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The Gargoyles are a tribe of Sarkaz.


Mudrock, the only known Gargoyle

One of the most ancient Sarkaz tribes, the Gargoyles presumably have some traits of the eponymous stone monster in Earth. Described as "children of soil and stone", Gargoyles are proficient in earth/geokinetic Arts and claim to be able to "talk" with the soil. They also have a tradition of giving out soil to friends, and a stone statue for close partners and relatives.[1][2]

As one of the ten pureblood Sarkaz races, the Gargoyles used to be part of the Royal Court, represented by the Master Architect, the highest recognition a Gargoyle can achieve regardless of their clan.[3][4][5] As early as the fall of the first Kazdel iteration, the Gargoyles who survived the "Aliens"' invasion were absorbed by the Diablos' Punishment Clan, alongside various other Sarkaz exiles, where they would enjoy proper cooperation as long as they biblically follow their warmongering traditions.[4]

Today the Gargoyles are considered a rare sight, with many of them dispersed across Terra. Even though their remnants are scattered, the Royal Court is looking forward to inviting them to Londinium.[6]


Mudrock icon.png
  • Mandragora's mentor: An unnamed Gargoyle who taught Mandragora geokinetic Arts while she was living in a graveyard. Mandragora's Tombkeeper Grotesques are modeled after the Gargoyles, likely made in her mentor's honor.[7]


  • The Gargoyles are named Anzulithic (Katakana: アンズーリシック) in Japanese, which is a portmanteau of Anzû, a griffin-like mythological creature in Mesopotamian legends, and lithic, meaning "stone/rock," befitting the appearance of actual Gargoyles.


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