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The Zhayedans are an organization in the world of Arknights. They are a minor antagonist in Fire Within the Sand.


The Zhayedans are an elite imperial force of the Sargonian royal court who are directly under the command of the King of Kings (Shahanshah) of Sargon. The members are consisted of honorable warriors, whether alive or dead, whose skills are valued by the Shahanshah, and every year, the local Padishahs will bring these elite warriors as royal tributes to the Shahanshah. They possess a nearly immortal body born from an ancient necromantic Sarkaz Arts, but it also results in them turning into literal walking dead who only remain silent while bellowing the ancient echoes of the Sargonian troops.[1]

Due to their undying nature, the Zhayedans are deployed to defend the southernmost borders of Sargon, the Foehn Hotlands. They share a similar role with the Ursine Emperor's Blade and Sami Snowpriests by keeping the demons of the south at bay since the great conquest of Shahanshah Lugalszargus and the Nightzmoran Khagan, earning them the title of the "Eternal Army."[2]


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