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This article is about the historical Terran nation. For the Kuranta sub-race, see Kuranta/Nightzmora.

The Nightzmoran Khaganate (ᠠᠶᠤᠮᠰᠢᠭᠤ᠋ᠨ ᠬᠠᠭᠠᠨᠲᠤ ᠤᠯᠤᠰ) is a Terran nation that has ceased to exist by the events of Arknights. It was a powerful yet short-lived nomadic empire of Nightzmoran Kurantas led by the Great Khagan that once pillaged the entire Terra.


The legendary Nightzmoran Khaganate originated from a young warrior, Dalad, aka. Kharanduu Khan the "Great Khagan", who vowed to accomplish his "Khaganquest," a coming-of-age tradition among some Nightzmoras. In the 11th Terran year of the common era, he united the Nightzmoran tribes, gathered up his faithful men, and launched a world-wide conquest starting from the steppes in eastern Ursus.[1] Between the Terran years 11 and 15, the Nightzmoran Kheshigs struck terror onto the nations of Terra using their brutal tactics and the Nightzmora's illusory Arts, leaving an unforgettable memory among them until present days. They torn down the high walls of Deity Grypherburg, thus threatening the Hippogryphic Empire which would soon be overthrown by the Ursi years later, indirectly toppled the Pegasian kings of Kazimierz in the 12th Terran year, and destroyed numerous garrison cities of Gaul and Leithanien.[2][3] They even invaded the lands of Victoria and Tara, which led to the former´s annexation of the latter.[4] The Khagan's worldwide pillage seems to have left a deep impact on the whole world, marking the dawn of a common era that "burned away the previous epoch." Indeed, the current dating system used on Terra even sets its beginning around the time of this string of conquest.[1][5]

The greatest monument of Nightzmora's expansion in Terran history is the conquests of the untouched borders of the known Terran world. They reached south into the land of Sargon where they were received warmly by Lugalszargus, the great Shahanshah of Sargon. Sharing a same goal, the two empires formed a military alliance that aimed at the Foehn Hotlands—the southernmost border of the Terran civilization inhabited with demonic Collapsals. Together, the Sargon-Nightzmora alliance was a success as they slew the "Poltergeist King," hence eradicating demonic threat from the south forever.[6][7]

The disappearance of the Khagan caused his nomadic empire to be short-lived, and the Nightzmoras will never again achieve the same height of glory. Still, the Nightzmoras' legacies persist into modern era. In the meantime, the Khagan left some surviving descendants who can trace their origin to this ancient bloodline, one of which is Tola - the so-called "Last Kheshig."



The Kheshigs (ᠬᠡᠰᠢᠭᠲᠡᠨ) are the royal guards of the Khaganate who acted as both his personal bodyguards and his military. Their numbers have dwindled over the years, however some of them still rose to prominence such as the famous Padishah of Reefsteep.[8]

Nightzmoran descent

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