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The Knights of the Tower or simply Tower Knights are an organization in Arknights that is mentioned in Episodes 10 and 11. They are a Victorian chivalric order that were utterly annihilated by the Kazdel Military Commission during the occupation of Londinium.


The Knights or the Tower were previously the royal guards of the Aslan dynasty who, as their name suggests, protect their palace and the Victorian Empire. They notably took part in numerous military campaigns that expanded Victoria's hegemony such as the grand crusade with Gaul and Leithanien that led to the third destruction of Kazdel two hundred years ago and the Battle of the Four Emperors that wiped out Gaul's existence.

Four years ago, in the year 1094, the Tower Knights took part in the battle of Londinium under the Parliament's order to relinquish the coup started by the Duke of Stafford. In the midst of the conflict, the Duke of Cavendish "invited" the Kazdel Military Commission led by Regent Theresis to pacify the situation, but it turned the other way round as the Kazdelian forces deemed the Tower Knights to be a potential threat of the Parliament. In the end, the Tower Knights were utterly betrayed by the aristocrats just like the Steam Knights, but the remaining twenty-nine knights bravely sacrificed themselves against their enemies while protecting the Aslans' royal palace. Isabelle Montague is the sole survivor of this devastating battle.

As an ancient custom passed on for centuries, the life of each deceased or former Tower Knight must be recorded in the Book of the Tower Knights under the supervision of the Knights' leader. The book acts as an archive for later generations to commemorate their achievements.[1]


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  • Sir Finn Henderson (died 1096): The last (interim) Sentry Captain of the Tower Knights. He took the post according to the wish of his predecessor, Sir Jeffrey Metz without formal royal appointment and maintained the waning Tower Knights after the Regicide.[2][3] He became Dagda's mentor in 1086.[4] In 1096, the Sarkaz forces occupied Parliament Square and assaulted the watchtower in front of the Royal Palace. He led the remaining twenty-nine Tower Knights in a valiant last stand, leading to his ultimate sacrifice. He bequeathed the Book of the Tower Knights to Lady Isabelle Montague, the only remaining Tower Knight.[5]
  • Sir Jeffrey Metz (ca. 1019–1072): Hailed from York County, served in the 2nd Army Corps and sworn as a Tower Knight at age 34 and promoted to Sentry Captain at Age 49. When he was 53, on the eve of the Aslan king's birthday, a coup resulted in the Londinium City Guard breaking away from Tower Knights. He led 600 Tower Knights and fought throughout the entire night but still unable to prevent the Regicide after losing half of his entire squad. Even after the palace has been occupied, he refused to surrender and was relieved of his duty by the Parliament. He was subsequently arrested later and died of an illness a month later in the custody.[6] Alternatively named Jeffrey Mays due to inconsistencies in the official English localization.
  • Sir Layton Montague: Son of Sir Angus Montague, sworn as a Tower Knight at age 27. After the Battle of Four Emperors, he escorted King Frederic III alongside his colleagues when the King went to a reward ceremony for the soldiers. On the way back to Londinium, they were ambushed by Gaulish assailants and his right arm was stabbed and severely injured while protecting the King. He was deemed unfit for duty, discharged and later entered the Parliament. He was later made the Earl of Manchester at age 55,[7] making him one of Dagda's ancestors.
  • Lady Livia Gildas: Servant of Patricia Artorius. Sworn as a Tower Knight when she was 14. She passed away because of her injuries at age 26 when she escorted the monarch and nobles to an underground cave during a storm that lasted almost three days. After that, the monarch decided to move the Royal Palace above the cave and built a watchtower at her grave site to commemorate her.[8]
  • Lady Lucia Skamandros: Daughter of the 4th White Wolf Count, served as Londinium City Guard and sworn as a Tower Knight at age 22. She later relinquished her position to join the grand crusade for Kazdel in the 800s. During the battle, she killed several high ranking enemies including a Vampire Prince and several high-ranking Nachzehrers. When she returned, she was honored with the highest military honor of Victoria and succeeded her father's Earldom 5 years later.[9] One of her descendants include Rita "Horn" Skamandros.
  • Sir Richard Seymour: Son of the 2nd Duke of Stafford. Sworn as a Tower Knight when he was 16. He was responsible for the defeat and killing of several enemies including the nephew of the Aslan Padishah during the War between the Draco and Aslans. After the war, he was pardoned by the Aslan king and allowed to retain his nobility title. He was appointed as the Head of Tower Knights at age 41 and remained at this position until he passed away.[10]