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Team Rainbow, also known as RAINBOW, is an organization from Earth and part of its members are affiliated with Rhodes Island in the world of Arknights following the Watchtower 33 incident. It is an Earth elite international counterterrorism unit led by the director codenamed "Six" that falls under the direct supervision of NATO. The unit was formed to combat terrorist actions worldwide in a more effective way by assembling a team of elite counterterrorist operatives from nations all over the world.


To summarize, Rainbow was founded as an elite counterterrorism unit by John Clark, who was concerned with the rising global terrorism since the end of Cold War on Earth. The group saw many successes in preventing terrorist attacks and upholding their main beliefs. Since its formation in 1999, Rainbow has prevented several terrorist plots since its activation but was deactivated in 2012. The unit was reactivated three years later under two new "Sixes", to combat the White Masks and their widespread terrorist attacks.

Long ago, Rainbow were informed of Levi Klitschko, a Russian mad scientist attempting to use Originium for his biological experiment. They conducted a counterterrorist attack in order to arrest him; however, this resulted in them and Klitschko being teleported to Terra. Following the Watchtower 33 incident in Sargon, the Rainbow members in Terra led by Eliza "Ash" Cohen currently work alongside Rhodes Island while attempting to find a way back home. In the meantime, under Ash's reorganization and the team's absorption into Maylander under its Security and Defense Company, a Terran version of Team Rainbow has formed.[1]

The Magnethill-2 incident prompted the squad led by "Ela" Elżbieta Bosak to investigate the region, only to find themselves teleported to Terra. After the Galería Krysztauowa incident in Dossoles, Ela's squad reunited with Ash's and they're working together to survive in Terra while searching their way home such as venturing into the Foehn Hotlands and the City State of Durin which is located underground.

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