dealing with the mafiosi, the Rat King was ready to punish P.L. for being a part of the troublemakers. However, Emperor not only accepted his challenge, but also led his P.L. members to crash into the Sauin carnival. Suddenly, the Rat King appeared behind him and backstabbed the penguin. The Rat King used this moment to speak before the people by telling them about a secret "gift" inside the carnival.[15] He also ordered the mafiosi and his gangsters to surround them to have a final round to end P.L.'s nonsense.[14]

To the P.L. members, the Rat King was indeed a formidable opponent. He was able to "silence" Mostima's Arts and his sand barrier could deflect any attack delivered by them. However, Mostima's Arts created an opening for them through her time-manipulation. The Rat King was able to dodge Texas' attack, but he admired them for being the first to touch his coat. Suddenly, he was sniped by Bison's butler. Regardless, the P.L. members managed to find the Rat King's "gift," only to realize that it appeared to be a bomb...But after the explosion, a rain of candy and it turned out to be a "happy Sauin" gift from the Rat King to the P.L. members.[16]

By the end of the Sauin "nonsense" P.L. made, it was revealed that the Rat King was a part of a "gag" planned by Eurill Pides, Bison's father, as a final test for his son. Together with his friends Wei Yenwu, Eurill and Emperor, they had a drink in Emperor's "The Ends of the Earth" bar. But before Eurill's and Emperor's arrival, he and Wei had a conversation on the the aftermath of the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis in which the two had finally reconciled with each other. Upon the others' arrival, Emperor angrily complained about the Rat King's intention to kill him and the two almost had a fight had not Eurill joined in shortly afterwards. After the party ended, the Rat King and Wei watched the sunrise and were in awe that how Lungmen have changed since the crisis.[17]

Dossoles Holiday

The Lin family received an invitation by Mayor Candela Sanchez of Dossoles, Bolívar, to have a vacation in the city. However, the Rat King himself was too old to travel while Wei was too busy with his work. Just before Yühsia was about to throw away the letter, he received a call from Fumizuki who wished Yühsia to be Lungmen's representative to Dossoles. Yühsia volunteered to go and the Rat King allowed her and told her to get ready.[18]

Ancient Forge

The Rat King was featured in the scripts of a B-movie written by Nian and Lava as a minor character named "Retiree."

In the movie, the Rat King was playing chess game together with Wei Yenwu in a park while watching the ruckus caused by a drunken Oni lady. Together, the two recalled their old times, specifically the day when they defeated the Nian.[19] Shortly afterwards, the two noticed a fire in the distance which gave him a bad feeling. The Rat King met the resurrected dead "soldiers" and realized that the legendary Nian had once again returned to Lungmen.[20] The fate of the two old men after Lungmen fell before the Nian was left unknown.

Who is Real

The Rat King appeared in a made-up dream in Mr. Nothing's mind. In the dream, Mr. Nothing encountered him in Lungmen when he asked Uncle Tung's whereabout. However, by his first look, he noticed that Mr. Nothing was a disciple of the deceased master Lien Tzu-hsu through the Yin-ch'ing fan he possessed. The Rat King gave him the task of breaking his cane but Mr. Nothing dared not out of fear. Regardless, he had no choice but to follow his order. After that, the Rat King allowed him to stay in Lungmen for five years and then he would send him back to Kou-wu.[21]

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