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The Ursus Student Self-Governing/Government Group[note 1] (U.S.S.G.) is a Terran organization. It is a band of five Ursus students who survived the uprising in Chernobog and its devastation. Currently, the U.S.S.G. is working together with Rhodes Island as its Operators in exchange for treatments for their psychological/physical illnesses.


Originally, the students of Chernobog were gathered up together at the Peterheim Middle School under the instruction of the Reunion leader Patriot in order to protect them from violence. Most of them were commoners but some were sons and daughters of local aristocrats from other upper-class schools. Tensions had already built up as both classes despised each other for social issues. However, the matter became worse when Mephisto was put in charge of the students, who ordered his men to lock down the school to completely bar them from leaving so he could enjoy the infighting.

In order to protect themselves and their ration from being looted, many students formed their own groups. While such plan indeed helped prolong chances of survival for the young students, it could not resolve the feud between them. Anna Morozova approached Sonya as she led many classmates to hide in the classroom Sonya took shelter in. Anna's suggestion to have Sonya lead them all caused many to be hostile towards Sonya. To maintain order, Sonya retaliated by killing the opposition. Under Anna's suggestion, the group of students was later named Ursus Student Self-Governing Group.[1]

The final straw that broke the last remaining peace was the second fire in their school's storehouse which was accidentally set by Sonya. The disaster completely destroyed the students' food supply, resulting in a bloody conflict between the commoners and the aristocrats.[2] By the time Sonya rescued Natalya, there was only four of them left in the union.

After the devastating Catastrophe that destroyed Chernobog, the U.S.S.G. was able to escape from the school and hid themselves in unaffected districts before they were rescued by Rhodes Island. Even though the students have since received medical treatment and psychological counseling from R.I., their trauma continues to leave a mark within their hearts as they try their best to move past the dark days in the school.[3]


Except Leto, the remaining four members suffer from certain degrees of physical and mental problems:

  • Gummy is unable to cope well with hunger and attempts to bite on anything she can get her hands on when she feels hungry as a consequence of having to endure extreme hunger due to shortages of food. She's unable to strike three times in a row without putting excessive force into the third strike. She also has nyctophobia due to the bad experience back in her school.
  • Istina has survivor's guilt as a consequence of letting her friend Vika fall to her death. She developed acrophobia as a result.
  • Zima suffers from constant nightmares about the incident as a manifestation of her guilt for killing so many students under her leadership and accidentally setting fire to the food storage in an attempt to steal back food from the nobles.
  • Rosa was coerced into authorizing her fellow aristocrat students to steal from the commoners during the occupation. The guilt from these events causes her to suffer from self-loathing, depression and suicidal ideation.[4]


  • Zima is the de facto leader of the U.S.S.G.
  • Istina is the founder of the U.S.S.G.
  • Rosa acts as the figurehead of U.S.S.G. during their stay in Rhodes Island.
  • Vika: A friend of Istina who wished to seek shelter from the aristocrat faction after realizing that the U.S.S.G. could not fully protect them. However, Istina was opposed to the idea as Zima hated the nobles.[2] Due to Istina's resentment of the nobles' actions in the school, she refused to pull up Vika from a ledge and allowed her to fall to her death. Her name was later given to Istina's teddy bear as a remembrance.[1]


  1. Russian: Урсуский Ученический Союз Самоуправления; lit. "Ursus Self-Governing Students' Union"