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The Aslans are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Alexandrina "Siege" Victoria, a prominent Aslan

Aslans have the traits of lions (Panthera leo), which can be seen from the shape of their ears and tail, as well as their mane-like hair, making them identical to the Felines. In fact, Aslans were directly descended from the Felines since primitive era, and they separated themselves from other Felines via royal bloodline since the Aslanian Conquest of Sargon, ushering in the era of racial separation in politics.[1][2]

Many Aslans later migrated to Victoria and became its the ruling class alongside the Draco, with whom they had conflict with early on.[3] Most Aslans were purged by a popular uprising and were sent into exile, beginning Victoria's royal feud.[4] The current Shahanshah of Sargon is also of Aslan lineage.



Their name is the Turkish word for "lion."[5] It may also refer to the lion deity in The Chronicles of Narnia.

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