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The Vampires are a tribe of Sarkaz.


Warfarin, a prominent Vampire with pale complexion

As the name suggests, Vampires resemble their namesakes on Earth and differ from other Sarkaz by lacking horns and a tail. Like the Vampires in European folklore, some Terran Vampires are hematophagous and/or nocturnal, and some also have pale skin. Vampires are sometimes nicknamed "Red/Pink eyes" due to their eye color, but it is considered an insult against them.

Vampires are proficient in blood-related Arts that allows them to augment others with their blood as a "blessing." One of their unique traditions is to brand their close relatives with their preferred scent as a declaration of protection and a means of locating the branded person, even from kilometers away. Younger Vampires, however, see this tradition as brutal and no longer practice it.[1] Although their thirst for blood and strife was once a social norm amongst Vampires, many of them, including Warfarin, eventually grew tired of fighting for centuries.[2]

Because of their nature, Vampires have often become the victim of stereotypes, which include sleeping in luxurious coffins[3] or drinking blood vials,[2] though some admit that these stereotypes are a consequence of their brutal culture. Not all Vampires fall under these tropes, however; for instance, Closure does not have interest in blood or the Vampiric Arts, jokingly preferring motor oil over blood.[4]

Vampires are one of the "Ten Kings" tribes composing the Sarkaz Royal Court, represented through the Crimson Court spearheaded by their monarch titled Sanguinarch.[5]


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Duq'arael is the incumbent Sanguinarch of Vampires.
  • The supposedly pureblood Vampire lady in Shackled Bloodline's artwork
    An unnamed "pureblood" Vampire lady who unusually have horns, unlike other Vampires, that is chained in the dungeons of Crimson Troupe's castle headquarters. However, this is actually a ruse so she can devour anyone trying to save her; indeed, anyone who approaches her will be treated to her surprising strength, the sight of her face splitting into a terrifying jaw, and her servants showing up from the shadows.


  • In the JP server, the Vampires' name is instead changed to Bloodbrood (Katakana: ブラッドブルード), which, as its name suggests, based on their association with blood.