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Lugalszargus is a background NPC in Arknights who is briefly mentioned in various stories such as Episode 11 and A Walk in the Dust. He formally appears in Expeditioner's Joklumarkar and is the main focus of Tales Within the Sand.


As the greatest Aslan Shahanshah in Sargonian history known by many titles such as "the Shah" and "the Aslan Padishah", Lugalszargus has been praised to be the ideal monarch by later generations. He ascended to the throne when he was only 10 years old. While the nobilty at the time was skeptical about his promotion and even conspired to rebel against him, the young Lugalszargus nevertheless displayed a great talent and adaptability.[1].

During Lugalszargus' reign, Sargon achieved an age of prosperity and stability never seen before in their history

As a warrior, alchemist, and general, Lugalszargus achieved tremendous military achievements such as quelling a coup d'état by three Aslan Padishahs in the Terran year 20 BCE, at the age of 15. As a man of wisdom, he realized the importance of time which is a symbolism of man's mortality, and his enlightenment earned him the title as the "Shah of Past and Future." Hence, he degreed a calendar of a common era with the year of its implementations as the first year, and his calendar is still used by modern Terrans.[2][1] In fact, his understanding of time even allowed him to even harness some sort of power relating to chronology who was said to have the ability "to command life and death." He had Gawain the "Lord of the Beast" on his side who he vowed to protect his descendants in time immemorial.

In the Terran year 14 CE, during Lugalszargus' 39th year of his reign, Kharanduu Khan of the Nightzmoran Khaganate reached south as part of his "Khaganquest." At first, Lugalszargus, who was eager to fight with the Khagan and offer him his treasure trove, fought relentlessly with the Kheshigs, until the sudden attack of demonic beings against both factions. Standing up against such threat, they left their differences aside and formed a military alliance, launching the conquest of the Foehn Hotlands that was filled with demons.[3] With his magical sword, the "Sighs of Kings," he was able to even slay the "Poltergeist King" of the south, hence eliminating the threat of the south forever.[4][5][6]

Lugalszargus unfortunately died in the brutal battle against the "Poltergeist King," and Gawain sent his condolences to his daughter.[7] Nevertheless, the grand achievements of the Aslan Padishah have been immortalized by many as a famous folklore.


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